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1-Braahm Parv

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16-Soorya's Worship-3

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16-Soorya's Worship-3
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 122-

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Soorya Worship

(Chap 103) Brahmaa Jee said - "Madhusoodan, Who builds Soorya temple, he attains Soorya Lok along with his seven generation. If one gives bath Soorya with Teerth's holy water, incense, honey, Ghee and milk, he becomes rich of milk and yogurt and attains eternal peace. That is why you also worship Soorya." Vishnu asked - "How Soorya is pleased with fasting? How one should please him with worship?" Brahmaa Jee said - "When people indulged in pleasures can please Soorya Dev just by worshipping him with flowers and Dhoop, what to tell about the person who keep fast for him. Who keeps fast and meditates upon Soorya for one night, two nights, or three nights, and does Jaap of his name he attains Param Brahm."

Vishnu asked - "All people are stuck in this world, how they can be free from that?" Brahmaa Jee said - "One can get good Gati by worshipping Bhagavaan Bhaaskar. One should worship him with Shodash Upachaar (see Shodashopachaar Poojaa). If somebody wants to attain good Gati, then one should worship Soorya - Kaal's Lord. If you don't have flowers, offer tender leaves of auspicious trees, but one should always worship according to one's own capacity. Who does Pranaam to Soorya methodically even once, he never takes rebirth. I have attained this status by worshipping Soorya, you also got desired results by worshipping him, and Shankar has also become free from Brahm Hatyaa. For women, only Soorya is to be worshipped after their husband.

(Chap 104) Brahmaa Jee said - "Now I tell you how a person fulfills his wishes doing which Vrat or fast. Who worships and does Jap of Heli named Soorya on Phaalgun Shukla Saptamee, he attains Soorya Lok. One should do Jap for 108 times after being cleaned. One should do the Jap of Soorya's name during taking bath, walking, sitting, at all times. One should take bath in the morning then do Jaap of this Mantra ( Mantra is given on p 124 ) and then offer water three times in the feet of Soorya Dev. In the same way he should do so in Chaitra, Vaishaakh and Jyeshth Maas also. In the same way one should do, for the next four months (Aashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin) with the name of Maartand. By cow's urine Praashan one gets lots of wealth and attain Kuber Lok. In the next four months, one should worship Soorya with the name of Bhaaskar, and do the Praashan of milk. One should make donation to Braahman in every month. After the completion of four month's worship, one should read Puraan. This Tithi gives all Dharm, Arth and Kaam.

Note - Other Saptamee Vrat - Kaamadaa Saptamee, Paapnaashinee Saptamee, Sooryapad-Dwaya, Sarvaapti Saptamee, Maartand Saptamee, Anant Saptamee, Avyang Saptamee, Tri-Praapti Saptamee (noble birth, health, wealth), are given here, p 125-128.

Fruit of Building Soorya Temple

(Chap 113-114) Brahmaa Jee said - "Building Soorya's temple gives many fruits. Yam once said to his Paarshad - "You should not touch the people who are the worshippers of Soorya, because they have no place here. Who takes his name even while sleeping, waking, walking, falling, that man is also not for us. Because they are all worshippers of my father." But once those Paarshad went to Satraajit by mistake, but all of them fell down unconscious because of his power. Who bathes Soorya's idol with Ghee he gets his all wishes fulfilled. Who bathes Soorya's idol with Ghee on Krishn Ashtamee, he gets free from all sins. Who bathes him with milk he becomes healthy and beautiful up to seven lives."

(Chap 115) Brahmaa Jee said - "There is a dialog known between Kaushalyaa and Gautamee. Once Gautamee Braahman woman saw a beautiful woman Kaushalyaa with her husband, She asked Kaushalyaa - "There are hundreds of Devtaa and Devee in Swarg but both of you look incomparable to all of them. What Punya or Tap you have done so that you have got this fruit?" Kaushalyaa said - "Gautamee, we both have worshipped Soorya, bathed him with Teerth water and Ghee. Because of his grace we have got this Swarg, beauty, happiness, comfort. Whatever we wear, we first offer it to Soorya. We worshipped Soorya with the desire of Swarg, and because of that only we are enjoying this Swarg. Whatever one likes to use, it should be offered to Soorya also.

Story of Satraajit and Tri-vikram Vrat

(Chap 116) Brahmaa Jee said - "In olden times, there was a Chakravartee king in Yayaati's Vansh, named Satraajit. People say about him that "Wherever Sun rises, and wherever Sun sets, that whole land is called Satraajit land." He used to rule Prithvi with a religious mind. He was a great devotee of Soorya. He had four ministers, all were very mighty and faithful. They were also devotee of Soorya. Once Satraajit wished that he should get all this in his other lives so he called his Braahman. At the same time his wife Vimalvatee also requested him to clear her one doubt. The King said - "First I will clear your doubt, what do you want to ask?" His wife said - "What Punya I have done that I have become your wife and what Punya we both have done that we are enjoying such prosperity?"

