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Chapters 38-41

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38-Akroor Jee Goes to Brij

Akroor Jee started for Brij next day morning. On the way he was thinking about Krishn's devotion. He thought - "Which Karm I have done, or what kind of Tapasayaa I have done, or what type of alms I have given to a worthy person, that I will do the Darshan of Krishn Jee. Certainly my all evil actions are destroyed. My life is successful, because I will greet those feet which are not available even to great Yogee in meditation. Kans has done a great favor to me. Bhagavatee herself does not separate Him even for a moment. The same feet go around to graze cows here on this Prithvi.

When I will see them, then I will jump from my chariot and hold them. I am very lucky that I will see Him. Indra and Daitya Raaj Bali offered their devotion and attained Indra Pad. I am the messenger of Kans and I am going because he has sent me, lest He considers me His enemy. No, no, He cannot do that, because He knows everything. He will look at me with His kind sight and my all evil deeds will be destroyed. I am lost in birth and death cycle, my this bondage will be broken when He will embrace me. Then I will stand in bowing position before Him. Then He will address me as Chaachaa (paternal uncle) Akroor and my life will be blessed."

Thinking thus Shwaphalk-Nandan Akroor Jee arrived in Nand village, There he saw footprints of Krishn Jee. He filled with joy and laid on them. When he arrived in Brij, then he saw both brothers at the place where cows are milked. Seeing them he jumped from his chariot and greeted them lying at Krishn's feet. He was so much thrilled that he did not tell his name even. Krishn knew his feelings. He lifted him up and hugged him. Then Akroor Jee met with Balaraam Jee and both took him to their home.

They welcomed him, washed his feet and offered Madhupark (yogurt with honey). Then Bhagavaan offered him a cow and massaged his feet to sooth them. Then He offered him food, Balaraam Jee offered sweet smelling things to chew. Then Nand Raaya Jee came and asked Akroor Jee - "How do you pass your days with cruel Kans. Your condition is like a sheep brought up by a butcher to be killed. He killed his sister's tiny children. You are his people. How can you live happily in such a king's kingdom." As Nand Baabaa asked his welfare, Akroor Jee's all tiredness was gone and he had got fresh."

39-Shree Krishn and Balaraam Go to Mathuraa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "No desire of Akroor Jee was unsatisfied when he found Shree Krishn pleased. Then he asked about his relatives and Kans' behavior and his future plans. Krishn said - "Chaachaa Jee, Your heart is pure. Was you journey comfortable? Our Maamaa Kans is a black spot on our family. This is very sad that because of me, my parents have to tolerate so much trouble. They are imprisoned, their children were killed. I wish to see you people since long, but today my wish is fulfilled. Now tell us what purpose has brought you here?"

Akroor Jee said - "Kans has developed enmity with all Yadu Vanshee. He has already tried to kill Vasudev Jee." Then he told everything - Kans' message and how Naarad Jee told about their (Krishn and Balaraam's) birth at Vaasudev Jee's place, etc. Hearing this Krishn and Balaraam Jee started laughing and told Nand Jee Kans' message. Then Nand Jee ordered to collect milk and other gifts and get ready with carriages to see the function celebrated at Mathuraa.

When Gopee heard the news that Krishn is going to Mathuraa, they became very sad and talked among themselves thus - "Hey Bhagavaan, You are very cruel. You gave us Shyaam Sundar and now you are snatching Him from us. Tomorrow will be a good day for Mathuraa women when our Krishn will enter Mathuraa city. Mathuraa women will attract them and then He will not come back to us villagers. This Akroor is also very cruel who is taking our Shyaam away from us."

Gopee were crying. They cried the whole night, then the morning broke. Akroor Jee rode on his chariot and the chariot started moving towards Mathuraa. Behind him were several carriages of gifts, pitchers full of milk, yogurt, Ghee, butter etc. When Shree Krishn saw that Gopee were very sad, He sent the message to them, "I will come back."

