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25-About Ved

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25-About Ved
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 271-272, p 547-550

About Ved


Pushkar Jee said - "Hey Parashuraam, Now I tell you about Ved. Ved Mantra are ery good for the world. Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, Atharv Ved, and Saam Ved - these are four Ved. They contain 100,000 Mantra. Rig Ved's one branch is called "Saankhyaayan" and the other branch is called "Aashwalaayan". There are 1,000 Shlok in these two branches, and 2,000 Shlok in its Braahman part. Krishn Dwaipaayan (Ved Vyaas) etc Maharshi have regarded it as a standard. Yajur Ved contains 1,900 Mantra; its Braahman books contain 1,000 Mantra; and its branches contain 1,086 Mantra. Chiefly, Kaanvee, Maadhyandinee, Kathee, Maadhyakathee, Maitraayanee, Taittireeyaa, and Vaishampaayaneeyaa branches of Yajur Ved are available. In Saam Ved, Kauthumee and Aatharvnnayanee (Raanaayaneeyaa) branches are main. In them are four Gaan - Ved, Aaranyak, Ukthaa, and Ooh. There are 9,425 Mantra in Saam Ved and they are related to Brahm.

In Atharv Ved, Sumantu, Jaajali, Shlokaayani, Shaunak, Pippalaad, and Munjkesh etc are Rishi. It contains 16,000 Mantra and 100 Upanishad. Vishnu, incarnated as Vyaas Jee, has divided Ved. Ved's branches, Itihaas (history) and Puraan etc all are Vishnu's forms. Lomharshan Soot preached them after learning them from Vyaas Jee. Lomharshan had 6 disciples - Sumati, Agnivarchaa, Mitraayu, Shinshpaayan, Kritvratand Saavarni. Shinspaayan etc created Puraan etc Sanhitaa. Only Shree Hari exists in 18 Puraan and 18 Vidyaa. The same Hari is in "Aagneya Puraan" also. By worshipping Him and praying Him, one gets everything. He is known as Yagyamoorti in Ved and Puraan. Both the creator and listener are only Shree Hari.

