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8-Agni Puraan

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26-Soorya Vansh

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26-Soorya Vansh
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 273-274, p 550-554

Soorya and Chandra Vansh

Soorya Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Now I tell you about Soorya Vanshee kings. Brahmaa Jee appeared from Vishnu's navel lotus flower. Brahmaa's son is Mareechi, and Mareechi's son is Kashyap Jee. Kashyap Jee had a son named Vivaswaan (Soorya). Soorya has three wives - Sangyaa, Raagyee and Prabhaa. Among them Raagyee is the daughter of Raivat, she gave birth to Raivant named son. Soorya's another wife Prabhaa gave birth to Prabhaat named son. Sangyaa is Vishwakarmaa's daughter, and she gave birth to Vaivaswat Manu and a twins Yam and Yamunaa. (Sangyaa's shadow who was in woman form is called "Chhaayaa-Sangyaa"). Chhaayaa-Sangyaa gave birth to Saavarni Manu and Sanaishchar named 2 sons and Tapatee and Vishti named 2 daughters. Later Sangyaa (in mare form) gave birth to another twins Ashwinee Kumaar.

Vaivaswat Manu had 10 sons - (1) Ikshwaaku, (2) Naabhaag, (3) Dhrisht, (4) Sharyaati, (5) Narishyant, (6) Pranshu, (7) Nrig, (8) Disht, (9) Karoosh, and (10) Prishadhra. All these were very mighty and were in Ayodhyaa. Manu had a daughter also named Ilaa who gave birth to Pururavaa from Budh. After giving birth to Pururavaa, she was transformed in man form and was named as Sudyumn. Sudyumn had three sons - Utkal, Gaya, and Vinataashwa. Utkal got the kingdom of Utkal province (Udeesaa); Vinataashwa got the kingdom in West; and Gaya became the king in East. His capital was Gayaa. [Read Agni Puraan, ch 114 for how it became the greatest Teerth] Sudyumn again came to Pratishthaan and gave that kingdom to Pururavaa.

Narishyant's sons were known as "Shak", and Naabhaag had the son named Ambareesh. Dhrisht extended his family line as "Dhaarshtak Vansh". Sharyaati had two children - 1 son Aanart and 1 daughter Sukanyaa. Aanart had the son named Rev. Aanart Desh was his kingdom and Kushsthalee was his capital. Rev had he son named Raivat who became known as Kakudmee. One day he went to Brahmaa with his daughter Revatee and started listening to music. Only two Ghadee passed according to Brahmaa's time scale. but in Mrityu Lok many 4-Yug periods had passed. After listening to music, he came back to his city hurriedly, but now it was under Yadu people. They had inhabited Dwaarakaa Puree in place of Kushsthalee. [It is written at many places that Krishn asked some land from sea to inhabit a city and he gave that to Him, then how it happened that Dwaarakaa was in place of Kushsthalee?] Raivat married his daughter to Balaraam Jee and went to Sumeru Parvat for doing Tap. Naabhaag had two sons from a prostitute. They did severe Tap and attained Braahman status. Karoosh's sons got known as "Kaaroosh". Prishdhra had killed his Guru's cow by mistake, that is why he became Shoodra by his Guru's curse.

Manu's son was Ikshwaaku and Ikshwaaku's son was Vikukshi who became the King of Devtaa for some time. Vikukshi's son was Kakutsth, Kakutsth's son was Suyodhan, and Suyodhan's son was Prithu. Prithu's son was Vishwagashwa [In Bhaagvat Puraan his name is given as Vishwarandhi; and in Vishnu Puraan his name is given as Vishwagashwa.] His son was Aayu, and Aayu's son was Yuvanaashwa; Yuvanaashwa's son was Shraaavant who inhabited Shraavantikee named city in the East. [In Vishnu Puaaran these name are given as "Shaavast" and "Shaavastee"]

Shraavant had Brihdashwa, and Brihadashwa had Kuvalaashwa named son. He killed Dhundhu named Daitya, that is why he was known as "Dhundhumaar".

Dhundhumaar \had three sons - Dridhaashwa, Dand and Kapil. Dridhaashwa had 2 sons - Haryashwa and Pramodak. Haryashwa's son was Nikumbh, and Nikumbh's son was Sanhataashwa. Sanhataashwa had two sons - Akrishaashwa and Ranaashwa. Ranaashwa's son was Yuvanaashwa and Yuvanaashwa's son was Maandhaataa. Maandhaataa had two sons - Purukuts and Muchukund. Purukuts had the son named Trasdasyu whose another name was "Sambhoot". Sambhoot had Sudhanvaa, Sudhanvaa had Tridhanvaa, Tridhanvaa had Tarun and Tarun had Satyavrat as his son.

Satyavrat's son was Satyarath whose son was Harishchandra. Harishchandra's son was Rohitaashwa, Rohitaashwa's son was Vrik, Vrik's son was Baahu and Baahu's son was Sagar. Sagar's one wife Prabhaa gave birth to 60,000 sons and his other wife gave birth to one son named Asmanjas. King Sagar's 60,000 sons got burnt to ashes by Kapil Muni's anger. Asmanjas' son was Anshumaan, Anshumaan;s son was Dileep and Dileep's son was Bhageerath who brought Gangaa on Prithvi. Bhageerath's son was Naabhaag, Naabhaag's son was Ambareesh, Ambareesh's son was Sindhudweep and Sindhudweep's son was Shrutaayu. Shrutaayu's son was Rituparn, Rituparn's son was Kalmaashpaad. Kalmaashpaad's son was Savkarmaa, Sarvkarmaa's son was Anaranya, Anaranya's son was Nighn, and Nighn's son was Dileep, Dileep's son was Raghu, Raghu's son was Aj and Aj's son was Dasharath and Dasharath had four sons - Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn.

Raam had two sons - Kush and Lav, Kush's son was Atithi, Atiyhi's son was Nishadh, and Nishadh's son was Nal (not Damayantee's husband), Nal's son was Nabh, Nabh's son was Pundareek



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