On the bank of Yamunaa Jee, they all drank water. Akroor Jee asked Krishn and Balaraam to sit in the chariot, came back to Yamunaa, took bath in the Kund of Yamunaa (Anant Teerth) and started the Jaap of Gaayatree Mantra inside the water. There he saw both boys sitting together. He was very surprised to see them there. He thought that maybe they are not in the chariot now, so he lifted his head out of water and looked at the chariot, but they were still sitting there. So he dipped again and saw that Shesh Jee Himself was present there, and Siddh, Chaaran, Gandharv etc were praying Him. Shesh Jee had 1,000 heads and His every head had a crown and Ghanshyaam was in His lap. Along with them Lakshmee Jee, Pushti, Saraswatee, Kaanti, Keerti and Tushti (e.g. wealth, might, Gyaan, Shree, fame, and Vairagya - these six powers); Ilaa (Prithvi Shakti in Sandhinee form), Oorjaa (Leelaa Shakti); Vidyaa - A-Vidyaa (the cause power for Jeev's Moksh and bondage); Hlaadinee Samvit (internal power) and Maayaa etc powers were serving Him in person. Akroor Jee got very happy to see this scene and prayed Bhagavaan bowing to Him.

40-Akroor Jee's Prayer to Shree Krishn

[There are 30 Shlok of his prayer here.]

41-Krishn Enters Mathuraa

Shuk Dev Jee sad - "When Akroor Jee was praying, then Bhagavaan disappeared from thewaters. When Akroor Jee opened his eyes after prayer and did not see Bhagavaan there, he also came out of water and came to his chariot. Krishn asked - "Chaachaa Jee, Did you see any surprising thing on Prithvi, in the sky, or in the waters, because your face is giving this impression." Akroor Jee said - "Prabhu, Whatever surprising things exist on Prithvi, in sky or in waters, they all are inside you, because you are the Universe. So when I am seeing you then what else surprising thing remains which I have not seen." and Gaandinee-Nandan Akroor Jee drove the chariot and arrived in Mathuraa Puree in the evening. Nand Baabaa and other Brij people arrived there before them and were waiting for them. Krishn said politely to Akroor Jee - "Chaachaa Jee, Now you go to Mathuraa. We will stay here for a while, then we will come to see the Nagaree."

Akroor Jee said - "Prabhu, I cannot go to Mathuraa Puree without you. I am your servant, do not leave me. So let us all go and oblige my house. We are Grihasth, make our house holy with your lotus feet dust. Mahaatmaa Bali attained fame which is sung by saints, by washing your feet only. Your Charanodak (water which will flow from washing your feet) Gangaa Jee made three Lok holy."

Bhagavaan said - "Chaachaa Jee, I will come to your house with Daaoo Bhaiyaa (Balaraam Jee), but first I will kill Yadu Vanshee enemy Kans, then I will make my people happy." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hearing this Akroor Jee got very sad. He went to Kans and informed him about Krishn and Balaraam's coming to Mathuraa, then went to his house. Next day Krishn and Balaraam went to see Mathuraa Puree. Many women came to see them from their windows, and balconies. They were so curious to see them that they did not even get ready properly. Someone was wearing only one ear-ring, or only one Paayal, someone had Kaajal in only one eye, someone put on clothes on wrong side, someone was taking food so she left her food and came to see them without washing her face, someone was sleeping and hearing the noise she just came out. At places, people worshipped them.

Krishn saw a launderer coming towards Him. He asked for some good clothes from him to wear. But he said - "You live in mountains and in forests. Do you wear such clothes there? Go from this place. If you want to live for some more time then don't ask like this again." Krishn slapped him and he fell down. Seeing this other launderers ran away from there. Bhagavaan took all their clothes, some of them He wore Himself and some of them He gave to Balaraam Jee, and some He gave to His friends. When they went forward, they met a tailor. he was so happy to see the beauty of Bhagavaan that he put those clothes in order to fit on their bodies. Shree Krishn also got happy with that tailor. He gave him lots of wealth, power, Indriya power in this Lok and Moksh after the death.

After this they went to Sudaamaa gardener. Seeing them coming, he got up and greeted them by touching the floor. He gave them Aasan, washed their feet, washed their hands and worshipped them and prayed - "Our life, our house, has been blessed by your coming here. Today we are free from Pitar, Rishi and Dev Rin (see Rin). I am your servant, just order me what can I do for you?" Then guessing their purpose he offered them sweet smelling flower garlands. Sudaamaa asked the Var - "I should be your great devotee and I should be friendly with your devotees." Krishn gave him those Var along with the wealth which will always be increasing with his Vansh, might, long age, fame, glory, and beauty."



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