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Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-2

Dadheechi Gives His Bones and Vritraasur Vadh

[3-100] Yudhishthir said - "Hey Muni, I wish to hear more about Agastya Muni in detail." Lomash Muni said - "Listen to his history and about his immense prowess. There were certain fierce Daanav (Kashyap and Diti's sons), who were invincible, in Sat Yug. They were known as Kaalakeya and they were very powerful. Once Vritraasur took them along with him to invade Indra. This time Indra decided to kill Vritraasur so the Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee said - "I know what you want. This time I tell you the way to kill him. There is high-soul Rishi named Dadheechi. Please him and ask for a boon. he is very kind, he will give you boon. When he agrees, tell him that "for the welfare of three worlds, we solicit your bones". he will renounce his body and you take his bones. From those bones you make a weapon called Vajra with six sides which could kill even the most powerful enemy. Kill him with that weapon. Do it soon." Devtaa came back from there, took Naaraayan with them and came to Dadheechi's Aashram. His Aashram was on the other side of Saraswatee River. When they came in the Aashram, they saw Dadheechi shining like a Sun. They all touched the feet of Rishi and asked for a boon. Dadheechi said - "I know what for you have come here. I will do as you wish. I will renounce my body for your welfare." And he renounced his body suddenly through Yog. Devtaa took his bones and came to Twashtaa (Divine artificer). They told their purpose of coming there and Twashtaa happily made a Vajra out of those bones for them. He gave it to Indra and said - "Take it and kill that demon with it and rule happily." Indra took that Vajra from him and came back.

[3-101] Indra took that Vajra and went to fight with Vritraasur who was ruling Heaven and Earth. Both started fighting but the encounter lasted only for a short while, because Kaalakeya Daanav ran towards Devtaa in group and Devtaa could not tolerate their attack so they scattered and ran away. Although Indra got disappointed seeing Devtaa running away, still he also ran away and took the refuge with Naaraayan. Naaraayan gave him a part of His own energy and seeing this other Devtaa also gave him a part their own energy. Seeing thhis Brahmarshi also gave him a part of their own energy, so now Indra became more powerful than ever before. As Vritraasur came again to fight, this time Indra used his Vajra and killed him. He decked in gold and garlands fell down head-long. Although the demon was killed, still Indra, in panic, ran away from the battlefield thinking to hide in a lake. he thought that Vajra was not hurled by him and Vritraasur was still alive. But as Vritraasur was killed, Rishi etc became very happy and Devtaa started killing other Daanav. Seeing their leader killed other Daanav ran away and hid in the sea and started conspiring for the destruction of the three worlds. many came up with many solutions but everybody approved one suggestion that first they should finish all the ascetics who had great knowledge, because this world is supported by asceticism only. if they would destroy such people the world will be destroyed itself. Thinking thus they made the sea their abode and decided to operate their course of actions from there only."

[3-102] Lomash Jee said - "So they decided to operate from the sea. They came out in the night, devoured Muni and and Rishi and came back. They devoured 180 plus 9 Rishi in Vashishth's Aashram, and 100 in Chyavan's Aashram. They did this in the nighttime and hid in the sea in the daytime. Thus they killed numerous Braahman, Rishi etc in the night. As they were dong this people were unable find out anything about them. Every morning people saw such bodies even without flesh and blood. The whole world was again terrorized. there was no Vaidik chants, religious sacrifices, sacrificial festivals etc. Seeing all this survivors fled away in fear. Devtaa also became afflicted because of no religious rites on the Earth, so they went to Naaraayan in Vaikunth to seek His protection. They prayed Him - "You have created this world, now you protect it. In the olden days, you killed Hiranykashyap assuming the form of Narasinh, you defeated Bali by assuming the form of Vaaman, you killed mighty Jambhaasur too. Please protect us now."

[3-103] The celestials said - "We do not know who is killing Braahman, and if all Braahman will be killed the whole Earth will be destroyed. So please protect us." Vishnu said - "I know who is doing that. There were Kaalakeya named Daanav who were working before with Vritraasur. Since now Vritraasur is killed by Indra, they have entered ocean to save their lives. They come out in the night and kill Braahman and hide in the daytime. they cannot be killed as they have taken shelter in the sea. So think up some solution to dry up the ocean, because without drying up the sea they cannot be killed. Only Agastya Jee is capable to dry up the ocean." So Devtaa with the permission of Brahmaa Jee came to Agastya Muni's (son of Varun) Aashram. They said to him - "First you saved us when we were oppressed by Raajaa Nahush, then you saved us from Vindhyaachal which was rising high and high in competition of the Sun. Whenever we are in danger you have saved us, so we ask your favor this time also, please grant us your favor."

