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1-Braahm Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 85-98

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Yog and Kriyaa Yog

(Chap 61-63) Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, Now you listen to the method of Soory'a worship. Brahmaa Jee told this to Rishi. Once Rishi asked Brahmaa Jee - "Subjects of Indriyaan are very powerful and it is very difficult to win them. Besides people have very short life span, that is why it is difficult to attain Yog Siddhi also. Tell us some means by which one can attain it with out any difficulty." Brahmaa Jee said - "Its main means is to worship Soorya through Yagya, worship, Pranaam, Jap, Vrat and fasts and feeding Braahman. This is called Kriyaa Yog. One should be busy in Soorya worship by heart, speech and action. Hey Raajan, Always remember Soorya Dev, and you will cross this world sea."

Sumantu Muni further said - "In ancient times, by chance, Dindee killed a Braahman. To clear that sin he worshipped Soorya for a long time. This pleased Soorya Dev, he asked him to ask for any Var. Dindee said - "I am blessed today that you appeared before me. I wish that I should be free from the sin of Braahman killing and be free from this world." Soorya preached him Nir-Beej Yog. Dindee said - "Mahaaraaj, This Nishkal Yog is very difficult, because to control Indriyaan, stabilize mind, be detached etc can be attained after many lives, therefore you tell me some very easy way to attain it." 

Soorya Dev said - "If you desire for Mukti, you listen to Kriyaa Yog. Think about me, do my Bhajan with Bhakti, consider me everything. By doing this your all sins will be destroyed and you will attain me. To stabilize your mind, make an idol of mine, of gold, of silver, of copper, or stone, or wood, or picture, and worship it in various ways. Always think about it - while walking, working, eating, taking bath, sleeping. Bathe it, clothe it, decorate it, feed it, if sometimes you desire to sing, sing my praise in front of my idol. Offer all Karm to me. Don't fear, you will attain Mukti. Take the help of this Kriyaa Yog." Dindee said - "Dev, Tell me it in detail, there is nobody else who can tell me it in detail."

Soorya Dev said - "Do not worry, you go to Brahmaa Jee, he will tell you and you will know it by my grace." After saying this Soorya went to his Lok and Dindee went to Brahmaa Jee. He greeted Brahmaa Jee and said - "Bhagavan, Soorya Dev has sent me to you, preach me Kriyaa Yog, so the I can please him soon." Brahmaa Jee said - "As you saw Soorya Dev, your sin of Braahman killing is already cleared. Now if you want to worship Soorya, take Deekshaa first, because worship is not possible without Deekshaa. One gets Soorya's Bhakti after many lives. Take Deekshaa and then worship him, he will surely be pleased with you." Dindee asked - "Who is eligible for Deekashaa, what should he do after getting Deekshaa, tell me this."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Who takes up Deekshaa, he should not do any kind of Hinsaa by mind, speech and action. He should always be a devotee of Soorya and Braahman. He should consider all living beings like Soorya. Who is Soorya's Bhakt, his many generations are uplifted. Who build Soorya's temple his seven generations live in Soorya Lok. Whatever you get, or whatever you like very much, offer them to Soorya Bhagavaan. Bathe him with Teerth water, yogurt, milk, Ghee, sugar and honey; please him with singing, praising, dancing, feeding Braahman, Havan etc. I have created this world after worshipping Soorya only. Vishnu sustains this world because of his grace only; and Rudra has the power of destruction because of his grace only. That is why you also worship Soorya Dev by Vrat, fast etc for a year, he will surely be pleased with you."

Note - Description of Kriyaa Yog may be found in almost all Puraan, but "Kriyaa Yog Saar" section of Padm Puraan is especially notable.

