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5-Uttar Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 790-813

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Nrasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Nrasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Pushkar Teerth

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Bhagavan, Tell me the Teerth on this island." Mahaadev Jee said - "Only Keshav Himself lives on this island as the greatest Teerth. First Teerth is Pushkar, the second one is Kaashee Puree which gives Mukti; the third one is Naimish Kshetra which is regarded holy by Rishi; fourth is Prayaag Teerth which is regarded the highest among all Teerth; fifth one is Kaqamuk Teerth which is on Gandhmaadan Parvat; sixth is Maansarovar Teerth which is liked by Devtaa very much; seventh is Vishwakaaya which is on Ambar Parvat; eighth one is Gautam named Teerth which was established on Mandaraachal Parvat, the ninth one is Madotkat and the tenth one is Rathchaitrak Teerth. The eleventh one is Kaanyakubj where Vaaman Bhagavaan lives; the twelfth one is Malayaj Teerth.

Among other Teerth are - Kedaar, Sthaaneshwar on Himaalaya; Bhadra Teerth in Bhadreshwar; Shiv Teerth on Narmadaa; Vishwaroop Teerth in Maayaa Puree (Haridwaar); Maheshwar Teerth in Mahaakaal; Vishwaroop Teerth in Mandap; Kapaalmochan Teerth in Maayaapur (Haridwaar); Manmath Teerth in Hemkoot. But there has never been, nor is, nor will be any Teerth like Vishnu's name. Because, by taking His name only people attain Moksh from this world."

Vetravatee and Saabhramatee (Saabarmatee) Rivers

Mahaadev Jee said - "O Beautiful, Now I tell you about Vetravatee (Betavaa) River. By taking bath in Vetravatee River, people get Mukti. In earlier times, Vritraasur had dug a verge well named Mahaagambheer; this river has appeared from that well only. It is like Gangaa River in glory. There ruled a king in Champak Nagar. He was very cruel and used to abuse Vishnu. His name was Vidaarun. Because of his sins, he became a leper. One day he came to this river (Vetravatee), he was thirsty, so he got down from the horse, drank water and went to his city. Just by drinking that water his leprosy was cured and his mind became pure. Now he didn't abused Vishnu. After that he often used to come there and take bath. He became very handsome man, enjoyed pleasures in this world and went to Vaikunth after the death. Knowing thus whoever, Braahmn, Kshatriya, Vaishya, or Shoodra take bath in this river they become free from all sins. Who often take bath in Vaishaakh, Kaartik Maagh months, they become free from Karm bondage.

Now I tell you about the glory of Saabhramatee River. Maharshi Kashyap did a very severe Tap for this River. Once it so happened, that Kashyap Rishi went to Naimish Aranya. There he talked with Rishi for a long time. At that time those Rishi requested him to bring Gangaa River on Prithvi. So he came to the forests of Aaboo near Saraswatee River. There he did severe Tapayaa for me. I appeared before him and asked him to ask for any Var. Kashyap Jee said - "Please give this Gangaa to me, who is sitting on your head." At that time I uprooted my one flock of hair and gave it to him. Kashyap Jee went happily taking Gangaa with him . In earlier times, King Bhageerath also prayed me to give him Gangaa River.

This Gangaa has various names in various Yug - she is known as Kritavatee in Sat Yug, Girikarnikaa in Tretaa Yug, Chandanaa in Dwaapar Yug and Saabhramatee in Kali Yug. One should take bath in this Teerth. Three Muhoort time (1 and 1/2 hours) in the morning is called Praatah Kaal, after that three Muhoort time is called Poorvaanh (before noon) or Sangav Kaal. Snaan done in these two periods (3 hours) is very dear to Devtaa. After that 3 Muhoort time is Madhyaanh (noon), and after that 3 Muhoort time is A-Paraanh (afternoon). Snaan and Pind Daan done during this period pleases Pitar. After this 3 Muhoort time is considered Saanyaanh (evening). One should not do Teerth Snaan during this period - this is Raakshas Belaa (time) which is inauspicious for all types of Karm.

