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SAADHYA - Devtaa, Sons of Saadhyaa (Daughter of Brahmaa) [Padm Puraan, 1/23]
--Their names are - (1) Bhav, (2) Prabhav, (3) Krishaaashwa, (4) Suvaha, (5) Arun, (6) Varun, (7) Vishwaamitra, (8) Chal, (9) Dhruv, (10) Havishmaan, (11) Tanooj, (12) Vidhaan, (13) Abhimat, (14) Vatsar, (15) Bhooti, (16) Sarvaasurnishoodan, (17) Suparvaa, (18) Brihatkaant, and (19) Mahaaloknamaskrit.

SAADHYAA - Daughter of Brahmaa [Padm Puraan, 1/23]
Married to - Dharm
Children - Saadhya Devtaa
--Brahmaa produced 5 women also besides 10 sons who became Prajaapati. These five women were Lakshmee, Saadhyaa, Vishweshaa, Devee and Saraswatee. He gave all of them to Dharm.
--Lakshmee produced Som.
--Saadhyaa produced Saadhya named Devtaa. Their names are - (1) Bhav, (2) Prabhav, (3) Krishaaashwa, (4) Suvaha, (5) Arun, (6) Varun, (7) Vishwaamitra, (8) Chal, (9) Dhruv, (10) Havishmaan, (11) Tanooj, (12) Vidhaan, (13) Abhimat, (14) Vatsar, (15) Bhooti, (16) Sarvaasurnishoodan, (17) Suparvaa, (18) Brihatkaant, and (19) Mahaaloknamaskrit.
--Devee (Vasu) produced Vasu named Devtaa who followed Devtaa.
--Vishweshaa produced Vishwedev Devtaa. These Vishwedev Devtaa are 10 in number - (1) Daksh, (2) Pushkar, (3) Chaakshush Manu, (4) Mahorag, (5) Vishwaanug, (6) Vasu, (7) Baal, (8) Nishkal, (9) Rurud, and (10) Bhaaskar.

SAAMB - Son of Krishn and Jaambvatee
Married to - Kaamyaa (Daughter of Supaarshwa)
Children - 1 son - Taraswee
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/1] says that he was the incarnation of Bhagavaan Kaarttikeya - the son of Shiv Jee and Paarvatee Jee. Jaambvatee got him after many fasts.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/13] Once he got leprosy because of the Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni. It got cured by worshipping Soorya.

--Teacher of Krishn, Balaraam, Sudaamaa etc, of Kaashya Gotra. A story goes that Krishn brought his dead son back to pay His Guru Dakshinaa to him.

SAARASWAT - Rishi, Son of Dadheechi
--Once Dadheechi was doing Tapasyaa, Indra got afraid from his Tapasyaa, so he sent Alambooshaa Apsaraa to disturb his Tapasyaa. Seeing her his semen fell into Saraswatee River as He was doing his activities there. Saraswatee kept it in her womb and gave birth to his son. She brought him to Dadheechi and requested to accept him. Dadheechi named him Saaraswat on the name of Saraswatee River.

SAATYAKI - Son of Satyak, Grandson of Shinee  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15]
Married to - Princess of Bhoj kingdom [Drone, 10]
Children - 1 son - Jaya
--He was called Satyavikram (of power of being incapable to be defeated) too [Drone, 141]; [Agni Puraan, 27] says he was known as Yuyudhaan too. According to the same source his son's name was Dhuni.
--Saatyaki fought from Paandav's side. Botth Saatyaki and Kritvarmaa were from Krishn's family. Saatyaki was the disciple of Arjun - he learned archery from him, so when the Mahaabhaarat war took place, Saatyaki chose Paandav, but Kritvarmaa chose Duryodhan.
--Saatyaki killed first Bhoorishravaa and then Somdatt on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war.
--Then he killed Bhoori on the same day (14th day) in the night war.

SAAVITREE - Princess, Daughter of Ashwapati [MBH, Stories, Saavitree]
Married to - Satyavaan, Son of King Dyumatsen
Children - nnn
--A Satee who brought her husband Satyavaan back from Yam Raaj. She obtained the boons of eyesight and kingdom for her father-in-law King Dyumatsen, 100 sons for her father Ashwapati and 100 sons for herself from Yam Raaj.

SAGAR - King of Soorya Vansh, king of Ayodhyaa (Bhaagvat), Son of Baahu
Married to - Keshinee (Daughter of Vidarbh's King); Sumati (Kashyap or Arishtnemi's daughter and Garud's sister),
Children - 1 son - Asmanjas from Keshinee
                60,000 sons from Sumati              
--[Vishnu Puraan, 4/4] and [Naarad Puraan, 1/5] say that both queens were the daughters of Kaashyap of Vidarbh Desh - the princesses of Vidarbh Desh]. [V-Raamaayan, 1/12/38] says that eshinee was Maharshi Kashyap's daughter and Garud's sister, while Sumati was the daughter of the King of Vidarbh Desh.
--Asmanjas had the son named Anshumaan, Annshumaan's son was Dileep and Dileep's son was Bhageerath who brought Gangaa on Earth and gave Mukti to his great great-grandfathers. 
--[Padm Puraan, 1/9a] and [Agni Puraan, 26] says that he had two wives named Prabhaa (daughter of Yadu Kul) and Bhaanumatee. Both worshipped Aurv named Agni. Aurv said - "One queen can have 60,000 sons and the other one will have only one son who will extend the family." Prabhaa chose 60,000 sons, and Bhaanumatee got only one son - Asmanjas. Once Sagar did a Yagya from which his horse was stolen. He sent his 60,000 sons went to search the Yagya horse. They found it tied in Kapil's Aashram so they thought that he had stolen that horse. They told him some bad words. As Kapil Muni opened his eyes all were burned to ashes. Then Bhageerath gave them Mukti by bringing Gangaa on Earth.

SAHADEV - Prince, 5th of 5 Paandav, Son of Paandu and Maadree
Married to - 2 wives - Draupadee (of Paanchaal Desh), and 
                                   Vijayaa (Daughter of Dyutimaan of Madra Desh)
Children - 2 sons - 1 son Shrutkarmaa (from Draupadee)
                            1 son Suhotra (from Vijayaa)
--One of twins (Nakul and Sahadev) from Maadree.

SAHADEV - King of Magadh, Son of Jaraasandh
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Meghsandhi
--He was made king of Magadh Desh after Bheem killed Jaraasandh at the time of Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya. He fought from Paandav's side. He was killed by Drone on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war.
--[MBH G-7/22] describes that Arjun met him while he was following sacrificial horse for Yudhishthir's Ashwamedh Yagya.


SAHASTRABAAHU  - King of Haihaya Vansh, Son of Kritveerya
Married to - nnn
Children - 100 sons
--[Bhaagvat Praan, 9/14] He was in the lineage of Yayaati > Yadu >> Haihaya >> Dhanak > kritveerya > Kaartveerya Arjun.
--His name was Arjun or Kaartveerya Arjun but he is more known as Sahastrabaahu. Being the son Kritveerya, his name was Kaartveerya.
--He did Tapasyaaa for 10,000 years and pleased Dattaatreya. He got 1,000 arms from him in Var, that is why he was called as Sahastraarjun, or Sahastrabaahu. He was the King of seven Dweep - .
--Once Raavan wanted a duel fight with Sahhastrabaahu. Sahstrabaahu took him and tied him in his stable for children to play with him. Then Pulastya Rishi came and freed him. Sahastrabaahu freed him extending his friendship to him to honor the great Rishi. He gave him many valuable things also.
--He and his sons were killed by Parashuraaam in pursuit to eradicate Kshatriya from the surface of the earth. In fact his son killed Parashuraam's father Maharshi Jamadagni, so Parashuraam took the revenge of his father's killing. He killed his whole family. Only his 5 sons remained alive - Jayadhwaj, Shoorsen, Vrishabh, Madhu, and Oorjit.

SAMPAATI - Bird, Son of Arun, Grandson of Kashyap and Vinataa
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Babhru and Sheeghrag
--He had a brother - Jataayu who gave his life to save Seetaa Jee from Raavan; and a sister named Saudaaminee (lightning).
--He guided Vaanar to search for Seetaa inn Raam's times. He reminded Hanumaan of his powers then only he could go to Lankaa.

SAMUDRA - Devtaa
Married to - Jaahnvee
Children - 1 daughter - Lakshmee (not from Jaahnvee).

SAMVARAN - Son of Ajmeedh)   [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/13]
Married to - Tapatee (Soorya's daughter)
Children - 1 son - Kuru (On whose name was Kuru Vansh)

SAMVART - Son of Angiraa (1 of the 10 Maanas sons of Brahmaa)
--He has two brothers more - Brihaspati and Utathya.