Phal Saptamee

(Chap 64) Dindee asked Brahmaa Jee - "You told me "Aaditya Kriyaa Yog", now tell me how Soorya is pleased with fasting, what one should do while fasting?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Soorya is pleased even by offering flowers and give good results. To abandon all kinds of pleasures is called fasting. Who keeps fast, Nakt Vrat (eating once in the night) for one night, two nights, or three nights, if he is busy in Soorya worship without any desire, he can attain Brahm Lok also; but if he does this with some desire, Soorya fulfills his desire. Therefore one should worship Soorya with flowers, Dhoop, sandal paste, Naivedya etc and keep fast for him. If flowers are not available, one can use tender leaves or even grass. Whatever one gets to his capacity, the same should be offered to him. Serving him in various ways, on gets various kinds of fruits. Brahmchaaree, Grihasth, Vaanprasthee, Sanyaasee and women - all can worship him.

Now I tell you about Kaamya fast and Phal Saptamee. By keeping fast on Phal Saptamee, all sins are destroyed. One should keep A-Yaachit Vrat on Bhaadrapad Shukla Chaturthee; eat only once on Panchamee; and keep complete fast on Shashthee and worship Soorya with all kinds of things. On Saptamee, take bath, offer Naivedya of dates, coconut etc, give them to Braahman and eat them himself also. If these fruits are not available, then take Shaali rice or wheat flour, offer it as Naivedya mixed with Ghee and jaggery or sugar. The do Havan and feed Braahman Thus do Saptamee Vrat for one year and do Udyaapan at the end of the year. Take bath from Ghee, milk, yogurt, Kush grass water, sesame seed and mustard oil Ubatan and do Praashan of these things only. Give fruits, land, cow etc and two white clothes to Braahman. Feed Braahman and thus conclude this Vrat. This is the prescribed way of Phal Saptamee. By doing this Vrat, one gets wealth, son, and good fortune. A widow does not become widow in next life."

Rahasya Saptamee Vrat

(Chap 65) Brahmaa Jee said - "Now I tell you about Rahasya Saptamee Vrat. This Vrat uplifts seven generations of ancestors and seven generations to come. Who does this Vrat, he gets all - wealth, health, Vidyaa, Dharm, and even unobtainable thing. While doing this Vrat, one should be friendly with everybody and think about Soorya only. On that day, he should not even touch oil, nor he should wear blue cloth, nor he should take bath from Aamalaa. One should not have quarrel with anybody. One must avoid blue color in all ways; and so the oil. One should start this Vrat from Chaitra month. He should worship Soorya with these 12 names in subsequent 12 months - Dhaataa, Aryamaa, Mitra, Varun, Indra, Vivaswaan, Parjanya, Pooshaa, Bhag, Twashtaa, Vishnu and Bhaaskar. On each Saptamee, one should feed a Braahman with Ghee and give a pot with Ghee, one Maashaa (1 gram) gold and Dakshinaa." After saying this Brahmaa Jee got disappeared and Dindee also came back."

How to Worship Soorya

Shataaneek said - "Muni, I wish to listen more about Soorya Bhagavaan." Sumantu Jee said - "I tell you the dialog between Shankh and Dwij regarding this. There was a beautiful Aashram in which lived a Muni named Shankh. Once some Braahman's sons said to him - "We have some doubts about Ved, please remove them." Shankh started teaching them Ved. At the same time a Muni named Dwij came there. Shankh said to Braahman's sons - "When somebody comes, it is not the time to study, so you stop reading." All closed their books. Dwij asked - "What were they reading?" Shankh said - "These are Braahman's sons. They were reading Ved with Sootra and Kalp, Soorya's worship, Havan method, Rath Yaatraa method etc." Dwij asked - "Muni, What is the method of Saptamee Vrat, worship of Soorya? How Soorya Bhagavaan can be pleased and what should be offered to him?"

