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--He is mentioned in Tulase's Maanas. He was a sage but became crow under some Shaap. He was a devotee of Raam. When he had Darshan of Raam, he asked for eternal devotion in His feet and tell Raam's stories to other birds in the same body. He was then made immortal and since then he tells Raam's stories to other birds.
--When Raavan tied Raam and Lakshman with Naag Paash, and Hanumaan brought Garud to help his master, Garud Jee got confused that how come his master who protected others, could not protect Himself. So he went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee was going somewhere so he sent him to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee thought that a bird can understand the language of bird better so he sent him to Kaagbhushundi Jee. There he heard Raam Kathaa from him and cleared his doubts.

Married to - Sujaataa (daughter of Uddaalak and sister of Nachiketaa and Shwetketu)
Children - 1 son - Ashtaavakra Rishi

KAAL    see     YAM RAAJ

KAAL YAVAN - Raakshas,
--When Krishn defeated Jaraasandh, and Balaraam did not kill him at the advice of Krishn, Jaraasandh went to Kaalyavan and told everything. So he attacked Mathuraa to kill Krishn. Krishn ran away and entered a cave where Raajaa Muchukund was sleeping. He covered him with His yellow cloth and himself hid there. Kaalyavan thought the the sleeping man was Krishn so he hit Him with his foot to wake Him up, but he was Muchukund. As he cast a glance on Kaalyavan he turned into ashes.

KAALAKAA - Daitya Woman, Daughter of Vaishwaanar (Son of Kashyap and Danu - Daughter of Daksh)
Married to - nnn
Children - Kaalakeya
--Kaalakeya and Paulom (sons of Pulomaa), 60,000 in number, were killed by Arjun at the request of Indra, when he was in Swarg Lok to take Divine weapons from him.

KAALAKEYA - Daanav, Sons of Kashyap and Kaalakaa (Daughter of Vaishwaanar)
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3] says that Kashyap Jee married his granddaughters (Danu's son Vaishwaanar's two of the four daughters) Kaalakaa and Pulomaa. Both had 60,000 sons in number from him - they were known as Kaalakeya and Paulom. They were called Nivaat Kavach also. Indra had to take help from Arjun as thy had the Var that they could only be killed by a human being. They were killed by Arjun at the request of Indra, when he was in Swarg Lok to take Divine weapons from him.
--Both Kaalakeya and Paulom were living in a golden city, Hiranyapur, which was given to Kaalakaa as a boon to protect their sons.
--[Vishnu Puraan, 1/13] says Nivat Kavach was one Daitya and he was very powerful.
--[MBH, G-4-Van/29 and 30] says that they were different and lived at different places. Arjun killed Nivaat Kavach, 30 million in number, first and then killed Kaalakeya, 60,000 in number, while returning to Indra Lok.



KAALINDEE - Daughter of Soorya Dev
Married to - Krishn, Avataar (as the 4th wife of His 8 Principal wives)
Children - 10 sons - (1) Shrut, (2) Kavi, (3) Vrish, (4) Veer, (5) Subaahu, (6) Bhadra, (7) Shaanti, (8) Darsh,
                     (9) Paurnmaas and (10) Somak.  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9]
--Krishn's 8 wives were (1) Rukminee (Daughter of Bheeshmak), (2) Jaambvatee (Daughter of Jaambvaan), (3) Satyabhaamaa (Daughter of Satraajit), (4) Kaalindee (daughter of Soorya Dev), (5) Mitravindaa (Daughter of Krishn's Buaa Raajaadhidevee), (6) Satyaa or Naagnjitee (Daughter of Nagnjit), (7) Bhadraa (Princess of Kaikaya Desh, Krishn's another Buaa Shrutkeerti's daughter), (8) Lakshmanaa (Princess of Madra Desh).

--A serpent who lived in a lake attached to Yamunaa River. He was punished by Krishn for making Yamunaa water poisonous. Krishn forced him to abandon the lake and go to the ocean.

KAALNAABH - Daanav, Son of Viprachitti and Sinhikaa, Grandson of Kashyap and Danu

KAALNAABH - Daanav, Son of Hiranyaaksh, Grandson of Kashyap and Diti

KAALNEMI - Daitya, Uncle of Raavan
--[Aangiras, p 104] says that Kaalnemi was an uncle of Raavan, and he unsuccessfully tried to kill Hanumaan on Gndhmaadan Parvat when he was going to bring Sanjeevanee herb to revive Lakshman, but Hanumaan killed him. (read this story in  Raamaayan, 6/11)
How this Kaalnemi was the uncle of Raavan is not traceable, because V-Raamaayan gives the history of Raakshas with reference to origin of Raavan (of Sukesh, Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan etc) and lists their children too, but never lists the name of Kaalnemi.

KAALNEMI - Daitya, Son of Virochan (Great Grandson of Hiranyakshyap)
--This is another Kaalnemi Raakshas who was the son of Virochan. He was killed by Vishnu as Kaalnemi. He was incarnated as Kans from Ugrasen's wife Padmaavatee in Dwaapar Yug. Kans was also killed by an Avataar of Vishnu (Krishn).
Even this Kaalnemi is also not traceable, as whose son he was, and how he was killed by Vishnu.

