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CHAANOOR - Raakshas
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Chaanoor was very mighty. Even Jaraasandh, who had the strength of 10,000 elephants, like Bheem, could not defeat him. Kans had won him and kept him in his kingdom.
--Killed by Krishn when Kans invited Krishn to Mathuraa for a Dhanush Yagya, in a duel fight.

CHAARUMATEE - Daughter of Krishn and Rukminee
Married to - Balee (Son of Kritvarmaa)  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9]
Children - nnn

CHAITANYA MAHAAPRABHU - Avataar, Son of Jagannaath Mishraa and Shachee Devee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He is supposed to be part Avataar of Vishnu.

CHANDKAUSHIK - Son of Kakshivat
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was the Rishi who gave a fruit to Brihadrath to have a child and since he loved his two wives equally, he divided the fruit in half and gave one piece to each. They both gave birth to half body of a baby. They got frightened and threw thse pieces outside their palaces. Those pieces were picked up by Jaraa named Raakshas woman who joined them in a playful mood and thus Jaraasandh was born.

CHANDRABHAAGAA - Daughter of Chandramaa [Padm Puraan, 5/9]
--Became Chandrabhaagaa river.

Married to - Helen (Daughter of Selyukas - King of Persia)
Children - 1 son - Bimbisaar
--He married the Persian princess and spread Yavan-related Bauddh religion.
--His son was Bimbisaar who was in Buddha's times and became his disciple.

CHANDRAKETU - Prince, Son of Lakshman and Urmilaa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had a brother also - Angad.

CHANDRAMAA - Devtaa, 1 of 3 Sons of Atri and Anasooyaa (Daughter of Kardam and Devahooti)
Married to - 27 daughters of Daksh (Aashleshaa, Maghaa, Poorv Phaalgunee, Uttaraa Phaalgunee, Hast,
                Chitraa, Swaati, Vishaakhaa, Anuraadhaa, Jyeshthaa, Moolaa, Poorv Aashaadhaa, 
                Uttar Aashaadhaa, Shravan, Dhanishthaa, Poorv Bhadraa, Uttar Bhadraa, Revatee, Ashwinee,
                Bharanee,   Krittikaa, Rohinee, Mrigsheersh, Aardraa, Punarvasu, Pushya Arundhatee, Bhag,
                Anuraadhaa, Shatbhishaa)
Children - 1 son - Budh (From Brihaspati's wife Taaraa)
                1 Daughter - Chandrabhaagaa (Became river) [
Padm Puraan, 5/9]
--Once Atri and Anusooyaa did a severe Tap to get children. All three Devtaa - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shankar, appeared before him and asked him to ask for Var. They asked a son like them, So they appeared as Chandramaa, Dattaatreya and Durvaasaa. That is how he is the Ansh Avataar of Brahmaa.
--Read about his birth [Padm Puraan, 1/10]
--When Daksh married his daughters to him, he asked him to love all of his daughters equally. Chandramaa promised him to do so, but Chandramaa loved Rohinee very much. His other wives said this to their father. Hearing this Daksh first warned him, but still Chandramaa continued to love Rohinee more than others, so he gave him Shaap, "Because you did not love my all daughters equally in spite of my requesting and warning, you will be suffering from tuberculosis." So he had tuberculosis. Later he pleased Daksh Jee and got the Var of increasing Kalaa in Shukla Paksh and decreasing Kalaa in Krishn Paksh. But he could not have any child from his 27 wives.
--MBH says that when all Devtaa were asked their sons or parts on Prithvi to help Bhagavaan Krishn to fight with Asur, Chandramaa refused to send his son Abhimanyu for a long time. After persuasion, he got ready to send him only for 16 years. He then called him back.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He fought MBH war from Paandav's side.

CHHAAYAA - Wife of Soorya Dev   see also    SANGYAA
Married to - Soorya Dev
Children - 2 Sons - Shanaishchar, and Saavarni Manu
               1 Daughter - Tapatee
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15] says that she is called as Nikshubhaa also.
--Soorya's wife Sangyaa (Roopaa) could not tolerate Soorya's Tej (powers), so she created a woman from her shadow and asked her to live with Soorya after begetting two children - Yam and Yamunaa. Since she was born from Sangyaa's shadow, her name was Chhaayaa. Once she ill-treated Yam, so Yam could know that she was not his real mother and complained it to Soorya. Soorya asked the truth from Chhaayaa, she told the truth. Then Soorya went in search of Sangyaa and found her in the form of a mare. He also assumed the form a horse and mated her and produced a twins - Ashwinee Kumaar.
--She also had 4 children from Soorya Dev - 2 sons (Saavarni Manu and Shani) and 2 daughters (Taaptee and Vishti). Taaptee and Yamunaa became rivers. Later he had one twin sons from Sangyaa (when she was in a mare form) Ashwinee Kumaar.

CHITRAANGAD - Son of Shaantanu and Satyavatee
Married to - None
Children - None
--He had a younger brother Vichitraveerya. He was the half brother of Devavrat (Bheeshm) - son of Shaantanu and Gangaa. He ascended the throne of Hastinaapur but was killed by a Gandharv named Chitraangad at a very young age just on the issue that why he had the same name. The battle continued for 3 years.

CHITRAANGADAA - Daughter of Chitravaahan
Married to - Arjun
Children - 1 son - Babhruvaahan
--She was the Princess of Manipur.

Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Yam Raaj's accountant.

CHITRAJIT - Soot, Brother of Karn
--[MBH, Karn, 83] mentions that Yudhaamanyu killed Karn's brother Chitrajit. [MBH, G-6, 34/17-3]

CHITRAKETU - King of Shoorsen Desh    see also   VRITRAASUR
Married to - 10 million queens
Children - None
--Once he saw Paarvatee sitting in Shiv's lap. He sarcastically insulted them. Shiv got silent because he knew Chitraketu, but Paarvatee Jee got angry and gave him Shaap to be born in Daitya Yoni, so he was born as Vritraasur from Dakshinaagni of Twashtaa's Yagya. He was killed by Indra's Vajra made by Dadheechi's bones.

CHITRALEKHAA - Daughter of Kumbhaand (Minister of Baanaasur)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--She was a good friend of Ushaa - Baanaasur's daughter. Whe Ushaa saw her husband in her dream, she was the one who drew may sketches of Devtaa, Gandharv, human beings etc to help Ushaa recognize the man of her dream. In the last she came to draw sketches of Krishn, then Pradyumn and then Aniruddh. Ushaa cried, "Yes, Yes, He is the one.". Then she helped her to bring Aniruddh to her palace while he was sleeping. Latr Ushaa was married to Aniruddh.


CHITRARATH - Gandharv King
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was a good friend of Arjun. He learned music and dance from Chitrarath when he was in Swarg to take Divine weapons.
--Once Indra sent him to create trouble for Duryodhan when he heard that Duryodhan had stayed near Paandav's Aashram. He sent one of his girls out seeing whom Duryodhan misbehave with her. She complained about him to Chitrarath and he fought with Duryodhan and arrested him. As planned, Arjun and Bheem got him released from Chitrarath.
--Once Jamadagni's Rishi's wife Renukaa went to Gangaa River. There she saw him enjoying with his wives. She continued to see him for some time. This made her late to be at home. When she came back home, Rishi got angry at her mental sin and asked his sons to cut her neck, But nobody did it except Parashuraam Jee. Jamadagni got very pleased with Parashuraam and asked Him to ask for any Var. He requested him to make her alive, which he did.

CHITRASEN - Prince, Son of Karn
--He was killed by Nakul on the 18th day of war.