Agastya Shatters the Pride of Vindhyaachal

[3-104] Yudhishthir said - "Hey Muni, I am eager to know why Vindhyaachal started rising in competition of the Sun in anger?" Lomash Jee said - "The Sun goes round the Meru Mountain when he rises and sets. Once seeing this the Vindhya Mountain said to Soorya - "As you go round this Mountain, you go around me too." The Sun said - "I do not go around this Mountain at my own will. Whoever has made this Universe, he has assigned this path to me." Hearing this Vindhyaachal got angry and suddenly he started rising to obstruct the path of the Sun and the Moon. Seeing this Devtaa ent to Vindhyaachal and requested him not to do so, but he did not listen to them. So they all went to Agastya Jee and stated of their problem - "This Vindhya is stopping the path of the Sun and the Moon because of being angry with the Sun. None else can help us in this situation, so please help us." Hearing this Agastya Muni came to the mountain along with his wife and said to him - "O Vindhyaachal, Please give us the way as we want to go to southern region. You please wait for me until I return, after that you may increase as you may please." So to give way to Rishi Vindhya shrank himself and he is still in the same condition as Rishi has not returned till date. I told you about the reason why Vindhya does not increase.

Now you hear how Kaalakeya were killed by Devtaa. Hearing the request of Devtaa, Agastya Muni said - "Where have you come from and what boon you want?" Devtaa said - "We ask this boon from you that drink the ocean, so that we can see those Kaalakeya named Daanav and kill them." Agastya Jee said - "Let it be so. I will do the same which is dear to you." Saying this he proceeded towards the ocean with other saints. men, snakes, Yaksh Kinnar etc came to witness this wonderful event.

[3-105] As Agastya Jee proceeded towards the ocean, he said - "I will surely drink the ocean, so now you get prepared for your operation by which you want to kill those Daanav." And he started drinking the sea while others watched it with curiosity and interest. Indra got amazed to see as how the ocean was drying up, he said - "You are our protector." All were playing musical instruments. Seeing the ocean waterless, Indra got very happy and ran to kill Daanav along with other Devtaa. Daanav could not understand what had happened, and when Devtaa attacked them with speed and from all around suddenly they could not withstand their attack and were killed by them. many were burnt by the penance of saints. Some who could save themselves went to Paataal Lok (nether world). After this Indra said to Muni - "It is because of you only that these mighty Kaalakeya Daanav were killed. Now please fill this again with water." Agastya Muni smiled and said - "That water has already been digested by me, now you have to find some other way to fill this ocean." Hearing this Indra and Devtaa got surprised and sad. Bidding farewell to each other they went from there and came to Brahmaa Jee.

[3-106] Lomash Muni said - "Seeing them coming Brahmaa Jee said to them - "You may go now wherever you like. It will take a long time for this ocean to return in its original state. This ocean will be filled by Bhageerath." Hearing this all Devtaa went away in the hope for the day when it will be filled again.

If this ocean was filled by Bhageerath, means by pouring Gangaa's water in the sea, then why its water is salty? and not sweet and sacred like Gangaa's water?

Story of Raajaa Sagar

Yudhishthir said - "What was the occasion, and how did Bhageerath refilled it. I wish to hear how did he do it." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "hearing this Lomash Muni told him the achievements of Raajaa Sagar. Lomash Jee said - "There was a king in Ikshwaaku Vansh named Sagar. He was childless. He had defeated Haihaya people and Taaljangh and was ruling nicely. He had two young beautiful wives - one was the princess of Vidarbh Desh, and the other one was from the royal line of Shibi. He did not have a child so he went to Kailaash Parvat to do severe penance for the sake of a child. When he was meditating, he had a sight of three-eyed god Shiv along with Umaa. he fell on his feet immediately and prayed him for a son. Shiv Jee said - "Considering the moment, you have offered your prayer to me, you will have 60,000 sons from your one wife, but they they will all die together. From your other wife you will have one son who will carry your name." After saying this Shiv got disappeared then and there and the King came back happily to his kingdom. Both got pregnant and on time Princess of Vidarbh delivered a gourd and princess of Shibi delivered delivered a boy as beautiful as god. The King thought to throw away the gourd that a Divine voice said - "Do not make haste, do not abandon your sons. Take out the seeds and preserve them in steaming vessels pertly filled with Ghee. You will get 60,000 sons of Bharat's race. Shiv has told you that you sons will be born in this manner, so do not ignore them."