Satraajit said - "You have known my heart's desire. In fact I also wanted to ask the same thing." So he asked the Braahman - "What Punya we have done that we are enjoying such a comfortable, prosperous and luxurious life?" Hearing this they requested Soorya's Bhakt Paraavasu to answer king's question. Paraavasu found out about their previous lives and said - "Mahaaraaj, You were a very cruel and violent Shoodra. Your present wife was your wife at that time also. She was so Pativrataa that she was always busy in your service. Because of your cruelty, you lost your relations, your wealth and you you had to serve others. You wanted to leave your wife, but she did not leave you. Then you went to Kaanyakubj Desh and started serving in Soorya's temple. You cleaned it, smeared it, sprinkled water there. There you listened to Puraan's Kathaa. Your wife offered her ring which was given to her by her father, to the Pandit who was telling Puraan at the completion of the Kathaa. You lived there for quite some time and were always busy in the service of Soorya Bhagavaan. Therefore your all sins were destroyed. Once there came a king named Kuvalaashwa. Seeing his prosperity, you also wished to be a king. After some time you died. Because of that service you are born as king and your wife became the queen.

Why have you got all this power, listen to this also. When the lamp of the temple used to put out, you filled it with the oil kept for your food, and your queen used to make its wicker with her Saaree's cloth. If you desire such prosperity in other lives also, you should worship Soorya Bhagavaan now too."

Satraajit said - "We were very worried thinking about the destruction of our wealth, so you have preached us to protect it. Now please tell me the method of Soorya worship also." Paraavasu said - "In Kaarttik Maas, everyday, worship Soorya Bhagavaan and feed a Braahman. One himself should also eat only once. By this method of worship all kinds of sins committed in childhood are destroyed. If one worships Soorya in Maargsheersh Maas in this way, he should donate Pannaa (emerald) to Braahman to destroy his sins committed in adulthood. If this Vrat (Ek-Bhukt - eating once a day only after sunset) is done in Paush Maas, all sins committed in old age are destroyed.

By doing this 3-month Vrat, people become the favorite of Soorya Bhagavaan. After first year, his small sins are destroyed, after the second year his medium class sins are destroyed, and after the third year even his greatest sins are destroyed and his desires are fulfilled. Thus this Vrat is completed in three months. One should do it for three years. Whichever Vrat destroys the three kinds of sins - Adhi Bhautik, Adhi-Daivik and Adhyaatmik, is called Tri-Vikram Vrat."

Satraajit asked - "Now, Please tell me how to feed the Braahman?" Paraavasu said - "I tell you what Soorya told Arun (his Saarathee) about it - "Karaveer flowers, red sandal, Guggul Dhoop, Ghee lamp, and Modak (Laddoo) are my favorite. Teller of Puraan and Bhojak who worships me, both are dear to me, that is why worship Braahman and listen to Puraan."

Origin of Bhojak and His Characteristics

(Chap 117) Arun asked - "Who is this Bhojak? Whose son is he? What good Karm he has done that you are so kind to him leaving Braahman?" Soorya said - "Hey Vainateya, You have asked a very good question. I myself have produced Bhojak for my own worship. By Varn they are Braahman and are always busy in my worship. In ancient times, the son of the king of Shaak Dweep, Priyavrat, built a temple and built a golden statue also of Soorya. Now the King got worried that who will establish this statue in the temple. When he could not find a suitable person, he came to me. Seeing him in trouble I appeared before him and asked the reason of his worry.

The King said - "I have built this temple and this statue, now I am looking for a person who can establish this statue in it." I said - "I produce Braahman to worship me. As I said this, eight Braahman appeared from my body - two from my forehead, two from my chest, two from my feet and two from my bottom of the feet. They regarded me as their father and asked, "What we can do for you?" I said, "Listen to this king and do whatever he says." Then I said to the king - "These are my sons. They are fully capable to establish my statue. After they have established my statue, give that temple to them. They will always worship me. But then never take the temple back from them. Whatever, village, money, grains, garden etc, you will offer to temple for me, that will be theirs. By my order, that king did the same. Thus I myself produced Bhojak thus they are my a kind of my form, so whatever one wants to give me to please me, he should give that to them. One should never take anything back from them once given to them.

Bhajak should first study Ved then should enter into Grihasth Dharm; take bath three times a day; worship me with Panch Kritya; never tell bad words about Braahman, Devtaa and Ved; blow conch daily in front of me; blowing conch in front of me is equal to listening to Puraan. They do not eat uneatable food that is why they are called Bhojak. Whoever worships me without wearing Avyang, he remains childless. Even when one is clean, if he has not worn Avyang, he is unclean. Bhojak should shave his head but must keep his Shikhaa. He should keep Nakt Vrat (eating once in night) on Sundays and Shashthee and Sankraanti. Do Jap of Gaayatree three times a day. Always eat my Naivedya. One should always respect Bhojak." Paraavasu said - "After saying this to Arun Soorya wandered in the sky."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hearing this from Paraavasu, King Satraajit and his queen got very happy. Then he cleaned all Soorya temples, and appointed people to tell Puraan, pleased the with lots of Dakshinaa."



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