KAAM DEV - Devtaa, Son of Dharm
Married to - Rati (Daughter of Daksh) [Shiv Puraan, Rudra Sanhitaa]
Children - 1 daughter - Ashrubindumatee
--He has two brothers also - Sham and Harsh.
--His another name is Anang - because he affects people without body, An means without and Ang means body, so Anang means without body. He got this name after Shiv burned him to ashes. His other names are Kandarp, Madan, Manmath. In English language he is known as Cupid.
--Kaam Dev is the Devtaa of love. Whenever anybody does Tapasyaa, Indra gets concerned about his Indra Lok and uses Apsaraa to disturb his Tapasyaa. She sometimes herself, and sometimes with the help of Kaam Dev tries to destroy it. Or when Apsaraa fails then Kaam Dev's services are used.
--Once Indra used him to break Shiv's Tap so that he is attracted to Umaa and marries her and produces a child who could kill Taarakaasur. But unfortunately Shiv burned him in anger. Then he was reborn to Krishn and Rukminee as Pradyumn being their son.

KAARTTIKEYA - Devtaa, Son of Shiv and Paarvatee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He has some other names also - Kumaar, Murugan, Skand, Shadmukh, Shanmukh, Shadaanan, Subramanya, Vishaakh. He is also known by Agnibhoo, Taarakjeet, Shaktidhuru names. He generally has 6 faces, his ride is peacock, he kills serpents, holds an arrow in his right hand and a bow in his left hand.
--He is worshipped as Subramanya in all South India, but as Murugan in Tamilnaadu. It seems that Kaartikeya is the imagination of Puraan, because he is nowhere mentioned in Ved and Upanishad. He is practically unknown in Northern India
--There was a very mighty Raakshas Taarak. He wanted a Var from Brahmaa Jee that he should be immortal, but Brahmaa Jee said - "I cannot give this Var to you, because who has taken the physical body has to die. Ask some other Var." Then he asked that he should be killed only by a 7-day old child. He thought he could handle a 7-day old child. Later he killed some other Raakshas also - Krauch, Banaasur, Pralambaasur, Shoorpadm.
--With this Var now he became immortal. Then all Devtaa went to Shiv Jee and asked him to produce a son so that they can be fearless. He asked - "Who will bear my semen?" They said "Gangaa". So as his semen fell, Agni took it and placed it in Gangaa's womb. Gangaa could not bear its heat, so she placed in Shar Van in the foothills of Himaalaya Parvat. A child was born there. Six Krittikaa breastfed her, so the child created his six mouths to suck on those Krittikaa. He was named Shadmukh - who has six mouths, and Kaarttikeya because he fed on Krittikaa's breast milk. He grew very fast. In seven days time he was appointed the army-chief of Devtaa and killed that Raakshas. with the help of all Devtaa's powers.
--Sometimes he is said to be the son of Shiv and Paarvatee, sometimes of Shiv and Gangaa, and sometimes of Agni and Gangaa.
--[Padm Puraan, 1/21] gives some different story. He has one Puraan in his name - "Skand Puraan".

--Kaatyaayan was a famous economist and jurist
Koshal kingdom and counselor of its ruler Dasharath. Kautilya or Chaanakya's economic policies have been drawn partially on his work. Kaatyaayan's sister was married to Yaagyavalkya - the great Upanishadik scholar and legislator who was patronized by Raajaa Janak of Videh, Seetaa's father.


KABANDH - Raakshas
--Kabandh means a headless trunk moving about. Tales are told that these headless beings drink blood of victims falling within their grasp.
--He didn't have a head, his mouth was in his body, and he had only one eye. His arms were one Yojan long which he used to catch his prey. He was killed by Raam when He was searching for Seetaa.

KACH - Rishi, Son of Brihaspati
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Shukraachaarya knew Sanjeevanee Vidyaa so he could bring dead Daitya alive. Devtaa were very worried with this arrangement, so they asked Brihaspati to learn this Vidyaa and do the same for them too. Then he sent his eldest son Kach to Shukraachaarya to learn that Vidyaa. Shukraachaarya taught him that Vidyaa, but when he was about to depart, Devayaanee asked him to marry her. He bluntly refused her offer that according to morals she was his sister so he could not marry her. At this she gave him Shaap that he would not be able to use that Vidyaa. At this Kach also gave Shaap to her that no Braahman will marry her. That is why when she met king Yayaati, she proposed to Yayaati and married him.

KADROO - Daughter of Daksh
Married to - Kashyap Jee (Son of Mareechi) (1 of his 13 wives)
Children - 1,000 Naag of 1,000 heads each. 26 Naag are very famous - Shesh Naag, Vaasuki, Karkotak, Shankh, Airaavat, Kambal, Dhananjaya,
                Mahaaneel, Padya, Ashwatar, Takshak, Ailaapatra, Mahaapadm, Dhritraashtra, Balaahak, Shankhpaal, Mahashankh, Pushpdant, Subhaavan,
                Shankhromaa, Nahush, Raman, Paanini, Kapil, Durmukh, Patanjalimukh. 
--Most of them were burned in Sarp Yagya done by Janamejaya (Pareekshit's son).
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p9] says that Kaaliya Naag was also Kadroo's son. [MBH, Stories, 5-11]

KAIKASEE - Raakshas, Daughter of Sumaalee
Married to - Vishravaa (Son of Pulastya Muni - 1 of 10 Brahmaa's Maanas Putra)
Children - 3 sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan
                1 daughter - Shoorpanakhaa (Married to Vidyujivhaa)
--[Padm Puraan, 4/1] says that Kaikasee was the daughter of Vidyunmaalee and was married to Pulastya's son Vishrava, and gave birth to three mighty sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan; while V-Raamaayan, 7/3/6 says that Kaikasee was the daughter of Sumaalee.

