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LAKSHMAN - Princee, Avataar of Shesh Naag, Son of Dashrath and Sumitraa
Married to - Urmilaa (Daughter of Seeradhwaj, sister of Seetaa)
Children - 2 sons - Angad and Chandraketu
--He is called Saumitra also, being Sumitraa's son. He had a brother Shatrughn. He loved Raam as Shatrughn loved Bharat.
--Angad ruled Kaarupath and Chandraketu rule Chandrakaant.
--He killed Meghnaad (Raavan's son).

LAKSHMAN - Prince, Son of Duryodhan
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn

LAKSHMANAA - Princess, Daughter of Duryodhan
Married to - Saamb - Son of Krishn and Jaambvatee
Children - nnn

LAKSHMANAA - Princess of Madra Pradesh; Daughter of Brihatsen
Married to - Krishn, Avataar the 8th wife of His 8 Principal wives)
Children - 10 sons - (1) Praghosh, (2) Gaatravaan, (3) Sinh, (4) Bal, (5) Prabal, (6) Oordhwag, (7) Mahaashakti,
                (8) Sah, (9) Oj, and (10) Aparaajit. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9]
--Krishn's 8 wives were (1) Rukminee (Daughter of Bheeshmak), (2) Jaambvatee (Daughter of Jaambvaan), (3) Satyabhaamaa (Daughter of Satraajit), (4) Kaalindee (daughter of Soorya Dev), (5) Mitravindaa (Daughter of Krishn's Buaa Raajaadhidevee), (6) Satyaa or Naagnjitee (Daughter of Nagnjit), (7) Bhadraa (Princess of Kaikaya Desh, Krishn's another Buaa Shrutkeerti's daughter), (8) Lakshmanaa (Princess of Madra Desh).
--How did she get married to Krishn? [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u20] says - "Naarad used to sing Bhagavaan's Avataar and Leelaa. Hearing that Lakshmanaa also started desiring for Him. Her father Brihatsen used to love her very much. When he knew my intentions, he found out the way. As Draupadee's father planned to get Arjun for Draupadee, he also found the same way. In her Swayamvar, the fish was covered from outside and only its shadow could be seen in water. Thousands of Raajaa came to our capital. All Raajaa picked the bow and arrow with the desire to marry me but could not even properly handle it. Among them were Jaraasandh, Shishupaal, Bheemsen, Duryodhan, Karn who could lift the bow but couldn't make out where the fish was. Arjun had seen the shadow of that fish and knew where it was, and aimed at it also, but his arrow just touched it, it could not pierce it. Thus even the greatest archers dropped the idea to marry me. Then Bhagavaan came and lifted the bow, aimed at fish, saw its shadow in the water only once and pierced the fish. At the same time I came in the Rangshaalaa carrying a garland of gems. I cast a glance on Raajaa sitting there and put the garland in Bhagavaan's neck. When I put the Var Maalaa in Bhagavaan's neck, then the kings got jealous with Him. Bhagavaan asked me to climb on the chariot, and He Himself stood on the chariot with His Shaarng bow. He took me to Dwaarakaa.

LAKSHMEE - Consort of Vishnu
Married to - Dharm or Vishnu
Children - Som (or Chandramaa)
--She is known as Shree, Kamalaa, Lakshmee, Padmaa, Padmajaa, Padmaakshee, etc names.
--Her origin is very confusing.
According to Padm Puraan, 1/23 Bahmaa Jee produced 5 women - Lakshmee, Saadhyaa, Shubhlakshanaa, Vishweshaa, Devee (Vasu) and Saraswatee and gave them to Dharm. Dharm's wife Lakshmee produced Som (Chandramaa or Moon), Saadhyaa produced Saadhya named Devtaa; Devee (Vasu) produced Vasu named Devtaa who followed Devtaa and Dharm's fourth wife Vishweshaa produced Vishwedev. Names of Vishwedev are - Daksh, Pushkar, Chaakshush Manu, Mahorag, Vishwaanug, Vasu, Baal, Nishkal, Rurud, and Bhaaskar.
--Her origin from Saagar Manthan as a Ratn is well-known. There she is supposed to be the daughter of Samudra, and she chose Vishnu as her husband.
Bhavishya Puraan, 4/10,  and  Padm Puraan, 1/4 say that Lakshmee was the daugter of Maharshi Bhigu from Khyaati, and he married Her to Naaraayan.

LANKAA - Raakshas woman
--Lankaa's chief security officer. When Hanumaan was entering Lankaa secretly, she stopped him going inside. Hanumaan hit her with his fist and she fell down with pain. Then she said to Hanumaan - "I am very happy to see you. When Brahmaa gave Vardaan to Raavan, he told me the sign of his destruction also. He told that when I will feel pain by a hit of a monkey, you should take it as his days are over. Be victory of yours."