Donation of Puraan and Mahaabhaarat

Pushkar Jee said - "Parashuraam Jee,
(1) Brahm Puraan - In the earlier times Brahmaa Jee told whichever Puraan, one who desires for Swarg, should donate the same "Brahm Puraan" of 25,00- Shlok in writing with Jal Dhenu to a Braahman on Vaishaakh Poornimaa.
(2) Padm Puraan - In "Padm Puraan", Padm Sanhitaa (Bhoomi Khand) consists of 12,000 Shlok. It should be donated on Jyeshth Poornimaa with cow.
(3) Vishnu Puraan - Maharshi Paraashar has told "Vishnu Puraan" of 23,000 Shlok about Varaah Kalp. It should be donated on Aashaadh Poornimaa with Jal Dhenu. It gives Vishnu's Param Pad.
(4) Vaayu Puraan - Bhagavaan Shankar likes "Vaayu Puraan" very much. It contains 14,000 Shlok. In this Puraan, Vaayu Dev has described Dharm in relation to Shwet Kalp. One should donate it in writing on Shraavan Poornimaa with Gud (jaggery) Dhenu.
(5) Bhaagvat Puraan - The Puraan which is written on the basis of Gaayatree Mantra, describes Bhaagvat Dharm, and contains the story of Vritraasur, is called "Bhaagvat Puraan". It contains 18,000 Shlok and is in relation to Saaraswat Kalp. It should be donated on Bhaadrapad Poornimaa keeping it on a golden throne.
(6) Naarad Puraan - In whichever Puraan Naarad has described Dharm in reference to Brihat Kalp, that is called "Naarad Puraan". It contains 25,000 Shlok. It should be donated on Aashwin Poornimaa with cow. It gives Aatyantik (entire) Siddhi.
(7) Maarkandeya Puraan - "Maarkandeya Puraan", in which Dharm has been described through birds, contains 9,000 Shlok. It should be donated on Kaartik Poornimaa.
(8) Agni Puraan - Whichever Puraan was told by Agni Dev to Vashishth Muni, that is called "Agni Puraan". It should be donated on Maargsheersh Poornimaa. Its donation gives everything. It contains 12,000 Shlok and it gives the knowledge of all Vidyaa.
(9) Bhavishya Puraan - "Bhavishya Puraan" is Soorya Sambhav. Soorya Dev's glory has been written in this Puraan. It contains 14,000 Shlok and Shankar has told this to Manu. It should be donated on Paush Poornimaa with Gud.
(10) Brahm Vaivart Puraan - "Brahm Vaivart Puraan" has been told by Saavarni Manu to Naarad Jee. It contains 18,000 Shlok and it is based on Rathantar Kalp. It should be donated on Maagh Poornimaa.
(11) Varaah Puraan - "Varaah Puraan" describes Varaah Bhagavaan's story. It should also be donated on Maagh Poornimaa. Its donor attains Brahm Lok.
(12) Ling Puraan - "Ling Puraan" where Maheshwar present in Agni Ling has discussed Dharm in Aagneya Kalp, contains 11,000 Shlok. It should be donated on Phaalgun Poornimaa with sesame seeds Dhenu. This donation gives Shiv Lok to the donor.
(13) Garud Puraan - In "Garud Puraan", Vishnu has described from human world to Varaah to Bhoo Devee. It contains 24,000 Shlok. It should be donated on Chaitra Poornimaa with gold. This gives Vishnu Lok to donors.
(14) Skand Puraan - "Skand Puraan" contains 84,000 Shlok. Kumaar Skand told this Puraan with the reference of Tatpurush Kalp and Shaivism. It should also be donated on Chaitra Poornimaa.
(15) Vaaman Puraan - "Vaaman Puraan" contains 10,000 Shlok and describes Dharm etc Karm. In this Puraan Hari's stories are described related to Dhaum Kalp. One should donate it on Sharad Poornimaa at the time of Vishuv Sankraanti.
(16) Koorm Puraan - "Koorm Puraan" contains 8,000 Shlok. Vishnu, in the form of Koorm (tortoise) told this to Indradyumn in Rasaatal. It should be donated with golden tortoise.
(17) Matsya Puraan - Vishnu in Matsya form told this "Matsya Puraan" to Manu containing 13,000 Shlok, in very old time. It should be donated with golden fish.
(18) Garud Puraan - Vishnu told "Garud Puraan" in Taarkshya Kalp. This Puraan contains 8,000 Shlok and tells the story of the birth of Garud from Vishwaand. It should be donated with golden swan.
(19) Brahmaand Puraan - With the reference of the glory the Brahmaand, Brahmaa Jee told this Brahmaand Puraan which contains 12,000 Shlok. It should be donated to a Braahman.

Note by Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Whatever number of Shlok are given in this chapter for various Puraan, they do not match with the description of other Puraan. Otherwise also they do not match with the present available Puraan too. (1) Padm Puraan contains 56,000 Shlok, but only 12,000 Shlok are told here. In fact this number is of Bhoomi Khand only. Vishnu Puraan contains 5,000 Shlok, but here it says 23,000 Shlok. If The Shlok of Vishnu Dharmottar Puraan are added to them, then this number may be logical. Here Varaah Puraan contains 24,000 Shlok, but in reality so many Shlok are not found now-a-days. Here, in Garud Puraan, 8,000 Shlok are told ,but the available Garud Puraan contains more than the double of its numbers. It is also possible that Garud Puraan and Varaah Puraan have been mixed up.

The above text "Donation of Puraan and Listening to Mahaabhaarat" is almost the translation of the chapter 272. Garud Puraan has been listed here twice.

While Listening to Mahaabhaarat

When somebody is listening to Mahaabhaarat, he should worship the story teller with clothes, incense, flower garland etc after the end of every Parv. Then feed Braahman Kheer and donate cow, land, village, gold etc. When the book is completed, he should worship the story teller as well as the book. Book should be kept at a clean place, cover it with a silken cloth, then worship Nar and Naaraayan. Feed Braahman and give Dakshinaa. He should donate 2-3 Maashaa (2-3 gram) gold also in every month.



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