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8-Agni Puraan

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9-Bhuvan Kosh

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9-Bhuvan Kosh
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 107-108, p 232-234

Bhuvan Kosh, Swaayambhuv Sarg, Prithvi

Bhuvan Kosh

Agni Dev said - "Hey Vashishth, Now I will tell you about Bhuvan Kosh and Prithvi etc Dweep. [Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad.] Priyavrat had 10 sons - (1) Aagneedhra, (2) Agnibaahu, (3) Vapushmaan, (4) Dyutimaan, (5) Medhaa, (6) Medhaatithi, (7) Bhavya, (8) Savan, (9) Kshaya and (10) Jyotishmaan. Priyavrat gave them 7 Dweep (islands) - (1) Jamboo Dweep to Aagneedhra, (2) Shaalmali Dweep to Vapushmaan, (3) Kraunch Dweep to Dyutimaan, (4) Plaksh Dweep to Medhaatithi, (5) Shaak Dweep to Bhavya, (6) Pushkar Dweep to Savan, and (7) Kush Dweep to Jyotishmaan. [The remaining 3 sons, Agnibaahu, Medhaa and Kshaya) did not get any independent Dweep.]

Aagneedhra divided his huge Jamboo Dweep into nine Varsh (parts) -
Him Varsh (Bhaarat Varsh) to Naabhi,
Hemkoot Varsh to Kimpurush,
Naishadh Varsh to Harivarsh,
Ilaavrit Varsh to Ilaavrit,
Ramyak Varsh to Ramyak,
Shwet Varsh to Hiranyavaan,
Uttar Kuru Varsh to Kuru,
Bhadraashwa Varsh to Bhadraashwa, and
Ketumaal Varsh to Ketumaal.

He went to forest after distributing his kingdom like this and then to Vishnu Lok after doing Tap in Shaalgraam area. Hey Muni, in Kimpurush etc 8 Varsh there are lots of comforts and pleasures and one can get them without any efforts. There is no fear of old age and death there, nor there is any distinction between good and bad. All are equal there and Yug does not change there. Him Varsh ruler Naabhi had a son named Rishabh Dev,

Rishabh Dev had the son Bharat - Bhaarat Varsh is on his name.
Bharat had the son Sumati
Sumati had the son Indradyumn
Indradyumn had the son Parameshthee
Parameshthee had the son Pratihaar
Pratihaar had the son Pratihartaa
Pratihartaa had the son Bhava
Bhava had the son Udgeeth
Udgeeth had the son Prastaar
Prastaar had the son Vibhu
Vibhu had the son Prithu

Prithu had the son Nakt
Nakt had the son Gaya
Gaya had the son Nar
Nar had the son Viraat
Viraat's son was Mahaaveerya
Mahaaveerya's son was Dheemaan
Dheemaan's son was Mahaant
Mahaant's son was Manasyu
Manasyu's son was Twashtaa
Twashta''s son was Viraj
Viraj's son was Raj
Raj's son was Shatajit
Shatajit had 100 sons - Vishwajyoti was the main and he increased the population of Bhaarat Varsh."

Bhuvan Kosh and Prithvi

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth, Jamboo, Plaksh, Shaalmali, Kush, Kraunch, Shaak and Pushkar - these 7 Dweep are surrounded by salty water, Ikshu juice, liquor, Ghee, yogurt, milk and sweet water respectively. Jamboo Dweep is located in the middle of these Dweep. In the center of Jamboo Dweep, there is Meru Parvat. Its 84,000 Yojan wide. It is 16,000 Yojan deep inside Prithvi. On the upper side it is 32,000 Yojan wide. Thus this mountain is like the center part of lotus flower on Prithvi.

To its South are Himvaan, Hemkoot and Nishadh; in its North are Neel, Shwet and Shringee named Varsh mountains. Among them the two central mountains - Nishadh and Neel, each are 100,000 Yojan wide. The other mountains are less 10,000 Yojan from them. They all are each 2,000 Yojan wide and high.

To the South of Meru Parvat, the first Varsh is Bhaarat Varsh, the second one is Kimpurush Varsh and the third one is Hari Varsh. To the North of Meru Parvat ae Ramyak, Hiranyamaya, and Uttar Kuru Varsh which is like Bhaarat Varsh. Each of them is 9,000 Yojan wide and in the center of them is Ilaavrit Varsh, in which the gold mountain Sumeru Parvat is stnding. Around Sumeru Parvat are 4 mountains - Mandaraachal in East, Gandhmaadan in the South, Vipul in West, and Supaarshwa is in North. These all mountains are 10,000 Yojan wide each. On these mountains, there are Kadamb, Jamboo, Peepal and banyan trees - each 1,100 Yojan wide. Because of Jamboo tree, Jamboo Dweep is called Jamboo Dweep. Its fruits are as big as elephant. Its juice forms a river and from it comes out Jaamboonad gold.

In the East of Meru Parvat, there is Bhadraashwa Varsh and in its West is Ketumaal Varsh And to its East is Chaitrarath, to its South is Gandhmaadan, to its West is Viabhraaj, and to its North is Nandan Van. In the same way there are 4 ponds in East etc directions - Arunod, Mahaabhadra, Sheetod, and Maanas. Brahmaa Jee lives on Sumeru Parvat. It is 14,000 Yojan wide. Around it are the cities of 4 Lokpaal. Gangaa comes out from the same Brahm Puree. In the East Sheetaa (Seetaa) River comes out from Bhadraashwa Parvat and falls in the sea. In the same way Alaknandaa comes to South in Bhaarat Varsh and falls in the sea dividing herself in 7 streamlets. Chakshu goes to Western sea and Bhadraa falls in the sea crossing Uttar Kuru Varsh.

Maalyavaan and Gandhmaadan Parvat are spread towards North and South till Neelaachal and Nishadh Parvat. In the middle of them is Meru Parvat. On the outer side of these bordering mountains are Bhaarat Varsh, Ketumaal Varsh, Bhadraashwa Varsh and Uttar Kuru Varsh. Jathar and Devakoot are the bordering mountains. They go up to Neel and Nishadh Parvat in North and South directions. Towards Eat and West, Gandhmaadan and Kailaash - these two mountains are extended up to 80,000 Yojan. Like East, to the West of Meru Parvat there are two bordering mountains - Nishadh and Paariyaatra which are spread into the sea.

Towards North, there are Trishring and Rudhir named mountains. These two mountains have gone inside the sea towards East and West sides. Thus Jathar etc bordering mountains beautify the surroundings of Meru Parvat. Lakshmee, Vishnu, Agni and Soorya etc Devtaa have their cities in the ranges in the middle of these mountains. Although they are on Prithvi, still they are like Swarg. Sinful souls cannot enter these places.

In Bhadraashwa Varsh, Vishnu Bhagavaan lives in Hayagreev form,
In Ketumaal Varsh, Vishnu Bhagavaan lives in Varaah form,
In Bhaarat Varsh, Vishnu Bhagavaan lives in Koorm (tortoise) form
In Uttar Kuru Varsh, Vishnu Bhagavaan lives in Fish form.
Thus He is worshipped everywhere.

In Kimpurush etc 8 Varsh, there is no hunger, no fear, no sorrow, nothing. There people live for 24,000 years. They do not have Sat or Tretaa etc Yug, nor they have any rains. They have only Paarthiv (natural) water. In each of these Varsh there are 7 Kulaachal Parvat. Hundreds of rivers flow from them. Now I will tell you about the Teerth of Bhaarat Varsh.



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