--This story comes in Agni Puraan, ch 245, p 477. Once Brahmaa Jee did a Yagya on Sumeru Parvat on the shore of Aakaash Gangaa (Milky Way). He saw a Lauh (iron) Daitya in that Yagya. Seeing him he got frightened. That feeling of fright created a very mighty man from Fire and he greeted Brahmaa Jee. Other Devtaa also prayed him so he was called "Nandak" and got converted into a sword. Hari got it as His personal weapon. He held it by inserting His hand in his neck. This caused the sword come out of its case. Its shine was blue was and its handle was gem-studded. As it came in Hari's hand it increased in size up to 100 Haath (50 yards). That Lauh Daitya started beating Devtaa with his Gadaa. Vishnu cut his all body parts with that sword. Thus after killing Lauhaasur, Hari blessed him that his holy body (Lohaa or Iron) will be used to make weapons on Prithvi. After that Brahmaa Jee completed his Yagya freely.

LAV AND KUSH - Princes, Sons of Raam and Seetaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Atithi (of Kush)
--They were born in Vaalmeeki's Aashram while Seetaa was exiled by Raam. They both fought with their uncles very bravely and defeated them when Raam was doing His Ashwamedh Yagya and the horse of the Yagya was roaming around. They caught that horse and defeated all of them, then Raam Himself came and Vaalmeeki introduced them to Him. He took them to His place and used to hear Raamaayan, written by Vaalmeeki Jee, every evening.

LAVAN      see      LAVANAASUR

LAVANAASUR - Asur, Son of Madhu Raakshas and Kumbhinee or Kumbheenasee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--His story comes in [V-Raamaayan, 7/25/61]. He was the son of Madhu Daitya. Pleased with him Shiv Jee gave a part of his own Shool to him and said - "This will be with you and your son and nobody will be able to kill him till he will have this Shool with him." So when Madhu died, that Shool went to his son Lavan. Now Lavan became a tormentor, so Braahman came to Raam to help them to kill him. He sent Shatrughn to kill him and he killed him.

--His name is mentioned at many places. His name is also mentioned while telling and hearing religious stories. He helped Raam to perform Shraaddh at Pushkar.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/6] says that he has lots of hair (Lom) on his body. As one Kalp passes, one hair of his body falls, that is why his name is Lomash. He knows all about past, present and future.

LOMHARSHAN     see     ROMHARSHAN    see also     SOOT JEE

LOPAAMUDRAA - Wife of Agastya Rishi
Married to - Muni Agastya Jee
Children - nnn

--He was the hunter who killed Krishn with the arrow made by the piece of pestle thrown into the sea. [Vishnu Puraan, 5/14]
--It is believed that Lubdhak was the incarnation of Baali. As Raam killed Baali from hiding, in the same way he also killed Krishn from a far place. (Although there is a great difference between the killing of these two. Raam killed Baali intentionally from hiding; while Lubdhak just shot an arrow at Krishn with the intention of killing an animal from a far place from where he could not see that he as shooting at a man.

MAADHAVEE - Princess, Daughter of Yayaati
Married to - nnn
Children - 4 sons - Vasumaan (from Haryaashwa of Ayodhyaa); Pratardan (from Divodaas of Kaashee), 
                Shibi (from Usheenar of Bhoj).; Ashtak (from Vishwaamitra).
--She was given to Gaalav Muni by her father Yayaati as he could not give him the horses he wanted. There she had these four sons from four different people.
In the end when her father wanted to marry her, she went to forest to do Tap. When her father fell down from the Swarg, she and her four sons gave their Punya to him and sent back him to the Swarg again.

MAADREE - Princess of Madra Desh
Married to - Paandu
Children - Twins - Nakul, Sahadev
--She was the sister of king of Madra Desh - Shalya. When Paandu went on victory tour, he met Shalya coming from his opposite side. When they came near each other, Shalya saw Paandu and gave his sister to him. Unfortunately, both Shalya and Rukmarath fought from Duryodhan's side.

MAALEE - Raakshas, Son of Sukesh
Married to - Vasudhaa (Daughter of Narmadaa - a Gandharv woman)
Children - 4 sons - Anal, Har, and Sampaati (all were the ministers of Vibheeshan)
--They were three brothers - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan. Sumaalee married his daughter Kaikasee to Muni Vishravaa. They had three sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan and one daughter - Shoorpanakhaa. 
--He was killed when they were fighting with Indra to win him. Sumaalee got wounded and Maalyavaan ran away from the field.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4] says that all the three brothers were fighting from Bali's side after Amrit was distributed, and all were killed by Hari.

MAALYAVAAN - Raakshas, Son of Sukesh, Maternal Grandfather of Raavan
Married to - Sundaree (Daughter of Narmadaa - a Gandharv woman)
Children - 7 sons - Vajramushti, Viroopaaksh, Durmukh, Suptaghn, Yagyakop, Matt, and Unmatt
               1 daughter - Analaa
--They were three brothers - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan. Sumaalee married his daughter Kaikasee to Muni Vishravaa. They had three sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan and one daughter - Shoorpanakhaa. 
--Maalyavaan ran away from the field when all brothers were fighting with Indra to win him. Sumaalee got wounded and Maalee got killed. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4] says that all the three brothers were fighting from Bali's side after Amrit was distributed, and all were killed by Hari.
--Later Maalyavaan became a minister in Ravan's court.


Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--One time some servants of a king caught some thieves at Maandavya Muni's Aashram. They thought that Maandavya Rishi was also involved in the theft so they arrested him also along with the thieves. By the order of the king all were given the punishment of Shoolee (in which a person is hanged on a spear for death sentence). But as the king came to know that Maandavya Rishi was a Rishi he was ordered to be taken down from Shoolee and asked for his forgiveness. Maandavya Rishi went to Yam Raaj - "Why did I get this punishment? What was my sin?" Yam Raaj said - "In your childhood you pierced a Tiddee with Kush grass blade that is why it happened so." At this Rishi said - "It might have been done only innocently because at that age I could not have that knowingly. You gave me so big punishment for that small fault? I curse you that you shall born as a Shoodra and live for 100 years." That is how Yam Raaj was born as Vidur.
--During the same above event, Maandavya gave Shaap to the person that, "Who has awakened me from my meditation he will die at the sunrise. His Pativrataa wife then stopped the Sun from rising, till she had taken a promise from Brahmaa Jee and Devtaa that her husband would not die at Sunrise.

MAANDHAATAA - King of Soorya Vansh, Son of Yuvanaashwa
Married to - Bindumatee (Daughter of Shatbindu)
Children - 3 sons - Purukuts, Ambareesh, and Muchukund
                50 daughters (all married to Saubhari Rishi)
--He was the 21st king of Soorya Vansh or Ikshwaaku Dynasty. He has contributed hymns to Rig Ved Sanhitaa also, that is why he was a called a Rishi also. There are at least 20 kings listed who have composed Vaidik hymns and hence were called Rishi even though they were Kshatriya kings.
--His birth is strange. He was born of a Putreshti Yagya. His father once on a gaming spree felt thirsty. He saw some smoke in the sky, he went there and found a sacrifice going on. He drank butter and conceived. Ashwinee Kumaar did the surgery to take him out. Indra gave his index finger to suck milk. In 12 days he grew 12 cubits tall. He conquered the whole earth in a single day.
--An other story about his birth is given in Vishnu Puraan, 4/2 - His father Yuvanaashwa being childless used to live in Muni's Aashram. Once pitying on him, Muni did a Yagya for him to get a son. After Muni slept in the night, Raajaa got thirsty, so he drank that Yagya water. In the morning Muni said - "Who had drank that water he will conceive the child." So Yuvanaashwa conceived the child and when the time came the child came out bursting his right eye. Rishi asked "Who will feed him?" Indra said "I will feed him" and gave his index finger in his mouth, that is why he was named Maandhaataa.

MAAREECH - Raakshas, Son of Sund Yaksh and Taadakaa
--[Padm Puraan, 5/40] says that he was the brother of Subaahu.
--Maareech was  a Yaksh by birth, but when Agastya Muni had killed his father, Taadakaa, along with her son Maareech, started eliminating Muni. Seeing this Agastya Jee first cursed Maareech to be Raakshas and then to Taadakaa to be a monster-like and a man-eater. So because being angry with Agastya Muni Taadakaa started troubling the people in that area in which Muni Agastya was living. She was killed by Raam when He was taken by Vishwaamitra to protect his Yagya at the age of only 16.
--When Taadakaa and Maareech were troubling Vishwaamitra Muni, Muni brought Raam and Lakshman to protect his Yagya from them. Raam shot a blunt arrow and he fell 100 Yojan far in the sea. He remembered that arrow so when Raavan came to him to tempt Seetaa in the form of a golden deer, he tried his best to convince him not to break war with Raam, but he threatened him to kill him. He thought it was better to be killed by Raam than Raavan. So he obeyed him. He tempted Seetaa by taking the form of a golden deer. She sent Raam to bring him. Maareech took Raam very far and when Raam killed him, he died after taking name of "Haa Lakshman, Haa Seetaa". Seetaa thought tha Raam needed help so She sent Lakshman to help Raam, and when both were not there, Raavan got the chance to kidnap Her. At last he was killed by Raam.
--He was hit by Raam at Vishwaamitra's place, but was killed when he went to Panchvatee to tempt Seetaa in the form of a golden deer.

MAARKANDEYA - Rishi, Son of Mrikandu and Marudwate (Daughter of Rishi Mudgal)
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Vedshiraa [Agni Puraan, 8]
--[Bhaagavat Puraan, 4/1] says that Khyaati (Kardam Muni's daughter) and Bhrigu had two sons - Dhaataa and Vidhaataa and a daughter - Shree. Meru Rishi married his two daughters - Aayati and Niyati to Dhaataa and Vidhaataa. They had two sons - Mrikand (from Dhaataa and Aayati) and Praan (from Vidhaataa and Niyati). Mrikand had a son named Maarkandeya Rishi and Praan had the son Muni Vedshiraa. while Agni Puraan says that Vedshiraa was Maarkandeya's son.
--Mrikand Rishi had married Mudgal Muni's daughter Marudwatee. First they did not have any child so they did Tap. Shiv pleased with him gave him a son and asked whether he wanted a short-lived intelligent son not a long-lived ordinary son. Mrikand Muni opted for the short-lived son. Shiv Jee said - "You will get a son whose age will be 16 years." But by his devotion to Shiv he got immortality after worshipping Shiv himself.
--He has a Puraan also on his name - Maarkandeya Puraan.
--Once he saw Vishnu's Maayaa of Pralaya also.