SANAKAADI MUNI - 4 Sons of Brahmaa
--They are four - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanaatan, and Sanat Kumaar. They look like 5-year old children but they are the oldest in our creation. They are the first children of Brahmaa. Brahmaa created them with the intention of expanding the creation, but since they themselves were created from Tap, they refused to obey their father and said that they would do only Tap. So they are always busy in chanting Hari's name. They wander in all Lok. They have full control on themselves.
--Once they went to Vaikunth to see Shree Hari. Hari's gatekeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, didn't know them, so they asked them as where were they going? Sanakaadi Muni got very angry at their question and gave them Shaap that they should be born as Raakshas for three lives. In the meantime Shree Hari came out and asked them to pardon His gatekeepers. At this they reduced their Shaap to (1) they will not forget Brahm Vidyaa in all the lives, (2) and they should be killed only by Hari; so they were born as Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap, Raavan and Kumbhkarn and in the last as Shishupaal and Dantvakra. 

SANGYAA - Daughter of Daksh or Vishwakarmaa and 
Married to - Soorya Dev
Children - 1 son - Yam
                1 Daughter - Yamunaa
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/10] Her another name was Roopaa. She was the daughter of Daksh Prajaapati. When Soorya was still in the egg, Daksh married her to him.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15] says that she is known as Raagyee, Dyau, Twaashtree, Prabhaa, and Surenu also.
--Other Puraan say that Sangyaa was the daughter of Vishwakarmaa.
--Sangyaa (Roopaa) could not tolerate Soorya's Tej (powers), so she created a woman from her shadow and asked her to live with Soorya after begetting two children - Yam and Yamunaa. Since she was born from Sangyaa's shadow, her name was Chhaayaa. Once she ill-treated Yam, so Yam could know that she was not his real mother and complained it to Soorya. Soorya asked the truth from Chhaayaa, she told the truth. Then Soorya went in search of Sangyaa and found her in the form of a mare. He also assumed the form a horse and mated her and produced a twins - Ashwinee Kumaar.

SANHLAAD - Daitya Prince (Son of Hiranyakashyap and Kayaadhu; and Grandson of Kashyap and Diti)
Married to - Kriti
Children - 3 sons - Panchjan, Shibi, and Baashkal
--Hiranykashyap had 4 sons - Hlaad, Anuhlaad, Prahlaad, and Sanhlaad. But MBH, G-0/14 says that he had 5 sons and the 5th son's name is given as Shibi.
--In his lineage were born Nivaatkavach. They could not be killed by Devtaa or Gandharv, or Naag, or Raakshas, so when Arjun went to Indra Lok to take Divine weapons from Indra, Indra asked him to kill them and he killed them.

SANJAYA - Soot, Charioteer of Dhritraashtra
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He replaced Adhirath.
--When Mahaabhaarat war was going on, Vyaaas gave him Divine eyes to see the war field and tell Dhritraashtra the account of war.
--He was fortunate to have those eyes, as he saw the Vishwaroop of Krishn also. None else than Arjun was able to see it, because Krishn gave Divine sight to Arjun only.


Married to - Kratu (1 of 10 Brahmaa's brainchildren)
Children - 60,000 Baalkhilyaadi Rishi
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Kratu and Sannati had 60,000 Baalkhilyaadi Rishi.

--Who swears to kill somebody or to be killled by him, he is called Sansaptak.
--There were five Sansaptak brothers who took the vow to kill Arjun or to be killed  by Arjun in Duryodhan's army.

SARASWATEE - Daughter of Brahmaa Jee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--There are six synonyms of Saraswatee - Mati, Smriti, Pragyaa, Medhaa, Buddhi, and good speech. 
--She is known as Shaaradaa, Bhaaratee, Veenaapaani, Veenaavaadinee also.
--She is depicted as riding on swan and carrying Veenaa (an Indian string musical instrument) in her two hands. She is supposed to be the Devee of Vidyaa, knowledge and intelligence. Her day is Vasant Panchamee (Maagh Shukla Panchamee). People worship her on this day. They cook saffron rice for her Naivedya (Prasaad). Children stsrt their education on this day after worshipping her.

SATEE - Daughter of Daksh
Married to - Shiv
Children - None
--The story goes that once her father insulted her husband and in protest she entered fire and immolated herself at her father's Yaagya. She is said to have reborn as Umaa or Paarvatee in Himvanaan and Mainaa's house and then married to Shiv Jee.

SATRAAJIT - King, Son of Nimn  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15]
Married to - Vimalvatee (According to Bhavishya Puraan, 1/16, p 131)
Children - 1 daughter - Satyabhaamaa (married to Krishn)
--[Agni Puraan, 27] says he had 1 son Bhangkaar, and 1 daughter Satyabhaamaa.
--Satraajit was born in Vrishni Vansh. Vrishni -> Sumitra and Yudhaajit. Yudhaajit had two sons - Shini and Anmitra. Anmitra's son was Nimn, and Nimn had two sons Satraajit and Prasenjit.
--Once Satraajit did severe Tapasayaa and pleased Soorya Dev. On asking for anything from Soorya, he asked him his Syamantak Mani. Soorya gave that Mani to him. Once Satraajit's brother Prasenjit wore that Mani and went out for hunting in a forest. A lion killed him there and took the Mani. Jaambvaan saw that Mani, he killed the lion and brought that Mani home for his children to play with it. When Satraajit did not find his Mani, he blamed Krishn for stealing that Mani. Since Krishn didn't take that Mani, to clear His black spot, He went to search that Mani. He got that Mani back following footsteps of Prasenjit. In this process He met Jaambvaan, He fought with him for 29 days, defeated him, took the Mani, married his daughter Jaambvatee and came back to Dwaarakaa. He gave the Mani back to Satraajit and cleared His black spot. Satraajit got very ashamed of it. As a result of repentance, he married his daughter Satyabhaamaa to Krishn and gave that Mani also to Krishn. Krishn did marry Satyabhaamaa but left the Mani with him only.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/12] gives the description of his daughter Satyabhaamaa's, and his own previous birth.


SATYABHAAMAA - Daughter of Satraajit
Married to - Krishn, Avataar (the 3rd of His 8 principal wives)
Children - 7 sons -Bhaanu, Bheemrath, Kshan, Rohit, Deeptimaan, Taamrabandh, Jalandham
                1 daughter - name is not given [Padm Puraan, 1/11]
                10 sons - Bhaanu, Subhaanu, Swarbhaanu, Prabhaanu, Bhaanumaan, Chandrabhaanu, Brihadbhaanu,
                    Atibhaanu, Shreebhaanu, Pratibhaanu  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9]
--Krishn's 8 wives were (1) Rukminee (Daughter of Bheeshmak), (2) Jaambvatee (Daughter of Jaambvaan), (3) Satyabhaamaa (Daughter of Satraajit), (4) Kaalindee (daughter of Soorya Dev), (5) Mitravindaa (Daughter of Krishn's Buaa Raajaadhidevee), (6) Satyaa or Naagnjitee (Daughter of Nagnjit), (7) Bhadraa (Princess of Kaikaya Desh, Krishn's another Buaa Shrutkeerti's daughter), (8) Lakshmanaa (Princess of Madra Desh).
--[Agni Puraan, 27] says that Satyabhaamaa had a son named Bheem.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/12] gives the description of her father Satraajit's previous birth.

SATYADHRITI - Rishi, Son of Shataanand, Grandson of Gautam and Ahalyaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Kripaa
               1 Daughter - Kripee
--He was very good archer. According to Vishnu Puraan, once he saw Urvashee and his semen fell on a reed (Sarakandaa) which caused to divide it in two parts so two children were born from it - one son and one daughter. King Shaantanu was on his hunting trip, he found these children, brought them home and brought them up. He named them Kripaa and Kripee. Later Kripaa became the Kul Guru of Kaurav family and Kripee was married to Dronaachaarya and had a son named Ashwatthaamaa.

SATYAJIT - Prince, One of 10 sons of Drupad
--His other brothers were - (1) Shikhandee, (2) Dhrishtdyumn (killed by Ashwatthaamaa in sleep on 18th day),  (3) Uttamaujaa, (4) Yudhaamanyu, (5) Kumaar (Drone, 16), (6) Surath (Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day), (7) Shatrunjaya (Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day), (8) Janmejaya (Drone, 166), (9) Kshaatradev (Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day)
--Bheeshm, at the time of counting warriorrs of both the sides, counted him equal to eight warriors, like Bheem.
--He was given the responsibility of Yudhiishthir when Drone wanted to capture him and Arjun was taken away far from Yudhishthir by Sansaptak.
--Drone killed him on the 12th day of the war.

SATYAKAAM JAABAAL - Son of Jaabaal Maidservant
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was the son of a maidservant named Jaabaal. According to Chhaandogya Upanishad, Rishi Gautam Haridrumaan considered him Braahman because he spoke truth about his Vansh, so he accepted him as his disciple.