CHYAVAN - Rishi, Son of Bhrigu and Pulomaa (Daughter of Daksh)
Married to - Sukanyaa (daughter of King Sharyaati), Aarushee (daughter of Manu)
Children - 1 Son - Pramati from Sukanyaa [MBH, G-4/21]
               1 Son - Aurv (from Aarushee)
               1 Son - Medhaavee
               1 Daughter - Sumanaa                 
--Chyavan means moving. [Padm Puraan, 4/3] gives the description of his birth thus - Once Bhrigu Jee went to bring Samidhaa in the evening. At the same time Daman named Daitya came and started destroying his Yagya, and asked about Bhrigu and his wife. When he asked Agni Dev this several times Agni Dev got frightened and pointed towards Bhrigu's wife. She was pregnant that time. Daitya misbehaved with her, so the child came out the womb and said to him - "Wait here, and burn immediately." The Daitya got burned immediately. When Bhrigu Jee came back to Aashram and knew about this, he gave Shaap to Agni Dev, "You eat everything, holy or unholy." Agni Dev got very sad hearing this, he asked for his forgiveness, then Bhrigu Jee said - "All right, even after eating everything you will remain holy." Since the child fell from the womb (Chyut), he named him Chyavan.
[At other place this Raakshas' name is given as Puolomaa.]
--[MBH, G-0/5] says that he was the son of Bhrigu and Pulomaa, the daughter of Daksh. When she was pregnant, Pulom named Raakshas came and took her away. In this process the child came out of the womb and fell down. Seeing this Pulom loosened his grip from Pulomaa and he himself fell down and burnt into ashes. In this process the child fell from the womb of Pulomaa. Because of being fallen from the womb, he was named as Chyavan. He married the daughter of King Sharyaati, Sukanyaa, and had the son named Pramati. A little further it is written that he was married to Manu's daughter Aarushee and had the son named Aurv who came out ripping his mother's thigh.
--[Padm Puraan, 4/3] Once Sharyaati went out with his daughter Sukanyaa and happened to be in Chyavan Rishi's Aashram. Sukanyaa came there playing with her friends where Chyavan Rishi was doing Tap. Because of being in Tapasyaa for quite some time ants built their hill around him. Sukanyaa saw that hill and found two holes from which two eyes were showing up. Out of childlike feelings she inserted a straw and pierced those eyes. Blood flowed from them. At the same time Sharyaati's soldiers' excretion system failed. On finding out what has happened, the king found that Sukanyaa had pierced Chyavan's eyes. He married Sukanyaa to Rishi and went back to his kingdom.
--One day Ashwinee Kumaar came to their Aashram. They got very pleased with Sukanyaa's services, so they asked her to ask for any Var. She was very guilty about Muni's blindness, so she asked them to give him eyesight, and youth. Ashwinee Kumaar took them to a pond and got him a dip. When they came out, Sukanyaa saw three men alike. Ashwinee Kumaar asked her to identify her husband, but they all were so much alike that she could not recognize him. Helplessly she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar to help her to identify her husband. Chyavan Rishi became very happy to see himself, he promised Ashwinee Kumaar to get Yagya share in Yagya. Before they did not get it. He got it in Sharyaati's Yagya for the first time.
--Ashwinee Kumaar requested him to teach them Brahm Gyaan also. Indra warned him not to impart this knowledge to them otherwise he would cut his neck. So when Ashwinee Kumaar put this condition to him, he told them about Indra's warning also. They told him not to care about it, as they were the best traditional doctors. They would make everything all right. So as he started preaching them, Indra cut Chyavan Rishi's neck. Ashwinee Kumaar immediately put a horse's head on his trunk and he preached them with a horse head. That is how he came to be known as "Ashwashir". Later, Ashwinee Kumaar removed the horse's head and fixed his original head on his trunk.
--Read about his daughter Sumanaa [Padm Puraan, 2/2]
--[Padm Puraan, 5/5] says that he had a son named Medhaavee. Once an Apsaraa Manjughoshaa attracted Medhaavee to herself and stayed with him for 57 years, but Muni was so much attracted to her that he could not keep the track of time. When she wanted to leave him, he said, "Just wait till I do my morning Sandhyaa." Then the Apsaraa said - "Do you know how many Sandhyaa have passed?" Then Muni came into senses and gave Shaap to her to become Pishaach. She requested him to be kind on her, so he suggested her to keep Chaitra Krishn Ekaadashee Vrat so that her all sins are destroyed.
--He has contributed some hymns to the Ved.
[We have never heard of the name of Aarushee as the daughter of Manu. Which Manvantar they are talking about?]


DADHEECHI - Maharshi, Son of Atharvaa Muni and Chitti (Daughter of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti)
Married to - Swarchaa
Children - 1 son - Saaraswat (Saraswatee River gave birth to him)
--He was the Mantra-Drashta (perceiver of the Mantra) of much of Artharvan Ved.
--He was living in the beginning of Tretaa Yug of the first Chatur Yug of this present Manvantar - Vaivaswat Manvantar. He knew Brahm Vidyaa very well, so he taught it to Indra also, but Indra did not him to teach it to anybody else, so when Ashwinee Kumaar wanted to learn it, Indra warned Dadheechi that if he did so, he would cut his head. When Ashwinee Kumaar heard this they said, "No problem". They cut his head themselves, fixed a horse head, learnt Brahm Vidyaa from his horse head; and when Indra had cut his head, Ashwinee Kumaar replaced it with his original head. That is why he is called Ashwashiraa also.
--Later he gave his life to Indra to kill Vritraasur. He made Vajra out of his bones to kill him.
--Once he was doing Tapasyaa, Indra got afraid from his Tapasyaa, so he sent Alambooshaa Apsaraa to disturb his Tapasyaa. Seeing her his semen fell into Saraswatee River as He was doing his activities there. Saraswatee kept it in her womb and gave birth to his son. She brought him to Dadheechi and requested to accept him. Dadheechi named him Saaraswat on the name of Saraswatee River.
--[Wikipedia] says his son Pippalaad is well known for his Pippalaad school of thought and Prashn Upanishad answers.
--[Wikipedia] says that the Mantra or incantation for Devee Hingalaaj is attributed to Saint Dadheechi, The Mantra is : "Aum Hingulee Param Hingulee Amritroopinee Tanu Shakti Manah Shive Shree Hingulaaya Namah Swaahaa" [Translation : "Oh Hingulaa Devee, she who holds nectar in her self and is power incarnate. She who is one with Lord Shiv, to her we pay our respects and make this offering (Swaahaa)"] The Hingalaaj temple is currently located in Baloochistaan province of Pakistaan.

--In Raam's army.

DAKSH - Prajaapati, One of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa [Padm Puraan, Srishti Khand; Bhavishya Puraan, Braahm, p 103]  [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1]
Married to - Prasooti (Swaayambhuv Manu's daughter)
Children - 16 daughters - Shraddhaa, Maitree, Dayaa, Shaanti, Tushti, Pushti, Kriyaa, Unnati, Buddhi, Medhaa, Titikshaa, Hree, Moorti -
                     13 of them were married to Dharm, 1 Swaahaa to Agni, 1 Swadhaa to all Pitra Gan, and 1 Satee to Shankar Jee. 
                [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1] says he had 24 daughters. His 13 daughters (Shraddhaa, Lakshmee, Dhriti, Pushti, Tushti, Medhaa, Kriyaa,
                       Buddhi, Lajjaa, Vapu, Shaanti, Siddhi and Keerti - were married to Dharm).
                       Among the younger 11 daughters (Khyaati, Satee, Sambhooti, Smriti, Preeti, Kshamaa, Sannati, Anusooyaa, Oorjaa, Swaahaa
                       and Swadhaa) Khyaati was married to Bhrigu, Satee was married to Shiv, Sambhooti was married to Mareechi, Smriti was
                       married  to Angiraa, Preeti was married to Pulastya, Kshamaa was married to Pulah, Sannati was married to Kratu, Anasooyaa
                       was married to Atri, Oorjaa (Oorjswatee) was married to Vashishth, Swaahaa was married to Agni and Swadhaa was married
                       to Pitar Gan.
                 [MBH, 1/65] says that Daksh had two daughters named Pradhaa and Amritaa who were married to Kashyap Jee and they had the
                       following children from him --
                       7 Daughters - (1) Anvadyaa Manu, (2) Vanshaa, (3) Asuraa, (4) Maraganpriyaa, (5) Anoopaa, (6) Subhagaa, (7) Vasee. 
                      10 Gandharv sons - (1) Siddha, (2) Poorn, (3) Varhi, (4) Puranyu, (5) Brahmchaaree, (6) Ratigun, (7) Suparn, (8) Vishwaavasu,
                           (9) Bhaanu, (10) Suchandra.
                       13 Apsaraa - (1) Alambooshaa, (2) Mishrakeshee, (3) Vidyutparnaa, (4) Tilottamaa, (5) Arunaa, (6) Rakshitaa, (7) Rambhaa,
                           (8) Manoramaa, (9) Keshinee, (10) Subaahu, (11) Surat, (12) Surajaa, and (13) Supriyaa.
                       4 Gandharv sons - Atibaahu, Tumburu, Haahaa and Hoohoo.
                   [G-0-Prolog/5] says that Daksh had a daughter named Pulomaa who had the son named Chyavan. (It was when and where is not clear)

DAKSH - Prajaapati, Son of Pracheta Gan and Maarishaa (Vishnu Puraan, Pratham Ansh)  Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3]
Married to - Asiknee (Daughter of Panchjan Prajaapati)
Children - First he had 5,000 sons, they went away to produce children and never came back.
                Then he had 1,000 sons, they also went away to produce chidren and never came back.
                Then he had 60 daughters from his wife Veerinee. Padm Puraan, 1/7] He married his
10 daughters to Dharm (Arundhatee, Vasu, Yaamee, Lambaa, Bhaanu, Marutvatee, Sankalpaa, Muhoortaa, Saadhyaa, and Vishwaa)
                13 to Kashyap (Aditi, Diti, Danu, Vinataa, Kadru, Arishtaa, Surasaa, Khasaa, Surabhi, Taamraa, Iraa, Muni, and Krodhvashaa)
                27 to Chandramaa (Som) (Known as 27 Nakshatra's names)
                4 to Arishtnemi, 
                2 to Bahuputra (Kapilaa, Atilohitaa, Peetaa and Ashitaa), 
                2 to Angiraa, 
                2 to Krishaashwa
--Brahm Puraan says that one should not bewilder. Many Daksh have been born. One was born from Brahmaa Jee's toe, and the other one was born from Prachetaa Gan.
--[Vishnu Puraan, 1/14] says that Kashyap's these 13 wives were in 2nd Manvantar - Swaarochish Manvantar. The present Manvantar is the 7th Manvantar
--[MBH, G-0-Prolog/14] and [MBH, 1/65]  say that Daksh had 13 daughters whom he married to Kashyap Jee. Their names are - Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kalaa, Danaayu, Sinhikaa, Krodhaa, Pradhaa, Vishwaa, Vinataa, Kapilaa, Muni and Kadroo.

