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4-Paataal Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 528-537

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Lav Defeats Raam's Army

Shesh Jee said - "Hey Vaatsyaayan Jee, When Shatrughn saw his warriors' severed arms he got very angry. He asked them - "Who has cut your arms? He will not escape today even if Devtaa come for his help?" Warriors said - "A child whose face is very similar to Raam's face, has done this to us." Hearing this Shatrughn became angrier than ever that a child had caught the horse. Shatrughn ordered his army chief Kaaljit to march to the place where the child had caught the horse, with an organized army. Kaaljit said to the child - "This horse belongs to Shree Raam. Because you look like Raam that is why I feel pity on you. If you will not obey me you will have to lose your life."

Lav smiled and said - "Go, I leave you. Tell your Raam about catching the horse. I am not afraid of you. By the grace of my mother, I treat everybody like a cotton pile. Your name is Kaaljit. I am your Kaal. First win me then only you will be able to prove your name." Kaaljit asked - "O child, In whose family your born? What is your name? I do not know anything about your family, name, age etc. Besides I am sitting on chariot, and you are standing on the ground. How can I fight with you in this situation?" Lav said - "What you have to do with my name, family or age? I am Lav and in one Lav (moment) I can win everybody. [And if you are hesitating to fight with me because you are on chariot and I am on ground] then Lo, just now I bring you on ground." And Lav started shooting arrows at the army chief. Kaaljit also shot arrows but Lav cut all of them in hundreds of pieces and broke his chariot.

Kaaljit then rode on an elephant. Lav cut the elephant's trunk and rode on the elephant. He broke Kaaljit's crown in hundred pieces and his armor in thousand pieces and felled him on the ground and killed him. Other people came to fight with him but he killed many of them and pushed back some of them. Those some who escaped, told everything to Shatrughn. Shatrughn couldn't believe that Kaaljit was killed in the fight. He asked Sumati - "Do you know who is this child who has kidnapped my horse and killed my so large army?"

Sumati said - "This is Vaalmeeki's Aashram. Kshatriya do not live here, it may be possible that Indra himself has come here, or maybe Bhagavaan Shankar has come here in the form of a child. You go there and arrest him alive. I will show this wonder to Raghunaath Jee." So Shatrughn went to that child. Lav had already killed some, wounded some, and pushed back some soldiers. Soldiers started running away from the field. Seeing this Pushkal came forward and challenged Lav. He said to Lav - "O brave, I give you a good chariot, you sit on that chariot then only I can fight with you." Lav said - "O brave, If I will fight sitting on the chariot given by you, I will be a sinner and my victory will be doubtful. We are not those Braahman who accept donations, we are Kshatriya, so don't worry about my being on ground. I just break your chariot, then you will also be on the ground, then we can fight each other."

Pushkal got surprised to hear this, so as he got ready to shoot arrow that Lav shot an arrow and broke his bow, then he broke his chariot too. Then he shot another arrow and made Pushkal unconscious. Hanumaan lifted Pushkal and brought him to Shatrughn. Hanumaan himself went to fight with Lav and tied him with his tail. Seeing this Lav remembered his mother and hit Hanumaan's tail with his fist. At this Hanumaan freed Lav. Lav shot many arrows at Hanumaan and he fell down unconscious."

Lav-Kush Win

Shesh Jee said - "Shatrughn got worried hearing the news of Hanumaan's fall, and he himself came to the field. Seeing Lav, he thought, "surely he is the son of Raam". So he asked the child - "Who are you who is felling all our soldiers? Who are your parents? You are very lucky, because you have got victory in this battle. I wish to know your name." Lav said - "What you have to do with my name, family, father etc. If you are a brave soldier, then start fighting and take your horse." And he started shooting thousands of arrows at Shatrughn. Shatrughn got very surprised to see so many arrows from a child's bow. Then Lav shot an arrow at his chest and he fell down unconscious in his chariot only.

Seeing Shatrughn unconscious, other soldiers proceeded towards Lav and started fighting with him, but Lav killed many, wounded many and pushed back many. In the meantime Shatrughn awoke and came to fight with him again. He took an arrow by which he killed Lavanaasur and shot it at Lav's chest. It made him unconscious. Seeing this Shatrughn thought to take him from the field. The Aashram children got very sad to see their friend in trouble, so they ran to Seetaa and said to Her - "Maa, Your son has kidnapped the horse of some king. When the army came to fight with him, he fought with bravery and killed many, but in the last he fell unconscious."

