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8-Agni Puraan

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5-Krishn Avataar

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5-Krishn Avataar
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 12, p 19-23

Krishn Avataar (Hari Vansh)

Krishn Avataar or Hari Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Now I will tell you about Hari Vansh. Brahmaa was born from the lotus flower grown from Vishnu's naval. Brahmaa had Atri, Atri had Som, Som had Budh, and Budh had Pururavaa as his son. Pururavaa had Aayu, Aayu had Nahush and Nahush had Yayaati as his son. Yayaati's first wife Devayaanee gave birth to two sons - Yadu and Turvasu; and his second wife Sharmishthaa, who was the daughter of Vrishparvaa, gave birth to three sons - Druhyu, Anu, and Puru. The descendents of Yadu were called Yadu Vanshee or Yaadav. Among all of them Bhagavaan Vaasudev was the best. In fact to kill many Raakshas Vishnu incarnated Himself as the son of Vasudev and Devakee.

By the order of Vishnu, Yog Maayaa established 6 fetuses, who were Daitya Hiranyakashyap's sons before, in Devakee's womb. The 7th one was Balabhadra. Since he was pulled from Devakee's womb to Rohinee's womb, he was called Sankarshan and Rauhineya. After that on 8th of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month Krishn appeared at midnight. Vasudev and Devkee worshipped Him and then He changed Himself into a 2-armed baby. Vasudev took Him to the bed of Yashodaa and brought her new-born daughter to Devakee's bed. Hearing the sound of child's cry, Kans came there and in spite of Devakee's request he picked her up and hit her on a stone. He had heard the Aakaashvaanee that Devakee's 8th son will kill him that is why he had killed Devakee's all children. Before she hit the stone, that girl flew in the sky and said - "O Kans, There is no use to kill me, who is going to kill you, he has already come on this Prithvi.", and then disappeared. Hearing this Kans sent Pootanaa to kill new-born babies. Both the children of Vasudev were with Nand in Gokul village.

Once Yashodaa tied Krishn with Ookhal (mortar) with a rope. He took the Ookhal dragging it in between the two Arjun trees. He felt hungry so He started crying by shaking His legs. One time His foot hit the Chhakadaa and it turned over. Pootanaa was ready to kill Him by breastfeeding Him, but Krishn Himself killed her. Later He went to Vrindaa Van and defeated Kaaliya Naag. He asked him to go to sea from Yamunaa. He killed Dhenukaasur and made Taal Van peaceful place. He killed Arishtaasur in Vrishabh (bull) form, and Keshee in Ashwa (horse) form. Then He stopped Indra's worship in Gokul. Indra became angry at this so he sent continuous rains for 7 days and 7 nights. At that time Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left pinkie and sheltered the public under it. At last Indra bowed to Him and named Him "Govind".. Then he requested to take care of his son Arjun. Pleased with this Krishn celebrated Indra's worship.

One day, both brothers went to Mathuraa with Akroor who brought the invitation from Kans. On the way Akroor prayed Him. In Mathuraa, He killed one washerman because he was boasting of himself and took all his clothes. They accepted flower garlands from a gardener. Kans' one maid Kubjaa smeared Him with sandal paste, pleased with her, He made her beautiful and straight. Later He killed Kuvalayaapeed named elephant at the gate of Rangbhoomi and entered the Rangshaalaa. There both killed Chaanoor and Mushtik etc wrestlers. Krishn killed Kans and returned Mathuraa kingdom to Mahaaraaj Ugrasen who became the king of Yadu Vanshees.

Kans had two wives - Asti and Praapti. Both were Jaraasandh's daughters. Jaraasandh surrounded Mathuraa and broke the war with Yadu Vanshee. Krishn and Balaraam defeated Jaraasandh, abandoned Mathuraa and came to Gomant Parvat. There Krishn built Dwaarakaa Nagaree and all Yadu Vanshee started living there. He killed Paundrak also who had named himself as Vaasudev (second Krishn). Then He killed Bhoomi-Putra Narakaasur and married imprisoned girls from Devtaa, Gandharv and Yaksh etc. Krishn had 16,008 wives; and among them Rukminee etc were His chief wives.

