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Similar Incidents and Same or Similar Results
There are three people who suffered for their hunting --

(1) Paandu
When King Paandu went to hunt for a king at the request of his younger wife Maadree, and he released a Shabd Vedhee Vaan (to aim at the object hearing only his sound) he killed a Rishi, Rishi Kindam, and was cursed by him to lose the pleasure of his wife and progeny.

(2) Dasharath
When King Dasharath used his Shabd Vedhee Vaan (To aim at the object hearing only his sound) he also killed a Braahman, Shravan Kumaar, and was cursed by his blind father and mother to lose his own life in the separation of his son, as they were dying in the separation of their son.

(3) Raam
Raam also went to kill a golden deer at the request of His wife Seetaa, but when He came back he did not find Seetaa in His Aashram. Raavan had abducted Her. What difficulties he did not tolerate to rescue Her.

Striking Similarities in Ancient Times
There are some incidents which happened with two people in the same way --

(1) King Rompaad and King of Kaashee
Both these kings suffered from drought and famine in their kingdom. Both married their daughter to someone and got rains. Rompaad married his daughter Shaantaa to Rishi Rishyashring and Kaashee King married his daughter Gandinee to Akroor's father Shwaphalk and both got rains in their kingdoms.

(2) King Raam and King Yudhishthir
Both did Ashwamedh Yagya. The detailed accounts of both the Yagya are found in Puraan - Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya's description in Paataal Khand of Padm Puraan; and Yudhhishthir's Ashwamedh Yagya's description in ---.

In both Yagya, the horse changed to a man - read the description of Raam's horse; and Yudhishthir's horse in Mahaabhaarat -

(3) Nachiketaa and Arjun
Both got educated by god himself - Nachiketaa by Yam Raaj himself and Arjun by Krishn Himself

One name more name comes in this list - that is of Hanumaan who was educated by Soorya Dev - Hanumaan: the student of Soorya Dev.

(4) Maarishaa and Maandhaataa
Maarishaa was the daughter of Kandu Rishi and an Apsaraa Pramlochaa. After her birth, Pramlochaa left Prithvi and went to Swarg. Trees brought her up. When she cried with hunger, Chandramaa gave her his index finger to suck upon.

In the same way, when Maandhaataa was born to Yuvanaashwa, Indra gave his index finger to him to suck upon, and that is how he came to be known as Maandhaataa.
Thus both were brought up by sucking the index finger of Devtaa - in Maarishaa's case it was Chandramaa, and in Maandhaataa's case it was Indra.

(5) Parashuraam and Durvaasaa
Durvaasaa Rishi put Kavach onto Parashuraam's body (Brahmaand Kavach).

Durvaasaa put a Kavach on Krishn's body too. (Durvaasaa and Krishn)
Thus krishn had two Kavach on His body - one oby Parashuraam and another by Durvaasaa Rishi.

(6) Yaagyavalkya and Maya Daanav
Yaagyavalkya got Shukla Yajur Ved from Soorya Dev.

Maya Daanav got Soorya Siddhaant from Soorya Dev.

(7) Yaagyavalkya and Hanumaan
Both Yaagyavalkya and Hanumaan, got educated from the Sun god and both learnt facing him walking backward as the Sun could not stop to teach them.

(8) Balaaki and Uddaalak
Rishi Balaaki went to teach the King Ajaatshatru, but Ajaatshatru happened to be very intelligent and Balaaki had to ledarn Aatm Vidyaa from him. (Read his story here)
In the same way when Uddaalak Mujni's son Shwetketu went to the King Jaivaali's court, Jaivaali asked him such questions that Shwetketu could not answer even one question out of the five questions. Shwetaketu went back to his father and expressed his discontentment about his education. Uddaalak went to jaivaali ad learnt what, according to Jaivaali, was only with Kshatriya only up to that time. Later Jaivaali taught that knowledge to Uddaalak. (from Brihadaaranyak Upanishad, and Chhaandogya Upanishad)

