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8-Agni Puraan

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6-Mahaabhaarat Kathaa

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6-Mahaabhaarat Kathaa
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 13-15, p 23-27

Mahaabhaarat Kathaa in brief

Mahaabhaarat Kathaa

Agni Dev said - "Now I will tell you the story of Mahaabhaarat which shows the glory of Krishn. In this one Krishn killed many Kshatriya through Paandav. Brahmaa's son was Atri, Atri's son was Chandramaa, Chandramaa's son was Budh and Budh had the son named Pururavaa from Ilaa. Pururavaa had the son named Aayu, Aayu had the son named Nahush, Nahush had the son named Yayaati, and Yayaati had the son named Pooru. In Pooru Vansh, there was Bharat and in Bharat Vansh there was the King Kuru. In Kuru Vansh there was the King Shaantanu. Shaantanu had one son named Bheeshm from Gangaa, and two more sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya from Satyavatee. After Shaantanu had died, Bheeshm brought up his two younger brothers remaining Brahmchaaree. Chitraangad was killed by a Gandharv named Chitraangad and Bheeshm brought two maidens from Kaashee - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, for Vichitraveerya after defeating his oppositions. After a while Vichitraveerya also died from tuberculosis. Then by the order of Satyavatee, Vyaas Jee produced two sons from their widows - Dhritraashtra from Ambikaa and Paandu from Ambaalikaa. Dhritraashtra had 100 sons from Gaandhaaree, among whom Duryodhan was the eldest.

Paandu lived in forest. He died of a Rishi's Shaap near Shatshring Muni's Aashram because of meeting his wife. The Rishi's Shaap was like this whenever he would meet his wife he would die. So by his order, Kuntee had Yudhishthir from Dharm Raaj, Bheem from Pavan Dev, and Arjun from Indra Dev. Maadree also had Nakul and Sahadev from Ashwinee Kumaar. Once he met his wife Maadree and he died instantly. Maadree became Satee with him. While Kuntee was unmarried, she had a son from Soorya Dev - Karn. He lived under the protection of Duryodhan.

By God's wish Paandav and Kaurav became each other's enemy. Duryodhan was very wicked. He tried to burn Paandav in Laakshaa Grih, but they escaped that safely with their mother. From there they lived in Ekchakraa Nagaree assuming the form of Braahman. There they killed Bak named Raakshas (Bakaasur) and went to Paanchaal Desh where Draupadee's Swayamvar was going to be held. Arjun pierced the eye of the fish and all five Paandav were married to Draupadee. This disclosed the secret of Paandav's being alive. So Paandav got their share of half kingdom from Duryodhan. Arjun got Divine Gaandeev bow and a Divine chariot from Agni Dev. They had Krishn as their Saarathee in war. They received Brahmaastra and other indestructible arrows from Drone. All Paandav were skilled in all types of knowledge. Arjun satisfied Agni Dev by stopping rains sent by Indra on Khaandav Van. Yudhishthir started ruling and performed Raajsooya Yagya. Duryodhan got envious seeing their prosperity. He conspired with his brother Dushaasan, Maamaa Shakuni and friend Karn and arranged a dice game with Paandav. Paandav lost everything in that game and went to forest.

Paandav Go to Van

There they spent 12 years according to their promise. There also they fed many Braahman daily. Once they satisfied Durvaasaa Muni with 88,000 Rishi. They were accompanied with their wife Draupadee and Purohit Dhaumya Rishi also. After they had passed 12 years, they went to Viraat Nagar. There Yudhishthir started living secretly as Kank Braahman. Bheem worked there as cook. Arjun named himself Brihannalaa, and Draupadee lived in the inner apartments as Sairandhree. In the same way, Nakul and Sahadev also changed their names. Bheemsen killed Keechak because he wanted to molest Draupadee. Once Kaurav abducted Viraat's cows, Arjun defeated them. At that time Kaurav recognized them. Arjun had a son from Krishn's sister Subhadraa. Raajaa Viraat married his daughter Uttaraa to him.

Yudhishthir got ready with 7 Akshauhinee army to fight with Kaurav. First Krishn went to Kaurav as "Peace Messenger". He said to Duryodhan who had 11 Akshauhinee army - "Raajan, You give half kingdom to Yudhishthir, or give them five villages, otherwise be ready for war." Duryodhan said - "I will not give them any land, even equal to a needle tip. I will wage war." and got ready to imprison Krishn. At that time He frightened Duryodhan by showing His Vishwaroop. Then Vidur took Him to his own house and showed his hospitality towards Him. He then came back to Yudhishthir and said - "You may wage war against them."


