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8-Agni Puraan

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8-Sarg (Creation)

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8-Sarg (Creation)
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 20, p 33-34

Sarg (Creation)

Sarg (Creation)

Agni Dev said - "Muni, Before Prakriti, Mahat Tattwa was created, consider it as Braahm Sarg. Secondly Tanmaatraa were created, that is called Bhoot Sarg. Third one is Vaikaarik (Saatwik) creation, this is called Aindriyak Sarg. Thus this Praakrit Sarg is of three types, which has been manifested by Mind.

The fourth type of creation is called Mukhya Sarg - Mukhya means Sthaavar (immovable - trees, mountains etc). Tiryak-strotaa is the cause of the creation of animals and birds, this is called Tairyagyonya Sarg, and this is the fifth Sarg. Creation of the creatures who live above is called Dev Sarg, and this is the sixth Sarg. After this Arvaak-strotaa were created, this is the seventh Sarg - Maanav Sarg. The eighth Sarg is Anugraha Sarg - this Sarg is Saatwik as well as Taamas. These last five Sarg (Sarg 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) are Vaikrit Sarg, and the first three Sarg are Praakrit Sarg. Praakrit Sarg, Vaikrit Sarg and the ninth one Kaumaar Sarg - these nine Sarg appeared from Brahmaa Jee. These are the root causes of this Universe.

Daksh's Khyaati etc daughters were married to Bhrigu etc Maharshi. Some people consider three types of creation - Nitya (Daily), Naimittik (Causal), and Praakrit. Who takes birth and die daily, that is called Nitya Sarg. Bhrigu produced two sons and one daughter from his wife Khyaati - Dhaataa and Vidhaataa and Lakshmee who became the wife of Vishnu. Dhaataa had the son Praan, and Vidhaataa had Mrikandu. Mrikandu's son was Maarkandeya and Maarkandeya's son was Vedshiraa.

Mareechi and Sambhooti had the son named Paurnmaas; and Angiraa and Smriti had several sons and 4 daughters - Sineevaalee, Kuhoo, Raakaa, and Anumati. Atri and Anasooyaa had Som, Dattaatreya and Durvaasaa as their sons. Dattaatreya was a great Yogee. Pulatya and his wife Preeti had the son named Dattoli. Pulah and his wife Kshamaa had Sahishnu and Sarvpaadik sons (at some places the name is found as Karmpaadik). Vashishth and Oorjaa (or Oorjaswati) had 7 Rishi as their sons - Raajaa, Gaatra, Oordhwabaahu, Savan, Anagh, Shukra and Sutapaa.

Swaahaa and Agni had Paavak, Pavamaan and Shuchi named sons.

Aj had Agnishvaatt, Barhishad, Anagni and Saagni named Pitar. Pitar and Swadhaa had 2 daughters - Mainaa and Vaidhaarinee.

Adharm got married to Hinsaa and had 1 son named Amrit and 1 daughter named Nikriti. Amrit and Nikriti got married to each other and gave birth to Bhaya and Narak. Bhaya married to Maayaa and Narak married to Vedanaa. Bhaya and Maayaa gave birth to Mrityu; and Narak and Vedanaa gave birth to Dukh. And Mrityu gave birth to Vyaadhi (disease), Jaraa (old age), Shok (grief), Trishnaa (dissatisfaction) and Krodh (anger).

A weeping baby was born from Brahmaa Jee. He got known as Rudra because of weeping (Royaa). Brahmaa Jee called him by Bhav, Eeshaan, Pashupati, Bheem, Ugra, Mahaadev etc names. Rudra's wife Satee got angry at her father Daksh and left her body. Then she was born to Himvaan as his daughter and became the wife of Shankar Jee.

At one time, Naarad Jee told about the method of worshipping Devtaa. Many followed that method and attained pleasures and Moksh.



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