SATYAVAAN - Prince, Son of King Dyumatsen
Married to - Saavitree (Daughter of king Ashwapati)
Children - nnn
--His wife Saavitree brought him back from Yam Raaj.

SATYAVATEE - Daughter of Gaadhi of Kaushik family, Sister of Vishwaamitra
Married to - Richeek Rishi
Children - 3 sons - Jamadagni (Married to Renukaa - Daughter of Renu Rishi), Shunehshep, ----
--Richeek Rishi married her by giving 100 special horses to her father.
--Later she became a sacred river.
--They gave their middle son to king Ambareesh as his Yagya animal. Then he was saved by his Maamaa Vishwaamitra.

SATYAVATEE - Daughter of Uparichar and Adrikaa Apsaraa (brought up by Daaash Raaj fisherman)
Married to - Shaantanu (King of Hastinaapur)
Children - 2 sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya
--According to [MBH, G-0/13] and Vishnu Puraan, Satyavatee was born from the semen of Uparichar Vasu and an Apsaraa lived in fish form in Yamunaa River. This Uparichar Vasu was in Kuru's lineage. Kuru -> Sudhanu -> Suhotra -> Chyavan -> Kritak --> Uparichar Vasu. Uparichar Vasu had seven sons including Brihadrath. In fact two children were born - one son and one girl. After giving birth to children, the fish Apsaraa went to Swarg. A fisherman found these children and took them to the King. The King kept the boy and later appointed him an army general, and gave the girl to fisherman himself to bring her up.
--Since she was brought up by a fisherman, she smelled like a fish and people wouldn't like to come near her. She was brought up by Daash Raaj - a fisherman. She used to carry passengers across Yamunaa River. Once Muni Paraashar (grandson of Vashishth Jee) was crossing Yamunaa River, he got attracted to her and said to her - "Please accept me." Satyavatee told him that how could she accept him as she was a maiden. Paraashar said - "Even after accepting me you will remain maiden". At the same time Paraashar bestowed her  boon for sweet smell emanating from her body. Since then she was known as Gandhvatee in this world. Paraashar gave her a son Krishn Dwaipaayan, who was born on an island, was dark in complexion, that is why he was named as Krishn Dwaipaayan. He got known as Vyaas Jee later.
--She was known as Matsyagandhaa (because she smelled like a fish); later, after meeting Paraashar, she came to be known as Yojangandhaa (as her sweet smell used to spread one Yojan around). In fact Shaantanu came to her following her sweet fragrance. [Agni Puraan, 28] gives her name as Kaalyaa also.


Married to - 50 daughters of king Maandhaataa
Children - 150 sons
--His full name was Bahvrich Saubhari. [Vishnu Puraan, 4/2]
--Once Saubhari Rishi did Tapasyaa in the water for 12 years. There he saw the king of fish playing with his children and grandchildren. Muni thought "I should also have a family so that I can also enjoy life like this. He is such a lowly species still he is enjoying life so much." So he came out of the water and went to king Maandhaataa and asked his one daughter to marry him. King told him that in his family the tradition was that the girl should choose the husband. Saubhari thought that the king was thinking that because of his old age etc no girl would choose him as her husband, so he said, "You allow me to enter your daughters' chambers with your guard then if somebody will choose me then only I will marry her." King agreed, so he sent him with the guard. Rishi changed his form to a handsome young man and all the princesses chose him as their husband, so the king had to marry all her daughters to him unwillingly.
--Saubhari Rishi brought them to his Aashrram and gave each of them a beautiful palace and all kinds of enjoyment and pleasures. After some time Maandhaataa came to see his daughters that whether they were happy there and found them happier than he thought. He worshipped Saubhari Rishi and went away. Rishi had 150 sons from them. Later he got Vairaagya and went away to forest with his wives.

SAUDAAMINEE - Daughter of Kashyap and Vinataa (Daughteer of Daksh)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn




SEETAA - Princess, Avataar of Lakshmee, Daughter of Janak (Seeradhwaj)
Married to - Raam (Son of Dashrath)
Children - 2 sons - Lav, Kush
--Her other names are Jaanakee (being the daughter of Janak), Janak-nandinee (being the daughter of Janak), Mithilesh Kumaaree (daughter of the King of Mithilaa), Vaidehee (Princess of Videh kingdom).
--[Padm Puraan, 4/7] says that She was only 6 years old when she was married to Raam - a 15-year old boy. She stayed in Ayodhyaa for 12 years, then she went to forest with Raam and Lakshman. At that time she was only 18 years old and Raam was 27 years old.

SHAALV - King of Shaalv Desh (Contemporary to Bheeshm)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was the king of Shaalv Desh (its capital was Saubh); and he was the one with whom the eldest Princess Ambaa loved. Since Bheeshm didn't know about this, and he brought all the princesses for Vichitraveerya, she told about her affair to Bheeshm later. Bheeshm let her go with respect, but since Bheeshm had brought her after defeating Shaalv, he did not accept Ambaa.

SHAALV - King of Shaalv Desh (Contemporary to Krishn)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--This King of Shaalv was contemporary to Krishn. He was a friend of Shishupaal and came with him when Shishupaal came for Rukminee's Swayamvar, When Krishn defeated Jaraasandh, He also defeated Shaalv. From the same day he became an enemy of Krishn. Bhaagvat Puraan 10/u16 and Mahaabhaarat say that he possessed an airplane (Vimaan) named Saubh Vimaan for air travel and for aerial warfare. He got it after doing Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee for one year. That Vimaan was Maayaavee, could not be broken by anybody and could go anywhere at will. He attacked Dwaarakaa and was killed by Krishn.

SHAALV KING      see also    DYUMATSEN

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn

SHAANTAA - Princess, Daughter of King Rompaad
Married to - Rishyashring Rishi (Son of Vibhaandak Muni)
Children - nnn
--Shaantaa was the daughter of Raajaa Dasharath (Raam's father) and Rompaad was a friend of Dasharath. Rompaad was childless so Dasharath gave his daughter to him.

SHAANTANU - King of Hastinaapur
Married to - 2 wives - Gangaa, and Satyavatee
Children - 3 sons - Devavrat from Gangaa, 
                            Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya from Satyavatee


SHABAREE - Bheel woman
--She has no reference in Raamaayan, but Tulasee Daas Jee has described her in his Maanas, 3/8. Besides her reference is found in Padm Puraan 1/21 also.
--She was the maid to Matang Muni's disciples. When the disciples were about to go to Swarg, she also wanted to go with them, then they said - "You stay here and wait for Raam. Guide Him to get Seetaa. Then you come to Swarg Lok." She waited and received Raam and Lakshman in her Aashram. Legend has it that she collected Ber (berries) to feed Raam everyday while she waited for Him. So when they came she served them Ber which she always tasted to ensure that they all were sweet. And Raam ate those Ber. Lakshman first hesitated, later he also ate them. Then she guided them for searching Seetaa and then went to Swarg Lok. This story is not found in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan.

SHACHEE - Daughter of Pulomaa (Son of Kashyap and Danu)
Married to - Indra
Children - 1 son - Jayant
               1 daughter - Jayantee
--Thus she came from a Daanav family as anu's children were called Daanav. She is called Indraanee also.
--Once Indra deceived Hiranyakashyap's son Anuhlaad, so Anuhlaad abducted Shachee with the consent of her father Pulomaa. At this Indra got furious and killed Pulomaa. That is how Indra got the name of Pulomaajit.

SHAIBYA - King, Grandson of Shibi (Son of Usheenar and Maadhavee - Daughter of Yayaati)
--He fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabbhaarat war. [Drone Parv, 10]

Married to - King Harishchandra
Children - 1 son - Rohitaashwa
--She suffered a lot with her husband to maintain his truth.

SHAKTI - Rishi, Son of Vashishth
Married to - Adrashyanti
Children - 1 son - Paraashar

SHAKUNI - Prince of Gaandhaar, Son of Subal, Brother of Gaandhaaree
Married to - nnn
Children - 3 sons - Ulook, Patatree, Vrikaasur
--He was very angry with Bheeshm at askingg his beautiful sister for a blind man. He wanted to take revenge that he would destroy his whole family. He stayed in Hastinaapur and nurtured Duryodhan against Paandav. He was good in dice game which he used as a weapon to send Paandav to exile for 13 years. Still he was not satisfied, so he instigated Duryodhan for war in which the whole family of Dhritraashtra was killed.
--His two brothers are mentioned in [6War, 16-battle-12] as - Vrishak and Achal. They were killed by Arjun on 12th day of the war. (Drone, 28)
--He had 5 brothers - Gavaaksh, Sarabh, Vibhu, Subhag, and Bhaanudatt (killed by Bheem on 14th day, (Drone, 156) [MBH, G-6/23/14-4]
--He was also killed with his sons. He was killed by ---.

