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8-Agni Puraan

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7-Creation of the Universe

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7-Creation of the Universe
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 17-19, p 28-33

Creation of the Universe; Manu's Lineage;

Creation of the Universe

Agni Dev said - "Brahman, Now I will tell you about the Creation. Only Hari is the Creator of Swarg etc. Both Creation and Pralaya are His forms only. Only He is Nir-Gun, only He is Sa-Gun. In the beginning, there was only Brahm. At that time there was neither sky, nor any day or night. When the time of Creation came He deformed (Vikrit, or Kshubdh) Prakriti, this cause the appearance of Mahat-Tattwa. From Mahat-Tattwa appeared Ahankaar. This Ahankaar is of three types - Vaikaarik (Saatwik), Taijas (Raajas), and Bhoot etc (Taamasik). From Taamas Ahankaar appeared Shabd Tanmaatraa (sound) Aakaash (Sky); from Aakaash appeared touch Tanmaatraa (touch) Vaayu (Air); from Vaayu appeared Roop Tanmaatraa (form) Agni (Fire); from Agni appeared Ras Tanmaatraa (taste) Jal (Water); and from Jal appeared Gandh Tanmaatraa (smell) Prithvi (Earth). All this is the Creation from Taamas Ahankaar. Indriyaan (senses) have appeared from Taijas (Raajas) Ahankaar; and the Lords of the 10 Indriyaan 10 Devtaa and the 11th Indriya Man (mind) and its Devtaa - they are the Creation of Vaikaarik (Saatwik) Ahankaar.

After these, Bhagavaan first created Jal (Water) and established His Power (Veerya) in it. Jal is called "Naar", because it is born from Nar (human being). Naar was the Ayan (dwelling place) in the beginning, that is why Bhagavaan is called Naaraayan. The Power which Hari established in Jal, appeared there in the form of an egg.  Brahmaa himself appeared from that egg, that is what we have heard. Bhagavaan Hiranyagarbh stayed in that egg for 1 year, then He divided it in two parts - Dyu Lok and Bhoo Lok Prithvi). Between these two parts He created Aakaash (sky). He kept Prithvi on the Water and divided 10 directions.

After this Prajaapati created Kaal (Time), Man (Mind), Vaanee (Speech), Kaam (Desires), Krodh (Anger), and Rati (Sexual desire). Later he created lightening, Vajra, clouds, rainbow, birds, and Parjanya (Indra). Then he created Rig, Yaju and Saam Ved from his mouth to do Yagya. Saadhya Gan then did Yagya for Devtaa. He created all small and big Bhoot, Sanat Kumaar, and a Rudra from his anger. Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, and Vashishth appeared from Brahmaa's mind. They and Rudra Gan created people. Brahmaa Jee divided himself in two parts - his half part became a man and the other half became a woman and from that woman he created people. These man and woman were Manu and Shataroopaa and only they created human beings."

Manu's Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad, and one beautiful girl - Devahooti. Devahooti became the wife of Kardam Rishi. Priyavrat had two sons named Kukshi and Viraat. Uttaanpaad also had two sons - Uttam from Suruchi and Dhruv from Suneeti. Dhruv did Tapasyaa for 3,000 Divine years. Pleased with his Tap, Hari gave him an immovable place in front of Saptarshi - Dhruv Taaraa (Polar Star). Dhruv had two sons from his wife Shambhu - Shlisht and Bhavya. Shlisht had five sons - Ripu, Ripunjaya, Pushya, Vrikal, and Vriktejaa from Suchchhaayaa. Ripu had two sons - Chaakshush and Sarvtejaa from Brihatee.

Chaakshush married the daughter of Veeran Prajaapati - Pushkarinee and had the son named Manu. Manu had 10 sons from Nadvalaa - (1) Ooru, (2) Pooru, (3) Shatadyumn, (4) Tapaswee, (5) Satyavaak, (6) Kavi, (7) Agnishtut, (8) Atiraatra, (9) Sudyumn, and (10) Abhimanyu. Ooru had six sons from Aagneyee - (1) Ang, (2) Sumanaa, (3) Swaati, (4) Kratu, (5) Angiraa and (6) Gaya. Ang had one son - Vane from Suneethaa. He used to commit sins all the time so Muni killed him with Kush and churned his right arm to get a son. A son named Prithu appeared from it. He appeared along with bow and Kavach (armor) and started protecting people as he appeared. He was the first King among the kings who did Raajsooya Yagya. He was known as "Raajaa" because of entertaining his public. He milked Prithvi to increase production of grains. Then Prithvi gave her milk to all according to their desire so that they were able to live.