KAIKAYA BROTHERS - Rulers of Kaikaya Desh
--5 brothers like Paandav. They fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabhaarat war.
--Brihadkshatra was the eldest brother and was killed by Drone in Mahaabhaarat war on 14th day.

KAIKEYEE - Princess of Kaikaya Desh, 3rd Wife of Dasharath
Married to - Dasharath (King of Ayodhyaa)
Children - 1 son - Bharat (Married to Maandavee - daughter of Kushdhwaj)
--She had two co-wives also - Kaushalyaa and Sumitraa.
--Once she saved life of Dasharath in a Dev-Asur battle. Pleased Dasharath granted her two boons. She told him that she would ask some other time. When the King Dasharath was crowning Raam as King of Ayodhyaa, urged by her maid Mantharaa, she asked those two boons at that time from Dasharath - exile for 14 years for Raam and throne for Bharat. Bharat never accepted the throne. He abused his mother and immediately went to forest to bring Raam home, but Raam did not come until His period of exile was over.


KALAA - Princess, Daughter of Vibheeshan and Saramaa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn

KALAA - 1 of 9 Daughters of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti (Daughter of Manu)
Married to - Mareechi (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)
Children - nnn

KALMAASHPAAD - King of Soorya Vansh, Son of Sudaas
Married to - Madayantee
Children - 1 son - Ashmak
--His real name was Saudaas. He was in the lineage of Bhageerath -> -> Naabhaag -> Ambareesh -> -> Rituparn -> -> Sudaas -> Saudaas.
--Once Saudaas killed one lion among the two. the other one assumed the form of Raakshas and took revenge from him. Once Saudaas did a Yagya. After the completion of that Yagya, that Raakshas offered the food containing human flesh to king's Kul Guru Vashishth Jee. At this Vashishth Jee gave him Shaap that he should always desire such food and become a Raakshas. But after knowing the truth he lessened the Shaap for 12 years. As he heard Vashishth's Shaap, he also got ready to give him Shaap but his wife stopped him doing so as he was a Braahman. Now he had the Abhimantrit water in his hand, where to put it? Instead of throwing it in the sky or on Prithvi he poured it over his own feet. That burned his feet and they became black. That is why his another popular name was Kalmaashpaad.
--During his Shaap period he got another Shaap of a Braahman's wife, so he could not have his wife. Then after the Shaap period was over, he requested Vashishth Jee to give him a son. He impregnated his wife and when the child did not born for seven years, the queen hit it with a stone and the child was born. He was named as Ashmak.

KAMALAA - Consort of Vishnu
--She is known as Shree, Kamalaa, Lakshmee,

KAMALAAKSH - Raakshas, Son of Taarak
--He, including his two brothers Taarakaaksh and Vidyunmaalee, had three cities (of gold, silver and iron respectively) in Heavens. Shiv killed all of them and destroyed their three cities at a particular time.
--According to [Padm Puraan, 4/7] Vidyunmaalee was killed by Shatrughn when they were wandering with Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya horse.

KANS - King, Son of King Ugrasen of Mathuraa and Padmaavatee (Daughter of Satyaketu of Vidarbh Desh)
Married to - Sanyati, Aayati 
                 -  Asti and Praapti (Daughters of Jaraasandh)
Children - 8 sons who fought Balaraam after Krishn killed Kans
--He was the incarnation of Kaalnemi Raakshas - half brother of Hiranyakashyap. In this world he was the son of Ugrasen and the cousin brother of Devakee - the mother of Krishn. When he was taking his sister Devakee to her in-law's house at the time of her marriage to Vasudev, a Divine voice said that he would be killed by Devakee's 8th child. He immediately got ready to kill Devakee, but Vasudev promised him to give his all children to him, still he imprisoned them. He killed their six children. The 7th one was moved from Devakee's womb to Rohinee's, Vasudev's another wife, womb. And the 8th one, Krishn Himself, was moved to Nand's house after birth. Later He, Krishn, killed him.
--[Padm Puraan, 2/8) says that Kans' father Ugrasen was married to Padmaavatee, daughter of King Satyaketu of Vidarbh Desh. Kans was the son of Padmaavatee. It so happened that Ugrasen loved Padmaavatee very much. Once Satyaketu desired to see his daughter so he sent a messenger to Mathuraa to send his daughter for some time. Ugrasen unwillingly sent her to her father's house. Once she was playing in a forest with her friends that a servant of Kuber, Yaksh Gobhil, was passing by. He got attracted to her, but since she was a Satee, it was difficult to have her. Then he assumed the form of Ugrasen and had her. But after that Padmaavatee came to know that he was not her husband but a Yaksh. She got very sorry on the whole episode, but couldn't do anything. That is how Kans was born.
--Although he tried many ways to kill Krishn, but he could not kill Him, and Krishn at last killed him.
--He had 8 brothers - Sunaamaa, Nyagrodh, Kank, Shanku, Suhoo, Raashtrapaal, Srishti and Tushtimaan and 5 sisters - Kansaa, Kansvatee, Kankaa Shoorbhoo, and Raashtrapaalikaa - all married to Vasudev's younger brothers.  [Padm Puraan, 5/44] says that his brother Sunaamaa was killed by Balaraam; [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p14] says that his all brothers were killed by Balaraam after Krishn went to free His parents and Ugrasen..

KANV - Rishi, Son of Ghor 
Married to - none
Children - 1 daughter - Shakuntalaa (Daughter of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa Apsaraa, Married to Dushyant)
               1 daughter - Kushaa (Married to Uttam, the son of Mrigshring Muni and Kamalaa) [Padm Puraan, 5/34]
--[Aangiras, p 93] says that he was the son of Ghor.
--He brought up this daughter, Shakuntalaa, of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa Apsaraa and then married her to Dushyant.
Note-We have never heard of Kanv's another daughter Kushaa, so we don't know which Kanv Muni Padm Puraan is talking about.

