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Chapter 24



24-Story of Matsya Avataar

Pareekshit asked - "Now I want to hear Matsya Avataar Kathaa."  Shuk Dev Jee said - "In the end of previous Kalp, when "Braahm Naimittik Pralaya" happened, then all Lok sank in water. And because Pralaya Kaal was coming, Brahmaa Jee was also feeling sleepy and lethargic. At that time Ved came out of his mouth. Seeing this an opportunity, Hayagreev Daitya stole them with his Yog power. Shree Hari knew this event, so He appeared as a Matsya (fish). Hey Pareekshit, At that time there was a King named Satyavrat who was doing Tapasyaa only by drinking water. The same Satyavrat became known as Shraaddhdev, the son of Vivaswaan (Soorya) and Bhagavaan appointed him as Vaivaswat Manu for next Manvantar.

One day he was doing Tarpan in Kritmaalaa River, that he saw a fish in his hands. Dravid Raajaa Satyavrat put it in the water again. Fish said - "Hey Raajan, Please don't put me in the water, big fish will eat me." Raajaa did not know that the fish was Bhagavaan Himself. So Raajaa thought to protect it and brought it in his Kamandal to his Aashram. That fish grew so much in one night that Kamandal got smaller for it. So Raajaa took it out from the Kamandal and put it in a large pitcher. It again grew in two Ghadee (1 Ghadee = 24 minutes) time so much that the pitcher got smaller for it. Satyavrat took that fish out of the pitcher and put it in a pond. It grew so big in a very short time that pond also got smaller for it, so Raajaa took it to several larger ponds but the fish was ever growing very fast. At last he put it in the sea again. Fish again said - "Raajan, Please do not put me in the sea, big fish will eat me."

Then Raajaa asked - "Who are you in the form of fish? You don't seem to be an ordinary fish. You grew so much in one night that you covered the 400 Kos (1 Kos = 2.25 miles) pond. I have not heard or seen such an animal of water before, so it seems that you are Shree Hari. Now tell me why you have taken this form?" Bhagavaan said - "Satyavrat, On seventh day from today all three Lok will sink in Pralaya Samudra. Then you will see a boat. You take all the minute (astral) bodies of people, Saptarshi, and all kinds of seeds and sit in that boat. At that time there will be no light, only sea will be there. You will get light only through the Divine light of Rishi. When this boat will shake with great storms then I will come in the same form which you are seeing now. Then you tie the boat to my horn with Vaasuki Naag.

Hey Satyavrat,  After this I will be roaming around in the sea with you, that boat and Rishi until Brahmaa Jee's night continues. At that time whatever you will ask, I will reply and I will deliver sermons." After saying this to Satyavrat, Bhagavaan disappeared. Now Satyavrat started waiting for the time which was described by Shree Hari.

The time came. Rajaa saw that sea was crossing its limits. Dense clouds were coming very fast and rains started. Then he remembered Bhagavaan's words and saw that the boat had also come. He took all the minute bodies of the people, Saptarshi and all kind of seeds and climbed up in that boat. Saptarshi said to Satyavrat - "Now you meditate Shree Hari. Only He will save us in this situation." Satyavrat did so. So Bhagavaan appeared in the fish form. Fish's body was shining like gold and its size was 400,000 Kos. Fish had a very large horn also so that the boat could be tied to that horn with Vaasuki Naag. Satyavrat tied the boat to that fish's horn and prayed Him. Then Bhagavaan delivered the spiritual knowledge to Satyavrat. He revealed the secrets of His Swaroop which is now called Matsya Puraan.

After Brahmaa Jee's night ended and he woke up, then Bhagavaan killed Hayagreev Asur and snatched Ved from him. With the grace of Shree Hari Satyavrat became Vaivaswat Manu in this Kalp. Whosoever listens to this dialog of Satyavrat and Bhagavaan Vishnu, his all sins are destroyed. Whosoever does Keertan (sings this story) of this Avataar, his all desires are fulfilled and he gets the Param Gati.

When Brahmaa Jee slept in Pralaya sea, and his creation power was disappearing, Hayagreev stole all Shruti coming out of Brahmaa Jee's mouth, then Bhagavaan killed Hayagreev and returned those Shruti to Brahmaa Jee. I bow to that Matsya Bhagavaan."




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