SHAKUNI - Son of Hiranyaaksh
Married to - nnn
Chidren - nnn 
--see Hiranyaaksh for his brothers

SHAKUNTALAA - Daughter of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa Apssaraa
Married to - Dushyant (King)
Children - 1 son - Bharat

SHAL - Prince, Son of Somdatt (Son of Baalheek)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Shal had two brothers more - Bhoorishravvaa and Bhoori. All fought from Duryodhan's side in Mahaabhaarat war.
--Bhoorishravaa was the eldest and Shal was the youngest son of Somdatt.

SHALYA - King of Madra
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Rukmarath
--He was Paandav's Maamaa as he was Maadreee's brother. When Paandu went on victory tour, he met Shalya coming from his opposite side. When they came near each other, Shalya saw Paandu and gave his sister to him. She had 2 sons from Paandu - Nakul and Sahadev.
--Unfortunately, both Shalya and Rukmarath fought from Duryodhan's side because of misunderstanding. He was the Commander-in-chief of Kaurav army for half a day till he was killed, by Yudhishthir. He killed Uttar, Viraat's son, on the 1st day of the MBH war.

SHAM - Son of Dharm
Married to - Praapti
Children - nnn
--He has two brothers also - Kaam Dev and Harsh.

SHAMBAR - Daitya, Son of Kashyap and Danu
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Subaahu
--Was Hiranyakashyap's half-brother. Helped him in killing Prahlaad by his Maayaa. 
--Killed by Raam when Vishwaamitra was on their way to their Aashram with Raam and Lakshman to protect their Yagya.

SHAMBARAASUR - Daitya, Son of Kashyap and Danu
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Subaahu (killed by Raam)
--According to [Vishnu Puraan, 1/12] He was in the times of Hiranyakashyap. He tried to kill Prahlaad, but could not kill him.
--According to Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, he was in Raavan's times also. He used to trouble Rishi at the order of Raavan.
--According to MBH and [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u5] he knew that Krishn's son Pradyumn was his killer, so he took him from Rukminee's delivery room when he was only 10 days old (according to Agni Puraan, 5, Pradyumn was abducted when he was 6 days old) only and threw him in Lavan sea, but luckily a fish swallowed him and a fisherman caught that fish. He presented that fish to Shambaraasur. He gave that fish to his maid-servant Maayaavatee, who was the incarnation of Rati, to cook for preparing food. When the cook cut open its stomach, he found a boy in it and gave it to Maayaavatee. She knew that he was her husband. She loved him and brought him up lovingly. She taught him Maayaa (illusion) also, and when the boy became adult as Pradyumn, he killed Shambaraasur. Maayaavatee went to Krishn with Pradyumn.

Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Shringee Rishi (from a cow)
--His son gave Shaap to Pareekshit - "That sinful king who has put the dead snake on my father's shoulder will die from Takshak bite on the seventh day from today."

SHANAISHCHAR - Son of Soorya and Chhaayaa (Soorya's wife's shadow woman)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15 says that his real name is Shrutkarmaa but is known as Shanaishchar or Shani,
--He is known as Helij also. he was made a planet, Shani/Saturn, by Brahmaa Jee.
--Bhavishya Puraan, 4/37 says that he had a sister named Bhadraa who is known as Vishti also. She was very terrible, so Brahmaa Jee gave her some time (Vava, Balav and Kaulav Karan and some other times) to live in. That is why these times are bad.


SHANKH - Prince, Son of Viraat
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Had two brothers - Shwet and Uttar; and 1 sister Uttaraa who was married to Abhimanyu.
--He was killed by Drone in Mahaabhaarat war on 7th day.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Padm Puraan, 5/12] says that he was a very mighty Raakshas. He had defeated Devtaa and took control of their cities. Then he thought that "these Devtaa have become mighty because of Ved, so let me take Ved from them." and he stole the Ved and went into the sea. Devtaa prayed Vishnu to help them. Vishnu fell into the hands of Kashyap Jee in a fish form. He kept Him in his Kamandal, then in a pond, but in the end he had to take Him to the sea, where He expanded His body and killed Shankhaasur. He took the Shankh, came out of the sea and asked Muni to collect Ved from the sea. Muni recovered them. Whoever Muni whichever number of Mantra he was considered the Rishi of that part. The Muni returned Ved to Brahmaa Jee.

--He was a servant of Kuber
--Was killed by Krishn when he abducted a Goopee at the time they came for Raas with Krishn.

SHANKHCHOOD - Asur, Son of Dambh
--Killed by Shiv Jee.

SHANKHPAAD - Prajaapati, Son of Kardam Rishi
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Brahmaa appointed Shankhpad as the Lord of South direction.


Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Kripaa, and 1 daughter - Kripee (Married to Drone) from Urvashee Apsaraa
--[MBH, G-0/13] says that a twins - Kripaa and Kripee, were born when his semen fell on a reed grass.
--[MBH, G-1/10] says that he was born with arrows in his hands. Seeing his severe penance to learn various knowledge, Indra got afraid of him, so he sent an Apsaraa named Janapadee to disturb his Tapasyaa. She went there and started tempting him. At the sight of that beautiful woman, his bow and arrow slipped down. The sudden agitation in his body cause the ejaculation of his semen unconsciously and fell on a heap of reed grass where it divided into two and from it sprang up two children - one boy Kripaa and one girl Kripee.
--Kripaa became the Kul Guru of Kaurav - Dhritraashtra.
--And Kripee was married to Drone. Drone was the Guru of Kaurav and Paandav.

--He lived in Dandak Van. Raam and Lakshmaan visited him at the request of Viraadh after killing him.

SHARMISHTHAA - Daitya Princess, Daughter of Vrishparvaaa (Son of Kashyap and Danu)
Married to - Yayaati
Children - 3 sons - Druhyu, Anu, and Puru
--Shukraachaarya was the Kul Guru of Daitya king Vrishparvaa. The king had a daughter named Sharmishthaa. Shukraachaarya's daughter Devayaanee and Sharmishthaa were very good friends. Once they were playing with their friends in a pond that they saw Naarad coming. Everybody got out of the pond and wore their clothes. By mistake Sharmishthaa put on Devayaanee's dress. At this Devayaanee got angry with Sharmishthaa and Sharmishthaa threw her in a dry well and came home. Yayaati was passing through there, he heard her cries and took her out. She was without clothes so he gave her his own cloth. Devayaanee said, "Now I do not want that somebody else should hold my hand." So Yayaati married her.
--Devayaanee got very angry at this incident and told this to her father. He refused to be the Kul Guru of the Daitya family. Vrishparvaa came to request him to continue being his Kul Guru. Shukra said - "I cannot go against my daughter's wish, so let her decide what does she want." Devayaanee said - "I want that to when I will be married, Sharmishtha and her friends will go with me as my maids." Considering the situation delicate Sharmishthaa agreed to this. So when Devayaanee was married to Yayaati, Sharmishthaa also went with her friends as her maid. But Shukra warned Yayaati not to take any other woman to his bed.
--After Devayaanee had a son, Sharmishthaaa also expressed her desire to have a son from Yayaati. King did not consider it as unjust so he produced  sons from her also. This made Devayaanee again angry. She went back to her father and complained about this. At this Shukra gave Shaap to Yayaati - "Since you have disobeyed me, you will become old." Yayaati said - "But this will affect your daughter also." Then Shukra relaxed it - "You will be able to exchange your old age with somebody's youth."
--Then Yayaati asked his five sons to give their youth to him in exchange of his old age, but nobody agree for this except his youngest son from Sharmishthaa. So he appointed him king and cursed Yadu, the eldest son that there will be no king in his Vansh. [That is why there was no king in Yaadav Vansh.]

SHARYAATI - King, Son of Vaivaswat Manu
Married to - nnn
Children - 3 sons - Uttaanbarhi, Aanart, and Bhoorishen [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1]
                1 daughter - Sukanyaa (Married to Chyavan Rishi)
--Aangiras says that his kingdom was located in the region of Hariyaanaa

SHASHBINDU - King, Son of King Il (Son of Kardam Rishi)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Pururavaa was born to Sudyumn (or Il, or Ilaa), when he was passing his life as a female (Ilaa) as a result of Shaap of Shiv Jee. He, in fact, entered the forest where Shiv was enjoying with Paarvatee. It was Shiv's instruction that if any male will enter that forest will become female. So as he entered the forest he became female. Then Paarvatee Jee made this Shaap convenient for him that he would live one month as male and one month as female. So at one time when he was in female form, as Ilaa, Budh saw her and got attracted to her and started living with her. Ilaa had  Pururavaa from him. Thus Pururavaa became the first king of Chandra Vansh. Pururavaa was the younger brother of Shashbindu.