KANYAA - Prajaapati
Married to -
Children -

KAPIL - Avataar. Muni, Son of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti (from Bhaagvat) 
Married to - Bachelor
Children - None
--He preached Saankhya Shaastra or Darshan to his mother and burnt the 60,000 sons of Raajaa Sagar when they came searching the Ashwamedh horse of their father and mistook him as a thief of that horse seeing that horse tied near his Aashram. Later he guided Anshumaan to bring Gangaa on Prithvi to give Mukti to them.


KARDAM - Rishi
Married to - Devahooti (Daughter of Manu and Shataroopaa)
Children - 9 daughters - 
               (1) Kalaa (Married to Mareechi), 
               (2) Anasooyaa (Married to Atri), 
               (3) Shraddhaa (Married to Angiraa), 
               (4) Havirbhoo (Married to Pulastya), 
               (5) Gati (Married to Pulah), 
               (6) Kriyaa (Married to Kratu), 
               (7) Oorjswati or Arundhatee (Married to Vashishth), 
               (8) Chitti or Shaanti (Married to Atharvaa), and 
               (9) Khyaati (Married to Bhrigu)
                2 sons - Kapil, Shankhpaad (Prajaapati)
--Kapil Jee was Hari's Ansh Avataar, and preached Saankhya Shaastra to His mother Devahooti.
--Brahmaa appointed Shankhpaad as the Lord of South direction.

KARN - Son of Soorya and Kuntee
Married to - nnn
Children - 7 sons - 1. Vrishsen [Drone, 16; Karn, 48], 
                            2. Satyasandh [Karn, 7], [MBH, G-6/30/16-1]
                            3-4 Sushen and Satyasen [Karn, 48], [MBH, G-6/33/17-2]; killed by Nakul [Shalya, 10], [MBH, G-6/36-18-1]
                            5. Bhaanusen - killed by Bheem [Karn, 48]. 
                            6. Prasenjit - killed by Saatyaki [Karn, 82], [MBH, G-6/34/17-3)
                            7. Chitrasen - killed by Nakul [Shalya, 10], [MBH, G-6/36/18-1]

--He was born with Kavach and Kundal. Since he was born to Kuntee when she was maiden, she flowed him in Yamunaa River.
--He was brought up by Adhirath (also called Vikartan, the charioteer of Dhritraashtra) and his wife Raadhaa. They adopted him as their son and named him Vasusen. Since his mother's name was Raadhaa, one of his names was Raadheya, and because his father's name was Vikartan his another name was Vaikartan [Karn, 48]. Vaikartan also means "who has peeled off his skin of natural armor". He was
also called as "Vrish". [Karn, 48; Karn, 81]
--Because of Kavach and Kundal he was invincible in the whole Tri-Lok. Even Vishnu's Chakra could not harm him. To save his own son Arjun, Indra came to beg his Kavach and Kundal assuming a Braahman's form. But Karn's father, Soorya, had already warned him about this and asked him not to part with them, but he did not agree for that. Then he suggested to ask Indra's Power in exchange of them.
--From the very beginning he had enmity with Arjun, so when Indra came to beg for his Kavach and Kundal, on the advice of Soorya he asked Indra to give his Power named "Naikartan" [Drone, 179] to him to kill Arjun. But eventually he had to use it to kill Ghatotkach, Bheem's son.
--He was a great alms-giver. Indra took the advantage of his this quality and asked his Kavach and Kundal in alms to save his son Arjun.
--He was killed by Arjun in Mahaabhaarat war on 17th day.
--[Drone, 30] mentions about his three uterine brothers killed by Arjun, but gives only two names - Shatrunjaya and Vipath. The third name is not given. [MBH, G-6/16-12]
--[Drone, 38, 39] mention again about his one brother - name is not given, he was killed by Abhimanyu.
[MBH, G-6/16-12]
--[Karn, 83] mentions that Yudhaamanyu killed one of his brothers, Chitrajit.
--[Karn, 7] mentions about his three sons - Satyasandh and two others (names are not given), being alive for fighting. His son Sushen was killed by Uttamaujaa on the 17th day of the war. [Karn, 75] [
MBH, G-6/34-17-3]

