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14-Raam and Seetaa

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14-Raam and Seetaa
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 537-546

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Shatrughn in Ayodhyaa

Shesh Jee said - "Hey Muni, As all woke up, Shatrughn saw that the Yagya horse was standing before him, everybody was alive, although his crown had disappeared. He was surprised to see this, he said to Sumati - "This child has kindly given us this horse back to complete the Yagya. Now let us go to Raghunaath, He might be waiting for the horse." So they all proceeded towards Ayodhyaa. They crossed Gangaa River and entered the capital. Raam sent Lakshman and Bharat to welcome them. They all came to Raam and Shatrughn fell on Raam's feet. Raam was extremely happy to see all of them. All others also fell on Raam's feet.

Raam asked His minister Sumati to tell Him about all the kings who were with them. Sumati said - "You know everything, still you are asking to observe worldly customs, so I tell you all as usual. He said - "You are the King of kings. All kings have surrendered to you. He is king Sumad of Ahichchhaatraa Nagaree. He had long wished to have your Darshan, so he is here with his sons. Then the horse went to king Subaahu's city. There the Prince Daman caught the horse so a great fight took place. Pushkal defeated Daman. Subaahu fought with Hanumaan by whose foot hit Subaahu's Shaap got cleared and he regained his Gyaan. He is also at your service now. Then your horse went to Devpur - residing place of Shiv. You yourself know what happened there as You yourself went there. After that Vidyunmaalee Raakshas was killed and then we met Satyavaan.

After that a fight took place in Kundal Nagar with king Surath, that also you know. When we were returning, the horse went to Maharshi Vaalmeeki's Aashram. It is worth listening whatever happened there. There came a 16 year old boy who looked like you. He read the gold plate tied on horse and caught the horse. When Kaaljit went to fight with him, he killed Kaaljit. He killed Pushkal etc also and made Shatrughn unconscious. When Shatrughn woke up he made him unconscious. At the same time another boy of the same form and figure came there. In the meantime the first boy woke up and then both killed all your army. They took away ornaments and weapons of all our unconscious warriors. They tied Sugreev and Hanumaan and took them to their Aashram but after a while they freed them and returned your horse also. They brought the whole army alive also."

Raam Calls Seetaa

Shesh Jee said - "Whatever description Sumati gave to Raam, He understood that those two boys were His, still He asked Vaalmeeki Jee - "Munivar, Who are these two boys who resemble me and live in your Aashram? Why do they live there? It is heard that they are very good at archery. What type of children are they who made Shatrughn unconscious in just playful mood and tied even Hanumaan? Please tell me about them."

Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Prabhu, You know everything, still I tell you for your satisfaction. When you abandoned Seetaa without any fault, She was pregnant at that time and was wandering in a fierce forest. Seeing Her crying I took Her to my Aashram. There She lived in a leaf hut and gave birth to two sons. I named them Kush and Lav. I performed their all Sanskaar, I taught them Ved and weaponry. They learned music also. Seeing their ability I ask them to sing Raamaayan daily. They are good at playing Veenaa, Mridang etc instruments. One day Varun took them to Vibhaavaree Puree to hear their music. Mitra Devtaa was also there. Both were not satisfied yet listening to your Leelaa.

I also went there. At that time they told me to tell you about Seetaa like this - "Seetaa is the leader of all Pativrataa and has all qualities. She has given birth to brave sons and should not have been abandoned. She holds a good character. She is Death, She is Amrit, She gives heat and She makes rains. Hey Raghunaath Jee, You are the father and She is the mother of the whole world. You know everything that is why You know this also. Give Her full respect. Hey Vaalmeeki Jee, tell all this to Raam on behalf of me." Varun told me this. 

All have heard Raamaayan and they have admired your sons very much. Therefore please accept Seetaa and your sons. Seetaa brought your army alive - this incident has proved Her innocence. Nothing is hidden either from You, or from us, or from Devtaa. Only some ordinary people created confusion, but the above said event has cleared that also."

Shesh Jee said - "Although Raam knew everything, still when Vaalmeeki Jee explained thus to Raam, He said to Lakshman - "Lakshman, You go along with Sumitra and bring Seetaa along with sons here. You tell all this to Her and bring Her quickly." Lakshman said - "If She comes back with me I will treat my journey successful." Lakshman took one disciple of Muni and Sumitra along with him and started towards Muni's Aashram. As he reached in the Aashram he fell down on Seetaa's feet with tears in his eyes.

Seetaa asked him - "Lakshman, How did you come here in this forest? Tell me, Is my Raam all right? He abandoned me because of public defame, if this has helped to spread His fame more, I am satisfied. Even if I will have to give my life to keep His fame, I am ready for it. He has abandoned me, but I have not. How are Maa Kaushalyaa, Maa Sumitraa, Bharat and Shatrughn?" Lakshman said - "Everybody is fine there and asks your welfare. Bharat and Shatrughn have conveyed their Pranaam to you. Shree Raam is calling you. Listen to what He has said weeping.