SHATAANAND - Rishi, Son of Gautam and Ahalyaa
Married to - nnn
Children - Satyadhriti (according to Vishnu Puraan. 4/13)
--He was the Kul Guru of Raajaa Janak. He performed the marriage of Raam and Seetaa.
--[Agni Puraan, 28] says his son's name was Satyadhrik. [He had a twins - Kripaa and Kripee]

SHATAANEEK - Prince, Son of Nakul (4th of 5 Paandav) and Draupadee
Married to - Bachelor
Children - None
--Draupadee's all sons were killed in sleeep by Ashwatthaamaa on 18th day of Mahaabhaarat war.

SHATAANEEK - Brother of Raajaa Viraat
--Fought from Paandav's side. He was killed by Shalya while rescuing his brother in the night fight on 14th day of war. [MBH, G-6, 24/14-5]

SHATADRUTI - Daughter of Samudra
Married to - Praacheenbarhi
Children - 10 sons - Prachetaa Gan
--see Vishnu Puraan, 1/15.

SHATAROOPAA - Daughter of Brahmaa
Married to - Swaayambhuv Manu (Son of Brahmaa, born from his sneeze (Padm Puraan, Srishti Khand)
Children - 2 sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad. 
              3 daughters - Prasooti (married to Daksh), Devahooti (married to Kardam Rishi), 
                  and Aakooti (married to Ruchi Prajaapati)
--Once Manu and Shataroopaa did Tap and asked the Var to get a son like Bhagavaan. Hari said, "Where will I get a person like me? So I myself will be born to you as your son." And then Raam was born to Dasharath and Kaushalyaa.

SHATRUGHN - Avataar of Sudarshan Chakra. Son of Dashrath and Sumitraa
Married to - Shrutkeerti (Daughter of Kushdhwaj, Seetaa's cousin sister)
Children - 2 sons
--He killed Maandhaataa's enemy Lavanaasur in Mathuraa. He killed Raavan's friend Vidyunmaalee also while he was going as a guard of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya horse.

SHAUNAK - Rishi, Son of King Shunak
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/10] He is in the family of Pururavaa. Pururavaa had six sons - Aayu, Shrutaayu, Satyaayu, Raya, Vijaya, and Jaya. Aayu had five sons - Nahush, Kshatravriddh, Raji, Rambh, and Anenaa. Kshatrvriddh's son was Suhotra. Suhotra had three sons - Kaashya, Kush and Grahatsmad. Grahatsmad's son was Shunak. And Shunak's was Muni Shaunak Jee.
--He had a good knowledge of Rig Ved. He has written Rig Ved Praati Shaakhya, Brihad Devtaa and Anukramanee (indexes). The Anukramanee give lists of hymns, the meters, the deities and the authors of the hymns of Rig Ved Sanhitaa. This is very important work for the purpose of knowing the periods of composition of different parts of Rig Ved Sanhitaa.
--Often Shaunak Jee listens the religious stories from Soot Jee. Many religious stories have been told by Shaunak Jee in Naimish Aranya Teerth.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He is said to have thousand heads. Bhaagvat Puraan says that his complexion is dark, while Vishnu Puraan 5/-  says that his complexion is as fair as ivory.
--Lakshman Jee and Balaraam Jee are his incarnations. That is why both were of fair complexion, this shows that Shaesh Naag should be of fair complexion.
--He is always in the service of Vishnu, that is why Lakshman was always with Raam; and even Balaraam Jee was also always with Krishn, although many times Krishn didn't listen to him.
--He is known by Anant, Bhujagendra, Sankarshan etc names also.

SHIBI - Daitya, Son of Prahlaad, Grandson of Hiranyakashyap
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn

SHIBI - King, Son of Usheenar (King of Bhoj) and Maadhavee (Daughter of Yayaati)
--He had a grandson named Shaibya who fought from Paandav side in Mahaabhaarat war. [Drone Parv, 10]

SHIKHANDEE - Prince, Son of Drupad and Prishataa (1 of 10 sons of Drupad)
Married to - Hiranyavarmaa's (of Dasarnak kingdom) daughter
Children - 1 son - Kshaatradev
--His other brothers were - (1) Dhrishtdyumn (killed by Ashwatthaamaa in sleep on 18th day), (2) Uttamaujaa, (3) Yudhaamanyu, (4) Kumaar (Drone, 16), (5) Surath (Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day), (6) Shatrunjaya (Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day), (7) Janmejaya (Drone, 166), (8) Satyajit (Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day), (9) Kshaatradev (Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day)
--He was Ambaa's reincarnation to kill Bheeeshm. He was born as a girl but later got manhood from a Yaksh in exchange of her womanhood. He became the instrument to kill Bheeshm.

SHISHUPAAL - Son of King of Chedi Desh Damghosh and Shrutshravaa (One of the five daughters of Shoorsen and Bhojaa, Sister of Vasudev and Kuntee)
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Dhrishtketu and Suketu
               1 son - Sharabh
--He was the son of Krishn's father's sister Shrutshravaa. He was killed by Krishn at the time of Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir.
--He was born with four arms and three eyes. Seeing him born like this his mother got frightened and wanted to throw him that the Divine voice said - "Do not throw him." Then his mother wished to know about his arms and the third eye and his death. The Divine voice said - "In whose laps his two arms and the third eye will fall, he will kill him." So she used to give him to everybody to know his killer.
--Once Balaraam and Krishn came to see their aunt. She gave her son to them also. Balraam took him and returned to her, but Krishn didn't want to take him. On insisting He took him and as He took him his two arms and the third eye fell. His mother requested Him not to kill him. Krishn showed her His helplessness, then He promised that He would tolerate his 100 abuses, after that He is not responsible. So He tolerated his 100 abuses at the time of Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir and then killed him.
--His both sons, fought from Paandav's side. Dhrishtketu was killed by Drone on 14th day in Mahaabhaarat war; and his another son Suketu was also killed by Drone [Karn, 6] [MBH, G-6, 30/16-1]
--According to [MBH G-7/22] his son Sharabh met Arjun when he was following the sacrificial horse for Yudhishthir's Ashwamedh Yagya.
--Maagh has written a poem "Shishupaal Vadh".

SHIV - Bhagvaan, 1 of 3 Principal Powers (Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh)  See also  BhairavBatuk
Married to - First to Satee, then to Paarvatee
Children - Ganesh, Kaartikeya (Sometimes he is said to be the son of Agni)
--He has several names -  Bhav, Gireeesh, Girijaapati, Ishaan, Har, Kaasheenaath, Kailaashnaath, Kailaashpati, Mahaadev, Mahesh, Neelkanth, Pashupati, Rudra, Sarv, Shankar, Shiv Shankar, Sthaanu, Trinetra, Tryambak, Ugra, Umaapati, Vyomkesh.
--Exoterically, he is represented naked as the Yogee are. In the esoteric sense he is Digambar, or "clothed with space" in the sense that he is omnipresent so the infinity of space or the points of the compass clothe him.
--He is called Gangaadhar as he bore Gangaa when Bhageerath brought her from Swarg. It is said that Shiv spread his Jataa so much that she lost her way to come down, then he unlocked his one lock of hair and  thin stream came out of it.
--He has killed several Raakshas - Tripuraaasur (Taarakaaksh, Kamlaaksh, and Vidyunmaalee), Andhakaasur.

SHIBI - King of Ikshwaaku Vansh, Son of Usheenar
Married to - nnn
Children -
--He gave his whole body to save a pigeon.

SHOORPADM - Daitya, Grandson of Kashyap (Son of Mareechi and Sambhooti) and Diti (Daughter of Daksh)
Married to - Padmkomal (Daughter of Vishwakarmaa)
Children - Bhaanukop, Agnimukh, Hiranyak, Vajrabaahu
--He was Taarak's cousin (Taarak's paternal uncle's son, or Diti's another son's son). He was the king of Veermahendra named city. He was as mighty as Taarakaasur.
--Naarad Jee thought that Kaarikeya could kill him, so he called upon him and he then killed Shoorpadm.

SHOORPANAKHAA - Raakshas woman,  Daughter of Vishravaa and Kaikasee
Married to - Vidyujivhaa (Son of Kaalakaa) - one of among 60,000 Kaalikeya Daitya
Children - none
--Shoorpankhaa was the sister of Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan like Raakshas.
--Shoorpamkhaa went to Raam and Lakshman when they were in exile and were staying in Panchvatee. She expressed her desire to marry Raam but Raam directed her to Lakshman. He also refused her to marry that he was only a servant of Raam. At this she ran to eat Seetaa, and Lakshman cut her nose and ears. Then she sent Khar and Dooshan to kill them but they themselves were killed. Then she went to Raavan to complaint about them.