KASHYAP - Maharshi, Son of Mareechi and Sambhooti
Married to - 13 daughters of Prajaapati Daksh -
                        (1) Aditi, (2) Diti, (3) Danu, (4) Vinataa, (5) Kadru, (6) Taamraa, (7) Khasaa, (8) Arishtaa, (9) Iraa, (10) Surabhi, (11) Krodhvashaa,
                         (12) Surasaa, (13) Muni.
                    [Agni Puraan, 7] says that he married 13 daughters of Daksh, but gives their names thus -
                         (1) Aditi, (2) Diti, (3) Danu, (4) Taamraa, (5) Kaakee, (6) Shyenee, (7) Bhaasee, (8) Gridhrikaa, (9) Shuchigreevaa, (10) Vinataa,
                         (11) Surasaa, (12) Krodhvashaa, (13) Surabhi, (14) Iraa, (15) Khasaa, (16) Muni
                    2 daughters of Vaishwaanar - Pulomaa, Kaalakaa - they had Paulom  and Kaalkeya as their sons, who were 60,000 in number.
                         [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3]
Children - Many. 
               1. Aditi - Devtaa (12 Aaditya - Anshumaan, Aryamaa, Bhag, Indra, Dhaataa, Mitra, Pooshaa, Savitaa, Twashtaa, Vaaman, Vishnu, and
                   Vivaswaan - Soorya)
               2. Diti - Daitya (Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap)
               3. Danu - Daanav - Andhak, Raahu, Vaishwaanar
               4. Vinataa - Arun, Garud
               5. Kadroo - Snakes
               6. Taamraa - 6 daughters - Shukee, Shyenee, Bhaasee, Sugreevee, Shuchi, Griddhrikaa
               7. Khasaa - Yaksh, Raakshas, Muni, Apsaraa
               8. Arishtaa - Gandharv
               9. Iraa - Trees, Creepers
              10. Surabhi - Cows, Buffaloes [Agni Puraan, 7 says that she had 11 Rudra (see also Rudra) as her  sons, and gives their names like this -
                    Har, Bahuroop, Tryambak, Aparaajit, Vrishaakapi, Shambhu, Kapardee, Raivat, Mrigvyaadh, Sarp, Kapaalee - these 11 Rudra are chief Rudra.]
              11. Krodhvashaa - Krodhvash Gan - I think they are the same who were with Kuber and were killed by Bheem [MBH, G-4/28]
              12. Surasaa - Snakes
              13. Muni -  [Agni Puraan, 7] says that she gave birth to Apsaraa
--[V-Raamaayan, 1/3/9], says that he had a son named Vibhaandak, whose son was Rishi Rishyashring. Rishi Rishyashring brought rains in Rompaad's kingdom, and performed Ashwamedh Yagya for king Dasharath to have children.
[MBH, G-0/14]  and [MBH, Aadi, 65] say that Kashyap had 13 daughters of Daksh as his wives. Their names are - (1) Aditi, (2) Diti, (3) Danu, (4) Kalaa, (5) Danaayu, (6) Sinhikaa, (7) Krodhaa, (8) Pradhaa, (9) Vishwaa, (10) Vinataa, (11) Kapilaa, (12) Muni and (13) Kadroo.

KATH - Sage
--[Aangiras, p 93] Perhaps the sage who wrote the Kath Upanishad.

Although all sons of Kuntee were Kaunteya, but this word is more often used for Arjun.

Descendents of the King Kuru were called Kaurav. In fact, both Dhritraashta and Paandu's sons were Kaurav, but Kaurav word is more used for Dhritraashtra's sons.

Married to - Dasharath (King of Ayodhyaa)
Children - 1 son - Raam (married to Seetaa - daughter of Janak)
--She had two co-wives also - Sumitraa and Kaikeyee.

Descendents of the King Kushik, such as sage Vishwaamitra who was the grandson of King Kushik was called Kaushik. Vishwaamitra gave the name Kaushik to his family (as Gotra). He and his descendents wrote a large number of hymns in Rig Ved.

KAUTHUMI - Maharshi, Son of Hiranyanaabh Rishi
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--His story comes in [Bhavishya Puraan, 1/23]; in the reference to Soorya worship. Once his father Hiranyanaabh went to forest and had lots of discussions with many Braahman. In anger Kauthumi killed one Braahman. Everybody abandoned him, so he went to several temples and Teerth places but could not be free from Brahm Hatyaa. He got sick from leprosy disease. So he came back to his father asked the way to be free from Brahm Hatyaa and the disease. His father asked him to worship Soorya Bhagavaan and that is how he got free from Brahm Hatyaa and got cured of his disease too.
--He was a Vaidik Rishi. Saam Ved's Kauthumee branch is very famous and the same is the only available branch. Its Drishtaa Rishi is only he. He is called Praachya Saamag. Shaunak's "Charav Vyooh" book discusses about 1,000 branches of Saam Ved.

KAVI - Rishi, Son of Bhrigu (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)
Married to - Pulomaa (Daughter of Daksh)
Children - 1 son - Shukraachaarya
--Being the on of Kavi, he is called Kavya also.
--But V-Raamaayan, 1/7 says that Shukraachaarya was the son of Bhrigu, and Vishnu killed Bhrigu's wife (Shukraachaarya's mother). Shukraachaarya became Guru of Daitya as Brihaspati is the Guru of Devtaa.


KAYAADHU - Daughter of Jambhaasur
Married to - Hianyakshyap
Children - 4 sons - Anuhlaad, Prahlaad, Sanhlaad, and Hlaad
--When Hiranyakshyap went to do Tap, after the killing of his brother Hiranykashyap, Devtaa invaded his palace and took away his pregnant wife Kayaadhu, so that when the child is born, he could kill him. But Naarad saved her saying that this child will be a great devotee of Vishnu, that is why he should not take her. Naarad Jee took her with him and kept her with him. He discoursed her on many religious issues. Later Prahlaad was born to her.

KEECHAK - Brother-in-law of Raajaa Viraat
Married to - nnn
Children -- nnn
--He was very mighty. He was the functional king of Matsya Desh, not Raajaa Viraat. MBH says that that he could be killed only by six people - Bheeshm, Duryodhan, Balaraam, Drone, Bheem and Ashwatthaamaa.
--When Paandav were passing their one year of Agyaatvaas in Viraat Nagar, he misbehaved with Draupadee. So at Draupadee's request Bheem killed him. Since Bheem was one of those six people who were able to kill him, Kaurav could guess that Paandav were hiding in Viraat Nagar.

KESAREE - Vannar, Hanumaan's father
Married to - Anjanee Devee
Children - 1 son - Hanumaan
--Hanumaan was born from Vaayu Dev.
--He fought with Raavan from Raam's side.