DAKSHINAA - Daughter of Ruchi Prajaapati and Aakooti (Daughter of Swaayambhuv Manu)
Married to - Yagya Bhagavaan
Children - 12 sons - (1) Tosh, (2) Pratosh, (3) Santosh, (4) Mad, (5) Shaanti, (6) Indaspati, (7) Edham, (8) Kavi, (9) Vibhu, (10) Swaahaa, (11) Sudev, and (12) Rochan
                They were all called Tushit Devtaa
--Rochya Manu was in the lineage of Rochan.
--Manu married Aakooti to Ruchi Prajaapati  by Putrikaa Dharm, so when she had two children, one son Yagya and one daughter Dakshinaa, she gave Yagya o her father. Yagya was the incarnation of Vishnu and Dakshinaa was the incarnation of Lakshmee. Dakshinaa expressed her desire to marry Yagya Bhagavaan, so Ruchi Prajaapati married her to Yagya. Then they had 12 son who later got known as Tushit Devtaa.

DAMAGHOSH - King of Chedi Desh
Married to - Shrutshravaa (One of the five daughters of Shoorsen, Sister of Vasudev)
Children - 1 son - Shishupaal
--Damaghosh fought from Kaurav's side.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/1] says that Dantvakra was also his son.
--His son Shishupaal was born with four arms and three eyes. Seeing him born like this his mother got frightened and wanted to throw him that the Divine voice said - "Do not throw him." Then his mother wished to know about his arms and the third eye and his death. The Divine voice said - "In whose laps his two arms and the third eye will fall, he will kill him." So she used to give him to everybody to know his killer.
--Once Balaraam and Krishn came to see their aunt. She gave her son to them also. Balaraam took him without any hesitation and returned him to her, but Krishn didn't want to take him. On insisting He took him and as He took him his two arms and the third eye fell. Shishupaal's mother requested Him not to kill him. Krishn showed her His helplessness, then He promised her that He would tolerate his 100 abuses, after that He is not responsible. So He tolerated his 100 abuses at the time of Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir and then killed him.

DAMAYANTEE - Daughter of King Bheem of Vidarbh Desh
Married to - King Nal of Nishadh
Children - 1 son Indrasen and 1 daughter Indrasenaa
--Nal-Damayantee love story is very famous. Once Nal was strolling on the bank of a river that some swans came there and started singing praise of Damayantee. Nal got attracted to her and he sent a message to her through them. They took the message of Nal to Damayamtee and Damayantee also got attracted to him. After a few exchanges of letters they both got married.
--Once Nal and his younger brother Pushkar played dice game and Nal lost his kingdom to him. Pushkar took over his kingdom and exiled him for 12 years. Damayantee sent their children to his parents' house and she herself went with him. They suffered a lot during exile. Once Nal left her alone in the forest, so she had to return to her parents' house. Then she sought a way to find him and succeeded in finding him. Later he again played dice game with Pushkar, defeated him, but returned his kingdom saying that he would not allow him to go to forest because he knew that what were the difficulties in living in forest.

DANTAVAKRA - Son of Vriddhsharmaa (King of Karoosh Desh) and Shrutdevaa (Vasudev's sister)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/1] says that he was Shishupaal's brother - means he was Damghosh's son.
--He was one of the cousins of Krishn from His father's side. He was the son of the sister of Vasudev. When Krisn had killed Shishupaal in Hastinaapur, Paundrak in Kaashee, and Shaalv in Dwaarakaa, he came to take the revenge of his brother Shishupaal's killing from Krishn, but was killed by Krishn.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u17] says that he had a brother named Vidoorath who also came to fight with Krishn after Krishn killed his brother Dantvakra.

DANU - Daughter of Daksh, 1 of 13 Wives of Kashyap (Vishnu Puraan, Pratham Ansh)
Married to - Maharshi Kashyap (Son of Mareechi)
Children - Vishnu Puraan, 1/13 says she had Daanav (Ayomukh, Dwimoordhaa, Ekchakra, Kapil, Mahaabaahu, Mahaabal, Maya (father of Mandodaree), 
        Pulomaa (father of Indraanee), Shambar, Shankar, Shankushiraa, Swarbhaanu, Taarak, Vaishwaanar, Vrishparvaa, Viprachitti, etc)
--[Padm Puraan, 1/7; Agni Puraan, 7] say that Danu got 100 sons from Kashyap Jee. Among whom Viprachitti was the eldest and the most powerful one, others were - Swarbhaanu and Vrishparvaa, Pulomaa, Maya, Vaishwaanar etc
--[MBH, G-0/14] says that she had 40 sons and names them thus - (1) Viprachitti being the eldest one, then (2) Shambar, (3) Namuchi, (4) Pulomaa,  (5) Asilomaa, (6) Keshee, (7) Durjaya, (8) Hayashiraa, (9) Ashwashiraa, (10) Ashwashanku, (11) Gaganmardan, (12) Vegvaan, (13) Ketumaan, (14) Swarbhaanu (Raahu), (15) Ashwa, (16) Ashwapati, (17) Vrishparvaa, (18) Ajak, (19) Ashwagreev, (20) Sookshm, (21) Tuhund, (22) Ekpaad, (23) Ekchakra, (24) Viroopaaksh, (25) Mahodar, (26) Nichandra, (27) Kupath, (28) Nikumbh, (29) Kaapad, (30) Sharabh, (31) Shalabh, (32) Soorya, (33) Chandramaa. [only 33 names are given].
--These were in her lineage - (1) Ekaaksh, (2) Amritapaa, (3) Pralamb, (4) Narak, (5) Vaataapi, (6) Shatrutaapan, (7) Shath, (8) Gavishth, (9) Danaayu and (10) Deerghjihvaa. [but gives more than 40 names].

DASHAANAN      see      RAAVAN

DASHAGREEV       see      RAAVAN



DASHAMUKH      see      RAAVAN

DASHARATH - King of Ayodhyaa of Ikshwaaku Vansh, Son of King Aj and Indumatee
Married to - 3 queens - Kaushalyaa, Sumitraa, and Kaikeyee
Children - 4 sons - Raam from Kaushalyaa, Lakshman and Shatrughn from Sumitraa, and Bharat from Kaikeyee.
--These three queens were his chief queens. Raamaayan (V-Raamaayan, 2/15/34) says that he had 350 wives more.
--Dasharath didn't have a son so he did a Putreshti Yagya to get a son with the help of Rishyashring Rishi and got four sons.
--Raamaayan says that Dasharath had eight ministers - Dhrishti, Jayant, Vijaya, Suraashtra, Akoy, Raashtravardhan, Dharmpaal, and Sumantra. Among them only Sumantra was well-known.

DATTAATREYA - Rishi, 1 of 3 Sons of Atri and Anasooyaa (Daughter of Kardam Rishi and Devhooti)
--Once Atri and Anusooyaa did a severe Tap to get children. All three Devtaa - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shankar, appeared before him and asked him to ask for Var. They asked a son like them, So they appeared as Dattaatreya, Chandramaa, and Durvaasaa respectively. That is how he is the Ansh Avataar of Vishnu.
--[Padm Puraan, 1/8]says that he was one of the Saptarshi in the first Swaayambhuv Manvantar.
--He is depicted having three heads, six arms carrying six things - Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, Padm, Trishool and Kamandal. His three heads refe to three Divine qualities - Sat, Raj and Tam; or three Deities - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahaadev; or Utpatti (Creation), Sthiti (Maintenence) and Laya (Deluge). He is accompanied and guarded by four dogs also which represent four Ved and the Divine cow Kaamdhenu which gives all desired things representing the capability of the teacher in milking the desired information from all scriptures appropriate to each of his disciple.