King Prithu had two sons - Antardhi (or Antardhaan) and Paalit. Antardhi had the son Havirdhaan from Shikhandinee. Havirdhaan had six sons from Agni's daughter Dhishanaa - Praacheenbarhish, Shukra, Gaya, Krishn, Vrij, and Ajin. Praacheenbarhish had 10 sons from Samudra's daughter Savarnaa. They all were called Prachetaa Gan. They all were skilled in archery. They all, observing their Dharm alike, did Tap in Samudra for 10,000 years. Then Vishnu bestowed them with the Var of being Prajaapati. At that time the whole Prithvi was covered with dense forests. They emitted fire and water from their mouth and burnt all trees. Seeing this destruction of trees, Som came to Prachetaa and said to them - "Please, Be calm, These trees will offer you a girl named Maarishaa. She is the daughter of Kandu Rishi and Pramlochaa Apsaraa. She is born in the form of the sweat drop. I have brought her up myself. She will give birth to Daksh who will increase the number of people." Prachetaa took that girl. She had a son named Daksh. Then Daksh produced movable, immovable, two-feet, four-feet creatures mentally and in the end he produced many girls.

Among those many girls, he gave 10 girls to Dharm Raaj, 13 girls to Kashyap Jee, 27 girls to Chandramaa, 4 girls to Arishtnemi, 2 girls to Bahuputra and 2 girls to Angiraa (10+13+27+4+2+2=59 girls) Before the Creation was by the means of mind, but after this the Creation got started by mating. These girls produced Devtaa, Naag etc.

Dharm Sarg - Dharm and his 10 wives produced - (1) Vishwaa named wife gave birth Vishwedev; (2) Saadhyaa gave birth to Saadhya Dev; (3) Marutwatee gave birth to Marutwaan Padm Puraan, 1/23 gives the names of 22 Marutwaan) and all pleasures; (4) Vasu gave birth to Vasu Gan; (5) Bhaanu gave birth to Bhaanu; (6) Muhoortaa gave birth to Muhoort; (7) Lambaa gave birth to Ghosh; (8) Yaami gave birth to Naagveethee daughter; (9) Sankalpaa gave birth to all Sankalp.

Vasu Gan are 8 in number - (1) Aap, (2) Dhruv, (3) Som, (4) Dhar, (5) Anil, (6) Anal, (7) Pratyoosh, and (8) Prabhaas. Aap's sons were Vaitandya, Shram, Shaant, and Muni. Dhruv's son was Kaal (Time) who brings end to the Universe. Som's son was Varchaa. Dhar had Dravin, Hutahvyavaha, Shishir, Praan and Raman from Manoharaa. Anil's son was Purojava. And Anal's son was Avigyaat. Agni's son was Kumaar who was born on the pile of reeds. After him were born Shaakh, Vishaakh, and Naigmeya named sons. Because of born from Krittikaa, Kumaar is known as Kaartikeya also. Krittikaa's other son was Sanatkumaar. Pratyoosh had the son named Deval. Prabhaas' son was Vishwakarmaa. Vishwakarmaa was the architect of Devtaa and used to build many things.

Surabhi, married to Kashyap, gave birth to 11 Rudra - (1) Har, (2) Bahuroop, (3) Tryambak, (4) Aparaajit, (5) Vrishaakapi, (6) Shambhu, (7) Kapardee, (8) Raivat, (9) Mrigvyaadh, (10) Sarp, and (11) Kapaalee - these 11 Rudra are chief Rudra, otherwise there are hundreds and thousands of Rudra. Satee gave birth to 4 sons - Ajaikpaad, Ahirbudhnya, Twashtaa, and Rudra. Twashtaa's son was Vishwaroop. Chandramaa had 8 sons from his 27 Nakshatra wives."

[We have never heard that Rudra were born from Surabhi. Surabhi was the mother of cows etc, and Rudra were born from Brahmaa and a woman whom Brahmaa created from his half body. She came to him assuming the form of Surabhi. Padm Puraan doesn't give their names.]

Kashyap's Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Hey Muni, Now I tell you about the children of Kashyap Jee, born from Aditi etc Daksh's daughters. There were 12 Tushit Devtaa in Chaakshush Manvantar, the same Devtaa were born as Aditi's sons in Vaivaswat Manvantar. They were called 12 Aaditya, their names are - (1) Vishnu, (2) Sakra (Indra), (3) Twashtaa, (4) Dhaataa, (5) Aryamaa, (6) Pooshaa, (7) Vivaswaan, (8) Savitaa, (9) Mitra, (10) Varun, (11) Bhag and (12) Anshu.

