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8-Agni Puraan

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3-Raam Avataar

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3-Raam Avataar-1
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 7-9, p 11-16

Raam Avataar - Aranya Kaand; Kishkindhaa Kaand; Sundar Kaand

Raam Avataar-Aranya Kaand

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Muni, After Raam had sent back Vashishth Jee, His brothers and mothers, He went to Agastya Muni's Aashram seeing Maharshi Atri, Anusooyaa, Sharabhang Muni, Suteekshn and Agastya's brother Agnijivha on their way. There He got a Divine bow and and Divine sword from Muni and came to Panchvatee, on the banks of Godaavaree, in Janasthaan area. One day a terrible she-demon Shoorpanakhaa came in Panchvatee to eat Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa but seeing Raam's beauty, she got attracted to Him and said to Him - "Who are you? Where have you come from? I request you to be my husband and if these two are hindrance in our relationship, I can eat them up just now." And she got ready to eat them. Lakshman cut her nose and ears at Raam's sign.

Shoorpankhaa went to her brother Khar. and said to him - "Khar, See, My nose is cut. I cannot live after this insult. I can live only when you will bring me the hot blood of Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa to drink." Khar consoled her and set off to Panchvatee along with Dooshan, Trishiraa and 14,000 Raakshas army. Raam killed all of them. Now Shoorpankhaa went to Raavan and fell on the floor. She started abusing him - "O Raavan, You are not worthy to be a king and a protector. You abduct Seetaa, the wife of Raam who has killed Khar etc all Raakshas. I can live only after drinking Raam and Lakshman's blood, otherwise not." Raavan said - "I will do so."

Then he asked Maareech - "You assume the form of a beautiful golden deer and pass in front of Seetaa, and take Raam and Lakshman far from their Aashram. At that time I will abduct Seetaa. If you will not obey me, I will definitely kill you." Maareech tried to explain to Raavan - "O Raavan, Raam is not a man, He is Death in person." Then he said to himself, "If I do not go, Raavan will kill me; and if I go then Raam will kill me; so it is better to die with Raam's hands." So he assumed the form of a beautiful golden deer and started grazing in front of Seetaa.

Seeing that beautiful deer, Seetaa asked Raam to bring it for Her. Raam followed it and killed it; but as it died, it cried "Haa Raam, Haa Seetey". Hearing this Seetaa got scared and sent Lakshman to take care of Raam. Lakshman had to go to Raam against his wishes. In the meantime Raavan came and he abducted Seetaa. On the way he killed Jataayu, because Jataayu had destroyed his chariot. In the absence of the chariot, Raavan kept Seetaa on his shoulders and took Her to Lankaa where he kept Her in Ashok Vaatikaa. There he asked Her to be his Chief Queen. He asked some she-demons to guard Her.

When Raam came back after killing Maareech, He saw Lakshman on His way. He said to him - "O Sumitraa-nandan, That deer was of Maayaa, in fact it was a Raakshas. But now it seems that somebody must have abducted Seetaa." They came to Aashram but they could not see Seetaa anywhere. Raam started crying for Seetaa. Lakshman consoled Raam and started searching for Seetaa. On the way they met Jataayu. Jataayu told them that Raavan had taken Seetaa and died. Raghunaath performed his last rites with His own hands. They went forward and killed Kabandh. Kabandh was under the curse. As he became free from the curse, he told them to see Sugreev."

Raam Avataar-Kishkindhaa Kaand

Naarad Jee said - "Shree Raam came to Pampaa pond and started crying again. Then He met Shabaree and then Hanumaan Jee. Hanumaan took Him to Sugreev and Sugreev and Raam became friends. Raam pierced 7 palm trees together with one arrow only; and threw Dundubhi named Raakshas' bones 10 Yojan far from His one kick. Then He killed Sugreev's brother Baali who was enemy of Sugreev, and gave the kingdom of Kishkindhaa Puree, Roomaa, Taaraa to Sugreev. Then Sugreev said to Him - "I am doing something so that you can get your Seetaa back soon." After this Raam passed 4 months on Maalyavaan Parvat, and Sugreev lived in Kishkindhaa Puree.

When Sugreev was not seen even after 4 months, Lakshman went to Kishkindhaa Nagaree by the order of Raam and said to Sugreev - "Either you stay on your promise, or the path by which Baali has gone is not yet closed. Therefore do not follow Baali's path." Sugreev asked his forgiveness and went to Raam and said to Him - "I have called all my Vaanars and I will send them to search for Seetaa according to your orders. I will send all of them in all directions and whoever will come back after a month, I will kill him." So many Vaanar went to East, West and North directions and came back within a month without the information about Seetaa. Hanumaan Jee went to South taking Raam's ring.