(9) Panchjan and Shatadhanvaa
When Krishn wanted to give His Guru Dakshinaa to His Guru Maataa, their lost or dead son, Krishn and Balaraam went to Prabhaas Kshetra as their son was lost there. They asked Sea to return their Guru's son. Sea said - "I have not taken his son. A Daitya named Panchjan lives in me, you may check on him. Krishn went to him and killed him but he could not find His Guru's son in his stomach.
In the same way, it was doubted that Shatadhanvaa had the Syaamantak Mani (because he ran away from the city), so Krishn followed him and at last killed him with His Chakra, but Shatadhanvaa also did not have the Mani.
So in both cases, if one sees, Krishn killed both the people without any fault - on just doubt.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, p/15;   10/u6]

(10) Draupadee and Sudaamaa
It is said that when Yudhishthir was doing his Raajsooya Yagya, He was worshiped first. Many kings opposed this that Krishn should not have been worshiped first. Shishupaal was the foremost to oppose this. Since Krishn has promised to Shishupaal's mother that He would pardon his 100 abuses for which he should have killed, Krishn pardone him for his 100 abuses, but as he abused Him 101st time krushn took out His Chakra and cut his neck. While handling His Chakra, Krishn's index finger got hurt, and Draupadee immediately tied a piece of her dress on Krishn's finger. Krishn said - "Draupadee, I am indebted to you. I will repay this in such a great way that the whole world will remember it. And then Krishn increased her dress to unlimited length when she was in the Dice Game court and Dushaasan wanted to take off her clothes there.

In the same way, when Sudaamaa went to see Krishn in Dwaarakaa, he had nothing to take except some Chivadaa (puffed beaten rice). When he met Krishn, he could not give Him it because of hesitation, but Krishn understood and took out that Chivadaa from his armpit and ate it two times. As He wanted to eat the thhird time, Rukminee Jee held His hand saying - "Will you keep something for yourself or will give everything to him?" Later when Sudaamaa came back to his home, he found a big palace with all kinds of comforts in the place of his hut.

(11) Bheeshm and Karn
Once Bheeshm took a vow that he would never marry and thus would never have his own progeny. Because of this vow, he did not leave his Dharm. He neither married, nor he produced any child from Vichitraveerya's widows.

Karn also in the vow that after Soorya Poojaa he would give anything to anybody whosoever will ask him. To keep his vow he donated his Kavach and Kundal (armor and earrings) to Indra - his life.

(12) Bheeshm and Karn
He promised to be sincere to the throne of Hastinaapur, so he stayed with the throne and fought from a defeated and A-Dhaarmic army.

In the same way, although Karn did not take a vow to support Duryodhan, but from inside he was so much obliged to Duryodhan that until he would repay his debt of Duryodhan's help to him, he would not leave Duryodhan. Thus in spite of knowing that he was a Paandav, he did not leave Duryodhan during his last days. He maintained his friendship. It is in that day that when Paandav and Kaurav were demonstrating their education and training in the Rang Shaalaa. Karn was looking at all these feats. After Arjun had finished, Drone declared Arjun the best archer. Karn could not tolerate this as he himself was a good archer. So he asked permission to show his feats in comparison to Arjun's, and then declare who was the best archer. But Kripaachaarya stopped him saying that he could not take part in that demonstration as he was neither a king or prince, nor of Kuru family. At this Duryodhan immediate rose up from his seat and appointed him the King of Ang Desh giving him the opportunity to participate in the demonstration. Karn always remained grateful to and a friend of Duryodhan for this obligation.

(13) Indra and Soorya
Indra asked Karn his Kavach and Kundal (armor and earrings) which were Karn's life, to save his son Arjun. Thus Indra asked Karn his life.

Soorya asked Karn to ask for Indra's Shakti (power) to save his son Karn from Indra's son Arjun.
What was the fault of Dhritraashtra?