MAARUTI - Father of Hanumaan
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Hanumaan from Pavan Dev

MAATALI - Charioteer of Indra
Married to - 
Children - 1 daughter - Gunaakeshee (Married to a Naag boy Sumukh, son of Aryak Naag)
               1 son - Gomukh  [MBH-Stories, 5/17].
--His daughter's story comes in [MBH-Stories, 5/17].

MAAYAA - Son of Amrit and Nikriti
Married to - Bhaya (Son of Amrit and Nikriti)
Children - 1 son - Mrityu

MAAYAAVATEE - Rati's Avataar
--Rati was the wife of Kaam Dev. When Shiv burnt Kaam Dev, Rati wept bitterly and prayed Shiv to bring him to life. Shiv said - "Do not worry when Krishn will incarnate on Prithvi, he will be born as His son. Till then you live in Shambaraasur's house. So Rati came on Pithvi and stayed with Shambaraasur as his maidservant (Maayaavatee) waiting for her husband to come there. She knew that Shambaraasur would be killed by him. So when Pradyumn came to Shambaraasur's palace, she loved him as her husband, although he came there as an infant. She prepared him to kill Shambaraasur and when he had killed him, she went with him to Dwaarakaa.

MAAYAAVEE - Raakshas, Son of Maya Daanav
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Maayaavee had a brother named Dundubhee (both were killed by Baali), and a sister Mandodaree who was married to Raavan.

MAD - Krityaa
--Maharshi Chyavan produced him when Indra hit him with his Vajra.  His one jaw was touching ground and the other jaw reached the Heaven. He had 1,000 teeth as long as 100 Yojan, and the four prominent ones 200 Yojan long.  Indra closed his eyes in fear seeing him. It happened when he performed the sacrifice for Sharyaati and gave Som Ras to Ashwinee Kumaar. [MBH, 14/9]

MADHU - Daitya
Married to - Kumbheenasee (daughter of Sumaalee)
Children - 1 son - Lavanaasur
--Kumbheenasee's father Sumaalee was three brothers - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan.
--Kumbheenasee was real sister of Raavan's mother Kaikasee (Keshinee). She loved Madhu Daitya so she married him.

--Born from earwax of Brahmaa Jee. As soon as they born, they attacked Brahmaa Jee but Vishnu killed them soon.


MAHAANAND - King of Magadh (in Kali Yug)
Married to - nnn
Children - 
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 3/15] says that he was the reincarnation of a Bheemvarmaa and remembered his previous life. He became the disciple of Kaatyaayan (Vararuchi). Kaatyaayan asked him to do Jaap of Seed Mantra and Paath of Madhyap Charitra. He started worshipping Mahaa Lakshmee everyday and do Paath of her Madhya Charitra daily. After 12 years passed Kaatyaayan came back to him and made him to Laksh Chandee Paath. As a result Mahaa Lakshmee appeared before him and gave the king Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh.


MAHISHAASUR - Daitya, Son of Anuhlaad and Soormyaa, Grandson of Hiranyakashyap and Kayaadhu [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/8]
--He was killed by Kaalee Devee
--Mahaabhaarat says - "Ghatotkach threatened Ashwatthaamaa to kill him as Kaarttik killed Mahish." [MBH, G-6, 23/14-4]
--Other sources say that Mahishaasur was the son of Rambh Daitya from a she-buffalo and he was killed by Kaalee.

MAINAA - Daughter of Meru Parvat
Married to - Himvaan (or Himaalaya, or Himvant)
Children - 2 daughters - Umaa (married to Shiv), and Gangaa

MAINAAK - Parvat, Son of Himvaan
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He has 100 heads.
--In Hindu mythology, mountains  had wings before and they used to fly anywhere they liked. They got proud of their this quality and started interfering the paths of planets. This disturbed the system so Indra cut their wings. By chance Mainaak was saved by Pavan Dev and to this day he is hidden in the ocean.
--To show his gratitude to Pavan Dev, he appeared in the middle of the sea for his son Hanumaan to give him rest while he was on his way to Lankaa in search of Seetaa. But Hanumaan politely refused his services.


MAITREYEE - Wife of Yaagyavalkya
Married to - Yaagyavalkya
Children -
--She was one of the two wives of Yaagyavalkya who contributed to Brihadaaranyak Upanishad. Maitreyee was very learned and used to enter religious and philosophical discussions with her husband.

--Mallikaarjun is the name of Shiv in that Shreeshailam temple. Mallikaa = jasmine; and Arjun = pure white = unfiltered, i.e. Shuddh Sattwa. His consort Durga is called Bhramaraambaa = Bhramar + Ambaa = honeybee + mother principle; she who hovers around and enjoys white jasmine flowerlike Shuddh Sattwa, almost like Saankhya's Prakriti and Purush.