Shankh said - "I tell you Vashishth and Saamb dialog in this regard. Once Saamb went to Vashishtht Jee's Aashram. Seeing Saamb Vashishth Jee asked - "Saamb, You had leprosy, how it was cured, tell me this?" Saamb said - "Bhagavan, I worshipped Soorya with his Sahastra Naam (1,000 names) and because of that he appeared before me and gave Var." Vashishth Jee asked - "How did you worship him, which Tap, Vrat and Daan you did for him so he got pleased with you? Tell me in detail." Saamb said - "Long time before from today, I made a mockery of Rishi Durvaasaa, that is why he gave me Shaap of being a leper. Then I went to my father, Krishn, and said to Him - "Father, I am suffering a lot with this leprosy, so with your permission I wish to leave this body." Hearing this He got very sad and advised me - "Son, Be patient. Worship Devtaa, he will cure your all diseases." I asked Him - "Who is such Devtaa who can cure my this so terrible disease?"

Krishn said - "Once Yaagyawalkya Jee greeted Brahmaa Jee and asked him, "Who to worship if somebody has the desire of Moksh, and to attain eternal Swarg? From whom this world has appeared, and in whom it is absorbed? Tell me all this." Brahmaa Jee said - "Soorya's Mandal (Solar system) is never destroyed. Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv's names are only to hear sake, but they are not seen by anybody, but Soorya is seen by everybody. Therefore, you should always worship Soorya." Yaagyawalkya Jee said - "I have already heard about him, but now I wish to know the method of worship to him. Which Daan, Vrat, fasts etc are by which I can worship him?"

Brahmaa Jee said - "Once I prayed Soorya Bhagavaan and asked him - "All people and Dev worship you, but who do you worship? I am not able to understand this. Please, explain this to me." Soorya Dev said - "This body is called Kshetra, and because of knowing it Paramaatmaa is known as Kshetragya. I love Mallikaa flower, who offers that to me he gets all kinds of pleasures. Who offers me white lotus flower, he gets good fortune; if he offers Kutaj flower, he gets prosperity; if he offers Mandaar flower, he is cured of all kinds of leprosy disease; who offers me Bakul (Maulsiree) flowers he gets beautiful wife; and who offers me Karaveer flowers, he becomes my servant.

Who cleans and smears my temple floor, he gets free from all diseases and gets lots of wealth. If he smears it with clay, he gets free from 18 kinds of leprosy disease. I love Karaveer flower among all flowers, and red sandal paste among all smearing pastes. Who draws Mandal after smearing the floor, he attains Soorya Lok; who draws one Mandal, he gets wealth; who draws two Mandal, he gets good health; who draws three Mandal, he gets good children; who draws four Mandal, he gets Lakshmee. Who lights Ghee lamp in Soorya temple he doesn't get eye disease; who lights sesame oil lamp, he attains Soorya Lok; and who lights mustard oil lamp, he gets victory over enemies.

One should offer various kinds of Naivedya after worshipping me with Gandh, lamp, flowers etc. I love jasmine and Kaner flower among flowers; Vijaya Dhoop among Dhoop; red sandal paste smearing pastes; Ghee lamp among lamps; and Modak (Laddoo) among Naivedya. Therefore one should worship me with these things only. After worshipping thus, one should take one grain of white mustard and water in his hands and drink it with the grain thinking about one's wish. On second Saptamee (Shukla Saptame), one should take two grains of mustard, thus increasing one seed each on successive Saptamee up to seven Saptamee. This should not touch teeth. In another way, one can take one grain of mustard with water on first Saptamee, two grains with Ghee on next Saptamee, and thus increasing one grain each on successive Saptamee take them with honey, yogurt, milk, cow dung, and Panchgavya. By doing this one's all wishes are fulfilled."

(Chap 70) Brahmaa Jee said - "Yaagyavalkya, Next day of Siddhaarth Saptamee, one should take bath, worship, feed Braahman, and give red clothes, cow, good food etc to Braahman. This is the method to do Udyaapan of Siddhaarth Saptamee. One gets Bhakti by doing Vrat on seven Saptamee."

Soorya Naam Stotra is given on pages 97-98. 



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