(14) Krishn and Indra
It was wrong on the part of Krishn that He disclosed the identity of Karn to Karn at such a time when he could not deceive Duryodhan - time was wrong. Thus He protected Arjun from Karn.

On the other side, Indra also asked Karn's life to save his son Arjun in the form Kavach and Kundal (armor and earrings) which were Karn's life.

(15) Shravan's Parents and Kindam Rishi
When Dasharath shot a Shabd-vedhee arrow at an animal, and it killed Shravan Kumaar, Shravan's parents cursed him that he should also die in the sorrow of the separation of his son as they were dying.

When Paandu shot an arrow at an animal, and it hit Kindam Rishi, he cursed Paandu not to have his progeny at all.

(16) Raam and Paandu
When Raam killed the golden deer at the request of Seetaa, Seetaa was abducted by Raavan.

When Paandu went to kill an animal at the request of Maadree, he lost his whole progeny.

(17) Nachiketaa and Shuk Dev
Everybody knows Nachiketaa's story. His story comes in Kath Upanishad. His father gave him to Yam Raaj so he went to Yam Raaj. Yam Raaj was not at home. He had to wait outside his palace for 3 days and 3 nights without eating and drinking anythig. When Yam Raaj came back, he was told that a Braahman's young son was waiting for him for 3 days and 3 nights without eating and drinking anything. Hearing this Yam Raaj got very angry. He came to Nachiketaa and asked for his forgiveness and asked him to ask for 3 boons in return of his Tapasyaa. Nachiketaa asked for 3 boons from him and in one of those boons he obtained the Moksh Gyaan from him. Yam Raaj tested him before delivering him the Moksh Gyaan and when he passed the tests then only he delivered it to him.

When Shuk Dev Jee asked about Moksh Dharm from his father Ved Vyaas Jee, after preliminary base of knowledge, he sent him to Raajaa Janak. Shuk Dev Jee also waited at his palace gates for 3 days and 3 nights. Janak Jee also tested Shuk Dev Jee before giving Moksh Gyaan to him.

(18) Ganesh and Hanumaan
Once Parashuraam Jee came to see Shiv Jee. he was taking rest and Ganesh Jee was on his guard. When Parashuraam Jee asked him to inform Shiv that he wanted to see him urgently, Ganesh Jee did not allow him to see him. At this both started fighting. During the fight, Parashuraam Jee threw his Parashu at Ganesh Jee. Ganesh jee immediately recognized that that Parashu belonged to his father. He respected it and took it on his one tusk and felled it.

When Hanumaan was coming back carrying Drone Parvat and was flying over Ayodhyaa. Bharat saw him and thought that some Raakshas was coming to attack Ayodhyaa, so he shot an arrow with Raam's name engraved on it. Hanumaan did not stop that arrow as it had Raam's name on it and took it on his leg and injured it. Since then he was known as Landaa Veer (lame warrior).

(19) Parashuraam and Vishwaamitra
Parashuraam Jee was the son of Maharshi Jamadagni Jee and Renukaa. He was born Braaahman but Sahastraarjun made him Kshatriya. His behavior with Parashuraam's father, taking his Divine cow and killing him, compelled him to take up a vow that he would empty the Prithvi from Kshatriya. So he did 21 times.

In the same way, Vishwaamitra was born in Kshatriya family and since he could not take the Divine cow from Vashishth's Aashram, he inclined towards become a Brahmarshi. and in spite of many hurdles, at last he got the status of Brahmarshi.

In the whole Indian history these are the only two cases of changing their Varn. To read their interesting story how they were born like this read the story of Richeek Muni.

(20) Vedvatee and Draupadee
Vedvatee was the daughter of a Rishi. Her father had died and he wanted to marry her to Vishnu, so to fulfill his wish she was doing Tapasyaa. Raavan was passing by that place. He saw her and got attracted towards her. When she explained her situation, he did not listen to it, and held her hair. She just hit her hand on the hair, cut them from that place and freed herself. Raavan just kept looking  at it.