MANDODAREE - Daughter of Maya Daanav and Hemaa Apsaraa
Married to - Raavan
Children - Meghnaad
--She had 2 brothers - Maayaavee and Dundubhee. Both were killed by Baali. She had two sisters also - Upadanavaa and Kuhoo. [Padm Puraan, 1/7]
--She is known as one of Panch Kanyaa, others are Ahalyaa, Kuntee, Taaraa, Draupadee. These Panch Kanyaa represent Panch Bhoot (five element of nature).

MANIBHADRA - Army-chief of Kuber
--He fought with Raavan when Raavan went to Kailaash Parvat to win Kuber.

MANIGREEV - Yaksh, Son of Kuber
--Once he and his brother Nalkoobar were enjoying in a pond with many Apsaraa after drinking liquor, that Naarad Jee passed from that side. Apsaraa put on their clothes but they did not, so Naarad Jee gave them Shaap - "You are so proud of your wealth that you stood naked in front of a Rishi, you both become tree." On their request he told that when Krishn would take Avataar on Prithvi, He will bring them into their original bodies. Both jointly were known as Yamalaarjun.

MANTHARAA - Maid of Kaikeyee
--She was the mastermind of Raam's exile for 14 years and Bharat's coronation, although his coronation never took place. She was hunchback.

MANTHARAA - Daughter of Virochan
--According to Valmiki Ramayan, 1/25 Mantharaa was the daughter of Virochan. Once she wished to kill Prithvi, so Indra killed her.

Manu is not the name of any person, it is a position which is assigned by Brahmaa. There are 14 Manvantar in one Kalp, and every Manvantar has its own Manu - see some Manu below under the heading Manu

[Aangiras, p 276-277] says that there are 4 Manu - one is mythological and three are  historical. All have been confused with each other.
(1) The mythological Manu is Manu Swaayambhuv, born from Swayambhoo (the Self-existent) He is consider the progenitor of the human race. The Sanskrit word "Manushya", the German word "Mannus" and the English word "Man" have their origin from the same Manu. (see his entry below).
(2) The first historical Manu is Manu Vaivaswat, son of Vivaswat. Since Vivaswat means Sun, the Puraan called him the son of Sun, which is absurd. He is the first king mentioned in the Pauranik genealogies which start approximately from 3000 BC. It is stated in the Avestaa that the Aarya lived in Airyaanaa Vaejo (probably on the banks of rivers Ghorband and Panjshir to the south of Hindookush Parvat in Afagaanistaan), from where they migrated to Saptsindhu region in a boat because of the great floods which drowned a substantial part of the population. The Semitic people took this story from the Hindu and changed Manu to Nooh which is the contracted and nominative form of the word of Manu. And from here it traveled to Old Testament where the word changed to Noah. The story of the flood in the Old Testament has the Hindoo origin. Manu Vaivaswat had 4 sons - Sudyumn, Ikshwaaku, Praanshu and Sharyaati; and not 10. They all founded their Dynasties. (see his entry below)
(3) The second historical Manu was Manu Saavarni who lived approximately 120 years after Manu Vaivaswat. The two have clearly been distinguished in Rig Ved hymns 8-51 and 8-52, and yet later Pauraanik editors have confused Saavarni and Vaivaswat with the result that Naabhaanedishth, who was the son of Manu Saavarni, was foisted on Manu Vaivaswat as his son.
(4) The last so-called Manu was the author of Manu Smriti who did not give his own name to his book. Instead he he stated that the first man ever, means Many Swaayambhuv, was the author of Manu Smriti. One can only surmise that he did so in order to enhance the value of his work for the public, so that they can believe that it was written by the progenitor of the mankind. We would never the real name of this Manu and will always call the Manu who had written Manu Smriti.

MANU, SWAAYAMBHUV - 1st Manu. Son of Brahmaa, born from his sneeze (Padm Puraan, Srishti Khand)
Married to - Shataroopaa (Daughter of Brahmaa)
Children - 2 sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad. 
               3 daughters - Prasooti (married to Daksh), Devahooti (married to Kardam Rishi), and
                   Aakooti (married to Ruchi Prajaapati)
--Once Manu and Shataroopaa did Tap and asked the Var to get a son like Bhagavaan. Hari said, "Where will I get a person like me? So I myself will be born to you as your son." And then Raam was born to Dasharath and Kaushalyaa.

MANU, VAIVASWAT - Son of Vivaswat (Soorya) and Sangyaa
Married to - nnn
Children - [MBH, Aadi, 75] lists 10 children - 9 sons and 1 daughter
                9 sons - Vane, Dhrishnu, Narishyant, Naabhaag, Ikshwaaku, Karush, Sharyaati, Prishadhra,
                    and Naabhaagaarisht
               1 daughter - Ilaa
--Soorya had two wives - Sangyaa hand Chhaayaa. From Sangyaa he had three children - 2 sons Vaivaswat Manu, and a twin brother of Yamunaa - Yam and 1 twin daughter Yamunaa. From Chhaayaa he had 2 sons (Saavarni Manu and Shani) and 2 daughters (Taaptee and Vishti). Taaptee and Yamunaa became rivers. Later he had one twin sons from Sangyaa (when she was in a mare form) Ashwinee Kumaar.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1] says that he had 10 sons - Ikshwaaku, Nrig, Sharyaati, Disht, Dhrisht, Karoosh, Narishyant, Prishaadhra, Nabhag, and Kavi. In fact it includes Ilaa and excludes Ishwaaku, as his son when he lived as Il. Later by the Shaap of Paarvatee he became a woman, and not only he but all his army also became women. Then he came to be known as Ilaa. And the same Ilaa was spotted by Chandramaa's son Budh and they had a son named Pururavaa, from whom the Chandra Vansh started.

