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4-Paataal Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 513-520

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Raam Exiles Seetaa

Vaatsyaayan Jee said - "Bhagavan, You told me before that Raam had exiled Seetaa on a washerman's insult of Seetaa. Then where did She give birth to Her sons and where were they trained in archery?" Shesh Jee said - "Hey Vaatsyaayan, After returning from exile Raam started ruling Ayodhyaa along with His brothers. In the meantime Seetaa got pregnant. Five months passed. One day Raam asked Seetaa - "Dear, What is your desire, I will try to fulfill it?" Seetaa said - "By your grace I have enjoyed all kinds of pleasures here and will be enjoying in future also, so I have no desire for anything; still if you are asking me, I tell you that for a long time I have not had the Darshan of Satee women like Lopaamudraa etc. I wish to see them. I will worship them with clothes etc and offer gifts of bright gems and jewelry." Raam got very happy to hear this, He said - "Bless you. You may go tomorrow and see them." Seetaa got very happy to hear this.

That night, Raam sent His secret agents around the city. The purpose of sending them was to find out "what the public thinks about their King". On that day the secret agents went to a rich man's house, where his wife was feeding milk to her child saying - "Take this sweet milk and drink it. Whoever are alive today they will not reborn, then how will you drink sweet milk again?" The agents were very happy to see this. They proceeded to some other place. At one place they saw that a beautiful woman was saying to her husband - "You look beautiful like Raghunaath." The husband said - "You are a Satee woman that is why whatever you have said, you should say like this only; but there is no comparison of Raam to me."

At the same time, another secret agent was listening to some other house. There he saw a woman singing the praise of Raam - "Blessed are they who are living in Raam's times. He takes care of everybody like father takes care of his sons. He did very difficult works, such as He built the bridge on sea, He destroyed Lankaa through Vaanar, He brought Jaanakee after killing Raavan etc." The husband smiled and said - "These are not the great works for Raam like person. He is Bhagavaan, He can do anything. We are blessed that we see His face daily."

Another secret agent went to a washerman's house with the desire to hear Raam's glory, but the master of the house was very angry at that time. He was scolding his wife pushing her hard - "Go from here. Go to the same house where you spent the whole day. You are a bad character woman, I cannot keep you in my house." His mother said - "Don't abandon her, she has come home now, she is innocent." The washerman said to his mother - "I am not Raam who accepted his wife living in other's house. He is the King, whatever He does is all right, but I cannot keep such woman in my own house." Hearing this the agent got very angry but stopped remembering Raam's words that "Never kill my people." So he just went from there quietly. All agents met each other and told what they heard at different places to each other. All decided not to tell this washerman's incident to Raam.

Next day morning Raam came to His court. Those secret agents also came to the court to greet Raam. He asked them about Himself, His wife and ministers. They said - "Your glory is spread all over. Everybody sings your praises. Even Devtaa's glory is less than yours. We are blessed that we see you everyday." Raam noticed that one of those agents was not looking normal. He asked him to tell everything clearly, otherwise he would be a sinner. The agent said - "Your all stories are told with great admiration except one. People do not think good about your wife's living in another man's house. Yesterday, one washerman was scolding his wife to go out of his house as she was out of the house whole day. He told her that he could not keep her in his house because he was not Raam. Raam could keep His wife who lived in a Raakshas' house, but he could not keep her. He is a King that is why His all actions are justified. And he repetitively said "I am not Raam, I am not Raam". I got very angry at that time but I remembered your instructions [that is why I could not punish him]."

Raam got worried hearing this, He said to the agents - "You may go now, and send Bharat to me." All agents went out very sad from there and told Raam's message to Bharat. Bharat immediately went to Raam and asked the reason of His sadness which was clearly reflecting on His face. Raam said to Bharat - "Brother, Only those people's life is meaningful in this world whose glory is spread all around. Defamed people are like dead people. Today a washerman has said something bad about Jaanakee, tell me what should I do? Should I myself die, or abandon Jaanakee?" Bharat asked - "Who is this washerman and what did he say?" Raam told him everything.