Draupadee was also  by pulling her hair by Dushaasan, and she did not tie her hair till she washed her hair with Dushaasan's chest's blood. Bheem took this vow to take Dushaasan's chest blood to Draupadee to wash her hair and fulfilled it.

(21) Vedvatee and Ambaa
When Raavan did not listen to Vedvatee and still proceeded towards her to take her, she immolated herself taking vow that she would born again and will be the means of his death. Raavan couldn't believe his eyes. Later Vedvatee was born as Seetaa and became the cause of Raavan's death.

In the same way when Bheeshm did not marry Ambaa because of his vow, Ambaa also took vow to take as many births she would have to take but she would be the cause of Bheeshm's death. For this she did Tap for Shiv Jee and obtained the boon. She was born as Shikhandee and became the cause of Bheeshm's death.

(22) Sukanyaa and Padmaa
Sukanyaa, the daughter of the King Shayaati and married to Rishi Chyavan because of her foolishness, was tested  by Ashwinee Kumaar. She used to go to river to take bath. One day Ashwinee Kumaar saw her and asked her who she was. Sukanyaaa replied - "I am the daughter of the King Sharyaati and the wife of Muni Chyavan. Ashwinee Kumaar said - "But Muni is very old and blind, How do you live with him? Youa are so beautiful. What is the use of of your beauty if he cannot appreciate it?" Sukanyaa said - "But who are you who is talking to me like this?" Ashwinee Kumaar said - "We are Ashwinee Kumaar Devtaa. You choose one of us and you will be very happy." Sukanyaa said - "Being Devtaa you should not talk to me like this. I am a Pativrataa woman and I love my husband very much." Ashwinee Kumaar got very pleased with her and said - "We can cure your husband. We can give him eyes and make him young." Sukanyaa said - Let me ask him and i will let you know. You come tomorrow." Hearing this Ashwinee Kumaar went away promising her to come on next day. Sukanyaa talked to Muni Chyavan, he got ready. So next day both went to the banks of that river. Ashwinee Kumaar also came there. They asked the Rishi to have a dip in the river. So all three entered the river and a dip. When they came out, they were all looking alike. Ashwinee Kumaar asked Sukanyaa to identify her husband. Sukanyaa could not identify her husband. She then prayed Ashwinee Kumaar to guard her Paativrat and show her her husband. Ashwinee Kumaar were very happy and then showed her her husband. Sukanyaa and Rishi Chyavan thanked them and came to their Aashram

In the same way Padmaa, the wife of Rishi Pippalaad, was tested by Dhram Raaj. Dharm Raaj tried to distract her repeatedly pointing out Muni's old age. At this Padmaa got angry and she cursed him to demolish soon. Hearing this Dharm Raaj showed her his real form. Seeing Dharm Raaj in front of her, Padmaa apologized for cursing him and told that she could not take her curse back, but in every Yug one part of Dharm will be destroyed." Dharm Raaj blessed her with 10 children, and made her husband a handsome youth.

(23) Shankhaasur and
Shankhaasur was the son of Samudra. he was so mighty that he had defeated all Devtaa and pushed them out of the Swarg. Then he thought that these Devtaa are powerful because of Ved, so let me take these Ved, then they will be weaker. So he went and brought the Ved. When Brahmaa Jee went to Vishnu, He assured him that in the month of Kaarttik, on its Shukla Paksh Ekaadashee, He would kill him. So He did and carrying his body went to Badrik Aashram and sent many Rishi to collect Ved Mantra from the sea.

When Brahmaa Jee was getting sleepy and was yawning, Ved came out of his mouth. Those Asur stole the Ved and ran away with them.

