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8-Agni Puraan

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4-Raam Avataar-3

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4-Raam Avataar-3
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 10-11, p 16-19

Raam Avataar-Yuddh Kaand; Uttar Kaand

Raam Avataar-Yuddh Kaand

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Muni, Then by the order of Raam, Angad went to Raavan and said to him - "You return Seetaa to Raam otherwise you will be killed." Hearing this Raavan got ready to kill him. Angad came back after beating Raakshas and said to Raam - "Bhagavan, Raavan wants war." Hearing this Raam entered Lankaa with His Vaanar's army. Sugreev, Hanumaan, Maind, Dwivid, Jaambvaan, Nal, Neel, Taar, Angad, Dhoom, Sushen, Kesaree, Gaj, Panas, Vinat, Rambh, Sharabh, Kampan, Gavaaksh, Dadhimukh, Gavaya and Gandhmaadan etc Vaanar were with Him. The war broke between both armies - Raakshas' and Vaanars'. Hanumaan killed Dhoomraaksh. Neel killed Akampan and Prahast.

Although Indrajit had tied Raam and Lakshman with his Naag Paash, but they got freed as Garud saw them. Then Raam tried to kill Raavan but he escaped and went to wake his brother Kumbhkarn up. Kumbhkarn got up, drank 1,000 pitcher liquor, ate many buffaloes, and said to Raavan - "You have committed a sin by abducting Seetaa. But since you are my elder brother, I will surely fight with Him. I will kill Him in the fight along with Vaanar." So he went in the battlefield. Once he caught Sugreev, so Sugreev cut his nose and ears. Then he started eating Vaanars, seeing this Raam cut his both arms, then both legs and neck and thus killed him.

After Kumbhkarn, Kumbh, Nikumbh, Makaraaksh, Mahodar, Mahaapaarshwa, Matt, Unmatt, Praghas, Bhaasakarn, Viroopaaksh, Devaantak, Naraantak, Trishiraa and Atikaaya came in the battlefield. Raam, Lakshman, Vibheeshan and other Vaanar killed them. Then came Indrajit and tied Raam and Lakshman with Naag Paash. Hanumaan brought Vishalyaa named herb grown on a mountain to cure their wounds. After this he placed that mountain at its place. Then Meghnad started a Yagya for Nikumbhalaa Devee, but Lakshman disturbed his Yagya and killed him. Hearing the news of his son, Raavan grieved a lot and got ready to kill Seetaa, but Avindhya stopped him doing so. Then he went to battlefield riding on his chariot, so Indra also sent a chariot with his Saarathee Maatali.

Both Raam and Raavan fought very fiercely. Raam destroyed his chariot, killed his Saarathee and horses, cut his bow, arms and heads; but He was surprised to see that new heads replaced the cut ones. Seeing this He used Brahm Astra, tore his chest and fell on the ground. By the order of Raam, Vibheeshan performed his last rites. Hanumaan brought Seetaa Jee. Although She was pure but still Raam asked Her to enter Agni to prove Her purity. Indra showered Amrit and brought the dead Vaanar to life. Raam anded over Lankaa kingdom to Vibheeshan. He came to Ayodhyaa with all riding in Pushpak Vimaan.

On the way He showed several places to Seetaa, met Bharadwaaj Muni and finally came to Nandi Graam. He met there Bharat and all came to Ayodhyaa and took care of the kingdom. He did Ashwamedh Yagya. All were happy and comfortable in His kingdom.

Raam Avataar-Uttar Kaand

Naarad Jee said - After Raam took control of His kingdom, one day Agastya Muni came there along with other Muni. Agastya Jee said - "God bless you that you killed Indrajit like Raakshas. [Now I will tell you the story of his birth.] Brahmaa Jee's son was Pulastya, and Pulastya Jee had his son Vishravaa. Vishravaa had two wives - Punyotkataa and Kaikasee. Punyotkataa gave birth to Kuber, and Kaikasee gave birth first to Raavan who had 10 heads and 20 arms. Raavan did severe Tapasyaa and with Brahmaa's boon he won all Devtaa. Kaikasee's second son's name was Kumbhkarn and the third son's name was Vibheeshan. Kumbhkarn used to sleep always and Vibheeshan became very religious. They had a sister also - Shoorpankhaa. Raavan's son was Meghnaad. He had won Indra that is why he was known as Indrajit too. He was more powerful than Raavan, but you made him killed by Lakshman." After this all Muni went to their respective Aashrams.

After this by the order of Raam, Shtrughn killed Lavanaasur and inhabited Mathuraa Nagaree; after this Bharat killed Shailoosh named Gandharv and his 30 million descendents living on Sindhu River's banks. He divided that area in two Pradesh - Gaandhaar and Madra and gave them to his two sons -Taksh and Pushkar. Later Raam exiled Seetaa because of public defame. There She gave birth to two sons in Vaalmeeki's Aashram - Kush and Lav. Hearing the account of their deeds, Raam got sure that they were their own sons. He divided His own kingdom of Kosal in two Pradesh and gave them to both. After ruling for 11,000 years He went to His Dhaam."

Agni Dev said - "Hey Vashishth Jee, Hearing this story from Devarshi Naarad, Maharshi Vaalmeeki wrote the epic named "Raamaayan". Whoever hears this story, goes to Swarg."



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