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NAABHI - King, Son of Aagneedhra, Grandson of Priyavrat
Married to - Meru Devee
Children - 1 son - Rishabh
--Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad. Priyavrat had 10 sons - Aagneedhra, Agnibaahu, Vapushmaan, Dyutimaan, Medhaa, Medhaatithi, Bhavya, Savan, Putra, and Jyotishmaan (from Barhishmatee). Uttaanpaad had 2 sons - Dhruv and Uttam.

NAAGNJITEE - Daughter of King Nagnjit of Ayodhyaa
Married to - Krishn, Avataar (as one of His 8 chief wives)
Children - 10 sons - (1) Veer, (2) Chandra, (3) Ashwasen, (4) Chitragu, (5) Vegvaan, (6) Vrish, (7) Aam,
                        (8) Shanku, (9) Vasu, and (10) Kunti. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u27]
--Her name was Satyaa, but was better known as Naagnjitee.
--Krishn's 8 wives were (1) Rukminee (Daughter of Bheeshmak), (2) Jaambvatee (Daughter of Jaambvaan), (3) Satyabhaamaa (Daughter of Satraajit), (4) Kaalindee (daughter of Soorya Dev), (5) Mitravindaa (Daughter of Krishn's Buaa Raajaadhidevee), (6) Satyaa or Naagnjitee (Daughter of Nagnjit), (7) Bhadraa (Princess of Kaikaya Desh, Krishn's another Buaa Shrutkeerti's daughter), (8) Lakshmanaa (Princess of Madra Desh).
--According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u7, this King had a condition that whoever will put the rope in all the seven bullocks together he will marry his daughter to him, but nobody could do this so far, so nobody could marry her. Because the bulls' horns were very sharp and they could not tolerate any man's scent. When Krishn came to know this, He arrived there with a large army. When Naagnjitee saw Him, she just wished that Krishn should be her husband. Nagnjit welcomed Him, worshipped Him and asked - "What can I do for you?" Krishn said - "A Kshatriya who acts according to his Dharm, should not ask for anything, still to develop relationship, I ask for your daughter and we do not have a custom to give anything to you in exchange of that."
--Nagnjit said - "You are the most appropriate husband for my daughter, but we have put a condition long before. We have these seven bullocks which are untrained. They have hurt many princes. One has to put the rope in their nose." So He took the rope and within seconds He put the rope in their nose. So Nagnjit married his daughter to Him. He gave 10,000 cows and 3,000 young maid-servants with beautiful clothes and gold necklaces in dowry. Besides he gave 9,000 elephants, 900,000 chariots, 90 million horses and 9 billion servants also in dowry. Many kings were defeated by this marriage so they came to fight with Krishn on the way. Arjun helped Krishn through his Gaandeev, and they came to Dwaarakaa happily.

NAARAD - Muni, 1 of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa
Married to - Brahmchaaree
Children - None
--In Mahaabhaarat, in Udyog Parv (section 191) when Bheeshm tells the story of Shikhandee to Duryodhan, he says that Drupad's wife Prishataa was conceived by Naarad and thus had Shikhandee as her son.
--He has one Puraan on his name - Naarad Puraan.
--He always carries Veenaa (an Indian string instrument) in his hands and sings Bhagavaan's praise.
--He is very fond of quarrels, but at the same time he is very kind and have helped many people. Many stories goes around him - read his stories here.
--Why does he roam around and does not stay at one place? Once Jaraa, daughter of Kaal came to him and expressed her desire to marry her (nobody was accepting her for marriage, once Yayaati's youngest son accepted her because he gave his youth to his father), knowingly fully well that he is Brahmachaaree. On his refusal she gave him Shaap that "You don't want to settle down in your life, so you should not stay at one place and roam around all the time." Since then Naarad Jee has been roaming around.
--[Aangiras, p 199] (1) A Vaidik sage, a descendent of Rishi Kanv who contributed some hymns to Rig Ved (c 2000 BC). (2) Name of another man who wrote Naarad Smriti (c 600 AD). (3) Name of a mythical sage who is immortal and has the power of transporting himself instantaneously to any point in the Universe. In some of his stories he has been depicted as a sage of worthy of great respect and in others he is ridiculed as foolish, lusty and arrogant. The stories about Naarad know no bounds of imagination. Such stories are found in Vishnu Puraan, MBH, and Naarad Panchraatra. He is believed to have invented Veenaa. There is a book called Naarad Puraan, erhaps written as late as 17th century AD. It is poor composition.

