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Chapter 52

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52-Krishn Goes to Dwaarakaa, Marriage of Balaraam, And Rukminee's Message to Krishn

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Muchukund circumambulated Shree Krishn and came out of the cave and saw that the size of all human beings, trees, creepers, animals had become smaller than before, so he could make out that Kali Yug had come, therefore he started towards North and arrived on Gandhmaadan Parvat. There he started doing Tap in Badrik Aashram. Bhagavaan came back to Mathuraa. Kaalyavan's army was still there, He killed the army, snatched all the wealth and started for Dwaarakaa. At the same time Jaraasandh arrived there 18th time with his  23 Akshauhinee army. Seeing so large army again, Krishn and Balaraam ran away immediately acting like a human being leaving the wealth behind. When Jaraasandh saw them running like this, he started laughing and followed them with his chariots army. He did not know anything about the powers of Krishn and Balaraam. Both brothers got tired after running for such a long distance. So they climbed up on Pravarshan Mountain. Its name was Pravarshan because there rained all the time. When Jaraasandh could not find both brothers, he set fire to that mountain. When Bhagavaan saw that mountain burning, they jumped off from that 11 Yojan (44 Kos or 99 miles) high mountain. Nobody saw them jumping, so they came to Dwaarakaa Puree back unnoticed. Jaraasandh thought that both brothers were burned in that fire, so he also came back to Magadh Desh.

I have already told you that by the order of Brahmaa Jee, Raivat Jee married his son Kakudmee's daughter Revatee to Balaraam Jee. Shree Krishn also kidnapped princess Rukminee of Vidarbh Desh from her Swayamvar as Garud Jee kidnapped Sudhaa, in which Shishupaal and Shaalv were also present,  and married her. Rukminee was the daughter of Raajaa Bheeshmak and was the Avataar of Lakshmee Jee."

Pareekshit asked - "We have heard that Shree Krishn kidnapped Rukminee Jee forcefully and married her by Raakshas method. Now I want to know how Shree Krishn kidnapped Rukminee by defeating Jaraasandh, Shaalv etc." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajaa Bheeshmak was the King of Vidarbh Desh. He had five sons and one very beautiful daughter. The eldest son was Rukmee, others were Rukmarath, Rukmabaahu, Rukmesh, and Rukmamaalee, and their sister's name Rukminee. Rukminee thought that Krishn was the only appropriate husband for her, and Krishn also thought the same way. Rukminee's other brothers also wanted the same, but Rukmee was jealous with Shree Krishn, so he stopped her to marry Him and considered Shishupaal worthy of her husband.

When Rukminee heard this she got very sad. She sent a Braahman to Shree Krishn. When Braahman reached Dwaarakaa, the guard took him in. Krishn got down from His Aasan and asked him to sit on His own Aasan and asked the purpose of his coming there. Braahman told the message of Rukminee Jee. "I have selected you as my husband. My mind is not hidden from you. I do not want anybody else to touch me. Come one day before my Swayamvar day, kill Shishupaal and Jaraasandh and marry me. If you think that "how can I take you without killing your brothers?", then I tell you the way. We have a custom in our family that one day before marriage, there goes a procession for Darshan of Kul Devee and in that goes the bride to Girijaa Temple. If I don't get the dust of your feet, then I will die." This is the message of Rukminee, now you act as you wish."



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