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2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 550-560

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Krishn and Vrindaa Van

Rishi said to Soot Jee - We have listened to Raam's story, now we wish to listen Krishn's story." Soot Jee said - "One day Paarvatee said to Shiv - "I wish to hear the glory and secret of Vrindaa Van." Shiv said - "Devee, I have told you that Vrindaa Van is the dearest place of Bhagavaan. This is a secret place in three Lok. Even the great Devtaa worship it and Brahmaa etc Devtaa wish to live there. Its land is Chintaa Mani (which fulfills desires), and its water is like Amrit. Its trees are Kalp Vriksh (the tree which fulfills all desires) and its each man is Vishnu and each woman is Lakshmee, because they are born from Vishnu's 10th part. There always lives Shyaam Tej who is always 15 years old. There is no sorrow, no old age, no death there. On this Prithvi, it is known as Nitya Dhaam (eternal place). This is the eternal place of Govind. Vrindaa Van is the place for Sahastra Dal (thousand petal) lotus flower. Kalind's daughter Yamunaa goes around it."

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Tell me, what kind of form Krishn has, I want to know." Shiv Jee said - "In the middle of Vrindaa Van, there is a building in which there is a Yog Peeth. A ruby throne is kept on that Peeth. An eight-petal lotus flower is on the throne, and a comfortable Aasan is in the middle of that flower. That is the place for Shree Krishn. All Vaishnav people serve Him. His form is Divine. He is the initial cause of everything, but there is no initial cause of Him. He is beautiful, He is handsome, He is attractive, He is adorned with various kinds of jewelry, He is wearing yellow Peetaambar on His shoulders, He is wearing fish shaped earrings in His ears, and He is holding Vanshee in His hands close to His lips. In fact, even His single boy part has so much to say that there is no end of its glory."

Paarvatee Jee said - "It seems that Krishn is the cause of this Universe with the name of Govind. Only He is Parampad, only He is the Lord of Vrindaa Van. Now I wish to hear His glory." Mahaadev Jee said - "Even the nails of His feet have so much glory that it is indescribable. Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh who are with the power of Srishti (creation), Paalan (sustenance), and Sanhaar (destruction) are His forms only. I am telling you only a little about Him. From a millionth part of His millionth part is enough to create innumerable Kaam Dev, Chandramaa etc. His beloved is Raadhaa, She is known as the initial Power."

Krishn's Paarshad

Paarvatee Jee asked Shiv Jee - "Now you tell me about Krishn's Paarshad." Shiv Jee said - "Hey Devee, Krishn is sitting with Raadhaa on a golden throne. They are sitting facing West. To their West is Lalitaa Devee, to their North-west is Shyaamalaa, to their North is Dhanyaa, to their North-east is Haripriyaa, to their East is Vishaakhaa, to their South-east is Shaivyaa, to their south is Padmaa, to their south-west is Bhadraa. These eight Sakhee (friends) are Krishn's chief eight Prakriti. Shree Raadhaa and Chadraavalee are the beloved of Krishn. Thousands of Gop girls who are alike in qualities and beauty, lead them. They are all 15 years of age and they all think about Krishn. To the South of Raadhaa and Chandraavalee are Shruti (Ved's Shruti) in maiden form. They have very sweet voice and can attract the three Lok with their music. To their left side are Devtaa girls. They are also extremely beautiful.

Outside the temple are Gop Gan, they are the friends of Bhagavaan. Their guise, age, might, qualities, Karm and clothes and ornaments all are alike. They all sing in the same note playing flute. At the western door of the temple is Shreedaamaa, at the northern door is Vasudaamaa, at the eastern door is Sudaamaa and at the southern door is Kinkinee.

At a separate place there is a golden temple, inside which there is a golden Vedee, and upon which there is a golden Peeth. Thousands of Gwaal Baal (sons of shepherds) sit there. They are also alike in carrying horn, Veenaa (an Indian musical instrument), Venu (flute), cane and all of them are adolescents. They always sing Bhagavaan's glory. Innumerable cows surround them. Outside that, there is a golden boundary wall which shines like thousands of Suns and is surrounded by large gardens."

Naarad and Krishn and Raadhaa

Paarvatee Jee asked - "How Krishn played with Gopee, tell me that also." Mahaadev Jee said - "When Naarad Jee had known that Bhagavaan had incarnated in Gokul, he went to Gokul playing his Veenaa. There he found the child sleeping on a bed and Gop girls were looking at Him very affectionately. He liked Bhagavaan's naked form very much. He started talking to Nand Jee - "It is very fortunate to be a Bhagavaan's Bhakt. Your child is very impressive, nobody knows Him. Even Brahmaa, Shiv etc Devtaa want eternal love towards Him. This child will make everybody happy. Whoever will love Him they all will never come back to this world. Therefore you also love Him with all your heart."

