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Chapters 45-46

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45-Krishn and Balaraam Go to Gurukul

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Krishn thought that this is not good that they have recognized me as Bhagavaan, because in this way they will not have pleasure of myself as being their son, so He spread up His Maayaa and bowed to His parents with Balaraam Jee and said - "Maa, Pitaa Jee, We are your sons and you always had a desire for our welfare, still you did not get pleasures of our childhood, nor we could get your affection. Only parents give birth a child and bring it up. In spite of serving parents for 100 years one cannot  return the debt of his parents. Who does not serve his parents in spite of having everything, Yam's Paarshad feed him his own flesh. Who does not take care of his old parents, faithful wife, children, Guru, Braahman, he is like a dead body in spite of being living," Then Vasudev and Devakee lifted them in their arms and hugged them dearly. 

After that He appointed His maternal grandfather Ugrasen Jee as the King of Yadu Vanshee people and said to him - "We are your people. Although because of Raajaa Yayaati's Shaap Yadu Vanshee cannot rule, but since this is my wish, so this is all right. When I will serve you, even the great Devtaa will present you gifts." Then He called all Yadu, Vrishni, Andhak, Madhu, Daashraah and Kukur Vanshee people back who had run away because of Kans.

Now Krishn and Balaraam came to Nand Jee and said - "You and Yashodaa Maa have brought us up with so much love and affection, but now you go back to Brij, although you will be very sad without us. We will come to you after taking care of these people here." Then He offered them clothes, jewelry and many metal pots. Nand Jee went back to Brij with other Gop with tears in his eyes.

Then Vasudev Jee got their Yagyopaveet Sanskaar (see Sanskaar) performed by Gargaachaarya Jee and distributed many cows, clothes, jewelry and Dakshinaa to Braahman. Whatever number of cows Vasudev vowed to donate at the time His birth he gave them now. Now both Krishn and Balaraam went to Kaashya Gotra Guru Saandeepan Muni [in Ujjain]. Guru Jee delivered them all Ved with their six Ang (parts) and Upanishad. Besides, he delivered the knowledge of Mantra of Devtaa, bow and arrow, Manu Smriti, Nyaaya Shaastra, Politics with its six divisions (Sandhi, Vigrah, Yaan, Aasan, Dwaidh, Aashraya). Hey Pareekshit, Although all knowledge originats from them only, still they learnt everything from their Guru very attentively. They attained the knowledge of 64 Kalaa (arts) in 64 days.

After they had finished their education, they asked Saandeepan Muni to ask for Guru Dakshinaa. With the consultation of his wife Guru Jee asked them to bring his son back who died by drowning in sea in Prabhaas Kshetra. Both Krishn and Balaraam went to Prabhaas Kshetra and sat on the sea shore only for a moment, that the Sea came with various things to worship them. They asked him to bring the boy back to them. Samudra said - "Dev, I have not taken him. An Asur lives in me in the form of a shell (Shankh). Certainly he must have kidnapped him." So immediately Bhagavaan entered the sea and killed Shankhaasur, but still they could not find the boy in his stomach. Then Bhagavaan came to His chariot with the Shankh of his body. Then they went to Yam Raaj's Puree Sanyamanee and Krishn blew His own Shankh. Yam Raaj welcomed them and worshipped them. Bhagavaan said - "My Guru's son has been brought here according to his Karm bondage, but now you don't care for his Karm and bring him back to me." Yam Raaj returned the boy to them. Krishn and Balaraam brought the boy to Guru Jee in Ujjain and said - "You may ask anything else also." Saandeepan Jee said - "Son, you have given the Guru Dakshinaa. Who has the disciple like you, does not need anything else. Go now and do good to the whole world." Both came back to Mathuraa."

46-Uddhav Jee Goes to Brij

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Parekshit!  Uddhav Jee was a chief man of Vrishni Vansh. He was the disciple of Brihaspati Jee and was very intelligent. He was a good friend and minister of Krishn Jee. One day Krishn said to Uddhav Jee - "You go to Brij. There live my parents, Nand Baabaa and Yashoda Maa. Give them pleasure by telling my stories. Gopee are very sad due to my separation, deliver my message to them. They always remember me. They have abandoned their husbands, sons etc. They consider me as their soul. "I will come back" is the basis of their lives."

So Uddhav Jee rode on a chariot and started for Brij. When he reached Brij, evening was falling and cows were returning home. When Nand Jee met Uddhav Jee, he got very happy. He offered him food and made him comfortable, then he asked the welfare of his friend Vasudev, and whether Krishn remembers anybody in Brij, and whether He will come back to see them all even once; and then admiring His actions he told that Krishn was some kind of Dev. Saying this  Nand Baabaa moved with Krishn's love, his eyes were filled with tears of joy and he couldn't speak any more.

Uddhav Jee's heart also moved seeing Nand Jee and he said to Nand Jee - "No doubt, both of you are very fortunate because who is the Creator of this world, you have so much son-like affection for Him. Krishn and Balaraam Jee both are the Puraan Purush. Shree Krishn is Purush and Balaraam Jee is Pradhaan (Prakriti, or nature). When both enter a body that body becomes alive. You have so much affection towards them, then you don't need to do any other Shubh (good) Karm. And if He has said "I will come" then He will come.

Because He is not proud of His body that is why neither He is enemy of anybody nor a friend of anybody, neither better nor worse, neither He is father nor is mother, neither He is His 'own' nor He is of 'other's', neither He has body nor he is born. There is no Karm for Him in this Lok, still He takes "Saatwik" form (Dev etc), Taamas form (fish etc), and mixed form (human etc) just to do Leelaa." (see Geetaa 3 :22) Thus they talked for long hours and the night passed.

Early morning Gopee got up, drew water from wells, fed cows and churned yogurt for butter. When the Sun rose in the sky then they saw a golden chariot  at the door of Nand Jee. They were just guessing that who had come there, that Uddhav Jee came there after doing his daily chores."



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