MAREECHI - One of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa
Married to - Sambhooti (Daksh's daughter)
Children - 1 son Kashyap
                1 daughter Suroopaa (Married to Maharshi Angiraa) [Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15]
--[MBH, G-0/14] says that Mareechi was married to Kalaa - one of the nine daughters of Rishi Kardam and Devahooti.
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Mareechi was married to Sambhooti and had the son named Paurnmaas.
--[Agni Puraan, 10] says that Dharm had a wife named Dharmvatee, and they had a daughter named Dharmvrataa. She was married to Mareechi. Once Mareechi cursed her to be a stone, then she also cursed Mareechi to get a curse from Brahmaa Jee and she became stone. Later that stone was used to put on Gayaasur's body to make him Teerth - Gayaa.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u22] says that in Swaayambhuv Manvantar (the first Manvantar) he was married to Oornaa. She gave birth to six sons. They all were Devtaa. They laughed at seeing Brahmaa Jee ready for physical relationship with His daughter Saraswatee. Because of this Brahmaa Jee gave Shaap to them. And they were born as Hiranyakashyap's sons. Then Yog Maayaa kept them in Devakee's womb and Kans killed them as they were born. So when Devakee expressed her wish to see them, Krishn and Balaraam brought them from Bali's Sutal Lok. After that they got freed from Shaap and went to their Lok. Their names were Smar, Ugdeeya, Parishwang, Patang, Kshudramrit and Ghrini. They got good Gati with Krishn's grace.

Married to -
Children -
--He is living in kalaap Graam

MARUDWATEE - Daughter of Rishi Mudgal
Married to - Rishi Mrikandu (Son of Mrigshring)
Children - 1 son - Maarkandeya

MARUT GAN - Sons of Kashyap and Diti
--They were supposed to be one son, but Indra cut it first in 7 pieces, an when they still did not die, he cut each of the 7 piece into 7 pieces,  thus one fetus was divided in 49 pieces, so they were born as 49 sons. (Read their story in Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/7)
--see also Maruttwaan [Padm Puraan, 1/23]

--According to MBH, Stories, 6/38 Marut Gan were the grandchildren of Pavan Dev. Pavan Dev had a son named Mankankaa on Sukanyaa. Once seeing a beautiful woman Mankankaa's semen fell into the river. He picked it up and kept in pitcher where it got divided in seven parts. From those seven Rishi were born these 49 Marut Gan.

MARUTT - King, Son of Aveekshit
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Dam
--He had lots of gold. When his time came he did sacrifices (Yagya) from that gold. Everything was of gold in that Yagya and Devtaa themselves used to distribute food in his Yagya. Later the Braahman left that gold there only. In fact Yudhishthir did his Raajsooya Yagya from that gold left out by those Braahman.

MARUTTWAAN - Devtaa, Sons of Dharm and Maruttwatee  [Padm Puraan, 1/23]
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--They are called Marut Gan and are 22 in number. Their names are - (1) Agni, (2) Chakshu, (3) Jyoti, (4) Saavitra, (5) Mitra, (6) Amar, (7) Sharvrishti, (8) Suvarsh, (9) Mahaabhuj, (10) Viraaj, (11) Raaj, (12) Vishwaasu, (13) Sumati, (14) Ashwagandh, (15) Chitrarashmi, (16) Nishadh, (17) Aatmvidhi, (18) Chaaritra, (19) Paadmaatrag, (20) Brihat, (21) Brihdroop, and (22) Vishnusanaabhig.

MARUTTWATEE -  [Padm Puraan, 1/23]
Married to - Dharm Devtaa
Children - Maruttwaan Devtaa
--They are 22 in number. Their names are - (1) Agni, (2) Chakshu, (3) Jyoti, (4) Saavitra, (5) Mitra, (6) Amar, (7) Sharvrishti, (8) Suvarsh, (9) Mahaabhuj, (10) Viraaj, (11) Raaj, (12) Vishwaasu, (13) Sumati, (14) Ashwagandh, (15) Chitrarashmi, (16) Nishadh, (17) Aatmvidhi, (18) Chaaritra, (19) Paadmaatrag, (20) Brihat, (21) Brihdroop, and (22) Vishnusanaabhig.

MATANG - Rishi
--Sugreev's brother Baali killed Dundubhi (son of Maya Daanav, and brother of Mandodaree) in Matang Muni's Aashram, that is why he gave Baali Shaap that he or his monkeys could not enter his Aashram. And that is how Sugreev lived there with his four ministers.