(24) Agastya and Utathya
Everybody knows that Agastya Jee drank ocean in three handful water. Once there were Kaalkeya Raakshas who were very powerful. Somehow Devtaa succeeded in defeating them. Many were killed and many hid in the sea. Indra sent Agni and Vaayu Dev to look for them there and kill them. After a while they returned with the plea - Agni Dev said - "I could not have defeated them inside water." Vaayu Dev said - "They have already ran away, so no need to kill them." Indra got angry - "Are you teaching Dharm to me?" he cursed them for not abeyig him. So they went to Agastya Muni to help them. Agastya Jee told that he could not kill the Daitya, but he could dry the ocean so that they could be seen and they could kill them. So he drank the ocean in three sips and the Devtaa werfe able to kill those Raakshas.

In the same way Utathya also drank the ocean. Its story goes like this that, Deerghtamaa, a descendent of Angiraa, was married to Som's daughter Bhadraa. Now Varun Dev, who had formerly been enamored of her, carried her off from Utathya's hermitage, when she had plunged into the Yamunaa for a bath. Abducting her thus, Varun took her to his own abode. Utathya then sent Naarad Jee to bring his wife back from Varun's house, but he would not give her up to him. Utathya got very angry at this and drank up all the sea, but still Varun Dev would not let her go. So Naarad Jee came back to Utathya and cheerlessly reported that Varun was unwilling to send you back your spouse, so he could take whatever action he wanted to take.  Hearing these words of Naarad Jee, Utathya became very angry. Endued with wealth of penances, he solidified the waters and drank them off, aided by his energy. Varun became very sad at this, still he did not give up Utathya's wife. At this Utathya filled with rage and ordered Earth to appear where the 600,000 lakes were there, so the lakes got dried. Then he ordered the countries and the Rivers to be impure. Then only Varun gave his wife back. Utathya released both the world and Varun from their sufferings.
"Dowson' Classic Dictionary of Hindu Mythology"

(25) Madhu Kaitabh and Devavrat (Bheeshm)
Madhu and Kaitabh were two Daitya who were born from the wax of Vishnu's ear. Later they both did severe austerities and obtained the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu from Devee.

Devavrat, Bheeshm, also got the boon of ichchhaa Mrityu from his father after he took vow not to get married for the happiness of his father Shaantanu.

(26) Paraashar and Janamejaya
When Paraashar came to know that his father was killed  by a Raakshas, employed by Vishwaamitra, he decvisded to kill all Raakshas, and for this he performed a Raakshas Yagya, in which he offered the Aahuti of Raakshas. Raakshas started falling in the Yagya fire. Then Pulastya Jee had to come and asked him to stop that Yagya saying that it was his father's destiny, so why to kill innocent Raakshas. Then only Paraashar stopped that Yagya.

In the same way when Janamejaya came to know that his father died because of Takshak bite and Takshak did not allow the Vaidya to come to him to be cured of his bite, he also decided to do Sarp (snake) Yagya. He offered the Aahuti of Sarp till Takshak did not fall in the Yagya fire. Later Aasteek, the nephew (sister's son) of Vaasuki Naag stopped that Yagya.
These are the two very uncommon Yagya from our scriptures.

(27) Janamejaya and Pareekshit
Janamejaya made the same mistake what his father Pareekshit did. When Pareekshit heard that Takshak would bite him on the 7th day, he built a most secured mansion for himself, and in spite of knowing that Rishi's curse could not be reverted, he did this.

In the same way his son Janamejaya also committed the mistake. When he was preparing for the snake sacrifice, an intelligent, professional, knowledgeable builder while laying in foundations, a Soot by caste (read " Janamejaya Starts Sarp Yagya" to know about the Soot), predicted that "the soil upon which this platform is made, indicates that this sacrifice will not be completed. A Braahman will obstruct this." Hearing this the king ordered not to let enter anybody without his permission. He thought as if he would stop that Braahman like this. The irony is that he himself allowed him to enter the place where he was performing the Yagya and not only this he bestowed him a boon too.

(28) Ahalyaa and Dharmvrataa
Ahalyaa was the wife of Rishi Gautam. She was turned into a stone by her husband for her innocence to welcome Indra coming to her in disguise of Rishi Gautam. Of course later to be uplifted by Raam with the touch of His foot.