Bharat said - "Everybody, Agni Dev, Brahmaa, father all have witnessed that Seetaa is faultless, then how can She be abandoned on just a washerman's saying. And why do you want to die? Without you we will die today only, and Seetaa cannot live without you even for a moment, therefore my opinion is that you rule this country along with Seetaa." Raam said - "Whatever you are saying, is right, but now you do whatever I say to you. I know that my Seetaa is faultless, still because of this defame I abandon Her. That is why you take Her and leave Her in forest." Hearing this Bharat fell on the floor unconscious."

Who was the Washerman?

Vaatsyaayan Jee asked - "Whose glory cleanses the whole world, why did that washerman tell such words about that Seetaa?" Shesh Jee said - "There was a king named Seeradhwaj in Mithilaa Nagaree. Once he was tilling ground for Yagya. As he was doing this, a baby girl appeared from the line made by the plough. The king got very happy to see Her and he named Her Seetaa. One day Seetaa was playing in a garden with Her friends, She saw a parrot couple. They were talking like this, "There will be a king named Raam on this earth. His wife's name will be Seetaa. He will rule for 11,000 years along with Seetaa. Blessed are Raam and Jaanakee who will enjoy each others company."

Seetaa got curious hearing Her name and Her future, so She thought, "Let me ask something more about my future." So She asked Her friends to catch those birds. Her friends brought those birds to Her. Seetaa said to them - "Don't be afraid at all, you are very beautiful. Tell me, who are you and where have you come from? Who is this Raam and who is this Seetaa? How do you know about them? Tell me everything." The birds said - "There is a Rishi named Vaalmeeki who is regarded very high. We live in his Aashram only. He has written a big book named "Raamaayan" which seems very dear to him. He always reads the couplets of that book. We have heard it in full and since we hear it always, we also remember it. Now you listen to about Raam, and Seetaa and the events about their lives. By the help of Rishyashring Muni's Putreshti Yagya, Vishnu will appear in four forms - Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. Raam will come to Mithilaa along with His brother Lakshman and Vishwaamitra. He will break the bow which will be very difficult to break, and marry the beautiful daughter of Janak - Seetaa. We have told you everything, now you please free us."

Seetaa again asked them - "Where will be Raam? Whose son He will be? How will He look like?" Hearing this the she-parrot knew that She was Seetaa. She fell onto Her feet and said - "He will be like lotus bud. In fact who has hundred mouths, even he cannot describe His beauty, who am I to describe it? Blessed is Seetaa who will enjoy with Raam for thousands of years. But who are you? What is your name who is asking about Raam with so much curiosity?" Seetaa said telling them about Her birth - "Whoever Seetaa you are talking about, She is me. When Raam will come here and accept me, then only I will free you. Now you live in my house and eat sweet things."

Hearing this the she-parrot said - "Jaanakee, We are the birds of forests, we live on trees and wander around. How we will be happy in your house? I am pregnant. Let me go and deliver my babies, then I will come back to you." But Seetaa didn't free her. He-parrot requested Her to free his wife but Seetaa told him to go leaving his wife there only. Hearing this the he-parrot got sad and said - "Whatever Yogee say, that is correct, that one should be silent and should not say anything to anybody, otherwise he is bound to his words. If we did not talk like this here, why we should have been caught here. It would have been better if we had been quiet." He again requested Seetaa to free his wife but still She didn't free her. Then the she-parrot gave Her Shaap - "As you are separating me from my husband at the time of my pregnancy, in the same way you will also be separated from Raam at the time of your pregnancy." And she died with sorrow of the separation of her husband. Since she died talking about Raam, a Divine Vimaan came to take her. After the death of his wife, the parrot said - "I will take birth in Ayodhyaa and Raam will separate you by my words only." And off he flew.

Because he insulted Seetaa in sorrow and anger, he was born as a washerman. Whoever dies saying bad words about great people, even if he is the highest Braahman, he is born in lower class beings, that is why he was born as a washerman. Because of that washerman, Seetaa got separated from Raam at the time of Her pregnancy."



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