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4-Paataal Khand

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15-Ashwamedh Yagya-2

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15-Ashwamedh Yagya-2
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 546-550

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Ashwamedh Yagya is Completed

Shesh Jee said - "Lakshman again went to Seetaa and told Her Raam's message. Seetaa said - "Raam has abandoned me in a fierce forest, therefore how can I go now? I will stay here only and always remember Raam's name." Lakshman said - "Maa, You are Pativrataa, Raghunaath Jee is calling you repetitively, and Pativrataa women do not mind their husband's faults, therefore you please come with me." Hearing this Jaanakee took leave from Aashram women and proceeded towards Ayodhyaa on the chariot along with Lakshman. Seetaa got down from the chariot where Raam was sitting. She fell on His feet. Raam said - "I will complete this Yagya along with you." After that Seetaa greeted Muni and then She went to Her mothers-in-law to greet them. All Her mothers-in-law blessed Her.

Seeing Seetaa there, Maharshi Agastya removed the golden statue of Seetaa and made Her sit there. Vashishth Jee asked Raam to worship all Braahman to their satisfaction. Raam worshipped Agastya Jee first. He gave him many gems, gold, several countries and other beautiful things. Then He worshipped Maharshi Chyavan along with his wife. He gave lots of Dakshinaa to Braahman and donations to poor and blind people. Agastya Muni called 64 kings along with their wives to bring water to bathe the horse. Raam went to bring water along with Seetaa. Bharat and Maandavee, Lakshman and Urmilaa, Shatrughn and Shrutkeerti, Pushkal and Kaantimatee, Lakshmeenidhi and Komalaa, Vibheeshan and Mahaamoorti, Surath with Sumanohaaree, and Sugreev with Mohanaa also went to bring water. Vashishth Jee went to Sarayoo River and cleansed her water. All kings brought the water and bathed the horse. 

The horse was bathed by that water. Raam then said to the horse - "Hey horse, Cleanse me in this Mandap - full of Braahman." and both Raam and Seetaa touched that horse. All got very surprised to hear that because whose name cleanses the whole world, how that horse was going to cleans Him? As Raam touched the horse, a man appeared from that horse. All got more surprised to see this. Although Raam knew everything, still He asked him - "Hey Purush, Who are you? Why did you take this horse species? And what do you want to do now? Tell me everything."

Hearing this the man said - "Bhagavan, You know everything, but when You are asking me, I am telling You everything. In my previous life I was a very religious Braahman, but I committed a crime. One day I went to the banks of Sarayoo River and started meditating upon You after doing Tarpan etc. At that time many people came to me and I cheated them in many ways. Durvaasaa Rishi also came and looked at me. I was observing Maun (quiet), so neither I offered him Arghya nor I welcomed him by words. Durvaasaa Rishi got angry at this and he gave me Shaap - "You are showing such pride on the banks of Sarayoo River, be born in animal species."

I felt very sad so I held his feet. He kindly said to me, "You will become Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya horse and as soon as Raam will touch you, you will attain Parampad." So that Shaap became a Var for me. Whatever touch is difficult to attain even after taking millions of lives even for Devtaa, I have got that touch of your fingers now. Now please permit me, I am attaining Parampad because of Your grace only." He circumambulated Raam and went to Sanaatan Dhaam riding on a Divine Vimaan. Seeing this incident, ordinary people also knew about Raam's glory. So Vaatsyaayan Jee, If a man remembers Hari with pride, He kindly gives him also His Param Dhaam.

Vashishth Jee said to Raam - "Now you offer Karpoor (camphor) to Devtaa, this will make them come in person and take Havishya." Raam offered Karpoor to please Devtaa. As Muni invoked Devtaa, they all came there with their wives - Naaraayan, Mahaadev, Brahmaa, Varun, Kuber all Devtaa came there. After taking their share, they all went to their Lok. The Rishi who were acting as Hotaa, Raam gave them the kingdom in four directions. Then married women showered Kheel (roasted Dhaan - Dhaan is the original raw rice covered with husk). After this Raam went to take Yagyaant (concluding) bath on the banks of Sarayoo. He took bath in Sarayoo for long time then He put on good clothes and ornaments.

Thus Raam did three Ashwamedh Yagya with Seetaa. Whoever hears this Kathaa (story) he attains Parampad. In this world his all desires are fulfilled."



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