[The names of these 12 Aaditya match exactly with the list of Aaditya's names given in Harivansh, Harivansh Parv, ch 3, 60-61.]

Arishtnemi's 4 wives gave birth to 16 children. Bahuputra's 2 wives gave birth to 4 types of lightening - Kapilaa, Lohitaa etc. Angiraa Muni's 2 wives gave birth to Richaas; and Krishaashwa also had Divine weapons for Devtaa from his two wives.

[Harivansh, 3/65; Raamaayan, Baal Kaand, 8/28; and Matsya Puraan, 6/6 also say that all Divine weapons are the children of Krishaashwa.]

As Soorya Dev rises and sets in the sky daily, Devtaa also are born and die in every Kalp.

[Harivansh, Harivansh Parv, 3/66; and Matsya Puraan, 6/7 also support this.]

Kashyap's another wife Diti gave birth to 2 sons - Hiranyakashyap amd Hiranyaaksh, and 1 daughter Sinhikaa who was married to Viprachitti named Daanav. She gave birth to Raahu etc sons. Hiranyakashyap had 4 sons - Hlaad, Anuhlaad, Prahlaad and Sanhlaad. Hlaad's son was Hrad. Sanhlaad had 2 sons - Shibi and Baashkal. Prahlaad's son was Virochan; and Virochan's son was Bali. Bali had 100 sons, among them Baan (Baanaasur) was the eldest. In an earlier Kalp, Baanaasur got a boon from Shiv Jee by pleasing him with his penance, that "I will be wandering around you." Hiranyaaksh had 5 sons - Shambar, Shakuni, Dwimoordhaa, Shanku and Aarya.

Kashyap's another wife Danu had 100 sons. Among them Swarbhaanu's daughter was Suprabhaa, Pulomaa Daanav's daughter was Shachee; Upadaanav's daughter was Hayashiraa; and Vrishparvaa's daughter was Sharmishthaa. Vaishwaanar had 2 daughters - Pulomaa and Kaalakaa, both were married to Kashyap Jee. Both of them millions of sons.

There were 40 million Daitya named Nivaatkavach in Prahlaad's Vansh.

Kashyap's wife Taamraa gave birth to 6 sons. Besides them Kaakee, Shenee, Bhaasee, Gridhrikaa and Shuchigreevaa were also Kashyap Jee's wives. They gave birth to Kaak (crows) etc birds. Taamraa's son were horses and camels. Vinataa had 2 sons - Arun and Garud. Surasaa gave birth to thousands of snakes; and Kadru also gave birth to thousands of Naag - Shesh, Vaasuki, Takshak etc. Krodhvashaa gave birth to the snakes with biting teeth. Surabhi gave birth to cows, and buffalos etc animals. Iraa gave birth to straws. Khasaa gave birth to Yaksh and Raakshas; and Muni gave birth to Apsaraa. Thus all kinds of Sthaavar and Jangam (immovable and movable) creatures were the descendents of Kashyap Jee.

All of them had innumerable sons. Devtaa won Daitya in war, so Diti pleased Kashyap Jee with her services after the killing of her sons and asked for a son who could kill Indra. She became pregnant. When she was observing her vow, she slept without washing her feet. Indra found this and he entered her womb and broke her fetus into pieces. [Because of observing the vow, the fetus did not die] but was divided in 49 pieces. Those pieces became 49 Marut Devtaa. Brahmaa Jee gave kingdom to Prithu and others too but the King of all kings is only Hari.

Chandramaa became the Lord of herbs; Varun became the Lord of water; Kuber became the King of kings; Vishnu became the Lord of 12 Aaditya; Paavak (Agni, or Fire) became the Lord of Vasu; Indra was the Lord of Marut Gan; Daksh was the Lord of Prajaapati and Prahlaad became the Lord of Daanav; Yam Raaj became the Lord of Pitar; and Shiv became the Lord of Bhoot (ghosts etc); Himvaan became the Lord of all mountains; and Saagar (sea) became the Lord of all rivers. Gandharvs' Lord was Chitrarath; Naag's Lord was Vaasuki; snakes' Lord was Takshak; birds' Lord was Garud; elephants' Lord was Airaavat; bull became the Lord of all cows; wild animals. Sudhanvaa was the guard of East direction, Shankhpad was the guard of South direction, Ketumaan was the guard of West direction, and Hiranyaromaa became the guard of North direction.

This is the Pratisarg.



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