DEERGHTAMAA - Rishi, Son of Utathya and Mamataa
Married to - Pradweshee
Children - Several sons - Gautam was the eldest
--He was born blind. Brihaspati, Utathya's younger brother and Dev Guru, had illicit relations with his brother Utathya's wife Mamataa at the time she was pregnant with Deerghtamaa. The child in her womb asked him not to make effort to put another child with him, but Brihaspati didn't listen to him and cursed the child in womb to be in perpetual darkness. That is why Deerghtamaa was born blind.
--[MBH, Aadi 105] says that in spite of being blind, he could marry a young Braahman's daughter Pradweshee and had several children from her, Gautam as the eldest. But later they threw him in Gangaa River. He was found by the King Bali.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14] [MBH, Aadi 105] say that he produced six sons from Bali's (in Anu's lineage) wife Sudeshnaa at the request of the king - Ang, Vang, Kaling, Suhm, Pundra, and Andhra.

DEERGHTAMAA - Son of Gritspati, Grandson of Bharat (Son of Dushyant)
Married to - nnn
Children - Dhanvantari
--[Agni Puraan, 28] says that he was the grandson of Bharat. Bharat's son was Gritspati and Gritspati's son was Deerghtamaa. Kaash was his brother.

DEVAAPI - 1st of 3 Sons of Prateep
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[MBH, G-5-Pewar/20] says that Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Baahleek and Shaantanu. Although Devaapi was the eldest son of Prateep and was very virtuous, but he had a skin disease. Since Devaapi had no other shortcoming, Prateep planned to coronate him as king but Braahman forbade him to do so. Prateep got extremely sad about his son but could not do anything. Thus Devaapi was excluded from inheritance also. Devtaa do not approve a king who is physically defective. Sad Devaapi went to forest. Baahleek also abandoned the kingdom and lived with his maternal uncle. Abandoning his father and brother he got the kingdom of his maternal grandfather. With Baahleek's permission Shaantanu became the king after the death of Prateep.
--Devaapi is still doing Tapasyaa in Badrik Aashram. When this Kali Yug will end then  he will restart Chandra Vansh in Sat Yug.

DEVAHOOTI - Daughter of Swaayambhuv Manu and Shataroopaa
Married to - Kardam Rishi
Children - 9 daughters - (1) Kalaa - married to Mareechi Rishi, (2) Anusooyaa - married to Atri Rishi,
                    (3) Shraddhaa - married to Angiraa Rishi, (4) Havirbhoo - married to Pulastya Jee, 
                    (5) Gati - married to Pulah, (6) Kriyaa - married to Kratu, (7) Arundhatee or Oorjaa - 
                    married to Vashishth, (8) Chitti - married to Atharvaa, (9) Khyaati - married tom Bhrigu
                1 son - Kapil Jee (Avataar of Vishnu)
--She had two sisters Aakooti (married to Ruchi Prajaapati) and Prasooti (married to Daksh Prajaapati)
--She had two brothers also - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad.

DEVAK - Son of Aahuk
Married to - nnn
Children - 4 sons - Devavaan, Upadev, Sudev, and Devavardhan
                7 daughters - (1) Dhritdevaa, (2) Shaantidevaa, (3) Upadevaa, (4) Shreedevaa, (5) Devrakshitaa,
                 (6) Sahadevaa, and (7) Devakee
--He had a brother named Ugrasen whose son was Kans.
--[Agni Puraan, 27] says his 4 sons' names were - Devavaan, Upadev, Sahadev, and Devarakshit; and 7 daughters - (1) Devakee, (2) Shrutdevee, (3) Mitradevee, (4) Yashodharaa, (5) Shreedevee, (6) Satyadevee, and (7) Suraapee. Devak married all his daughters to Vasudev.

DEVAKEE - Princess, Daughter of Devak (Brother of Ugrasen)
Married to -  Vasudev (Son of Shoorsen)
Children - 8 sons - Krishn (Avataar)
--[Padm Puraan, 5/43] says that Vasudev was Devmeedh's son, and Devakee was Ugrasen's daughter [this may be with Kalp difference].
--Her first 6 sons were killed by Kans, because a Divine Voice said at the time of her marriage that her 8th child will kill Kans. At that time Kans was taking her to her in-law's house. When he heard this he got ready to kill her. Then Vasudev Jee promised him to give all his children to him. The 7th one Balaraam, who was the Avataar,  was pulled from the womb of Devakee and was established in Rohinee's, Vasudev's another wife, womb, so people couldn't know where it had gone. The 8th child, Krishn Himself was transported to Nand's house at the instruction of Bhagavaan Himself.
--These six sons were the sons of Kaalnemi, Hiranyakashyap's brother. They disrespected Hiranyakashyap and devoted themselves to Shree Hari, therefore he gave them Shaap that they would be killed by their father only. This reference comes in Harivansh Puraan. Kans was the incarnation of Kaalnemi, that is why Kans killed them Their names were - Keertimaan, Sushenu, Udaayu, Bhadarsen, Rijudaas, and Bhadradev.

DEVAL - Rishi, Son of Pratyoosh Vasu (Son of Vasu - Daughter of Daksh and Dharm)
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons
--Daksh's daughter Vasu had 8 sons - 8 Vasu - Aap, Dhruv, Som, Dharm, Anil (Vaayu), Anal (Agni), Pratyoosh, and Prabhaas. He was Pratyoosh's son.


DEVAYAANEE - Daughter of Shukraachaarya and Oorjswatee (Daughter of Priyavrat and Barhishmatee)
Married to - Yayaati
Children - 2 sons - Yadu and Turvasu
--Before marrying Yayaati, she loved Brihaspati's son Kach who came to Shukraachaarya to learn Sanjeevanee Vidyaa. She proposed to him but he refused saying that she was like his sister and he could not marry her. She gave him Shaap that he would not be able to use what he learned there. At this Kach also gave Shaap to her that "no Braahman will marry you." That is how when she met Yayaati, she propose him and he agreed. Shukra gave his daughter to Yayaati on the condition that he would not take anybody else to his bed.
--Shukraachaarya was the Kul Guru of Daitya king Vrishparvaa. The king had a daughter named Sharmishthaa. They were very good friends. Once they were playing with their friends in a pond that they saw Naarad coming. Everybody got out of the pond and wore their clothes. By mistake Sharmishthaa put on Devayaanee's dress. At this Devayaanee fought with Sharmishthaa and Sharmishthaa threw her in a dry well and came home. Yayaati was passing through there, he took her out. She was without clothes so he gave her his own cloth. Devayaanee said, "Now I do not want that somebody else should hold my hand." Yayaati married her.

DHAATAA - Son of Bhrigu and Khyaati
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son Praan

DHANANJAYA    see    ARJUN - 3rd of 5 Paandav

DHARM - Devtaa (Born from Brahmaa's right breast)
Married to - [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1] 13 daughters of Daksh - Shraddha, Maitree, Dayaa, Shaanti, Tushti, Pushti, Kriyaa, Unnati Buddhi, Medhaa and Titikshaa.
                    [Vishnu Puraan, 1/9] 10 daughters of Daksh - Arundhatee, Vasu, Yaamee, Lambaa, Bhaanu, Maruttwatee, Sankalpaa, Muhoortaa, Saadhyaa, and Vishwaa.
                    [Padm Puraan, 1/23] 5 daughters of Brahmaa - Lakshmee, Saadhyaa, Shubhlakshanaa, Vishweshaa, Devee (Vasu), and Saraswatee.
                          Lakshmee produced Som (Chandramaa), Saadhyaa produced Saadhya named Devtaa (see Saadhya for their names),
                          Devee (Vasu) produced Vasu named Devtaa (names are not given), Vishweshaa produced Vishwedev Devtaa (see Vishwedev for their names).
                    [MBH] 9 daughters of Daksh - Shraddhaa, Pushti, Kriyaa, Buddhi, Medhaa, Keerti, Lakshmee, Dhriti, and Lajjaa.
                    [Agni Puraan, 7] 10 daughters of Daksh - (1) Vishwaa named wife gave birth Vishwedev; (2) Saadhyaa gave birth to Saadhya Dev;
                    (3) Maruttwatee gave birth to Maruttwaan [Padm Puraan, 1/19] gives the names of 22 Maruttwaan) and all pleasures;
                    (4) Vasu gave birth to Vasu Gan; (5) Bhaanu gave birth to Bhaanu; (6) Muhoortaa gave birth to Muhoort; (7) Lambaa gave birth to Ghosh;
                    (8) Yaami gave birth to Naagveethee daughter; (9) Sankalpaa gave birth to all Sankalp. [Agni Puraan, 10] says that Dharm had a
                    wife named Dharmvatee, and he had a daughter named Dharmvrataa from her. Dharmvrataa was married to Brahmaa's son Mareechi
Children - [MBH, G-0/14] 3 sons - Sham, Kaam Dev and Harsh.                       

DHAUMYA - Rishi, Kul Purohit of Paandav
--His another name was Agniveshya. Yudhishthir appointed as his Kul Purohit when Paandav were roaming escaping from Baaranaavat and were going to Drupad's kingdom to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar. Later he helped Yudhishthir to perform Ashwamedh Yagya after the war.


--He was in the form of donkey. He was killed by Balaraam Jee.