They wandered around Suprabhaa's cave for more than a month but could not Seetaa. At last they talked among themselves that we will have to die without any reason. Blessed is Jataayu who was killed by Raavan saving Seetaa Jee." A vulture named Sampaati was hearing their conversation. In fact he wanted to eat those Vaanars, but stopped hearing Jataayu's name. He came to them and said - "O Vaanars, Jataayu was my brother. He was flying with me to Soorya. I saved him from Soorya's rays keeping him under my wings; so he was saved but my wings were burnt, and I fell down here. Hearing Raam's name my wings have started growing again. I can see Jaanakee Jee. She is sitting in Ashok Vaatikaa in Lankaa. Lankaa is in Salt Sea on Trikoot Mountain. It is across 100 Yojan wide sea."

Raam Avataar-Sundar Kaand

Naarad Jee said - "Hearing this from Sampaati, Hanumaan, Angad etc Vaanar looked at the sea and said - "Who will give life to other Vaanars by crossing this sea?" Hanumaan did this work. On the way, Mainaak Parvat came out of the sea to give him some rest, but he politely refused to take rest. Then he killed Sinhikaa she-demon who used to eat birds by catching their shadow in the sea. Then he came to Lankaa. There he searched for Seetaa in Raakshas' houses, in inner apartments of Raavan, Kumbh, Kumbhkarn, Indrajit etc but he could not Seetaa anywhere. In the last he went to Ashok Vaatikaa and he saw Seetaa sitting under the Shinshapaa tree. Some she-demons were guarding Her.

Hanumaan climbed on the tree and saw Raavan saying to Seetaa "You become my wife." When Raavan went away, he started telling Raam's story - "There was a king in Ayodhyaa named Dasharath whose two sons Raam and Lakshman went to forest. You seem to bHe Raam's wife Seetaa. Raavan has brought you here by abducting you. Raam has become Sugreev's friend. Raam has sent me in search of you. He has given His ring as identification along with a secret message. You take this ring given by Him." Seetaa took that ring and looked at Hanumaan sitting on the tree. Hanumaan came down and stood in front of Her.

Seetaa asked him - If Raghunaath is alive then why doesn't He want to take me from here?" Hanumaan said - "Devee, You are here, Raghunaath doesn't know this. As soon as He will get this information from me, He will take you from here. Now you give me some identification." Seetaa gave him Her Choodaamani and said to him - "Do something like this that Raghunaath should take me from here as soon as possible. Remind Him the crow incident. Go tomorrow, because my sorrow has somewhat reduced by seeing you. Hanumaan said - "Now your husband will take you from here very soon; but if you want to go sooner than that, I can take you on my back." Seetaa said - No, Shree Raam will take me from here."

Then Hanumaan killed the guards of the Vaatikaa and destroyed its trees. Then he killed7 Raavan's Ministers' sons and his own son Akshaya Kumaar. Then came Indrajit and tying him with Naag Paash he took him to Raavan. Raavan asked him - "Who are you?" Hanumaan said - "I am the messenger of Raam. Either you send Seetaa back to Raghunaath Jee, or you will have to die." Hearing this Raavan was about to kill him, that Vibheeshan stopped him doing so. The Raavan set fire in his tail. As his tail started burning, he burned the whole Lankaa from its fire. He then saw Seetaa Jee and came back across the sea. He told other Vaanars that he had seen Seetaa. They came to Madhu Van, defeated Dadhimukh Raakshas etc, drank honey and came to Shree Raam. He said to Raam - "I have seen Maa Seetaa."

Raam got very happy to hear this, He asked - "How did you see Her? What message She has given for me? You tell me about Her, I am very worried about Her." Hanumaan said - "I went there crossing the sea. There I saw Her, burned Lankaa Puree and then I am coming back here. Take this Choodaamani She has given for you. Now you kill Raavan and release Seetaa from there." Raam said - "Seeing this Mani, it seems as if I have touched Seetaa. Now you take me to Seetaa, I cannot live without Her." Hanumaan consoled Him in several ways. Then Raam went to the shore of the sea

There He met Raavan's brother Vibheeshan. He came to Raam because Raavan insulted him. Raam declared him His friend and appointed his as the King of Lankaa. Raam asked Samudra to give Him way to go across, but Samudra didn't listen to Him. He was about to release His arrow at him that he came to Raam and asked what he could do for Him. Raam asked him to give way to cfross the sea to go to Lankaa. He said - "In earlier times only you made me so deep, now you can build a bridge and cross me." Hearing this Raam asked Nal to build a bridge and crossed the sea. Arriving in Lankaa, He stayed there and inspected Lankaa."



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