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1-Braahm Parv

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14-Soorya Worship-2

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14-Soorya Worship-2
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 98-104

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Places of Soorya Worship

(Chap 72-73) Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, After listening this Yaagyavalkya Muni prayed Soorya and he got Mukti, therefore you will also get Mukti by worshipping Soorya." Shataaneek asked - "Muni, Where is the place to worship Soorya where I can fulfill my desires worshipping there?" Sumantu Muni said - "There are three places of Soorya worship in this Jamboo Dweep - first is Indra Van, second is Mundeer and the third one is Kaalpriya (Kaalapee). There is one more place told by Brahmaa Jee, that is Saambpur situated on the banks of Chandrabhaagaa River (present Chinaab). Soorya Bhagavaan lives there in "friend" form, one of his 12 forms, pleased by the Bhakti of Saamb."

Shataaneek asked - "Muni, Who is Saamb? Whose son he is? Why Soorya was pleased with him? Please tell me this also." Sumantu Muni said - "There are 12 Aaditya known in the world. Among them Vishnu has appeared in this Lok as Krishn. Saamb was born to His Jaambvatee named wife. He got leprosy because of Shaap. To cure that disease he worshipped Soorya and he inhabited Saambpur also by his name and established first idol of Soorya Bhagavaan." Shataaneek asked - "Mahaaraaj, What wrong Saamb did that he got such a serious Shaap, because a little mistake doesn't cause such Shaap?"

Sumantu Muni said - "Once upon a time, Rudra's Avataar Durvaasaa came to Dwaarakaa wandering around the world. But seeing his lean body with yellow eyes, Saamb started copying his style. Considering that "Saamb is proud of his beauty and youth", he got angry and he gave him Shaap - "You have made a mockery of my ugliness considering yourself handsome, you will become a leper soon." In the same way Durvaasaa gave him another Shaap because of which a Moosal (pestle) was born from him and became the cause of the destruction of the whole Yadu Vansh. therefore no one should insult any Devtaa, Guru or Braahman. Vishnu has said two Shlok in this regard - "Who is dutiful, who has won his fame and anger, is learned and polite, doesn't make other sad, is satisfied with his own wife, leaves other women, there is no fear for such a person in the world. Moon, water, sandal, cool shade do not give such pleasure to a man as sweet words give." In this way Saamb got leprosy because of Durvaasaa's Shaap. Then he worshipped Soorya and regained his health. Then he inhabited Saambpur on his name and established Soorya Dev there.

Soorya's 12 Forms

(Chap 74) King Shataaneek asked - "Muni, Wherever Saamb established Soorya's idol, that place was not there from the early period, then how are you describing its importance so much?" Sumantu Muni said - "Bhaarat, Soory's temple is there for a long time, but Saamb has inhabited that place later. Soorya did Tap here in Mitra form. He appeared from Aditi's womb in 12 forms after creating Devtaa and people, that is why he is named as Aaditya. His 12 idols are - (1) Indra, (2) Dhaataa, (3) Parjanya, (4) Pooshaa, (5) Twashtaa, (6) Aryamaa, (7) Bhag, (8) Vivaswaan, (9) Anshu, (10) Vishnu, (11) Varun, and (12) Mitra.

Among them Indra named first form is established in Dev Raaj who kills all Daitya and Daanav. Dhaataa named second form is in Prajaapati and creates the world. Parjanya named third form is in rays and showers Amrit. Pooshaa named fourth form is in Mantra and nourishes people. Twashtaa named fifth form is in vegetation and herbs. Aryamaa named sixth form is in Pur (cities) to protect people. Bhag named seventh form is in Prithvi and mountains. Vivaswaan named eighth form is in Agni (Fire) and digests the food eaten by living beings. Anshu named ninth form is in Chandramaa (Moon) and strengthens the world. Vishnu named tenth form incarnates to kill Daitya. Varun named eleventh form gives life to everybody, he lives in sea, and that is why sea is called "Varunaalaya". Mitra named twelfth form is here on the banks of Chandrabhaagaa River to do good of everybody. That is why this place is called Mitrapad  or Mitra Van also. Saamb got the Var here only by worshipping Soorya. He established his idol with his order only."

Soorya's Importance

(Chap 75-78) Sumantu Jee said - "After Saamb got the leprosy disease, he asked his father Krishn - "Tell me how to cure this disease?" Krishn said - "You worship Soorya, your leprosy will be cured. You ask the method of Soorya worship from Naarad Jee, he will tell you it in detail." Once Naarad Jee came to Dwaarakaa Puree to see Krishn. Saamb went to him and greeted him with Bhakti. He said - "Muni, I am in a great trouble, please tell me the way so that my leprosy disease is cured." Naarad Jee said - "All Devtaa worship whoever Dev, you also worship him. You will become healthy." Saamb asked - "Which Devtaa is worshipped by Devtaa? Tell me this so that I can worship him. Which Devtaa is like that who can make me healthy."

Naarad Jee said - "Soorya is worthy Devtaa to pray. Listen to his importance. Once I happened to be in Soorya Lok. What I saw there, that Devtaa, Gandharv, Naag, Yaksh, Raakshas, and Apsaraa are busy in serving him. Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, and Saam Ved are praying him. Morning, afternoon and evening are around him. Morning Sandhyaa is of red color, afternoon Sandhyaa is of white color like Moon's, and evening Sandhyaa is of the color of Mangal (Mars) planet. Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Marut and Ashwinee Kumaar worship him in all the three Sandhyaa. Indra always says "Victory to Soorya". Arun is his charioteer, green colored seven horses are yoked in his chariot. Dindee is praying him. Seeing his glory, I thought that he is the Devtaa who is respectable to all, so you take his shelter only."