NACHIKETAA - Son of Uddaalak Muni, Grandson of Baajshravaa
--He had a brother also named Shwetketu whose name is mentioned in Chhandogya Upanishad with his father Uddaalak Muni as a teacher. 
--His names is mentioned in Kath Upanishad. Once his father was donating cows, seeing this he asked his father, "Whom will you give me to?" His father jokingly said to him, "I gave you to Yam Raaj". at this he left the home to go to Yam Raaj's house at the age of 16 years. The the whole Upanishad is the dialog between Yam Raaj and him.

NAHUSH - King of Ayodhyaa, Son of Aayu, Grandson of Pururavaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 7 sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Udbhav, Par, Viyati, and Vidyasaati
--Yati became Yogee in young age only, that is Yayaati became the King.
--Once in the absence of Indra, he was appointed Indra. He got so proud that he desired to have Indraanee. To save herself Indraanee asked him to come on a palanquin carried by Rishi. Nahush in his happiness employed Rishi to carry him to Indraanee's home. On the way, being in hurry, he misbehaved with Rishi, so Agastya Muni gave him Shaap of being a snake. At Nahush's request he was to be freed by talking to Yudhishthir. So while Paandav were in exile, Yudhishthir talked to him and he got freed from Sarp Yoni.
--(MBH, Aadi, 75) says that Nahush had 6 sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Aayaati and Dhruv (but lists the names of only five).

NAKSHATRAK - Dome, In Charge of Cremation Ground
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Nakshatrak was a disciple of Vishwaamitra and he bought Raajaa Harishchandra in Kaashee at the order of Vishwaamitra. It is believed that he was the incarnation of Dharm Raaj (like Vidur Jee) born out of the Shaap to Dharm Raaj given by Maandavya Muni.

NAKUL - Twin Princes, Sons of Paandu and Maadree
Married to - 2 wives - Draupadee (Princess of Paanchaal Desh) and Renumatee (Princess of Chedi Desh)
Children - 2 sons - 1 son - Shrutaaneek (from Draupadee)
                            1 son - Niramitra (from Renumatee)
--Maadree had these twins - Nakul and Sahadev, from Ashwinee Kumaar. Thus they were the brothers of Dwivid and Mayand, because they were also the sons of Ashwinee Kumaar.

NAL - Vaanar, Son of Vishwakarmaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Nal,  and 
                1 daughter - Sangyaa
--He had a sister name Sangyaa (Married to Soorya).
--He was an engineer in the service of King Sugreev and helped Raam in building the bridge over 100 Yojan wide sea between mainland of India and Lankaa, at the time of Raam-Raavan war.

NAL - King of Soorya Vansh, Son of Veersen
Married to - Damayantee
Children - 1 son Indrasen,
                1 daughter Indrasenaa
--He lost everything in dice game with his brother Pushkar. Later regained it after playing the game again and winning it.
--Nal-Damayantee love story is very famous. Once Nal was strolling on the bank of a river that some swans came there and started singing praise of Damayantee. Nal got attracted to her and he sent a message to her through them. They took the message of Nal to Damayamtee and Damayantee also got attracted to him. After a few exchanges of letters they both got married.
--Once Nal and his younger brother Pushkar played dice game and Nal lost his kingdom to him. Damayantee sent their children to her parents' house and she herself went with him. They suffered a lot during exile. Once Nal left her alone in the forest, so she had to return to her parents' house. Then she sought a way to find him and succeeded in finding him. He was serving Rituparn. She sent an invitation to Rituparn that she was organizing her second Swayamvar on a certain date which was so close that only Nal could take him there in record time. Nal learned the dice game techniques from Rituparn in exchange of teaching him driving the chariot so fast. As they reached there, he came to know that the invitation was only the way to call him there.
--Later, after his exile period was over, he again played dice game with Pushkar, defeated him, but returned his kingdom saying that he was playing only for fun and he would not allow him to go to forest because he knew that what were the difficulties in living in forest.
--[Aangiras, p 195] says, Damayantee was an exquisite beauty. Four angels wanted to marry Damayantee, but she had made up her mind to marry Nal. The story goes, that in order to get her to choose them they all assumed a form identical to Nal. Damayantee had to look hard to identify the real Nal. She found out that real Nal's feet were firm on the ground, while the other four Nal's feet were above the ground. The two got married and lived happily until Nal played Dice game and lost his everything.... Nal traveled to Ayodhyaa and became the chief cook of the King. Later Damayantee found Nal and they got reunited. Nal placed the Dice game once again and won back his kingdom.