DHRISHTDYUMN - Prince, Son of Drupad, Brother of Draupadee and Shikhandee
Married to - nnn
Children - Kshaatradharm, Dhrishtketu [Vishnu Puraan, 4/13]

--Dhrishtdyumn was born from Havan Kund along with Draupadee. He was born to kill Drone.
--Ashwatthaamaa, who was born to kill Dhrishtdyumn, killed him on 18th day of the war while he was sleeping.

DHRISHTKETU - King, Son of Shishupaal
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was the king of Chedi Desh after Krishn killed his father Shishupaal. He fought from Paandav's side. He was killed by Drone on 14th day in Mahaabhaarat war. (Drone, 124), [MBH, G-6, 21/14-2]

DHRITRAASHTRA - King, Son of Vichitraveerya and Ambikaa, Grandson of Shantanu and Satyavatee (Daughter of Daashraaj)
Married to - Gaandhaaree (Princess of Gaandhar, Daughter of Subal, Sister of Shakuni)
Children - 100 sons - Aadityaketu, Abhaya, Alolup, Anadhriti, Anuvind, Aparaajit, Aulup, Ayobhuj, Bheem, Bheemrath, Bhoj, Chaaruchitra,
                 Chitra, Chitraayudh, Chitrasen, Chitrvarmaa, Dal, Deerghbaahu, Deerghlochan, Deerghnetra, Dhanurgrah, Dridh, Dridhrath, Durdhar,
                 Durdharshan, Durjaya, Durmad, Durmukh, Durmarshan, Durvimochan, Durvisaha, Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Dushkarn, Dushpradarsh,
                 Dushpradarshan, Dussah, Jalaasandh, Jaya, Jayasen, Jayatsen, Kaanyakadhyaj, Kavach, Kavashee, Krat, Kundadhar, Kundbhed,
                 Mahodar, Naagdatt, Nandaa, Nand, Nishang, Paas, Panditakaa, Pramath, Purumitra, Raudrakarm, Saam, Saha, Sarshan, Satyavrat,
                 Senaapati, Shal, Shand, Sharaasan, Shatrunjaya, Shatrusaha, Shrutarvan, Shrutvarmaa, Som, Subaahu, Sudarshan, Suhast, Sulochan,
                 Sumukh, Sunabh, Supaarshwa,  Sushen, Suvarchas, Suvarmaa, Ugra, Ugrayayee, Upachitra, Upanand, Vaahvaseen, Vaatveg, Veerbaahu,
                 Veergas, Vikarn, Vikat, Vind, Viraat, Vishaalaaksh, Vivingshati, Vivitsu, Vyudorosk,
              1 son - Yuyutsu from his Vaishya wife.
              1 daughter - Dushalaa, married to Jayadrath.
--Shaantanu's both sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya died childless, so Satyavatee invited her first-born son Ved Vyaas (from Paraashar) to produce children from her widowed daughters-in-law. So Ambikaa gave birth to Dhritraashtra and Ambaalikaa gave birth to Paandu. Dhritraashtra was born blind as Ambikaa closed her eyes seeing Vyaas.
--Although he was the eldest son but because of his blindness he was not appointed the king. Paandu was the king. So he thought if he will have the eldest son at least he would regain his kingship. But it didn't happen. In this process he also fanned Duryodhan's ideas and always did injustice with Paandav. For this he had to bear that he lost all his sons and his only son-in-law.

DHRUV - King, Son of Uttaanpaad and Suneeti, Grandson of Swaayambhuv Manu and Shataroopaa
Married to - Bhramee (Daughter of Shishumaar Prajaapati) [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/3]
                 - Ilaa (Daughter of Vaayu)
Children - 1 son - Utkal and 1 daughter (from Ilaa)
                2 sons - Kalp and Vatsar (from Bhramee)
--[Vishnu Puraan, 1/15] says that Dhruv had two sons - Shishti and Bhavya.
--Dhruv was only five years old when his step mother Suruchi insulted him saying that his father's lap was not for him, but was for her own son Uttam, if he wanted to sit in it he should go for Tap and ask for a Var so that he can take birth from her. The child Dhruv took it to heart and went to forest to do Tap, where he got Bhagavaan's Parampad and then became the king. He ruled for 36,000 years. Thus in five years of age only he got what even his grandfather could not get.
--After Dhruv left for forest, he appointed Utkal as the king but he refused the kingdom, then his ministers appointed Vatsar as the king.

DILEEP - King, Son of Anshumaan, Grandson of Asmanjas, Great grandson of King Sagar
Married to - Sudakshinaa [Padm Puraan, 5/29]
Children - 1 son - Bhageerath [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/3]
--Dileep and Sudakshinaa did not have any child for long time, so he asked his Kul Guru Vashishth Jee to give him a son. Vashishth Jee said - "Before, once you went to Indra Lok where you did not give proper respect to Kaamdhenu cow, that is why she has cursed you, but if you serve her again she might reverse her curse. I have her daughter Nandinee with me, you may serve her, and her mother Kaamdhenu will bless you." So from that the King and his queen served her with their own hands. Thus 21 days passed. On the 22nd day, Nandinee went to forest and disappeared there. The couple looked for her frantically. They found her sitting under the shade of a tree. She was under the paw of a lion. Dileep shot an arrow at the lion, but when he tried to release Nandinee from that lion, he could not do so. Dileep understood that he was no an ordinary lion. He asked him - "Who are you?" The lion said - "This tree is Paarvatee Jee, Mahaadev has sent me to protect it. I never leave it alone, whatever comes nearby, it is my food." The King said - "This cow belongs to my Guru, you can eat me instead, but free her."

The lion tried to change King's mind but he was consistent on his statement. So the King lay down there waiting for the lion to come there to eat him; but 10-15 minites passed and nothing happened. So King looked at his back and saw nothing there except Nandinee - tree and lion had vanished in thin air. Then Nandinee said - "I created this illusion to test you. I am very pleased with you. Now you draw my milk and drink and you will be blessed with a son." Dileep said - "Everything is all right, but I can drink your milk only after I get permission from my guru." They all came back to Aashram, Dileep told everything to his Guru, Guru said - "You may drink the milk of Nandinee. Now you are blessed, and you will have a very good son." Then he had the son named Raghu.
--He tried his best to bring Gangaa on Earth to give Mukti to his granduncles but failed. Then Dileep's son Bhageerath succeeded in bringing Gangaa on Prithvi and give Moksh to his great great granduncles.

DILEEP - Son of Haveel
There are one King Dileep's name is given in MBH-Stories, 6-18-Srinjaya. His father's name is given as Haveel. We have never hear both these names, w know only one Dileep who was the father of Bhageerath.

DITI - Daughter of Daksh [Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti]
Married to - Kashyap Jee (son of Mareechi)
Children - 2 sons - Hiranyaakash and Hiranyakashyap
                1 son - Vajraang [Padm Puraan, 1/24]
                49 sons - as Marut Gan (after the killing of Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh)
                1 daughter - Sinhikaa (married to Viprachitti - Son of Kashyap and Danu and had a son named Raahu)
If Raahu was Sinhikaa's son, and Swarbhaanu was also called Raahu, then which Swarbhaanu was Danu's son? See above under Danu
--[Padm Puraan, 5/37] says that she had several sons and gives these names as her sons - Makar, Hayagreev, Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap, Jambh, Maya etc.
--Vajraang was married to Varaangee and had a son named Taarakaasur.

DIVODAAS - King of Kaashee
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Pratardan (from Maadhavee - Yayaati's daughter)
--He kept Maadhavee for a son in exchange of 200 horses given to Gaalav Muni and got a son from her named Pratardan.

DIVODAAS - King in Saptsindhu
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Sudaas
--Sudaas has contributed several hymns to Rig Ved

DIVODAAS - Son of Vadhryaashwa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--A tribal king in Rig Ved.


DRAUPADEE - Princess, Daughter of Drupad, Sister of Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee
Married to - Arjun (then to all five Paandav)
Children - 5 sons - Prativindhya from Yudhishthir
                            Sutasom from Bheem
                            Shrutkarmaa from Arjun
                            Shataanek from Nakul
                            Shrutsen from Sahadev
--Born from Havan Kund along with his Divine brother Dhrishtdyumn.
--[Agni Puraan, 28] gives her 5 sons' names like this - Prativindhya from Yudhishthir, Sutasom from Bheem, Shrutkeerti from Arjun, Shrutsharmaa from Nakul and Shataaneek from Sahadev.

DRONE - Rishi, Son of Rishi Bharadwaaj
Married to - Kripee (Daughter of Sharadwaan and Urvashee Apsaraa, Sister of Kripaa)
Children - 1 son - Ashwatthaamaa
--Drone was born from the semen of Rishi Bharadwaaj which fell seeing Ghritaachee Apsaraa on the banks of Gangaa River. [MBH, G-1/10]
--He was the Guru of Paandav and Kaurav.
--He loved Arjun most and wanted that he should be the best archer in the world. When he found that Eklavya had the better chances to be the best archer, he asked his right thumb in Guru Dakshinaa.
--He had a great enmity with Drupad, so he used Arjun to defeat him. Drupad also asked a son to kill him.
--Was Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army in Mahaabhaarat war for 5 days after Bheeshm had fallen.
--He was killed by Dhrishtdyumn who was born only to kill him.

