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1-Ikshwaaku Vansh

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1-Ikshwaaku Vansh
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Pratisarg (1), p 271-273

One should read the 18 Puraan, Raamaayan, Mahaabharat etc after bowing to Arjun and Krishn, the Avataar of Nar and Naaraayan and Devee Saraswatee.

Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Muni, In the Bhavishya Mahaa Kalp of later half of Brahmaa's age (2nd Paraardh or Uttaraardh), on the 3rd day of the 28th Sat Yug of first year of Vaivaswat Manvantar, who were the kings?" Soot Jee said - "In Shwetvaraah Kalp, on the 3rd day of the first year of Brahmaa, 28th Sat Yug of Vaivaswat Manvantar, Vaivaswat Manu was born. He did Tapasyaa on the banks of Sarayoo River for 100 Divine years and the king Ikshwaaku was born from his sneeze. He already had Divine knowledge by the Varadaan of Brahmaa Jee. He was a great devotee of Vishnu. He ruled for 36,000 years by His grace.

Manu's son was Ikshwaaku (ruled for 36,000 yrs)
Ikshwaaku's son was Vikukshi (35,900 yrs - 100 years less than his father)
Vikukshi's son was Ripunjaya (35,800 yrs)
Ripunjaya's son was Kakutsth (35,700 yrs)
Kakutsth's son was Anenaa (35,600 yrs)
Anenaa's son was Prithu (35,500 yrs)
Anenaa's son was Vishwagashwa (35,400 yrs)
Vishwagashwa's son was Adri (35,300 yrs)
Adri's son was Bhadraashwa (35,200 yrs)
Bhadraashwa's son was Yuvanaashwa (35,100 yrs)
Yuvanaashwa's son Shraavast (35,000 yrs) - he inhabited Shraavastee Nagaree.
    In those times Dharm was present with his four feet.

Shraavast's son was Brihdashwa (34,900 yrs)
Brihadashwa's son was Kuvalayaashwa (34,800 yrs)
Kuvalayaashwa's son was Dridhaashwa (33,800 yrs)
Dridhaashwa's son was Nikumbhak (32,800 yrs)
Nikumbhak's son was Sankataashwa (31,800 yrs)
Sankataashwa's son was Prasenjit (30,800 yrs)
Prasenjit's son was Ravanaashwa (29,800 yrs)
Ravanaashwa's son was Maandhaataa (29,700 yrs)
Maandhaataa's son was Purukuts (29,600 yrs)
Purukuts' son was Trinshdash
    His chariot was yoked with 30 horses, that is why he was called Trinshdash.

Trinshdash's son was Anranya (28,000 yrs)
Anrany's son was Prishdashwa (6,000 yrs)
Prishdashwa's son was Haryashwa (5,000 yrs)
Haryashwa's son was Vasumaan (4,000 yrs)
Vasumaan's son Tridhanvaa (3,000 yrs) - Till then half the Sat Yug had passed
Tridhanvaa's son was Trayyaaruni (2,000 yrs)
Trayyaaruni's son was Trishanku (1,000 yrs) - because of cheating he got lower Gati
Trishanku's son was Harishchandra (20,000 yrs)
Harishchandra's son Rohit (20,000 yrs)
Rohit's son was Haareet (20,000 yrs)
Haareet's son was Chanchubhoop (20,000 yrs)
Chanchubhoop's son was Vijaya (20,000 yrs)
Vijaya's son was Ruk (20,000 yrs)

All these kings were devotees of Vishnu. All kinds of prosperity bloomed in their kingdom. In the middle of the 3rd leg of Sat Yug,

Ruruk's son was Sagar (30,000 yrs) - he was the devotee of Shiv. He had 60,000 sons, named Saagar, from one queen. They got destroyed (burned) by Kapil Muni's Shaap. His second queen had one son named Asmanjas.

Asmanjas' son was Anshumaan
Anshumaan's son was Dileep
Dileep's son was Bhageerath - who brought Gangaa River on Prithvi, that is why she is known
      as Bhaageerathee.
Bhageerath's son was Shrutsen

All kings from Sagar to Shrutsen were Shaiv

Shrutsen's son was Naabhaag
Naabhaag's son was Ambareesh - he was a devotee of Vishnu whose Chakra (Divine disc)
      always guarded him. Till now the third leg of Sat Yug was over.

In the fourth leg of Sat Yug --

Ambareesh's son was Sindhudweep
Sindhudweep's son was Ayutaashwa
Ayutaashwa's son was Rituparn
Rituparn's son was Sarvkaam
Sarvkaam's son was Kalmaashpaad
Kalmaashpaad's son was Sudaas - he and his wife Madayantee had the son named Ashmak
       (Saudaas) by the grace of Muni Vashishth. These seven kings, up to Saudaas, were
       Vaishnav. Because of Guru's Shaap, Saudaas had offered his whole kingdom along with his
       body parts to his Guru.

Gokarn is said to be Shaiv - devotee of Ling
Ashmak's son was Harivarmaa - he was a devotee of Saadhu (saints)
Harivarmaa's son was Dasharath I
Dasharath I's son was Dileep I
Dileep I's son was Vishwasaha (10,000 yrs) - because of his non-religious conduct,
      at that time also, he had no rains for several years. This destructed his kingdom.
      At the request of his queen, Maharshi Vashishth produced a son, named Khatwaang,
      through Yagya.
Vishwasaha's son was Khatwaang (30,000 yrs with the help of Indra) - 
      In the last he got Moksh through the Var of Devtaa.
Khatwaang's son was Deerghbaahu (20,000 yrs)

Deerghbaahu's son was Sudarshan (5,000 yrs by the grace of Devee)  - He married to the princess of Kaashee's king. One day Mahaakaalee said to him in dream - "Vats, You go to Himaalaya along with your wife, because this Bharat Khand will be almost destroyed because of terrific storm. Several smaller islands have already sunk in the sea because of terrific storm. On the 7th day from today, a very terrific storm will come in Bhaarat Varsh also." Getting these instructions from Devee, Sudarshan went to Himaalaya along with main kings, Vaishya, Braahman and his servants and a huge part of Bhaarat was destroyed because of terrific storm. All people were also killed and the whole Prithvi got sunk in sea. After some time the land again appeared."



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