He has said - "Seetey, People call me Eeshwar of Eeshwar, but I say whatever is happening in this world, is only because of Praarabdh (destiny). Who is Eeshwar of Eeshwar, He is also the victim of that Praarabdh. In breaking my bow, in turning mind of Kaikeyee, in the death of my father, in my going to forest, in your kidnapping by Raavan, etc etc all are caused by Destiny. Destiny is cut only by suffering or enjoying it. Today the same Destiny wants us to meet. Whatever natural love You have towards me, the same love is calling You. By sending You in the forest, I have cleansed my love to you." So now You should proceed to see Raam. Let both princes should go riding on elephant, You be in the middle and I will follow You. Everybody will be very happy to receive you."

Seetaa said - "Lakshman, I am void of Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh. What good I will be of Raam? Whatever face I saw at the time of my marriage, that is in my heart, it can never be erased. Both these princes are His. They are good at archery. Take them and take care of them. They are the descendents of this family. I will stay back here and worship Raghunaath Jee as I wish. Convey my regards to everybody there." After this Seetaa said to Her children - "Sons, Now you go to your father. He will give you His own status." Although they didn't want to go leaving their mother there, still they obeyed their mother and went with Lakshman. 

As they reached Ayodhyaa, Lakshman told everything to Raam. Raam said - "Lakshman, You go there once more and tell Seetaa, "Have you thought about attaining any other Gati other than me? Why are you not coming to me in spite of calling by me? You have finished Darshan of Muni and Muni's wives. A woman, wherever she lives, her husband is her only Gati. He is all qualitative in spite of being without qualities. Whatever noble ladies do, they do it only for their husband's happiness. I am already happy with you, and all Devtaa are satisfied if I am satisfied - this is true." Lakshman said- "Bhagavan, Whatever You have told me, I will tell Her everything." And he again started towards Aashram. Vaalmeeki Jee asked both children to sing Raamaayan in front of Raam. Both children started singing Raamaayan. All got very happy to hear that. Vaalmeeki Jee said to children to touch the feet of their father. Raam embraced them with love."

Raamaayan in Brief

After hearing this from Shesh, Jee Vaatsyaayan Jee wanted to hear something else also about Raamaayan, so he asked - "Maharshi, How did Vaalmeeki write this epic, for what reasons, and what time? And what does this describe?" Shesh Jee said - "Once, Vaalmeeki Jee went to a forest. There was a couple of Kraunch bird which was enjoying in that forest. That a hunter came and killed one of them by his arrow. It fell down and died. Muni got very angry at this and gave Shaap to the hunter - "You will never get peace, because you have killed one of these birds which was love-stricken." 

He said this in Chhand (Hindi poetry style) form. Muni's disciples said - "Whatever sentence you have used to give Shaap to that hunter, by the grace of Saraswatee, it has appeared as Shlok." Vaalmeeki also got happy to hear this. Brahmaa Jee also came there and said to him - "You are blessed today that Saraswatee has appeared from your mouth in the form of this Shlok. Now you write the book of Raamaayan. The same speech is blessed which is with Raam's name." and he got disappeared. 

One day Vaalmeeki Jee was meditating on the banks of a river, that he saw Raam and His past, present and future events. After that he started writing Raamaayan. It consists of six Kaand (parts) - Baal, Aranya, Kishkindhaa, Sundar, Yuddh and Uttar. Whoever listens to them, he becomes free from all sins.

(1) Baal Kaand describes - Dasharath got four sons who were the incarnations of Hari. Raam and Lakshman go to Vishwaamitra, then they go to Mithilaa and Raam marries Seetaa, coming back to Ayodhyaa they meet Parashuraam Jee on their way, preparations for the coronation of Crown Prince, Kaikeyee sends them to forest, living in Chitrakoot with Seetaa and Lakshman, Bharat goes to Chitrakoot to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa, failing to bring Raam back he lives outside Ayodhyaa in Nandee Graam etc events. 
(2) Aranya Kaand describes - Raam goes to various Muni's Aashram, devouring the nose of Shoorpankhaa, killing of Khar and Dooshan, appearance of golden deer and killing of Maareech, kidnapping of Seetaa by Raavan, wandering in search of Seetaa, meeting with Kabandh, going to Pampaa Sarovar and meeting with Hanumaan etc events.
(3) Kishkindhaa Kaand describes - Piercing seven Taal trees, killing Baali, coronation of Sugreev, Lakshman instructs Sugreev to follow his duty, Sugreev collects army of Vaanar and then sends them in search of Seetaa, Vaanar meet Sampaati, Hanumaan crosses the sea and arrives on the other side of the sea. 
(4) Sundar Kaand describes - Hanumaan enters Lankaa, wanders around in search of Seetaa, finds and talks to Seetaa, destroys Ashok Vaatikaa, burns Lankaa and comes back to this side of ocean, gives Seetaa's ornament to Raam, army leaves for Lankaa, building bridge on sea, and coming of Shuk and Saaran into Raam's army for spying etc events. 
(5) Yuddh Kaand describes - Raam-Raavan battle, Seetaa comes back etc events. 
(6) Uttar Kaand describes - Dialog of Raam and many Rishi, beginning of Ashwamedh Yagya, and other stories of Raam etc events. All these six Kaand are written in 24,000 Shlok and is called "Raamaayan"."



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