DRUPAD - King of Paanchaal, Son of Prishat
Married to - Prishataa
Children - 10 sons - (1) Shikhandee, (2) Dhrishtdyumn (killed by Ashwatthaamaa in sleep on 18th day),
                      (3) Uttamaujaa, (4) Yudhaamanyu, (5) Kumaar [Drone, 16], (6) Satyajit [Drone, 21, killed
                      by Drone on 12th day],  (8) Surath [Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day],
                      (9) Shatrunjaya [Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day], (10) Janamejaya
                      [Drone, 166],  
                 1 daughter - Draupadee - born from Havan Kund with Dhrishtdyumn
--[Drone, 121] mentions five more sons of the ruler of Paanchaal - Veerketu, Chitraketu, Sudhanvaa, Chitravarmaa, and Chitrarath. All were killed by Drone on 14th day when Saatyaki was heading to help Arjun. [MBH, G-6, 21/14-2]
--Drupad's grandsons- (1) Kshaatradev, son of Shikhandee [Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day], (2) Kshaatradharm, son of Dhrishtdyumn.

DYUMATSEN - King of  [MBH, Stories, Saavitree]
Married to - Shaivyaa
Children - 1 son - Satyavaan (Married to Saavitree)

DUNDUBHEE - Raakshas, Son of Maya Daanav
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Had a brother Maayaavee (both killed by Baali), and a sister Mandodaree (Married to Raavan).
--He was in the form of buffalo and was killed by Baali (brother of Sugreev) in Matang Muni's Aashram.

DURVAASAA - Rishi, 1 of the 3 sons of Atri and Anusooyaa (Daughter of Kardam and Devhooti)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Once Atri and Anusooyaa did a severe Tap to get children. All three Devtaa - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shankar, appeared before him and asked him to ask for Var. They asked a son like them, So they appeared as Chandramaa, Dataatreya and Durvaasaa. That is how he is the Ansh Avataar of Shankar.
--He is famous for his anger and Shaap, but once Kuntee got some Mantra from him in appreciation of her services when she was in Kuntibhoj's house.
--To know about his full biography read Durvaasaa.
--[Aangiras, p 179] says, that he was an imaginary Rishi, because nobody of this name has contributed any hymn to Ved, besides he is not mentioned anywhere in the Ved. He appears only in Puraan stories where he creates only difficult or impossible situations for people and when they cannot cope with them, he unjustifiably curses them. Kaalidaas, the poet, has also used this character to curse Shakuntalaa for a petty reason.

DURYODHAN - One of the 100 sons of Dhritraashtra
Married to - Princess of Kaashee (name is not given)
Children - 1 son - Lakshman
               1 daughter - Lakshmanaa (Married to  )
--Duryodhan means difficult to conquer. He had a sister named Duhshalaa (Married to Jayadrath).
--He claimed Hastinaapur kingdom, even though Yudhishthir was eligible to succeed his father Paandu. He wanted to kill Paandav. He tried several means but could not succeed and in the last the war broke and all (11+7 Akshauhinee army of both) were killed except 7 persons.
--Was killed by Bheem in Mahaabhaarat war on the 18th day.

DUSHAASAN - One of the 100 sons of Dritraashtra
Married to - nnn
Children - Had at least 1 son who killed Abhimanyu
--Had a sister named Duhshalaa (Married to Jayadrath)
--Was killed by Bheem in Mahaabhaarat war on 17th day.

DUSHALAA - Daughter of Dhritraashtra
Married to - Jayadrath
Children - Had at least 1 son Surath
--Had 100 brothers.    See  Dhritraashtra above to see her brothers' names
--Her husband was killed by Arjun in Mahaabhaarat war on 14th day.
--MBH, G-7/21 says that Dushalaa brought Surath's son forward to stop Arjun from fighting with Saindhav - Sindhu kingdom people..

Married to - Shakuntalaa (daughter of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa. Brought up by Maharshi Kanv)
Children - 1 son - Bharat
--He was a descendent of Puru and Kaurav's forefather. He married Shakuntalaa after a few days of courting and left her in her father's home never to return to take her to his capital. She got pregnant and gave birth to a son named Bharat. When Bharat grew up to 12 years of age, Shakuntalaa's father Rishi Kanv sent her and her son to Dushyant. Dushyant could not recognize her, but after a severe rebuke from Shakuntalaa he apologized and accepted her and their son. This country, Bhaarat, has been named after him. Kaalidaas has qwritten a drama on this story called Abhigyaan Shaakuntalam.

DWIVID AND MAYAND - Vaanar, Sons of Ashwinee Kumaar
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Were born to help Raam. As they were the sons of Ashwinee Kumaar, they were the brothers of Nakul and Sahadev who were twin brothers born to Paandu and Maadree from Ashwinee Kumaar.
--Dwivid was very mighty Vaanar. It is said that he had 10,000 elephant strength in his body. He lived up to Krishn's times. He was a good friend of Bhaumaasur. When Krishn had killed Bhaumaasur on the request of Devtaa, he developed enmity with Devtaa and so he started killing Braahman, breaking mountains, sinking villages and cities in seas etc. Once Balaraam Jee was enjoying with his wife Revatee and other people that he came and broke the pitchers of Vaarunee, laughed at women. At this Balaraam got angry and hit him with his fist on his head. He vomited blood and died. As he died he fell on the rock which broke into thousands of pieces.

DYUMATSEN - King of Shaalv Desh     see also   SHAALV  for other Shaalv Kings
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 Son - Satyavaan
--Dyumatsen was the King of Shaalv Desh. In course of time he became blind and taking advantage of his blindness, the neighboring kingdom took his kingdom. Both husband and his wife went to forest carrying their only infant son. So Satyavaan born as a Prince in a city started growing among Rishi in hermitage. The Braahman named him Satyavaan.
--Later when Saavitree, wife of Satyavaan, saved the life of her husband Satyavaan from Yam Raaj, she got a boon of curing the blindness of her father-in-law and getting his kingdom back.

EKLAVYA - Son of Hiranyadhanu Vyaadh (hunter) of Nishaad Tribe
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He wanted to learn archery from Aachaarya Drone, but Drone refused him saying that he did not teach other than the princes. He got very disappointed and made a statue of Drone and started learning archery from it. Sometimes he used to watch how Drone was teaching archery to Kaurav and Paandav. By practicing he became a very good archer.
--Once when Kaurav and Paandav came for a picnic. Their dog came to his side wandering in the forest. Since the time Drone refused to teach him he had developed jealousy with Kaurav and Paandav, so as he saw their dog, he filled his mouth with seven arrows. The dog came back to Paandav camp. As Arjun saw him, he got very surprised to see this. This surprise led them to Eklavya's place. Drone asked him, "Where did you learn this?" He politely replied, "From you only." "But I have never taught you, I don't know you." "But I have learned from you only." and he showed Drone's statue to them. Drone was also surprised to see all this. He saw brilliance in him. He never wanted that anybody should be a better archer than Arjun, so he said - "If you have learned all this from me then you give me Guru Dakshinaa." "Whatever you ask for." "Give me your right thumb." Eklavya immediately picked the knife and cut his right thumb and offered it in the feet of Guru Jee. Guru Jee took it and came back. But all Kaurav and Paandav were stunned to see this.
--Later he became the friend of Magadh king Jaraasandh and fought with Paandav from Kaurav's side in Mahaabhaarat war.

GAADHI - King, Son of Kushik
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Vishwaamitra. 
                1 daughter - Satyavatee (married to Rishi Richeek)
--[V-Raamaayan, 1/10/32] tells the story of Vishwaamitra's father Gaadhi's story. Brahmaa's had a brainchild named Kush. Kush ad four sons named Kushaamb, Kushnaabh, Adhoortrajas, and Vasu. Kushnaabh married Ghitaachee named Apsaraa and had 100 daughters from her. Once Pavan Dev proposed to them to marry him but they politely refused. Pavan Dev got angry at this and disfigured them. There was a Rishi Choolee who had a brainchild son from his maid, a Gandharv woman Urmilaa's daughter Somadaa, named Brahmdatt. He was ruling Kaampilya Nagar. Kushnaabh married his daughters to him. As soon he touched their hands for marriage, they all became all right.
--After marrying his daughters to Brahmdatt, Kushnaabh did a Putreshti Yagya to get a son. During the Yagya his father Kush said to him that he would get a son named Gaadhi and through him you will be renowned throughout this world. After that Gaadhi was born to him.
--He was the king of Kaanyakubj.

GAALAV - Rishi
--He was the disciple of Vishwaamitra Jee. Read his one story in Mahaabhaarat.

