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4-Paataal Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 521-528

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It describes the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Raam Exiles Seetaa

Shesh Jee further said - "Hey Vaatsyaayan, Raam got very sad seeing Bharat unconscious. He asked His guard to call Shatrughn. He also got sad seeing Bharat unconscious and Raam sad. Raam told him also everything. Shatrughn said - "Brother, What are you talking about? Soorya Bhagavaan rises everyday and everybody likes him but owls do not like him, how does it harm the world? That is why you accept Seetaa. Do not abandon Seetaa. Please accept my advice." But Raam was adamant. He was repeating the same dialog what He said to Bharat. Hearing this Shatrughn also fell down unconscious. So Raam sent for Lakshman. Seeing the scene there, Lakshman also got very sad and asked Raam - "What is this? Please tell me its reason." Raam repeated the story. Lakshman got stunned hearing all that. Raam said - "What I will do living with this black spot. Before my brothers used to obey me, now they also refuse to obey my orders."

Lakshman said - "Let me call that washerman and ask him, "Why did he blame Jaanakee? And since nobody is troubled in your kingdom, behave with him as he likes [but talk to him first]. Please do as I say." Raam said - "I know that Seetaa is sinless, still I will abandon Her because of my public defame. When it comes to public defame, I can even abandon my life also. There is no need to call that washerman now, when the time will come everything will be all right. Only time will clear this black spot. So don't disobey me and leave Seetaa in forest." 

Lakshman thought for a while, "Parashuraam also cut the neck of his mother on the order of his father, therefore one should not disobey his elders." So he said to Raam - "Sure, I will obey you." Raam got very happy to hear this, He said - "You have pleased me. Yesterday night Jaanakee expressed Her wish to see Muni's women, so take Her and leave Her in the forest." Then He called Sumantra and asked him to decorate His chariot beautifully. Sumantra brought the chariot and Lakshman sat in it and headed towards Seetaa's palace. There he said to Her - "Raam has sent me here, you can come to see Muni's women." Jaanakee said - "Today I am blessed. I will worship them with clothes, jewelry etc."

She took many various kinds of clothes, costly jewelry, gems, etc thousands types of things and headed towards Lakshman, but she did not even go out of the palace that She fell down. This was a bad omen but She was so happy with the idea of seeing Muni's women, that She did not pay any attention to it. She sat in the chariot along with Lakshman and Lakshman asked Sumantra to drive the chariot. Seetaa's right eye started fluttering, and auspicious birds started passing Her from opposite direction. Seetaa said to Lakshman - "I wish to go to Muni's wives, then why these bad omen are occurring? Bless Raam, Bharat and Shatrughn, and let be peace in the kingdom."

Now they came to Gangaa River, but Seetaa didn't see any Aashram there. Lakshman said to Her - "Come and cross the Gangaa." After crossing Gangaa they came to a very terrible forest which was dried because of jungle fire. Seeing such forest, Seetaa got worried and said to Lakshman - "I don't see Muni's Aashram here, here are only terrible birds and dried trees. Besides, I see you frightened, you eyes are filled with tears. Tell me the truth, what is the matter?" Lakshman could not speak anything, just stood staring at Her. When Seetaa asked him repetitively, he told Her about abandoning Her in the forest. Hearing this Seetaa fell down and got unconscious. Lakshman fanned Her with leaves and brought Her into senses.

When She came into senses. She said to Lakshman - "Please do not play a trick with me. I have not committed any sin, then why Raghunaath should abandon me? Only because of a washerman?" Saying this She again became unconscious. This time Lakshman broke into tears. When She regained Her consciousness, She said to Lakshman - "You go, and ask Raam in front of Vashishth Jee, "In spite of knowing that Seetaa is sinless, you have abandoned Her, is this behavior according to your family or is it the result of Shaastra Gyaan? She loves your feet, still you have abandoned Her." There is no fault of yours. It is all because of my bad luck. I will live here only remembering you and I will be your wife in all the coming lives, this is my only wish."

Seetaa sent this message to Her mothers-in-law - "Tell them that I remember their feet in spite of living in this forest full of various wild animals. I am pregnant, still Raam has abandoned me." Seetaa further said - "Lakshman, Now you listen to me. I could die just now but I am helpless. I am guarding Raam's children. You are very obedient to Raam. This will do your good. Now you may go and keep remembering me." Lakshman said to Her - "I go to Shree Raam and will tell all what you said to me. Here, there is a very big Aashram of Vaalmeeki Jee nearby." and he returned to Ayodhyaa.

Seetaa continued to look at going Lakshman and thought, "Lakshman is my brother-in-law, perhaps he was joking, because otherwise why Raam should abandon me?" But when he had crossed Gangaa River, She got sure that Lakshman was not joking and She was really abandoned. "How I will live here?" thinking thus She again became unconscious. At the same time some swans came there and showered some water from their feathers over Seetaa. Elephants also poured water on Her. Seetaa gained Her consciousness and She started crying.

Birth of Kush and Lav

At the same time Vaalmeeki Jee came there with his disciples. He heard somebody crying, so he asked them to see that who was crying. They went and told him about Seetaa. Then Vaalmeeki Jee himself came there. Seetaa greeted him. Maharshi blessed Her with two sons and to live with Her husband for long time, then he asked Her - "Who are you? Why have you come here alone in this forest? Tell me everything so that I can know the reason of your sorrow." Seetaa said - "Know me as the servant of Shree Raam. I am abandoned without any reason. Why He has abandoned me, I don't know. Lakshman has dropped me here by the order of Shree Raam." Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Know me the Guru of your father. My name is Vaalmeeki. Don't be sad now and come to my Aashram. Take it as your father's house built at another place." 

Thus Vaalmeeki Jee took Her to his Aashram and handed over Her to other Munis' wives to take care of Her. They built a grass and leaf hut for Her and She started living there serving Muni, eating fruits etc and pronouncing Raam's name. When the time came She gave birth to two sons. Vaalmeeki Jee performed their Sanskaar with Kush and its Lav (pieces) so he named them Kush and Lav. The same day Shatrughn returned after killing Lavanaasur. Vaalmeeki Jee told him not to tell about Raam's sons to Raam and that he would tell this to Him himself.

Both princes started growing. The princes also ate fruits and roots etc along with other children. Vaalmeki taught them Ved and Dhanur Ved (archery and war science). After this he taught them his own created Raamaayan also. He gave them two golden bows, two quivers which were never empty, two swords and many shields which could not be pierced."



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