SHOORSEN - King of Yadu Vansh  [Padm Puraan, 1/11]
Married to - Bhojaa
Children - 10 sons from Bhojaa - Vasudev (Aananddundubhi), Devabhaag, Devashree, Anaadhrishti,
                    Kuni, Nandi, Sakridashaa, Shyaam,Sameedhu, and Shansyu.
             -  5 daughters - Shrutkeerti, Prithaa (married to Paandu), Shrutdevee,
                    Shrutshravaa (married to Damghosh - King of Chedi Desh) and Raajaadhidevee.
--His real name was Meedhush, but he was popularly known as Shoorsen.
--Prithaa was given to Kuntibhoj - a friend and cousin of Shoorsen - the son of his paternal aunt. There she was called Kuntee and was married to Paandu.

SHRAVAN KUMAAR - Son of Yagyadatt
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--According to Agni Puraan, (Ch 7, p 10) Shravan Kumaar was Yagyadatt's son.

SHREE - Consort of Vishnu
--She is known as Shree, Kamalaa, Lakshmee,

SHRINGEE - Rishi, Son of Shameek Muni
--Gave Shaap to Pareekshit - that Takshak will bite him on the seventh day because he put a dead snake in his father's neck.

SHRUTDEVAA - 1 of 5 Sisters of Vasudev
Married to - Vriddhsharmaa
Children - 2 sons - Dantvakra and Vidoorath [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u17]

SHRUTKARMAA - Prince, Son of Bheem (2nd of 5 Paandav) and Draupadee
Married to - Bachelor
Children - None
--Draupadee's all sons were killed in sleep by Ashwatthaamaa on the last day of war.

SHRUTKEERTI - Prince, Son of Sahadev (5th of 5 Paandav) and Draupadee
Married to - Bachelor
Children - None
--Draupadee's all sons were killed in sleeep by Ashwatthaamaa on the last day of war.

Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Somshravaa (born from a she-snake)
--[MBH, G-0/4] He was the Rishi who permitted his son Somshravaa to do Janamejaya's Yagya. Once Janamejaya, Pareekshit's son, met him while on a hunting trip and he asked him to permit him to appoint his son Somshravaa as his Purohit. He said - "He is a great ascetic, but he has one particular habit that he cannot say no to any Braahman for anything."

SHRUTSHRAVAA - Daughter of Shoorsen and Bhojaa
Married to - Damghosh (King of Chedi Desh)
Children - 1 son - Shishupaal
--Her son Shishupaal was born with four arrms and three eyes. Seeing him born like this she got frightened and wanted to throw him that the Divine voice said - "Do not throw him." Then she wwished to know about his arms and the third eye and his death. The Divine voice said - "In whose laps his two arms and the third eye will fall, he will kill him." So she used to give him to everybody to know his killer.
--Once Balaraam and Krishn came to see theiir aunt. She gave her son to them also. Balraam took him and returned to her, but Krishn didn't want to take him. On insisting He took him and as He took him his two arms and the third eye fell. His mother requested Him not to kill him. Krishn showed her His helplessness, then He promised that He would tolerate his 100 abuses, after that He is not responsible. So He tolerated his 100 abuses at the time of Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir and then killed him.

SHUCHI - 1 of the 3 Fires from Agni Dev and Swaahaa (Daksh and Prasooti's daughter)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Agni Dev and Swaahaa had three fires - Paavak, Pavamaan, and Shuchi; and one son - Swaarochish Manu.

SHUKDEV - Rishi, Son of Ved Vyaas and Shukee Apsaraa
Married to - Brahmchaaree
Children - None
--He is always a young boy of 16 years of age. Once Vyaas Jee got attracted to Shukee Apsaraa, so he was born from her.
--He told Bhaagvat to Pareekshit.

SHUKRAACHAARYA - Braahman, Son of Kavi, Great-Grandson of Bhrigu and Anidraa
Married to - Oorjswati (Daughter of Priyavrat - Son of Manu and Shataroopaa)
Children - 2 daughters - Devayaanee (from Oorjswati, Married to Yayaati), and Arajaa
--He was kalled Kavya also being the son of Kavi. 
--[Aangiras, p 87-88] mentions his name as Ushanaas Shukra. See also Iraan about his more details.
--[V-Raamaayan, 1/7] says that Shukraachaarya was the son of Bhrigu, and Vishnu killed Bhrigu's wife (Shukraachaarya's mother).
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/3] says that he had two sons Shand and Amark who used to teach Hiranyakashyap's son Prahlaad and other Daitya children.
--[MBH, G-0/14] says that Shukrachaarya has four sons including Tashtaadhar and Atri.
--He was the Guru of Daitya as Brihaspati was the Guru of Devtaa. He knew Sanjeevanee Vidyaa so he could bring dead Daitya alive. Devtaa were very worried with this arrangement because whoever Daitya they killed in war, Shukraachaarya brought them alive. So they asked Brihaspati to learn this Vidyaa from him and do the same for them too. Then Brihaspati Jee sent his son Kach to Shukraachaarya to learn that Vidyaa. Shukraachaarya taught him that Vidyaa, but when he was about to depart, since Devayaanee got attracted to him, she asked him to marry her. He bluntly refused her offer that according to morals she was his sister so he could not marry her. At this she gave him Shaap that he would not be able to use that Vidyaa. At this Kach also gave Shaap to her that no Braahman would marry her. That is why when she met king Yayaati, she proposed to Yayaati, and Yayaati married her.

SHUNAHSHEP - Rishi, Son of Ajeegart and Vishwaamitra and Satyavatee's Sister.
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Ajeegart gave him to king Harishchandra's son Rohit to complete Ambareesh's Yagya as a sacrifice animal, but Vishwaamitra Muni, his Maamaa, saved him and made him his own son. This story appears in Aitareya Braahman. Hymn 9-3 of Rig Ved is attributed to him.

SHWAPHALK - Father of Akroor Jee
Married to - Gaandinee
Children - 13 sons - Akroor  Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p13] + Aasang, Saarmeya, Nridur, Mriduvid, Giri,
                     Dharmvriddh, Sukarmaa, Kshetropeksh, Arimardan, Shatrughn, Gandhmaadan and Pratibaahu.
                1 daughter - Sucheeraa
--<[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15] Vrishni had two sons - Sumitra and Yudhaajit. Yudhaajit had two sons - Shini and Anmitra. Anmitra's son was Nimn, and Nimn had two sons Satraajit and Prasen (who had Saamantak Mani). Anmitra had one more son whose name was Shini, his son was Satyak, his son was Yuyudhaan who became famous as Saatyaki. Saatyaki had the son named Jaya, his son was Kuni, his son was Yugandhar. Anmitra's third son was Vrishni. Vrishni had two sons - Shwaphalk and Chitrarath.
--It is believed that Shwaphalk was a very religious man.

SHWET - Prince, Prince, Son of Viraat
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Had 2 brothers - Uttar and Shankh and 1 sister - Uttaraa (Married to Abhimanyu)
--Killed by Bheeshm on the first day of Maahaabhaarat war.

SHWETKETU - Son of Uddaalak Muni, Grandson of Baajshravaa
--He had a brother also named Nachiketaa. Nachiketaa is the disciple of Yam Raaj in Kath Upanishad; and Shwetketu is the disciple of his father Uddaalak Muni in Chhandogya Upanishad. A conversation between the two appears in Chhandogya Upanishad (6-2-1 through 6-14-3).

SINEE - Grandfather of Saatyaki
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had a grandson named Saatyaki who wass a disciple and friend of Arjun. He fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabhaarat war.

SINHIKAA - Raakshas woman, Daughter of Kashyap and Diti, Sister of Hiranyakashyap
Married to - Viprachitti (Son of Kashyap and Danu)
Children - 13 sons - Vyansh, Shalya, Nabh, Vaataapi, Namuchi, Ilval, Khasrim, Andhak, Narak, Kaalnaabh, Mahaaveer, Swarbhaanu, Vaktrayodhee
--Agni Puraan, 7 says that Kahsyap and Diti had 3 children - 2 sons - Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyp and 1 daughter - Sinhikaa.
--[Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti] says that Sinhikaa had 13 sons and names them as - Kans, Shankh, Nal, Vaataapi, Ilval, Namuchi, Khasoom, Anjan, Narak, Kaalnaabh, Paramaanu, Kalpveerya, and Danuvanshvivardhan. BUT it mentions one more son named Raahu too, which means that she had 14 sons not 13.
--MBH, G-0/14 says that she had four sons and names them as - Raahu (who ate Soorya and Chandra), Suchandra, Chandrahantaa and Chandrapramardan.