GAANDHAAREE - Princess of Gaandhaar, daughter of Subal, sister of Shakuni
Married to - Dhritraashtra, the son of Vichitraveerya and Ambikaa of Hastinaapur
Children - 100 sons - Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Dussah, Durmukh, Durmarshan, Vivingshati, etc
                 see  Dhritraashtra above to see the names of her sons
                1 daughter - Dushalaa

--A learned woman preceptor In Raajaa Janak's court who had a conversation with Yaagyavalkya. It is given in Brihadaaranyak Upanishad.

GAD - Vaanar
--In Raam's army

GAJENDRA - Elephant
This Gajendra is mentioned in Gaj and Graah story.  Gajendra was a king of Dravin Desh in Paandya Vansh. His name was Indradyumn. Once he abandoned his kingship and started living like a Tapaswee. Once he was worshipping Hari that Muni Agastya Jee came there with his disciples. He saw that a king has abandoned his Dharm and he was doing Tap here, so he got angry on this and gave him Shaap - "This king has not learned his Dharm. He is a fool like an elephant, so he should born as an elephant" After giving Shaap Agastya Muni went away. Indradumn took it as his fate. So he was born as an elephant, but by the grace of Hari he did not forget Hari even born in an elephant Yoni. When Hari killed him, also got freed from his ignorance with the touch of Hari and turned into the form of Hari. He remembered Hari in his difficult times and got freed from elephant Yoni. He became Hari like so Hari appointed him as His Paarshad. He took him to His Lok.

GANDHMAADAN - Vaanar, Son of Kuber
--Born to help Raam. Thus he was the brother of Nalkoobar; cousin of Meghnaad and Akshaya Kumaar (Raavan's sons); nephew of Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan and Shoorpanakhaa.

GANESH - Devtaa, Son of Shiv and Paarvatee   see also  Ganesh Jee
Married to - Siddhi and Buddhi
Children - 2 sons - Kshem and Laabh
--Padm Puraan, p 208, describes his 12 names like this - (1) Ganapati, (2) Vighnraaj, (3) Lambtund, (4) Gajaanan, (5) Dwaimaatur, (6) Heramb, (7) Ekdant, (8) Ganaadhip, (9) Vinaayak, (10) Chaarukarn, (11) Pashupaal, and (12) Bhavaatmaj.

GANGAA - River, Daughter of Brahmaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Kaarttikeya and Gangaadatt (or Bheeshm or Devavrat) from King Shaantanu
--She is called Himvaan (Himvant or Himaalaya) and Mainaa's daughter also.
--She is called Bhaageerathee, because King Bhageerath brought her on Prithvi; 
--She is called Jaahnavee also, because when she was flowing she took away Muni Janhu's all worship material, so he drank her in anger. On the request of Bhageerath he released her from his Kamandal.
--She is called Urvashee also because she sat on his lap, near her stream.
--It is said when Vishnu measured three feet land to get it from Daitya Raaj Bali, His second foot pierced the outermost layer of Brahmaand by the front part of His big toe and some water seeped through it. That was called Gangaa. Brahmaa Jee gather that water in his Kamandal and let it fall slowly for the good of Trilok. She flowed to Chandra Lok.
--She came to Bhoo Lok by the great efforts of Bhageerath (that is why it is named as Bhaageerathee) to give Mukti to his 60,000 great grandfathers - sons of Sagar. When she fell on Earth, first she fell on Shiv's head, otherwise because of her force she would have gone to Paataal. She lost her way in Shiv's matted locks of hair, then Shiv slowly unlocked a thin flock of hair and she fell through it.
--She followed Bhageerath, but in her way Muni Jahnu was doing worship. She flowed his worshipping material along with her stream. Muni got angry at this and filled its all water in his Kamandal. Later when Bhageerath found that Gangaa was not following him, he requested Muni to release her. Then Muni released it from his Kamandal. That is why she is also called Jaahnavee.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/16] says that once Kashyap Jee came to Shiv Jee, did Tap to get Gangaa. When Shiv Jee asked him to ask for a Var, he asked him for Gangaa River, who was on his head. He plucked a flock of hair and gave Gangaa to him with it, he went away happily taking it.
--Gangaa bore a son, Kaartikeya, for Shiv and Agni but could not bear it long so she left it in Shar Van (forest of reed). There he was brought up by six Krittika, and thus was called Kaartikeya. Since he was brought up by six Krittikaa, he created six mouths to suckle on their breasts, that is why he was called Shadmukh, or Shadaanan also.
--Once she went to Indra's court to worship Brahmaa Jee. An earthly King Mahaabhish was also sitting there. By chance her garment was displaced by wind. All other celestials bent their heads seeing this, but Mahaabhish kept looking at her. At this obscenity, Brahmaa cursed both of them to be born on Prithvi until the King got angry with her. At the same time eight Vasu also had the Shaap of Vashishth to be born on Earth, so they requested Gangaa to be their mother with the condition that she will make them free from that human form as soon as they were born. Mahaabhish decide to be the son of Prateep, as Shaanatanu. Gangaa married him and bore those eight Vasu from the king, but she had to leave one son on Prithvi - Gangaadatt, or Devavrat, or Bheeshm.


GARG - Rishi, Son of Bharadwaaj and Susheelaa
--He was better known as Garg Muni. He was the family priest of Nand Jee. He performed naming ceremony of Krishn and Balaraam. He has written Garg Sanhitaa. Gaargee was from his family only.

GARUD - Son of Kashyap and Vinataa
Married to -Sudhaa [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u3]
Children - 6 sons - Sumukh, Sunaman, Sunetra, Suvarch, Suanch, and Suval [MBH-Stories, 5-17-Maatali]
--He has many more children whose names are given at the same place.
--He is one of the three principal animal Deities in Hindu religion - Garud, Hanumaan and Ganesh. His first reference is found in Ved with the name Shyen, in which he brings Amrit for Kadroo, his step-mother, to free his mother Vinataa.  Worship of Garud is believed to remove the effects of poisons from one's body. Various names have been attributed to him - Chirad, Gaganeshwar, Kaamayoosh, Kashyapi, Khageshwar, Naagaantak, Sitaanan, Sudhaahar, Suparn, Taarkshya, Vainateya, Vishnurath and others. [MBH, G-0/8] He is called Suparn also. Krishn says in Geetaa, 10/30 "I am Garud in birds."
--He kidnapped Sudhaa and married her as Krishn kidnapped Rukminee and married her.
--He has a brother Arun, and a sister Keshinee. [Padm Puraan, 1/] says that her name was Saudaaminee (lightning). [V-Raamaayan 1/12/38] also says that Raajaa Sagar's first queen Keshinee was his sister.
--He himself is the ride of Vishnu.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p9] says that he is Taarkshya's son.
--One Upanishad, Garudopanidaad; and one Puraan, Garud Puraan, are devoted to him.
--He has played an important role in both Raam and Krishn Avataar periods. During Raam Avataar, he came to eat the Naag by which Raam and Lakshman were tied. As soon as he came, Naag ran away fearing from him. During Krishn Avataar, he took Krishn and Satyabhaamaa to kill Narakaasur. On another occasion, Hari rides Garud to save Gajendra from Graah. It is also said that Garud's wings when flying, always chant the Ved.

GAUTAM - Rishi
Married to - Ahalyaa (Daughter of Brahmaa)
Children - 1 son - Shataanand from Ahalyaa (Kul Purohit of Raajaa Janak - Seetaa's father)
                1 son - Sharadwaan
--Once he caught Indra with his wife Ahalyaa, so he gave Shaap to Ahalyaa to become stone till Raam comes there and touches her with His feet. And he gave Shaap to Indra also that he would become without testicles. When Raam came in Tretaa Yug and was going to Mithilaa to attend Janak's Dhanush Yagya with Vishwaamitra Jee, he showed this stone to Him on the way and he touched it with His big toe. The stone became Ahalyaa, prayed Him and went to her husband's Lok.
--[Agni Puraan, 28] says Ahalyaa was the daughter of Chanchaashwa. She had a twin brother Divodaas.

Another name of Ahalyaa, because she was the wife of Gautam.

GAYAASUR - Raakshas
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--[Agni Puraan, 10] says that Once Gayaasur did a severe penance and got the Var of being a Teerth. Now all people used to come to him and go to Brahm Lok. Prithvi got empty of human beings. Devtaa told this to Vishnu. Vishnu asked Brahmaa to do Yagya on his body. He did that but at the time of Poorn Aahuti, it started being unstable. It was stabilized by putting Dev Shilaa (read its full story in Agni Puraan, 10) and then he was made a Teerth, named Gayaa.