[3-107] - Lomash Muni said - "When the King heard this, he did all that as he was directed. After a long time his 60,000 sons were born from those pots. They were mighty, terrible, and ruthless. They could chase even Devtaa, Gandharv, Raakshas. So all went to Brahmaa Jee and told their saga. Brahmaa Jee said - "Presently you may go, it is not long ago that they will all be destroyed." So all came back. After a considerable time, Raajaa Sagar decided to do an Ashwamedh Yagya and his horse started roaming around protected by his sons. When he reached the waterless sea, he vanished at the very spot where he was standing. Sagar's sons thought that their horse has been stolen, so they came back to their father and reported his theft. Sagar ordered them to search for him in every direction. His sons went in every direction but could not find the horse. They again reported that they went in every direction and they had looked for him everywhere but could not find him. Led by Destiny he told them again to search for him everywhere and not to come back without him.

So the poor boys went again in search of that horse. This time they saw a rift on the Earth, so they started digging the sea. That abode of Varun, means sea, got very distressed. Snakes, Raakshas, and various other beings started crying in distress as they were killed in this process. Thus hundreds and thousands of beings were killed. They dug it for a very long time but still they could not find the horse. Towards the North-eastern side they dug it till they reached the nether world, and there they saw their horse roaming around on the ground. And there was sitting Kapil Dev. They ran towards him to take the horse but he gazed at them with a fiery look and they all got burnt to ashes.

Seeing this Naarad Jee came to Sagar and told him their story. The King was very sad for an hour or so. he was repenting that his so mighty 60,000 sons were killed only because of him. Then he remembered Shiv's statement. Then he sent his grandson Anshumaan, son of Asamanjas, and said to him - "Those 60,000 sons of mine have perished because of me. Your father has been forsaken by my to do my royal duty."

Yudhishthir asked - "Why the King Sagar abandoned his own begotten son because this is very difficult to do that?" Lomash Muni said - "A son was born to the King Sagar from the Princess of Shibi, named Asamanjas. he used to hold little children by neck and throw them into river. Then all the people came to him and said - "You are our protector, so it is your duty to save us from these atrocities." When Sagar heard the stories of his son, he sat with a very sad heart and then said to them - "Let my son Asamanjas go out of my city, and it should be quickly done." His ministers obeyed his command immediately. That is how Sagar banished his son. Now you listen to what Anshumann was told by Sagar, listen.

Sagar said - "I am very sad at heart after abandoning your father, because of the death of my sons and being unsuccessful in getting my horse back, but now you please go and look for my horse and bring it." So Anshumaan went to the place where his uncles were burnt. He went through the same passage of the sea by which his uncles went and saw Kapil Jee and his horse there. he bowed his head to him and told him the reason of his coming. Kapil was very pleased with Anshumaan and asked him to ask for a boon. He asked for two boons - first to get his father's horse to complete the Yagya, and the second the purification of his uncles. Kapil Jee gave him both the boons. He said - "You will fulfill all desires of your father and because of you your father Sagar will go to Heaven. The son of your son will have the grace of Shiv and will be successful to bring a river which will flow in three streams - Gangaa. May good luck be yours. Take this horse, complete the formalities." Anshumaan bowed to him, took the horse and came back. When Sagar heard about his sons, he was no more sad. He praised and honored his grandson Anshumaan. He completed his Yagya and converted the sea into a son of himself. he ruled for long time, then appointed Anshumaan as the King and went to forest.

Anshumaan's son was Dileep. After long time of ruling he gave his kingdom to Dileep and went to forest. He did a lots of efforts to bring Gangaa on Prithvi but could not bring it. Then he gave his kingdom to his son Bhageerath and went to the forest.


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