SINHSEN - Prince of Paanchaal, Son of Drupad



SOMDATT - King, Son of Baahleek (1 of 3 Sons of Prateep)
Married to - nnn
Children - 3 sons - Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa, Shal
--All the five - Baahleek, Somdatt, Bhooriishravaa, Bhoori, and Shal, fought from Duryodhan's side in Mahaabhaarat war.
--Somdatt was killed by Saatyaki after his son was killed, also by Saatyaki, on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war.
--His other son Bhoori was killed by Saatyyaki on the same day, 14th day, in the night war.

SOMSHRAVAA - Muni, Son of Shrutshravaa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[MBH, G-0/4] He was born from a she-snake. When Janamejaya asked his father to let him appoint as his Purohit, his father said - "He is a great ascetic, but he has one particular habit that he cannot say no to any Braahman for anything."

SOORYA - Devtaa
Married to - Sangyaa (Daughter of Vishwakarmaa), Raagyee, and Prabhaavatee 
Children - 1 son - Shraaddh Dev (Vaivaswat Manu) (from Sangyaa)
                1 twins (1 son and 1 daughter) - Yam and Yamunaa (from Sangyaa)
                1 son - Raivat Manu (from Raagyee)
                1 son - Prabhaat (from Prabhaa)
                2 sons - Saavarni Manu, Shanaishchar (from Chhaayaa)
                2 daughters - Tapatee, and Bhadraa - known as Vishti in this world (from Chhaayaa)
                1 daughter - Kaalindee
--Later Sangyaa could not bear Soorya's Tej so she went away keeping her shadow (Chhaayaa) with Soorya.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/7] says that Soorya was married to Sangyaa and Chaayaa, both being the daughters of Vishwakarmaa. Some say that he had a third wife also named Badavaa. Sangyaa also had three children - Yam, Shraaddhdev and a daughter Yamee; and Chhaayaa also had three children - Saavarni, Shanaishchar and a daughter Tapatee (married to Sanvaran). When Sangyaa took the form of Badavaa then she had two Ashwinee Kumaar.
--Once Soorya defeated Vidyunmaalee Daitya, a devotee of Shiv, so he ran towards Soorya carrying his Trishool (trident). Running from him, Soorya fell in Kaashee Nagaree, since then he was called as Lolaark.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15] says that His wives names are Sangyaa (also called Raagyee, Dyau, Twaashtree, Prabhaa, and Surenu) and Nikshubhaa (Prithvi). He had several children from Sangyaa and her shadow Chhaayaa - three children from Sangyaa - Saavarni Manu, Yam, and Yamunaa; two children from Chhaayaa - Shanaishchar and Tapatee; then Ashwinee Kumaar and Revant from Sangyaa again.
--[Agni Puraan, 26] says that Soorya had three wives - Sangyaa, Raagyee, and Prabhaa. Raagyee is the daughter of Raivat, she gave birth to Raivant named son. Soorya's another wife Prabhaa gave birth to Prabhaat named son. Sangyaa is Vishwakarmaa's daughter, and she gave birth to Vaivaswat Manu and a twins Yam and Yamunaa. (Sangyaa's shadow who was in woman form is called "Chhaayaa-Sangyaa"). Chhaayaa-Sangyaa gave birth to Saavarni Manu and Shanaishchar named 2 sons and Tapatee and Vishti named 2 daughters. Later Sangyaa (in mare form) gave birth to another twins Ashwinee Kumaar.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u7] says that Arjun met Kaalindee doing Tapasyaa to get Vishnu as her husband when he went to a forest with Krishn. On asking who she was, she told that she was Bhagavaan Soorya's daughter Kaalindee and was doing Tapasyaa to get Vishnu as her husband.


SOOT JEE - Rishi, Romharshan, and His son Ugrashravaa
--In fact Soot is cast. When a child is born of a Braahman man and a Kshatriya woman, he is called Soot. This child has no right to rule the kingdom. Such was a man named Romeharshan. He was a gret disciple of Vyaas Jee and he trained him in Puraan and Itihaas. So normally he used to tell Puraan and Itihaas to saints and people. Nobody called  him by his real name, they all called him as Soot Jee. He had a son also named Ugrashravaa. After him he used to do this work. People called him also as Soot Jee. Much religious literature is written as the dialog between Soot Jee and other Rishi. Bhaagvat Puraan starts with Soot Jee (Ugrashravaa) and Shaunak Jee's dialog, although the actual Kathaa is between Shuk Dev Jee and Pareekshit.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Once Vishwaavasu had relations with Menakaa Apsaraa. She had a daughter from him. She dropped her near the Aashram of Sthoolkesh. Sthoolkesh brought her up dearly, named her Pramad-vara and married her to Ruru - the son of Pramati (the son of Rishi Chyavan).

SUBAAHU - Raakshas, Son of Shambaraasur or Taadakaa?
--He was the son of Taadakaa. He was killed by Raam when He went to protect Vishwaamitra's Yagya at the age of 16.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/40] says that he was the brother of Maareech.

SUBAL - King of Gaandhaar
Married to - nnn
Children - 7 sons - Shakuni, Shatchandra, Gavaaksh, Vrishabh, Sarabh, Vibhu, Subhag, Bhaanudatt,
                     ||  Charmaavat, Arjab, Shuk, Gaya,
                2 sons more - Vrishak, Achal (MBH, Drone, 28)
                5 sons - Gavaaksh, Sarabh, Vibhu, Subhag, Bhaanudatt (Drone, 156) - were killed by Bheem
                    [MBH, G-6, 23/14-4]
                1 daughter - Gaandhaaree (Married to Dhritraashtra)
--There are many sons' names are given at different places.

SUBHADRAA - Princess, Daughter of Vasudev, Granddaughter of Shoorsen
Married to - Arjun (3rd of 5 Paandav)
Children - 1 Son - Abhimanyu (killed by Dushaasan's son on 13th day of Mahaabhaarat war)

SUDAAMAA - Braahman, Friend of Krishn
Married to - Kalyaanee
Children - nnn
--He was a great friend of Krishn. Once he ate Krishn's share of Chivadaa (beaten rice) in his childhood, that is why he was very poor. But then at the advice of his wife he went to Mathuraa to see his friend Krishn. He took some Chivadaa for Him as gift. Krishn ate that Chivadaa two times. When He was about to take the Chivadaa third time, Rukminee held His hand and said - "Mahaaraaj, will you give everything to him? Save something for yourself too." Thus He gave him lots of wealth, but Sudaamaa was happy in his poverty.

SUDAAMAA - Gardener in Mathuraa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p13] This was the gardener to whom Krishn went in Mathuraa and accepted his flower garlands. He gave him everything here on Prithvi and and Moksh after his death.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--According to Aangiras, he was living during the years 2370-2280 BC. He was one of the greatest Vaidik kings. He has contributed a hymn, 10-133, to Rig Ved.

SUDARSHAN - King of Maalavaa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He fought from Duryodhan's side and was killed by Saatyaki on 14th day of war.

SUDAKSHINAA - Queen of King Dileep
Married to - Dileep
Children - 1 son - Bhageerath

SUDESHNAA - Queen of King Viraat
Married to - Viraat
Children - 1 son - Uttar (was killed by Shalya on 1st day of Mahaabhaarat war)
                1 daughter - Uttaraa (Married to Abhimanyu)

SUDESHNAA - Queen of Bali (In Anu's Lineage)
Married to - King Bali (In Anu's lineage)
Children - 6 sons - Ang, Vang, Kaling, Suhm, Pundra, and Andhra (from Deerghtamaa Muni)

SUDHANVAA - Prince of Paanchaal

SUDHANVAA - Lord of Direction, Son of Vairaaj Prajaapati
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Brahmaa appointed Sudhanvaa as the Lord of East direction.

--Was the priest of Kuru family. He helped in performing last rites of the dead after the war.

SUDYUMN - 1 of the 10 Sons of Manu
Married to - nnn
Children - 4 Sons - Pururavaa (from Budh when he was a woman), Utkal, Gaya and Vimal when he was a man
--According to [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1] once he went to a forest where Shiv and Paarvatee were enjoying. They had declared that whoever will enter that forest would become woman, so as he with his army entered the forest, all became changed to women. Chandramaa's son Budh saw her and got attracted to her. They had a son named Pururavaa. When his Purohit Vashishth Jee came to know about this he prayed Shiv Jee to be kind on Sudyumn. He told that he would be man for one month and woman for one month. Then he had 3 sons more.

SUGREEV - Vaanar, Son of Riksh Raaj, Son of Soorya too
Married to - Roomaa
Children - None
--Once Riksh Raaj got thirsty, so he went to a pond to drink water. As he entered the pond he became a female. Indra and Soorya spotted her and produced two sons from her - Baali and Sugreev. After producing these sons she again became male.
--Had one brother Baali who was killed by Raam at the request of Sugreev.
--Helped Raam in recovery of Seetaa - Raam's wife.
--[Padm Puraan, 4/15] says that Sugreev's wife's name was Mohanaa.