Dharmvrataa was the daughter of Dharm from his wife Dharmvatee. She was married to Maharshi Mareechi. Once Mareechi was tired so he asked his wife to massage his feet. When she was massaging his feet, he slept and at the same time Brahmaa Jee came there. Dharmvrataa thought to serve him first, as he was her father-in-law. So she got up and served him. In the meantime Mareechi woke up and not seeing his wife around, he cursed her to be a stone.
[Read the story of Gayaasur]

(29) Karn and Sassee
They both are alike, as the mothers of both flowed them putting them in a basket in a river.
Karn, a prince, was flowed in Gangaa River because he was born to a virgin mother. He found his way to a charioteer's home

Sassee, also a princess, from a love story of Panjaab, India, was also flowed in a river in a basket, because of being born in Panjaab, in Sindhu River. She was declared unfortunate for her family by some astrologers at the time of her birth. She found her way to a washerman's house and she grew up there, as their beloved daughter.
[Sassee-Punno Story]

(30) Baanaasur and
When Krishn came to Baanaasur to marry Aniruddh to Ushaa, Baanaasur's daughter. Shiv, the guard of Baanaasur's city, fought with Him. Baanaasur also came to fight with Krishn. Then Baanaasur's Dharm mother came out naked and stood in front of his to save her loving son. Krishn turned His face and during that time Baanaasur managed to run away from there.

(31) Manu and Drupad
Manu had no child so he requested Vashishth Jee to do a yagya so that he can have a son, but his wife wanted a daughter, so she requested for a daughter. So when at the end of the Ygaya after offering the final Aahuti the priest asked for a daughter and Ilaa named daughter was born to Shraddhaa. Manu was not happy with thhis, so Vashishth Jee then converted her into a male named Sudyumn.

Drupad wanted a son to kill Drone. so he also did a Yagya to get a son,  but his wife wanted a daughter so she asked the priest for a daughter. the priest asked for a daughter so a girl Draupadee was born from the Yagya Vedee. But Drupad wanted a son, so he again requested the priest to get a son. The priest again offered an Aahuti and got a son Dhrishtdyumn for him.

Thus both the kings wanted a son, but both kings' wives wanted the daughter, they both got daughters. in one case one daughter's sex was changed to a male, while ikn another case another child son was born.

Modern Similarities
These similarities in modern times...

1. Muttuswamy Deekshitar, who was worshipping Lord Subramanya, was blessed by an old man in Tiruttani. A sugar candy was placed into his mouth by him and thereafter, Deekshitar started composing songs. Here they say Lord Subramanya himself came in the disguise of an old man.
2. Shyaamaa Shaastree, who was worshipping Bangaaru Kaamaakshee in Tanjore, was blessed by her and he started composing songs thereafter.

3. Renowned Mathematician Ramanujam used to say that complex mathematical puzzles were solved for him by the goddess in Naamakkal Narasimhaswaamy Temple.
4. Arunagirinaatar made Tiruppugazh after he was blessed by Lord Subramanya.

5. Kaali Daas was blessed by Goddess Saraswatee as well as Kaalee to become a Mahaa Kavi.
6. Tenaalee Raman, a dull head who became a jester in the royal court of King Krishn Devaraayaa was also blessed in the similar fashion like and he became brilliant thereafter.

7. Thyaagaraajaa, was met by Naarad who gave him a manuscript containing details of Carnatac music before he started composing.

8. Pattinattaar asked the boys to close him with a big basket and vanished from there and only roses were seen inside.
9. This is similar to the story of Kabeer who also vanished leaving roses behind.

10. Ramalinga Adigal entered a room and asked people not to open it, but when they opened after a few days he had vanished. It happened on 30.01.1874.
11. Aadi Shankar also went to Badree Naath, Kedaar Naath and disappeared there.



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