KESHEE - Raakshas
--He was killed by Krishn.

KESHINEE - Raakshas woman, Daughter of Sumaalee
Married to - Raavan
Children - 3 sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan 
                1 daughter - Shoorpanakhaa.

KESHINEE - Daughter of Maharshi Kashyap, Sister of Garud
Married to - King Sagar of Ayodhyaa
Children - 1 son - Asmanjas
--Her son had remembered his past life so he used to behave strangely and often cruelly. He used to throw little playing children in Sarayoo River and laughed at them as they drowned in the water. People were very unhappy with him so his father exiled him from his kingdom. Later he brought all those children to life.

KETU      see    RAAHU

KETUMAAN - Lord of West, Son of Rajas
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Brahmaa appointed Ketumaan as the Lord of West direction.

KHAR AND DOOSHAN - Raakshas, Raavan's cousins
Married to - nnn
Children - Vishaalaaksh and Makaraaksh (Khar's sons)
--[V-Raamaayan, 7/12/24] Khar was Raavan's mother Kaikasee's (Keshinee) sister's son. Khar and Doshan were living in Janasthaan with their cousin sister Shoorpanakhaa (Raavan's sister). Both were killed by Raam in Panchvatee when He was living there in exile with His brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was also like Pareekshit. He was in the lineage of Bhageerath. He was an emperor and he killed many Daitya on the request of Devtaa. But when he came to know from Devtaa, that his life span was only two Ghadee more, then he sat in meditation and left his physical body through Yog. When people say that how can they attain Brahm in such a short time, then Khatwaang's example is given.

KINDAM - Rishi
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--His story comes in MBH, when Paandu was residing in forest, he killed a deer engaged in love act. He was not a deer, but was this Muni. In fact he had the power to transform himself into an animal form. Since Paandu killed him at such a time, he gave him Shaap that he would also die when he would be engaged in such an act. Once he got such feelings for Maadree, he died in her arms. This Shaap proved so terrible for him that he could not have children of his own. Kuntee had to use her Mantra to get children from various Devtaa for herself and for Maadree too.

KIRMEERAA - Raakshas
--He was the brother of Bakaasur and a friend of Hidimb. Since Bheem killed both of them he wanted to take revenge from him. Bheem killed him when Paandav started their exile period.

KRATU - Maharshi (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)
Married to - Kriyaa (1 of 9 daughters of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti - daughter of Manu)
                 - Hayashiraa (Daughter of Kashyap and Danu's son Vaishwaanar) [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3]
Children - 60,000 Vaalkhilyaadi Rishi [MBH, G-0/14]
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Kratu and his wife Sannati had 60,000 Baalkhilyaadi Rishi as their sons who were of the size of the tip of the thumb and very gracious.

KRIPAA - Rishi, Son of Rishi Sharadwaan and Urvashee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Shaantanu found her and her brother while on hunting trip. He brought them home and brought them up.
--Had a sister named Kripee (Married to Drone).
--[Agni Puraan, 28] says - He was in the line of Paanchaal kings - Mukul was the first Paanchaal. Mukul's children were called "Maukulya" - they turned into Braahman. Mukul's son was Chanchaashwa, Chanchaashwa had a twins - one son Divodaas and one daughter Ahalyaa. Ahilyaa gave birth to Shataanand from Sharadwat (Gautam) Rishi. Shataanand's son was Satyadhrik, and Satyadhrik had a twins - one son Krip and one daughter Kripee.

KRIPEE - Daughter of Rishi Sharadwaan and Urvashee Apsaraa    see also      KRIPAA
Married to - Drone (Son of Bharadwaaj)
Children - 1 son - Ashwatthaamaa
--Shaantanu found her and her brother while on hunting trip. He brought them home and brought them up.
--Had a brother named Kripaa

KRISHAASHWA - Prajaapati
Married to - Archi and Dhishanaa - both Daksh's daughters (Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3)
                    Jayaa and Suprabhaa - both Daksh's daughters (V-Raamaayan, 1/6/21)
Children - 100 weapons (V-Raamaayan, 1/6/21)
               1 son - Dhoomrakesh (from Archi) (Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3)
               4 sons - Vedshiraa, Deval, Vayun, and Manu (from Dhishanaa)
--Jayaa and Suprabhaa gave birth to 100 missiles who are supreme. Jayaa got the Var and begot 50 formless sons to destroy demonic people. They are very brave and courageous. Their job is only to kill Raakshas. Suprabhaa also gave birth to another 50 invincible sons named "Sanhaaran" (Destroyer). Enemy cannot even dare to attack them.

KRISHN - Avataar of Vishnu - Son of Vasudev and Devakee
Married to - 16,108 wives - 8 were His Chief queens
Children - Tens of thousands (10 sons from each wife).
                 Rukminee's son was Pradyumn.
                 Satyabhaamaa's son was Bheem.
                 Jaambvatee's son was Saamb
--He had 8 Chief queens :--
(1) Rukminee - Daughter of Bheeshmak. Married by kidnapping her. She was the part of Lakshmee.
(2) Satyabhaamaa or Satyaa - Daughter of Satraajit (who blamed Krishn to steal Syaamantak Mani). She was born from the part of Bhoo Devee.
(3) Kaalindee - Daughter of Soorya. Did Tap to marry Vishnu, so Krishn married her. [Padm Puraan, 5/45] She was born from Leelaa Devee's part.
(4) Mitravindaa - Daughter of Vasudev's sister Raajaadhidevee. Kidnapped from her Swayamvar. [Padm Puraan, 5/45] says that Mitravindaa was the daughter of Vindaanuvind. He married her by tying 7 difficult bulls with one rope only.