MAYA DAANAV - Daanav - Son of Kashyap and Danu (Daughter of Daksh)
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons -  Dundubhee, and Maayaavee
               1 daughter - Mandodaree from Hemaa Apsaraa (married to Raavan)
               2 daughters - Upadaanavee and Kuhoo
[Padm Puraan, 1/7]
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p12] says that Vyomaasur was also his son. He was killed by Krishn, when he arrested Gop children in a cave of a mountain.
--He built three cities for three Asur - of gold, silver and iron. Eventually Shiv destroyed these cities along with their population and then was called Tripuraaree.
--He constructed Lankaa also which was made of gold on Trikoot Parvat.
--Built a Divine Assembly Hall for Yudhishthir to show his gratitude to Arjun as he saved him from Agni Dev at the time of burning Khaandav Van.
--He built a Vimaan named Vaihaayas for Daitya Raaj Bali; another Vimaam for Brahmaa Jee - Pushpak Vimaan. Later Brahmaa Jee gave it to Kuber, and later Raavan took it from Kuber when he defeated him and exiled from Lankaa. After Raavan's death, it came to Vibheeshan, and Vibheeshan gave it to Raam.
--His both sons, Dundubhee and Maayaavee, were killed by Vaanar Raaj Baali.


Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--According to Bhaagvat Puraan and Vishnu Puraan, Medhaatithi was the son of Kanv. Both were Braahman sages and yet they also belonged to a ruling family being descendents of King Rantibhaar. Medhaatithi has contributed more than 100 hymns and Mantra to Rig Ved.

MEDHAAVEE - Son of Chyavan
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Padm Puraan, 5/5] says that Maharshi Chyavan had a son named Medhaavee. Once an Apsaraa Manjughoshaa attracted Medhaavee and stayed with him for 57 years, but Muni was so much attracted to her that he could not keep the track of time. When she wanted to leave him, he said, "Just wait till I do my morning Sandhyaa." Then Apsaraa said - "Do you know how many Sandhyaa have passed?" Then Muni came into senses and gave Shaap to her to become Pishaach. She requested him to be kind on her, so he suggested her to keep Chaitra Krishn Ekaadashee Vrat so that her all sins are destroyed.

MEEDHVAAN - Son of Indra and Indraanee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He has one sister - Jayantee and two brothers - Rishabh and Jayant.

MEGHNAAD - Raakshas, Son of Raavan (Son of Vishravaa and Kaikasee) and Mandodaree (Daughter of Maya Daanav and Hemaa Apsaraa)
Married to - Sulochanaa
Children - nnn
--He won Indra and kept him as captive in Lanka. Later Brahmaa got him released in exchange of a Power and named him Indrajeet. This was the Power he used on Lakshman to kill Him. 
--He was killed by Lakshman.

MEGHVARN - Father-in-law of Sugreev
--He along with Sushen, Taaraa's (wife of Baali) father, led a search party to search Seetaa in west.

MENAKAA - Apsaraa
Married to - Once she lived with Vishwaamitra
Children - 1 daughter - Shakuntalaa, brought up by Rishi Kanv



Married to - Revatee
Children - 3 sons - Arisht, Utsand and Pippal from Revatee
               1 son - Agastya Jee from Urvashee
--Once his semen fell seeing Urvasee, he kept it in a pot (Kumbh), and from that Agastya Jee was born. That is why he is called Kumbhaj also.

MITRAVRINDAA - Daughter of Raajaadhhidevee (Krishn's Buaa)
Married to - Krishn, Avataar (the 5th wife of His 8 principal wives)
Children - 3 sons - Sumitra, Chaarumitra, and Mitravind
                10 sons - (1) Vrik, (2) Harsh, (3) Anil, (4) Gridhra, (5) Vardhan, (6) Annaad, (7) Mahaarsh,
                        (8) Paavan, (9) Vanhi, and (10) Kshudhi.  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9]
--Krishn's 8 wives were (1) Rukminee (Daughter of Bheeshmak), (2) Jaambvatee (Daughter of Jaambvaan), (3) Satyabhaamaa (Daughter of Satraajit), (4) Kaalindee (daughter of Soorya Dev), (5) Mitravindaa (Daughter of Krishn's Buaa Raajaadhidevee), (6) Satyaa or Naagnjitee (Daughter of Nagnjit), (7) Bhadraa (Princess of Kaikaya Desh, Krishn's another Buaa Shrutkeerti's daughter), (8) Lakshmanaa (Princess of Madra Desh).
--Krishn kidnapped her as her brothers Vind and Anuvind were not in favor to marry her to Krishn.