SUKANYAA - Princess, Daughter of Vaivaswat Manu's son Sharyaati
Married to - Chyavan Rishi
Children - nnn
--[Padm Puraan, 4/3] Once Sharyaati went out with his daughter Sukanyaa and happened to be in Chyavan Rishi's Aashram. Sukanyaa came there playing with her friends where Chyavan Rishi was doing Tap. Because of being in Tapasyaa for quite some time ants built their hill around him. Sukanyaa saw that hill and found two holes from which two eyes were showing up. Out of childlike feelings she inserted a straw and pierced those eyes. Blood flowed from them. At the same time Sharyaati's soldiers' excretion system failed. On finding out what has happened, the king found that Sukanyaa had pierced Chyavan's eyes. He married Sukanyaa to Rishi and went back to his kingdom.
--[Padm Puraan, 4/3] One day Ashwinee Kumaar came there, Sukanyaa felicitated them with great respect, so they asked her to ask for any Var. She asked the sight for her husband. They said - "If your husband can offer Yagya share to us, then we can give him his sight." Chyavan Rishi agreed for this. They asked Muni to have a dip in a pond. All the three, Chayvan Rishi and Ashwinee Kumaar, had a dip in that pond and when they came out, they all looked alike. Now Sukanyaa couldn't recognize her husband, so she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar and they showed her her husband. Ashwinee Kumaar went away.

SUKESH - Raakshas
Married to - Dev Vatee - Daughter of Graameen Gandharv
Children - 3 sons - Maalyavaan, Sumaalee, Maalee
--He was a pious Raakshas. Although he hadd a Var fom Brahmaa Jee but he did not misuse it.
--Once his three sons went to Vishwakarmaaa and asked to build a house for them as beautiful as Mahaadev's. So Vishwakarmaa built Lankaa Puree which as built all in gold, on Trikoot mountain.

SUKETU - Yaksh
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 daughter - Taadakaa, married to Sund

SUMAALEE - Raakshas, Son of Sukesh
Married to - Ketumatee (Daughter of Narmadaa - a Gandharv woman)
Children - 10 sons - Prahast, Akampan, Vikat, Kaalikaa, Mukh, Dhoomraaksh, Dambh, Supaarshwa,
                    Praghas, Bheemkarn, and Sanhlaadi,
                4 daughters - Kaikasee, or Keshinee (married to Vishravaa - Pulastya's son), Pushpotyataa,
                    and Kumbheenasee (married to Madhu Daitya) and Vekaa.
--They were three brothers - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan. Maalee was killed when all brothers went to fight with Indra to win him, Sumaalee got wounded and Maalyavaan ran away from the battle field.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4] says that all the three brothers were fighting from Bali's side after Amrit was distributed, and all were killed by Hari.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/40] says that Kaikasee's mother's name was Sukeshee.

SUMANAA - Daughter of Maharshi Chyavan
--Read about Sumanaa in [Padm Puraan, 2/2]

SUMANTRA - Minister of King Dashrath
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--One of the eight ministers - (Dhrishti, Jaayant, Vijaya, Suraashtra, Akoy, Raashtravardhan, Dharmpaal, Sumantra) of Dashrath (king of Ayodhyaa).

SUMATI - Daughter of the King of Vidarbh Desh
Married to - Raaja Sagar
Children -  60,000 sons

SUMITRAA - Princess
Married to - Dasharath (King of Ayodhyaa)
Children - 2 Sons - Lakshman (Married to Urmilaa - daughter of Seeradhwaj Janak),
                             Shatrughn (Married to Shrutkeerti - daughter of Kushdhwaj)

SUND - Raakshas, Son of Jambhaasur   see also   UPASUND
Married to - Taadakaa (Daughter of Suketu Yaksh)
Children - 2 sons - Subaahu and Maareech
--Sund and Upasund were two brothers who did Tap for Brahmaa and got a boon from him that they should not be killed by anybody else except themselves. That is why they became invincible for everybody, even for Indra. Once they saw an Apsaraa Tilottamaa and got attracted to her. They both fought and died in that fight.
--He was killed by Agastya Muni's Shaap, that is why Taadakaa started troubling

SUNEETHAA - Daughter of Yam Raaj or Mrityu
Married to - King Ang
Children - 1 son - Vane

SUNEETI - Queen of Uttaanpaad
Married to - Uttanpaad (Manu's son)
Children - 1 son - Dhruv

SUPARN    see    GARUD

SURASAA -  Daughter of Daksh
Married to - Kashyap Jee (1 of 13 wives)
Children - 1,000 Sarp (snakes)
--She tested Hanumaan's intelligence whilee he was on his way to Lankaa in search of Seetaa.

SURATH - King of Sindhu Desh, Son of Jayadrath and Dushalaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - 
--MBH 7/21 says that when Arjun was with the horse of Yudhishthir for Ashwamedh Yagya, he came to Sindhu Desh and those people fought with him very bravely remembering that he was the one who killed their king Jayadrath. Then Dushalaa came out with her grandson, Surath's son, and approached Arjun to beg for the life of people of indhu Desh. Arjun made her fearless.

SUROOPAA - Daughter of Mareechi [Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15]
Married to - Maharshi Angiraa
Children - 1 son Brihaspati
                1 daughter (Married to 8th Vasu Prabhaas)

Married to - Uttaanpaad (Manu's son)
Children - 1 son - Uttam

SUSHARMAA - King of Prasthal (or one of Trigart Brothers?)
--He took an oath along with his brothers to kill Arjun or to be killed by Arjun in the battle field.
--He went to Viraat Desh also to help Duryodhan in identifying Paandav at Viraat Nagar.
--His brothers were killed by Arjun on the 12th day of the war. (Drone, 26)

SUSHEN - Son of Varun (In the times of Raam)
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 daughter - Taaraa (Married to Baali)
--It is said that Taaraa was born from Sammudra at the time of Saagar Manthan, although it is not mentioned in Bhaagvat Puraan, Vishnu Puran etc. When she was born, seeing her and knowing her as the daughter of Brihaspati, Baali and Sushen held her by her hands. Baali held her by her right hand and Sushen held her by her left hand. Both wanted to marry her. Then elderly Devtaa intervened and decided that who had held her by her right hand will be her husband and who held her by her left hand will be her father. Thus Baali became her husband, and Sushen became her father.

SUSHEN - Traditional Doctor in Lankaa (In the times of Raam)
--He was a traditional doctor in Lankaa. WWhen Lakshman was hit by Shakti and got unconscious, Hanumaan brought him in sleep from Lankaa along with his house. He sent Hanumaan to Himaalaya Parvat to bring Sanjeevanee herb and cured Lakshman. Hanumaan dropped him back in Lankaa.

SUSHEN - Soot's son, Son of Karn
--He had four brothers more - Vrishsen (Drone, 16; Karn, 48), Satyasandh (Karn, 7) [MBH, G-6, 30/16-1], Sushen and Satyasen (Karn, 48) [MBH, G-6, 33/17-2], Bhaanusen - killed by Bheem (Karn, 48).
--He was killed by Uttamaujaa on the 17th day of the war. (Karn, 75) [MBH, G-6, 34/17-3].

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Raam met him when He was in exile.

SUTSOM - Prince, Son of Arjun (3rd of 5 Paandav) and Draupadee
Married to - Bachelor
Children - None
--Draupadee's all sons were killed by Ashwwathaamaa on the last day of war.

SWAAROCHISH MANU - Son of Agni Dev and Swaahaa (Daksh and Prasooti's daughter)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Agni Dev and Swaahaa had three fires - Paavak, Pavamaan, and Shuchi; and one son - Swaarochish Manu.
--He became the Manu of his name Manvantar "Swaarochish Manvantar".

Married to - Pitar
Children - 2 daughters - Mainaa and Vaidhaarinee
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Aj had Agnishvaatt, Barhishad, Anagni and Saagni wre the Pitar. And they had these 2 daughters from Swadhaa.

SWAAHAA - Daughter of Daksh Prajaapati and Prasooti
Married to - Agni Devtaa
Children - [Agni Puraan, 8] says that both had Paavak, Pavamaan and Shuchi named sons.
             Other sources say that they had these three fires and one son Swaarochish Manu.

SWARBHAANU - Daitya, Son of Kashyap and Danu (Daughter of Daksh)
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 daughter - Suprabhaa
--He had 99 brothers - [Padm Puraan, 1/7] Viprachitti, Vrishparvaa, Pulomaa, Maya,  etc.
--[Vishnu Puraan, 1/13] says that his daughter's name was Prabhaa.
--[MBH, 5-Udyog Parv-110]  says that Swarbhaanu was also known as Raahu.


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