After killing Narakaasur, Krishn went to Swarg Lok with Satyabhaamaa. There He defeated Indra and brought Mani Parvat along with jewels and Paarijaat Vriksh and established them in the palace of Satyabhaamaa to please her. He got educated in weaponry from Saandeepan Muni, and brought his dead son to life for Guru Dakshinaa. For this He had to kill Panchjan Daitya and go to Yam Lok. He killed Kaalayavan Daitya through Muchukund, and Muchukund worshipped Krishn.

Balaraam had two sons from Revatee - Nishath and Ulmuk. Krishn had Saamb from Jaambvatee, Pradyumn from Rukminee. When Pradyumn was only 6 days old, Shambaraasur took him from Rukminee's delivery room and threw him in the sea. There a fish swallowed him. A boatman caught that fish and presented to Shambaraasur. Shambaraasur gave the fish to Maayaavatee. As Maayaavatee cut open the fish, she found her husband in the fish. She brought him up with respect. When Pradyumn grew up, Maayaavatee sad to him - "Hey Naath, I am your wife Rati, and you are my husband Kaam Dev. In earlier times, Bhagavaan Shankar made you bodyless. Since you were not there, this Shambaraasur has abducted me. I have not accepted to be his wife. You know Maayaa, you can kill Shambaraasur." Hearing this Pradyumn killed Shambaraasur and went back to his father Krish with his wife Maayaavatee. Krishn and Rukminee became very happy to see them back.

Pradyumn had the son named Aniruddh. When he grew up, he married Ushaa. Raajaa Bali had a son named Baan (Baanaasur). Ushaa was his daughter only. Baan did a severe Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee. Pleased with his Tapasyaa, he considered him as his son. One day he said to him - "The day the Mayoor Dhwaj (peacock flag) of your palace will fall automatically, you will fulfill your wish of fighting." One day Shiv and Paarvatee were enjoying on Kailaash Parvat. Seeing them Ushaa also desired for a husband. Paarvatee Jee understood her feelings and said to her - "Whoever man will come in your dream on the 12th day of Vaishaakh Maas, he will be your husband." As she slept on that day in her palace, she saw the same dream as Paarvatee Jee said to her. She got very happy.

She had a friend, Chitralekhaa who was the daughter of Kumbhaand, her father's Minister. She helped Ushaa to recognize Aniruddh by drawing many sketches and bringing him to her palace from Dwaarakaa. As Aniruddh was living there with Ushaa secretly, the guards of Mayoor Dhwaj informed Baan that the Dhwaj had fallen. Baan and Aniruddh fought fiercely, then Krishn and Pradyumn also came there hearing this new from Naarad Jee. They won Agni and Maaheshwar Jwar and started fighting with Shiv. Krishn then used His Jrambhan Astra which caused a yawn to Shiv and he slept. He cut Baan's 1000 arms. When Jrambhan's effect reduced, Shiv woke up and asked the boon of being fearless for Baan. Krishn left him alive with his two arms and said to Shankar Jee - "When you have granted fearlessness to Baan, I also granted it. There is no difference between us, and who thinks that we are different, he falls in Narak."

Agni Dev said - "Then Shiv etc worshipped Krishn. Krishn brought Aniruddh and Ushaa to Dwaarakaa. Aniruddh had a son named Vajra who got educated from Maarkandeya Muni. Balabhadra Jee killed Pralambaasur and Dwivid, changed the course of Yamunaa River, broke Kaurav's pride by slanting Hastinaapur in Gangaa River by his plough's tip. Krishn used to enjoy with His wives assuming many forms. He had innumerable sons. Who reads this Hari Vansh, he goes to Hari."



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