(5) Jaambvatee - Daughter of Jaambvaan. Married after a fight with her father for 27 days. [Padm Puraan, 5/45] says that Krishn fought with Jaambvaan only for 10 days.
(3) Naagnjitee - Daughter of Nagnjit, King of Ayodhyaa. Married by putting rope in seven bulls' nose together
(7) Bhadraa - Daughter of Vasudev's sister Shrutkeerti (married to the king of Kaikaya Desh).
(8) Lakshmanaa - daughter of Brihatsen, King of Madra Pradesh. Married like Draupadee's condition. [Agni Puraan, 27] says that she was the Princess of Gaandhaar.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/45] lists His queens like this - Madra's King had three daughters - Sulakshmanaa, Naagnjitee, and Susheelaa. These three chose Krishn in their Swayamvar, and Krihn married them the same day. This Krishn had 8 chief queens - (1) Rukminee, (2) Satyabhaamaa, (3) Kaalindee, (4) Mitravindaa, (5) Jaambvatee, (6) Naagnjitee, (7) Sulakshmanaa and (8) Susheelaa.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9] says that Krishn had 10 sons from each of His 16,108 wives.
--[Agni Puraan, 27] gives some other names of His wives - Susheelaa, Maadree, Vijayaa, Kauhalyaa, Jayaa and says that Krishn had 10,080,000 (1 Crore 80 thousand) sons and Yaadav were 30 million (3 Crore) in number.
--Krishn literally means "black" or "the dark complexioned one".
--He is Indra's younger brother. He lived on Prithvi for about 123 years as Krishn Avataar.
--He killed many Raakshas - (1) Pootanaa, (2) Bakaasur, (3) Keshee, (4) Bhaumaasur, (5) Madhu, (6) Chaanoor, (7) Mushtik, (8) Shishupaal, (9) Dantvakra, (10) Kaalyavan, (11) Kans etc, see the full list at MBH, 2-childhood-Krishn.
--[Aangiras, p 110] says that He lived c 1150-1064 BC. The earliest mention of Shree Krishn , the son of Devakee, occurs in Chhandogya Upanishad (3-17-4) wherein Ghor Aangiras, Shree Krishn's teacher, makes a special mention of Shree Krishn saying that Shree Krishn was infallible. He preached "Geetaa" to Arjun in Mahaabhaarat at the wartime which is now the most popular book of the world, maybe after Bible. This sermon was delivered around 1100 BC [means when Krishn was 50 years old]. It was handed down orally for severally centuries until finally around 450 BC, it was ascribed, though not without interpolations. Bhagvad Geetaa was later made the part of Mahaabhaarat, a book which perhaps was written 1,500 years later and expanded to immense size because many unauthorized people continued to contribute to it. MBH deals with the role of Krishn in MBH war between Kaurav and Paandav; while Puraan deal with His life-story.
--His Shankh's name is Paanchjanya. His Saarathee's name is Daaruk. His chariot has four horses, their names are - Shaivya, Sugreev, Meghpushp and Balaahak.
--Read about Him at two places - Bhaagvat Puraan, 10;   and  Mahaabhaarat



Real name of Draupadee

KRITVARMAA - Son of Hridikaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Balee
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9] says - His son Balee was married to Krishn and Rukminee's only daughter Chaarumatee. 
--He fought from Duryodhan's side. He had three brothers also who fought from Duryodhan's side. [Drone, 190]
--Both Saatyaki and Kritvarmaa were from Krishn's family. Saatyaki was the disciple of Arjun, so when the Mahaabhaarat war took place, Saatyaki chose Paandav, but Kritvarmaa chose Duryodhan.

KRITVEERYA - King of Haihaya Vansh
Married to - 
Children - 100 sons - Burned by Chyavan Muni's Shaap
                1 son Kaartveerya Arjun (Sahastraarjun, Sahasbaahu)
--He was living in a Sat Yug of Vaivaswat Manvantar of Varaah Kalp. [Bhavishya Puraan, 4/14] He was a very religious king. He ruled for 70,000 years. When his 100 sons died, he worshipped Shiv and got a Var of getting a son named Kaartveerya.

KRIYAA - 1 of 9 Daughters of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti (Daughter of Manu)
Married to - Kratu (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)
Children - nnn

KRODHVASHAA - 1 of 60 Daughters of Daksh
Married to - Kashyap (1 of 13 wives)
Children - Krodhvash Raakshas

KSHAATRADEV - Prince, Son of Shikhandee, Grandson of Drupad
--Kshaatradev was killed by Drone on 12th day (Drone, 21). [Karn, 6] says that he was killed by Lakshman - Duryodhan's son.

KSHAATRADHARM - Prince of Paanchaal, Son of Dhrishtdyumn, Grandson of Drupad
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was killed by Drone on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war.

Married to - Pulah (1 of Brahmaa's 10 brainchildren)
Children - 2 sons - Sahishnu and Sarvpaadik (or Karmpaadik)
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Pulah and Kshamaa had 2 sons - Sahishnu and Sarvpaadik.

--He fought from Duryodhan's side and was killed by Bheem on 16th day of war - on the first day of Karn's leadership.