Saamb asked - "I wish to know that how Soorya is omnipresent? How many rays he has? How many forms he has? Who are his wives Raagyee and Nikshubhaa? What do Pingal, Lekhak and Dandnaayak do there? Who are Kalmaash birds? Who is Dindee? And who are those Devtaa who stand around him?" Naarad Jee said - "Vivaswaan is A-Vyakt, immortal and Sat. Who know Tattwa, they call him Pradhaan and Prakriti. His mind gives Dharm and prosperity. He becomes Brahmaa at the time of creation and becomes Kaal at the time of Pralaya. Assuning the form of Vishnu, he sustains the world. These three states are according to his three Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam).

He is called Aaditya because of being the first Devtaa; he is called Aj because of being A-Jaat (unborn); he is called Mahaadev because of being the greatest among all Devtaa; he is called Eesh because of being the Lord of all Lok; he is called Brahmaa because of being huge; he is called Prajaapati because he takes care of all living beings; he is called Hiranyagarbh because of living in Hiranya And; Rishi call Ap as Naar and this Naar is his resting place that is why he is called Naaraayan. When, at Pralaya time, all movable and immovable beings are destroyed and the whole world becomes like an ocean, he rests in that ocean in the form of Naaraayan.

Hey Saamb, After passing his night as long as 1,000 Mahaa Yug, as he desired to create the world, he found Prithvi immersed in water, he assumed Varaah form and took it out of the water. Then he assumed the form of Brahmaa and started creating the world. He produced 10 Maanas Putra like himself - Bhrigu, Angiraa, Atri, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Mareechi, Daksh, and Vashishth [only nine names are given here]. Then he appeared as Aditi's son with the desire to good to everybody. He was born as Kashyap as Mareechi's son and married Daksh's daughter Aditi. She gave birth to an egg with Bhoor Bhuvah Swaha, from which 12-formed Soorya 12 Aaditya) appeared.

The diameter of Soorya Mandal is 9,000 Yojan and its circumference is 27,000 Yojan. All around him are his rays. He soaks water from all rivers, ponds, sea etc through his rays. At night his light enters Agni (fire), that is why fire can be seen from far away in night. In the morning the same light enters Soorya. That is why both attributes, light and warmness, are in Soorya as well as in fire.

Hey Saamb, There are 20 names of Soory'a rays - Heti, Kiran, Gau, Rashmi, Gabhasti, Abheeshu, Ghan, Ustra, Vasu, Mareechi, Naadee, Deedhiti, Saadhya, Mayookh, Bhaanu, Anshu, Saptaarchi, Suparn, Kar and Paad; which are 1,000 in number. From among them, 400 rays, whose name is Chandan, shower rains, they are like Amrit. Among the rest, 300 rays bear Him (snow), and their name is Chandra and color is yellow. And the rest 300 rays produce sunshine, their name is Shukla. These all rays satisfy human beings, Pitar and Devtaa in the form of medicinal herbs, Swadhaa and Amrit. This 12 formed Soorya always burns in three Lok.

He is daily worshipped by Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv. As air is everywhere, in the same way Soorya's rays are everywhere. His 300 rays gives light to each of three Lok - Bhoor Lok, Bhuvar Lok, and Swar Lok; and his 100 rays gives light to Paataal Lok. All planets shine through his light only. Among his 1,000 rays, seven rays are chief rays - Sushumnaa, Harikesh, Vishwakarmaa, Soorya, Rashmi, Vishnu, and Sarvbandhu. Aahuti offered in fire goes to Soorya Dev only, that is why rain is produced by Aaditya only. Rain produces grains, and grains nourish people.

It is impossible to imagine about Kshan (seconds), Muhoort (48 minutes), day, Paksh (fortnight), Maas (month), Ritu (season), Ayan (Soorya's six month time), Samvatsar (year) and Yug without his existence. Without Kaal, one cannot do Agnihotra. Without Ritu, flowers and fruits cannot appear and without them the whole system of the world collapses. His normal 12 names are like thus - Aaditya, Savitaa, Soorya, Mihir, Ark, Prataapan, Maartand, Bhaaskar, Bhaanu, Chitrabhaanu, Divaakar and Ravi. 

Vishnu, Dhaataa, Bhag, Pooshaa, Mitra, Indra, Varun, Aryamaa, Vivaswaan, Anshumaan, Twashtaa and Parjanya - these 12 are Aaditya. These 12 Aaditya rise in Chaitra etc 12 months - (1) Vishnu in Chaitra, (2) Aryamaa in Vaishaakh, (3) Vivaswaan in Jyeshth, (4) Anshumaan in Aashaadh, (5) Parjanya in Shraavan, (6) Varun in Bhaadrapad, (7) Indra in Aashwin, (8) Dhaataa in Kaartik, (9) Mitra in Maargsheersh, (10) Pooshaa in Paush, (11) Bhag in Maagh, and (12) Twashtaa in Phaalgun. In Uttaraayan Soory's rays grow and in Dakshinaayan they decrease.

A sinful man cannot do Bhakti of Soorya Dev. Hey Saamb, You worship Soorya, your all wishes will be fulfilled."



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