MRIGSHRING - Rishi, Son of Kuts Rishi and Kardam Rishi's Daughter
Married to - Suvrittaa (Daughter of Uchathya Rishi) and her three friends - Kamalaa, Vimalaa and Surasaa
Children - 1 son - Mrikandu from Suvrittaa (Married to Marudwatee)
                1 son - Uttam from Kamalaa (Married to Kushaa, the Daughter of Kanv Rishi)
                1 son - Sumati from Vimalaa (Married to Satyaa)
                1 son - Suvrat from Surasaa (Married to Priyamvadaa, the Daughter of Prithu) [Padm Puraan, 5/34]
--[Padm Puraan, 5/32] says that Kuts Rishi lived in Sat Yug of Rathantar Kalp. He was the son of Brahmaa Jee and he married Kardam Rishi's daughter. He was born in Bhojaraaj Nagar. They had the son named Vats who came to be known as Mrigshring also. How he was called Mrigshring, on the same page it is written - "Vats again said - "Hey Deveshwar, I am the son of Kuts Muni, then why did you address me as Mrigshring?" Bhagavaan said - "Brahman, When you were doing Tapasyaa here, whoever Mrig (deer) used to come here to drink water, they rubbed their Shring (horns) against your body fearlessly, that is why Muni here call you Mrigshring. From today, all will call you Mrigshring." All the four girls were given life by Rishi when they were running frightened from an elephant and fell down in dry well and died there.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/32] says that Vishnu gave Var to Mrigshring Muni that in next life he would be born as Brahmaa's son Ribhu and would discourse on Vedaant to Nidaagh. The same is confirmed in [Padm Puraan, 5/34] too.

MRIKANDU - Rishi, Son of Mrigshring and Suvrittaa (Daughter of Utathya Rishi) [Padm Puraan, 5/34]
Married to - Marudwatee (Daughter of Rishi Mudgal)
Children - 1 son - Maarkandeya
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Mrikandu was the son of Vidhaataa (Bhrigu's son)

MRITYU - Son of Bhaya and Maayaa
Married to - nnn
Children - Vyaadhi (Disease), Jaraa (Old Age), Shok (sorrow), Trishnaa, and Krodh (anger). [Agni Puraan, 8]

MUCHUKUND - King, Son of Maandhaataa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had two brothers - Purukuts and Ambareesh.
--He was a great king. Once he helped Devtaa in fighting with Asur. Devtaa asked him to ask for a Var. He asked for Darshan of Chaturbhuj Roop of Bhagavaan. "So be it." "But till then?" Devtaa said - "You go in a cave and sleep there. In Dwaapar Yug Bhagavaan will appear on Earth then you will have His Darshan." "What if somebody woke me up? And I wish to see Him only when I wake up." Devtaa said - "If anybody will wake you up, he will turn into ashes as you will cast your sight on him. And you will see Bhagavaan first when you will wake up." So when Krishn was running from Kaalyavan Raakshas, He came to this cave and hid there covering Muchukund with His yellow cloth. Kaalyavan thought he was Krishn, so he hit him with his foot to wake Him up. Muchukund woke up and as he cast a glance on him he turned into ashes. Then Krishn gave him His Darshan.

MUDGAL - Rishi
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 daughter - Marudwatee (Married to Rishi Mrikandu)
--Marudwatee and Mrikandu had the son Maarkandeya.
--He practiced the teachings of Bhagvad Geetaa.

MUNI - Daughter of Daksh
Married to - Kashyap (1 of the 10 Maanas sons of Brahmaa)
Children - [MBH, G-0/14] 16 sons - (1) Bheemsen, (2) Ugrasen, (3) Suparn, (4) Varun, (5) Gopati,
                    (6) Dhritraashtra, (7) Sooryavarchaa, (8) Satyavaach, (9) Arkparn, (10) Prayut,
                    (11) Bheem, (12) Chtrarath, (13) Kaaleesir, (14) Parjanya, (15) Kali, and (16) Naarad

MUR - Daitya, Son of Taaljangh  [Padm Puraan, 5/4]
Married to - nnn
Children - 1,000 sons
--He lived in Chandraavatee city.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u8] - His seven sons were main - Taamra, Antariksh, Shravan, Vibhaavasu, Vasu, Nabhswaan, and Arun. He was faithful to Narakaasur Daitya. He guarded his city, Praag Jyotishpur, with very sharp wires which Krishn cut with His Divine disc. He was killed by Krishn when He came to the city to kill Narakaasur (Bhaumaasur).
--[Padm Puraan, 5/4] says that he was killed by Vishnu. He lived in Chandraavatee Puree. When Mur won all Devtaa, sent them out of the Swarg, Indra went to Shiv Jee and Shiv Jee sent them to Vishnu. At their request, Vishnu went to Chandraavatee Puree and killed many Daitya. Then He went to Badarik Aashram and slept in Sinhaavatee named cave. Mur followed Him and entered the cave. As he proceeded to kill Him, a maiden appeared from His body and killed him with her one sound. Krishn woke up and was very happy to know that that maiden had killed him. She was Ekaadashee in person. He gave her Var that who will keep fast on her day he will be given all Siddhi, Moksh etc.

MUSHTIK - Wrestler of Kans
Married to -- nnn
Children -- nnn
--Mushtik was very mighty. He also lived in Kans' kingdom.
--Kans asked him to kill Shree Krishn when He came to Mathuraa. But he himself was killed by Balaraam when Kans invited Krishn and Balaraam to Mathuraa, in a duel fight.
--see also CHAANOOR


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