KUBER - Yaksh, Son of Maharshi Vishravaa and Idvidaa (Daughter of Bharadwaaj and Trinbindu Apsaraa - 
Daughter of Alambooshaa Apsaraa), Grandson of Maharshi Pulastya; Half brother of Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan and Shoorpanakhaa

Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Nalakoobar and Gandhmaadan
--[Aangiras, p 108] says that his mother's name was Devavarninee, the daughter of the Chief of the Yaksh tribe.
--He was originally named as Vaishravan being the son of Vishravaa.
--[MBH, 5-Udyog Parv-111] gives his one name as Ailaail too.
--He did severe Tap so Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the Digpaal. Brahmaa Jee asked Vishwakarmaa to build a dwelling place for him too. He built golden Lankaa Puree for him so first he lived in Lankaa Puree, then he went to live on Kailaash Parvat after Raavan took it from him.
--He got Pushpak Vimaan also from Brahmaa Jee, but Raavan took that also when he won Kuber.
--He lives in Alakaa Puree and his garden's name is Chitrarath.

--She was a hunchbacked woman in Mathuraa. She was cured by Krishn when He was invited by Kans for Dhanush Yagya and was roaming in the streets of Mathuraa. Later He went to her house also. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u14]

KUHOO - Daughter of Maya Daanav  [Padm Puraan, 1/7]
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn


KUMBH - Raakshas, Son of Kumbhkarn
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had a brother also named Nikumbh. Both were killed in Raam-Raavan war.

KUMBHAJ      see      AGASTYA

KUMBHEENASEE - Raakshas woman, Daughter of Sumaalee and Ketumatee (Daughter of Narmadaa - a Gandharv woman)
Married to - Madhu Daitya
Children - 1 son - Lavanaasur
--Kumbheenasee was Raavan's mother Kaikasee's real sister. She had three sisters and 10 brothers. She was renowned for her beauty and later she retired to the sea for penance.
--Madhu abducted Kumbheenasee. When Raavan came to know about this he went there to fight with Madhu, but Kumbheenasee requested him not make her widow. Then he extended friendship with him and took him on world victory with him.

KUMBHKARN - Raakshas, Son of Vishravaa and Kaikasee, Grandson of Pulastya Rishi
Married to - Vajrajwaalaa (Daughter of Bali - Granddaughter of Virochan)
Children - 2 sons - Kumbh nad Nikumbh
--Had 2 brothers - Raavan and Vibheeshan; and 1 sister Shoorpanakhaa. 
--When he went to do Tap with his brothers, he asked the Var of long sleep. Brahmaa got very happy to hear this. He immediately gave this Var to him and went away. Later Raavan got this term relaxed as six month of sleep and 1 day of waking up for eating food. It is said that he used to sleep so sound that a noise at high pitch and shaking him fiercely was necessary to wake him up.
--He was killed by Raam. His both sons were also killed in Raam-Raavan war.

KUNTEE - Princess, Daughter of Shoorsen (Given to Kuntibhoj)
Married to - Paandu
Children - 3 sons - Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun
--She was the daughter of king Shoorsen and the sister of Vasudev, given to Kuntibhoj - Shoorsen's cousin and friend.. 
-- Her name was Prithaa, but in Kuntibhoj's house she was called Kuntee.
--[MBH, G-1/9] says that her father's grandfather (great grandfather) was a Naag named Aryak.

KUNTIBHOJ - King from Yaadav Vansh
Married to - nnn
Children - 10 sons (killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day)
                1 daughter - Kuntee (adopted from Shoorsen, married to Paandu)
--He was known as Purujit also. He didn't have a child, so Shoorsen gave his daughter Prithaa to him. There she was named Kuntee.

KURU - King, Son of Sanvaran and Tapatee
Married to - Vaahinee
Children - 5 sons - (1) Avikshit, (2) Bhavishyant, (3) Chaitrarath, (4) Muni, and (5) Janamejaya.
--He was in Dushyant's son Bharat's lineage - Bharat ->Bhumanyu ->Suhotra ->Ajmeedh ->Riksh -> Sanvaran ->Kuru. He was the one who made Kurukshetra holy by his austere Tap.

KUSHDHWAJ - King, Brother of Seeradhwaj (Raajaa Janak)
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 daughters - Maandavee (Married to Bharat), Shrutkeerti (Married to Shatrughn)
--His both sons-in-law were the sons of king Dashrath.

Married to - nnn
Children - 1 daughter - Ved Vatee
--Ved Vatee was doing Tap, when Raavan came and tried to have her forcefully. She didn't give her Shaap but immolated herself because she wanted to have Vishnu as her husband. It is believed that she was born as Seetaa to take revenge from him.

Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Gaadhi (Vishwaamitra's father)

KUTS - Rishi
Married to - Daughter of Kardam Rishi
Children - 1 son - Vats (also known as Mrigshring)
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1] lists the names of his all nine daughters and their husbands along with their children, but does not list the name of Kuts there.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/32] says that Kuts Rishi lived in Sat Yug of Rathantar Kalp. He was the son of Brahmaa Jee and he married Kardam Rishi's daughter, but it does not give the name of the daughter to whom he married. He had a son from her named Vats who came to be known as Mrigshring. How he was called Mrigshring, on the same page it is written - "Vats again said - "Hey Deveshwar, I am the son of Kuts Muni, then why did you address me as Mrigshring?" Bhagavaan said - "Brahman, When you were doing Tapasyaa here, whoever Mrig (deer) used to come here to drink water, they rubbed their Shring (horns) against your body fearlessly, that is why Muni here call you Mrigshring. From today, all will call you Mrigshring."

KUVALAYAAPEED - Kans' Elephant
--He was brought to kill Krishn but Krishn killed him and gave him Mukti. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u14]


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