Agni Dev said - "Both armies came to the battlefield. Arjun got sad seeing Bheeshm, Drone etc elderly people standing opposite him for fighting. Krishn said to him - "Paarth, Bheeshm etc elderly people are not worthy to be sad. Human body is mortal, but the soul never dies. This soul is Par Brahm. "I am Brahm" you should think about soul in this way. Be Sthitpragya whether your action is successful or not, do your duties of Kshatriya Dharm based on Karm Yog." Then Arjun got on the chariot and blew his conch.

In Duryodhan's army, Bheeshm Pitaamaha was the first Army Genearal, while Paandav's Army General was Shikhandee. This fierce war continued for 10 days, and during these days, Bheeshm killed  most of  the warriors of Paandav's army. On the 10th day Arjun and Shikhandee rained arrows on Bheeshm. Bheeshma had the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu. On the order of vasu Devtaa, he showed the path of war and he himself got ready to go to Vasu Lok and slept on the bed of arrows. Now Aachaarya Drone became the Army General of Kaurav army, and Dhrishtdyumn got appointed the Army General of Paandav army. Viraat, Drupad etc kings were killed at this time. Then he heard a voice "Ashwatthaamaa is killed." and he kept his weapons. At the same time Dhrishtdyumn hit many arrows at him and he was killed . He died on the 5th day of his Generalship. After that came Karn. Karn also killed many but he was also killed by Arjun next day. Now Shalya was appointed the Army General. He was killed the same day by Yudhishthir.

Duryodhan's all army was killed in this war. In the last he fought with Bheem and Bheem killed him too. Duryodhan's other younger brothers were also killed by Bheem. On the 18th day of war, in the night, Ashwtthaamaa killed Paandav's 1 Akshauhinee army, Draupadee's five sons, her brother Dhrishtdyumn and other people of Paanchaal. Draupadee cried for her sons, so Arjun defeated Ashwatthaamaa by an arrow of a Seenk (very thin stick) only and took his Mani (jewel) from his forehead. (Draupadee herself pardoned him) In spite of this, that wicked Ashwatthaamaa used Astra on Uttaraa's womb. The fetus was almost burned but Krishn gave him life, the same child was known as Pareekshit.

Only 3 people remained alive in this war from Kaurav's side - Kritvarmaa, Kripaachaarya and Ashwatthaamaa; while 7 people remained alive from Paandav'a side - 5 Paandav, Saatyaki and Krishn. At that time all widows etc women were crying. Yudhishthir consoled them, offered them Jalaanajali, and donated money for them. After this Yudhishthir went to Bheeshm and took lessons on Dharm. Later he took control of the throne and did Ashwamedh Yagya. He donated lots of wealth to Braahman. Later Arjun came back from Dwaarakaa and told him he incident of Moosal, that how all Yaadav had died by the Shaap of Braahman. Yudhishthir coronated Pareekshit on the throne and went away to Swarg Lok."

Destruction of Yadu Kul and Paandav Go to Swarg

Agni Dev said - "Brahman, When Yudhishthir sat on the throne, Dhritraashtra went to forest. Gaandhaaree and Prithaa also went with him. Vidur Jee got burnt in a fire. Thus Krishn killed many Raakshas through Kaurav-Paandav war, and He killed Yaadav Kul also through Braahman's Shaap and Moosal (pestle). He coronated Vajra, Aniruddh's son, and He went to Swarg from Prabhaas Kshetra. Balabhadra was the incarnation of Shesh Naag, so he went to Paataal. When Hari went away, Samudra sank Dwaarakaa Nagaree leaving His own palace. Arjun offered Jalaanjali to dead Yaadav and donated money for them. The he took Krishn's wives who were Apsaraa before and appeared in human form because Ashtaavakra's Shaap, to Hastinaapur. On the way some milkmen insulted Arjun with sticks only and took away all the women. This also happened because of Ashtaavakra's Shaap.

This grieved Arjun very much. Maharshi Vyaas consoled him saying that he had all this strength because of Krishn. He came to Hastinaapur and told everything to Yudhishthir. He said to him - "See, These are the same arrows, the same bow, and the same horses, but without Krishn all are useless as the donation given to some unworthy person." Hearing this, Yudhishthir coronated Pareekshit on the throne and he himself proceeded to go to Swarg along with his brothers and Draupadee. One by one Draupadee, Sahadev, Nakul, Arjun, and Bheem fell down. Seeing this Yudhishthir got sad. Then a Vimaan sent by Indra came there and took him to Swarg along with his brothers. There they saw Duryodhan etc Dhritraashtra's all sons and Vaasudev. Seeing them they got very happy.

Thus I told you this story in short. Whoever will read this will be respected in Swarg."



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