NAL-KOOBAR - Yaksh, Son of Kuber
--Once Raavan met Rambhaa Apsaraa while she was going to Nal-Koobar. Raavan misbehaved with her in spite of her several requests. Then Nal-Koobar gave Raavan Shaap that he could not have any woman without her inclination, and if he had her, his head will break into hundreds of splinters. That is why he could not have even touched Seetaa.
--Once he and his brother Manigreev were enjoying in a pond with many Apsaraa after drinking, that Naarad Jee passed from that side. Apsaraa put on their clothes but they did not, so Naarad Jee gave them Shaap - "You are so proud of your wealth that you stood naked in front of a Rishi, you both become tree." On their request he told that when Krishn would take Avataar on Prithvi, He will bring them into their original bodies. Both jointly were known as Yamalaarjun.

NAMUCHI - Daanav, Son of Viprachitti (Son of Kashyap and Danu) and Sinhikaa (Daughter of Kashyap and Diti), Paternal Grandson of Kashyap and Danu, Maternal grandson of Kashyap and Diti
--Namuchi got the Var that he should not be killed by any dry or wet weapon.
--According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4, Indra killed him by using sea foam and froth in the Dev Asur war after the Amrit had been distributed.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4] says that Namuchi was Jambhaasur's brother.

NAND RAAYA - King of Nand Graam
Married to - Yashodaa
Children - None
--He was the foster father of Shree Krishn, son of Vasudev and Devakee. He lived in Nand Gaanv, a village in Gokul, under Kans of Mahuraa. Krishn lived there for 12 years and then went to Mathuraa to kill Kans. The residence of Nand Jee is on Nandeeshwar Hills.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p4] says that Nand Jee was a Vasu in his previous life. His name was Drone and his wife's name was Dharaa. To obey Brahmaa Jee's orders, he said - "When we are born on Prithvi, we should have unlimited Bhakti in Krishn Bhagavaan." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." So both of them came on Prithvi as Nand and Yashodaa.

NARAK - Son of Amrit and Nikriti
Married to - Vedanaa
Children - 1 son - Dukh
--This is according to [Agni Puraan, 8].


NARAKAASUR - Asur, Son of Viprachitti (Son of Kashyap and Danu) and Sinhikaa, (Daughter of Kashyap and Diti) Grandson of Kashyap and Danu, Maternal grandson of Kashyap and Diti
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--His other name was Bhaumaasur. He lived in Praag Jyotishpur. He was killed by Krishn.
--He had taken Varun's umbrella, Aditi's earrings, and Mani Parvat of Mandaraachal. He had imprisoned 16,000 maidens also whom Krishn freed after killing him and then married them. He took them to Dwarakaa. [Padm Puraan, 5/45] says that he took Devtaa's mother Aditi's earrings, Devtaa's various Mani, Airaavat elephant, Uchchshraivaa horse, Kuber's Mani, and Padmnidhi named conch.
--[Vishnu Puraan, 5/11] says that he was the son of Prithvi and Vishnu. He was born when Vishnu assuming the form of Varaah was bringing Prithvi out of the water. As He touched Prithvi, this Narakaasur was born.
--[Aangiras, p 194] says, he was a demon king who ruled Praag Jyotishpur (later Aasaam) and who was killed by Krishn.

NARMADAA - Gandharv woman
Married to - nnn
Children - 3 daughters - Sundaree (Married to Maalyavaan), Ketumatee (Married to Sumaalee), Vasudhaa (Married to Maalee)

NEEL - Vaanar,
--In Raam's army. He built the bridge from Bhaarat to Lankaa.

--[Padm Puraan, 5/32] says that Vishnu gave Var to Mrigshring Muni that in next life he would be born as Brahmaa's son Ribhu and would discourse on Vedaant to Nidaagh. The same is confirmed in [Padm Puraan, 5/34] too. Read the whole story of his teachings in Vishnu Puraan, 1/7-8;  and Naarad Puraan, 1/22.

NIKRITI - Daughter of Adharm and Hinsaa
Married to - Amrit (his brother)
Children - 2 sons - Bhaya and Narak
--This is according to [Agni Puraan, 8]. Bhaya and Narak were married to Maayaa and Vedanaa.


NIKUMBH - Raakshas, Son of Kumbhkarn
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had a brother also named Kumbh. Both were killed in Raam-Raavan war.
--He was killed by Hanumaan.


NARASINH - Man-Lion Avataar of Vishnu
--This Avataar was taken to kill Hiranyakashyap Asur, son of Kashyap and Diti, and father of Pralaad.

OORJSWATEE - Daughter of Priyavrat and Barhishmatee (Daughter of Vishwakarmaa)
Married to - Shukraachaarya
Children - 1 daughter Devayaanee (Married to Yayaati)


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