Seetaa said - "Oh, How cruel is that king who fights with a child. His mind has got polluted with A-Dharm. Tell me how he felled my child and where he will go now?" Seetaa was talking to children like this, that Kush also came there and seeing his mother sad asked about the reason of being sad and Lav. Seetaa said - "My son, Some king has caught Lav. He alone fought with the King's army, still he defeated it, but in the last that King made him unconscious and tied him. It is good that you have come in time, go and get him freed from the King." Kush said - "Don't worry Maa, I am just go there and bring him back. Being unconscious in the battlefield is the sign of fame for a Kshatriya, and running away from there is the sign of being a coward."

Shesh Jee said - "Hey Muni, Seetaa got very happy to hear Kush, She gave all kinds of weapons to him and blessed him for his victory. Kush came to the field where he saw Lav lying in the chariot tied, but he was awake. Seeing Kush coming Lav got courage, he freed himself from the chariot and came to the field to fight. Both started fighting. All soldiers started running away here and there. Shatrughn proceeded to fight with Kush and asked him - "Who are You? You look like your brother Lav. What is your name and who are your father and mother?" Kush said - "Pativrataa Seetaa has given us birth. We both live in this forest worshipping Maharshi Vaalmeeki's feet. My name is Kush, and he is Lav. Now you tell your introduction that who are you? Why have you released this horse. If you are really brave, then come and fight me, I will kill you just now."

Shatrughn got very happy to see Raam and Seetaa's sons, but since he had already challenged them, that is why he picked up his bow. Seeing Shatrughn picking his bow, Kush also picked his bow and started shooting arrows at Shatrughn. Kush used Naaraayan Astra but it didn't do anything to him, so Kush got angry at this. Kush said - "It seems that you are a very brave man, because my Astra could not harm you at all, but I vow that I will fell you with these three arrows, otherwise I will be a sinner." and he shot an arrow at Shatrughn but Shatrughn cut it immediately, Kush shot another arrow, but Shatrughn cut that one also, Kush then shot another arrow remembering his mother. Shatrughn wanted to cut that also, but it wounded him before he cut it and he fell down. Thus Kush won."

Shesh Jee further said - "After Shatrughn's fall, Surath came to fight with Kush. Kush broke his chariot and troubled him a lot. Then Kush shot a terrible arrow at Surath and he fell down unconscious. After Surath's fall Hanumaan came. Kush invoke Sanhaar Astra and shot at Hanumaan and it made him unconscious. Now came Sugreev. Sugreev was surprised to see the child's bravery. Kush used Varun Astra and tied him with Varun Paash. In the meantime, Lav also defeated Pushkal, Angad, Prataapaagraya, Veermani etc. After defeating all, the both brothers embraced each other.

Lav said - "I have won this battle because of you. Now let us look for some mark of this battle." So they went to Shatrughn and took his crown, Lav took Pushkal's beautiful crown, then they went to Sugreev and Hanumaan and tied them. Lav said - "Brother, we will take them to our Aashram, our friends will play with them." So they brought both to their Aashram. Seetaa got very happy to see Her sons back safely. But as She saw Sugreev and Hanumaan, She recognized them and asked Her sons to free them immediately. She said - "They are very brave Vaanar, free them. He is Hanumaan who burned Lankaa and he is the king of Vaanar and bears. Why did you arrest them like this?"

Kush and Lav said - "Maa, There is a king named Raam who is the son of Dasharath. He has released a horse, on whose forehead is tied a gold plate, on which it is written, "Whoever are true Kshatriya, only those people should catch the horse, otherwise bow down to me." Seeing that King's stubbornness, I caught the horse. We killed the whole army, this is Shatrughn's crown and this is Pushkal's crown." Seetaa said - "Children, You have done a great injustice. You have caught Shree Raam's horse, you have killed many soldiers, you have arrested these Vaanar, all this is not good. You don't know, this is your father's horse. He released him for His Ashwamedh Yagya. So free these Vaanar, as well as His horse."

Kush and Lav said - "Maa, We fought with them according to our Kshatriya Dharm and who fight with Kshatriya Dharm, they are not unjust. Maharshi also told us that according to Kshatriya Dharm a son can fight with father, a brother can fight with his brother, and a student can fight with his teacher. This doesn't cause one to be a sinner. But if you say, we free these Vaanar and release that horse also." They went to the field, freed Vaanar and returned the horse. Seetaa remembered Raam, looked at Soorya Bhagavaan, and prayed - "If I worship Raam with mind, speech and actions then Shatrughn and his army should be alive." As She said this, Shatrughn and his army got alive."



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