After saying this Naarad Jee came out of the house. Nand Jee worshipped him and bade him farewell. Naarad Jee thought, when Bhagavaan has incarnated, then Bhagavatee must have also incarnated assuming the form of a Gopee to play with Him, that is why I should try to find Her also. So Naard Jee started going house to house in Brij. Once he went to Bhaanu's house, Bhaanu was a friend of Nand Jee, and asked him if he had any son or daughter. Bhaanu brought his son to him. Seeing him Naarad Jee said - "Your son will be a good friend of Balaraam and Krishn." Bhaanu further said - "Mahaaraaj, I have a daughter also. Look at Her also." Naarad Jee entered the house and saw a girl lying on the floor. Naarad Jee picked Her up in his laps and sat for four Ghadee (one and half hours) unmoved. When he came to senses, he thought, "I go everywhere, but I have not seen such a girl. I have seen Umaa, Lakshmee, Saraswatee, Kaanti, Vidyaa, but nobody is even like the shadow of Her beauty, therefore I cannot understand Her. I will pray Her in a lonely place. She will make Krishn happy with Her beauty."

Thinking thus he sent Bhaanu somewhere and prayed Her in a lonely place - "I am in your shelter, please show me your that Roop, by seeing which Krishn will also attract towards you." And he started meditating upon Krishn - "Victory be Yours, O Krishn. When that time will come when I will see you with this girl?" When he was praying thus, that girl appeared in Her Divine form in front of him. She was 14 years old at the highest height of Her beauty. The then other Brij girls of similar age also came there and stood around Her. Naarad couldn't pray any more. He got deluded in Her beauty. Then those Brij girls took the Charanodak of their friend and sprinkled on Muni. This brought Muni in senses. The girls said - "Muni, You are great, you have worshipped Shree Hari with great devotion. Even Brahmaa, Shiv etc Devtaa, Muni, Siddh cannot know whom, the same Krishn's beloved has appeared before you today. Be stable and circumambulate Her, you will not get time again, She will disappear just now, and you will not be able to talk to Her in any way."

Naarad fell on Her feet and lay there for two Muhoort (one and half hours). Later he called Bhaanu and said to him - "Your daughter is very fortunate and Divine. In whichever house Her feet marks will lay, Bhagavaan Naaraayan will live there with all other Devtaa and Bhagavatee Lakshmee will also live there with Her Siddhi. You take care of this girl as a Devee." And Naarad Jee went away."

Krishn and Mathuraa

Mahaadev Jee further said - "Now I tell you whatever Ved Vyaas Jee said to Vishnu Bhakt King Ambareesh. Once Ambareesh went to Badarik Aashram, there lived Ved Vyaas Jee also. King worshipped him and said - "How can I stabilize my mind in that A-Vyakt Paramaatmaa?" Ved Vyaas Jee said - "You have asked a very secret question. You have asked me that about which I have not told anything to anybody, even to my son Shuk Dev, but I am telling it to you now because you are a great devotee of Bhagavaan. In earlier times I did Tapasyaa for thousands of years subsisting only on fruits, roots, leaves, water and air. Bhagavaan got very pleased with me and asked me - "What do you want to know or do? I am pleased with you, so ask for any Var. One is bound to this world only till he doesn't see me, I am telling you the truth."

I said to Krishn - "I wish to see you in your Tattwa form. Who takes care of this world, who is told as Truth Par Brahm, I wish to see your same form." Bhagavaan said - "Somebody calls me "Prakriti", somebody calls me "Purush", somebody calls me "Dharm" and some call me "Eeshwar". Some understand me as a feeling, some say I am "Shiv", but today I show you my Paarmaarthik form." At the same time I saw a beautiful boy whose complexion was like bluish clouds. He was laughing sitting with Gwaal Baal and Gop girls. He was Bhagavaan Shyaam Sundar who was sitting on a branch of Kadamb tree wearing yellow cloth and playing His flute. I saw Vrindaa Van, Kalind's daughter Yamunaa, Govardhan Parvat which Krishn lifted to destroy Indra's pride."

I felt very happy to see this, Bhagavaan Himself said to me - "This is my Roop. There is no other greater form of mine than this. Ved describe my this Roop only. This Roop is the cause of causes, Truth, Paramaanad, Sanaatan (eternal) and Shiv Tattwa. You take this Mathuraa Puree, Vrindaa Van, Yamunaa, Gop girls, Gwaal Baal all as eternal. My incarnation is also eternal. Do not have any doubt in it."

I asked Him - "Who are these Gwaal Baal and Gopee, and what is this tree?" He said to me very affectionately - "These Gopee are Shruti and Devtaa girls. Mumukshu Muni who are always busy in Tap are these Gwaal Baal. They are all my forms. This Kadamb tree is Kalp Vriksh which is the only residing place for Shree Krishn. This Parvat is also my Bhakt from very early times. I am so surprised that the polluted minded people do not know my this eternal place which is prayed by Indra, Naag Raaj Anant etc Devtaa. Although there are other cities also which give Moksh, like Kaashee etc, but among all of them only Mathuraa is blessed, because it gives Moksh through all the four - birth, Upanayan Sanskaar, death and cremation ceremonies, if done there.

Who live in Mathuraa, are blessed. Their all faults are destroyed. Who think about Mathuraa Puree, they are blessed in spite of being poor, because Bhooteshwar lives in Mathuraa. Bhooteshwar is always dear to me. Who doesn't worship Bhooteshwar, he is not a religious man. That sinner cannot attain my Bhakti in any way. Dhruv attained that eternal place which was not attained by any of his ancestors, only by doing Tapasyaa here. This is the secret thing of Upanishad which I have told you now."

Whoever reads or listens to this told by Bhagavaan Himself, he also attains Moksh."



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