GHATOTKACH - Raakshas, Son of Bheemsen and Hidimbaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Anjanparv (Mahaabhaarat, Udyog, 155, 197)
                1 son - Barbareek (Skand Puraan, 1/4)
--Ghatotkach's chariot was said to be 30 Nalavaa (1 Nalavaa=200 yards, so 30 Nalavaa=6,000 yards) long and high. It had eight wheels. It didn't have either horses or elephants yoked to it. But beings who looked like elephants, were yoked to it. 
--Ghatotkach  fought very bravely in Mahaabhaarat war and was killed by Karn by the Power given to him by Indra in exchange of his Kavach and Kundal.
--Ghatotkach's son Anjanparv was also fought in MBH war and was killed.

GOBHIL - Yaksh (Real father of Kans)
Married to - nnn Children - Kans - from Padmaavaee (Ugrasen's wife) --He was Kuber's servant. Once he was passing by, that he saw Queen Padmaavatee, wife of Ugrasen playing around in a forest, he got attracted to her, but since she was a Satee, it was difficult to have her, so he assumed the form of Ugrasen and had her. But after that Padmaavatee came to know that he was not her husband but a Yaksh. She got very sorry on the whole episode, but couldn't do anything. That is how Kans was born.

GRAAH - Alligator
--This Graah is mentioned in Gaj and Graah story. The Graah was a good Gandharv named Hoohoo. He got this Gati by the Shaap of Rishi Deval. He was released from his Shaap when Hari killed him.

--Another name of Kaartikeye.

GUH - King of Nishaad
--He was a friend and devotee of Shree Raam. He met Raam when He was going to forest. He took them across Gangaa River.


HANUMAAN - Vaanar Devtaa (Son of Kesaree and Anjanee Devee)
Married to - Bachelor
Children - 1 son - Makaradhwaj
--He was born to Anjanee Devee, a cursed Apsaraa named Punjikaasthalee born as she-monkey.
--Although he is a lifelong bachelor but it is said that he had one son born from a fish. When Hanumaan had burned Lankaa, he jumped into the sea to put out the fire of his tail, at that time some drops of his sweat fell in the sea and a fish swallowed them. Thus she gave birth to his son.
--He met his son when he went to Paataal to save Raam and Lakshman from Ahiraavan.
[Read about him in detail here]

HARISHCHANDRA - King of Ayodhyaa, Son of Trishanku (Satyavrat)
Married to - Shaibyaa, or Taaraamatee, or Chandramatee (found three names, don't know which one is correct)
Children - 1 son - Rohitaashwa
--He lost even his family to maintain his truth. Aitareya Brahman, Mahaabhaarat, and Maarkandeya Puraan mention stories about the glory of Harishchandra. Aitareya Braahman gives a story of Shunahshep to belittle his character; while Maarkandeya Puraan gives incredible stories about him.

HARSH - Son of Dharm
Married to - Nandaa
Children - nnn
--He has two brothers also - Kaam Dev and Sham.

HARYAASHWA - King of Ayodhyaa
Married to - nnn
Children 1 son - Vasumaan (from Maadhavee, Daughter of Yayaati)
--He kept Maadhavee for a son in exchange of 200 horses given to Gaalav Muni.


HAYAGREEV - Raakshas
--He was a horse-faced Raakshas. He thought that Devtaa were strong because of Ved, so if he had stolen Ved then Devtaa would be weaker without them; so he took them away as soon as they came out of the mouth of Brahmaa. Then Bhagvaan killed him on Chakravaan Parvat and brought those Ved back.

HETI - Born from Brahmaa
Married to - Bhayaa (Kaal's sister)
Children - Vidyutkesh (Katankataa - Sandhyaa's daughter)
--He had a brother also Praheti

HIDIMB - Raakshas
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Had a sister named Hidimbaa who was married to Bheem - the 3rd of the five Paandav.
--Had a friend Kirmeeraa who wanted to kill Bheem as he had killed his friend. It was just when they started their exile period but was killed by him.

HIDIMBAA - Raakshas Woman (Sister of Hidimb Raakshas)
Married to - Bheem (2nd of the five Paandav)
Children - 1 son - Ghatotkach
--Raashas women bring forth the child the day they conceive, and their offspring attain youth the very day they are born.
--Ghatotkach  fought very bravely in Mahaabhaarat war and was killed Karn by the Power given to him by Indra in exchange of his Kavach and Kundal.



HIMAALAYA  - Parvat Raaj
Married to - Mainaa
Children - 1 son - Mainaak Parvat who has 100 heads
                1 Daughter - Umaa or Paarvatee (Married to Shiv)


Married to - Adharm
Children - 1 son - Amrit;
                1 daughter - Nikriti
--This is according to [Agni Puraan, 8]. Amrit and Nikriti married to each other and had 2 sons.

HIRANYAAKSH - Daitya, Son of Kashyap and Diti
Married to - Upadaanavee (Daughter of Vaishwaanar - Son of Kashyap and Danu) [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3]
          [Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2]  says that his wife's name was Rushaabhaanu
Children - sons - [Vishnu Puraan, 1/13] says he had Utkur, Shakuni, Bhootsantaapan, Mahaanaabh,  Kaalnaabh, Mahaabaahu, etc sons
          [Padm Puraan, 1/7] says that Hiranyaaksh had 4 sons - Ulook, Shakuni, Bhootsantaapan and Mahaabheem. Then these four sons  had 270 million
          (27 Crore) sons and grandsons.
          [Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2] lists his 9 sons as (1) Shakuni, (2) Shambar, (3) Dhrisht, (4)  Bhootsantaapan, (5) Vrik, (6) Kaalnaabh,  (7) Mahaanaabh,
(8) Harishmashru, and (9) Utkach.
          [Agni Puraan, 7] says that he had 5 sons - (1) Shambar, (2) Shakuni, (3) Dwimoordhaa, (4) Shanku and (5) Aarya.
          Vishnu Puraan, 1/13 says that Hiranyaaksh had Utkur, Shakuni, Bhootsantaapan, Mahaanaabh, Mahaabaahu, Kaalnaabh etc sons.
--He was in the 6th Manvantar - Chaakshush Manvantar (the present Manvantar is the 7th one - Vaivaswat Manvantar). He was killed by Varaah Avataar when He was bringing Prithvi out of the water on His mouth.

HIRANYAKASHYAP - Daitya, Son of Kashyap and Diti
Married to - Kayaadhu (Daughter of Jambhaasur)
                    Triloksundaree [Naarad Puraan, 2/4]
Children - 4 sons - Anuhlaad, Prahlaad, Sanhlaad, and Hlaad
                1 daughter - Sinhikaa (Married to Viprachitti)
--He lived in Chaakshush Manvantar (the 6th one, the present Manvantar is the 7th one - Vaivaswat Manvantar). [MBH, G-0/14] says that he had five sons - Prahlaad, Sanhlaad, Anuhlaad, Shivi, and Baashkal.
--Killed by Narasinh Bhagavaan
--[Naarad Puraan, 2/4] says, that Triloksundaree had a pair of Sheeshphool and when she entered Agni to become Satee with her husband, she threw them in the sea. Later Sea presented them to Dharmaangad.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/38] says that Uttaanpaad had a daughter named Kalyaanee whom he married to Hiranyakshyap; and she bore him Prahlaad.

[It is never heard that Uttaanpaad had a daughter whom he married to Hiranyakshyap. Rather Hiranyakshyap's wife's name was Kayaadhu who wanted to commit suicide after Hiranyakshyap went for Tap and finding this opportunity Indra attacked his capital and wanted to abduct and kill all of the habitants there. Kayaadhu was pregnant so when she wanted to commit suicide, Naarad Jee stopped her doing so, saying that she should not do so because she was going to give birth to a great Bhakt son. He took her to his Aashram and told her many Bhagavaan's stories throughout her pregnancy period. That is why Prahlaad became such a great devotee of Vishnu.]

HIRANYAROMAA - Lord of North Direction, Son of Parjanya Prajaapati
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Brahmaa appointed Hiranyaromaa as the Lord of North direction

Married to - 
Children - 1 daughter (married to Shikhandee - the son of Drupad).

HLAAD - Daitya Prince, Son of Hiranyakashyap and Kayaadhu
Married to - Dhamani
Children - 2 sons - Vaataapi and Ilval
--Hiranykashyap had 4 sons - Hlaad, Anuhlaad, Prahlaad, and Sanhlaad. But [MBH, G-0/14] says that he had 5 sons and the 5th son's name is given as Shibi.
--Ilval fed Vaataapi to Muni Agastya and he digested him. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/8]

HOTRAVAAHAN - Maternal Grandfather of Ambaa
--He advise Ambaa to achieve her objective - to kill Bheeshm, but unfortunately it didn't work. He told her that Parashuraam was his Guru and he could not disobey his Guru. But Bheeshm fought with him and defeated him.

HRIDIKAA - Son of Bhoj
Married to - nnn
Children - 10 sons - Kritvarmaa, Shatdhanvaa, Devaarh, Bheeshan etc. [Agni Puraan, 27]
--Kritvarmaa fought from Duryodhan's side.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9] says that Kritvarmaa's son Balee was married to Krishn and Rukminee's only daughter Chaarumatee. 


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