Thus there are total 15 Muhoort in the whole day. Among them the 8th Muhoort is called "Kutap" Muhoort (Ku means sin). It is good for Pind Daan for Pitar. It gives eternal fruits. After Kutal Muhoort, the next 4 Muhoort (means the total of 5 Muhoort) is very good for Shraaddh. Kush and Til (sesame seeds) are born from the body of Vishnu to protect Shraaddh - thus Devtaa say.

Paarvatee, There is a Teerth named Brahmchaaree Teerth on the shore of Saabhramatee River. I live there with the name of Brahmchaareesh. I have no Ling there, it is only place there. If somebody worships Shiv there , he attains Shiv Dhaam. Who keeps fast there and worships me with Bhakti, I give him my Darshan in Yogee form and fulfills his all wishes, this is the truth. Its Darshn cures diseases, worship gives long life, and Snaan gives Moksh.

Now I tell you about Raajkhang Teerth. I earlier times there was a King named Vaikartan in Soorya Vansh. He was very wicked. After some time, because of his Karm, he became a leper. Once he came to forest just to play around. He came to Saabhramatee bank, stood there for a while, took bath, and drank its water. This made his body Divine. Since then that place has been known as Raajkhang.

Teerth on Saabhramatee River

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Bhagavan, Which regions Saabhramatee River passed through after coming out from Nandi Kund?" Shiv Jee said - "After Nandi Kund there is Kapaalmochan or Kapaal Kund Teerth. There was a king in Bhageerath's family named Sudaas. His son was Mitrasaha. He was known as Saudaas also. He became Raakshas by the Shaap of Maharshi Vashishth. He got freed from his Shaap by taking Snaan in Saabhramatee River.

At the Sangam of Saabhramatee and Gokshuraa rivers, there are thousands of Teerth there. In earlier times, there was a King names Kukardam. He was very sinful. He died in this situation so he became a Pret. He could not get even air to drink, that is why he used to wander with other Pret crying loudly. Once, by chance he arrived at his Guru's Aashram. In his earlier life he did some Punya, that is why he got a Guru in this life. He was a Ved reader Braahman and used to eat only after feeding guests, that is why he was born as a king in Pindaarpundra. As a Pret he looked terrible. Seeing him his Guru Kahod got worried.

His Guru Kahod said - "This is Agnipaaleshwar Teerth. I live here. You are my Yajamaan, how did you become Pret?" Pret said - "I am the King of Pindaarpur, Kukardam. I was very sinful, that is why I am born in Pret Yoni. You are my Guru, please, give me good Gati." Kahod said - "Sure, I will give Mukti to you and your 11 companion Pret." Kahod did Pind Daan, and Jal Daan and gave Mukti to all." There is nothing to think about Tithi and Maas in Teerth - Brahmaa Jee said this to me. Now I will tell you about Indragraam Teerth where Indra got freed from Shaap."

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Bhagavan, Why Indra got Shaap and how did he got freed from Shaap?" Shiv Jee said - "Devee, Once Indra and Daitya Raaj Namuchi made an agreement that we should kill each other without any weapon, but according to Aakaashvaanee, Indra killed Namuchi with the foam of water. Thus he was attached to Brahm Hatyaa. He went to his Guru and asked the way to be freed from this sin. So as per advice of Brihaspati Jee, all came to Saabhramatee River's banks and took bath in it. This washed away his sin immediately. Then Indra established Dhavaleshwar named Shiv there. If somebody does Shraaddh there on Poornimaa, Amaavasyaa, Sankraanti or on Eclipse days, he satisfies his Pitar for 12 years. Who worship him on every Sunday, I have never known their glory."

Brahm Hatyaa to Indra

Shiv Jee said - "Once Indra and Vritraasur had a great fight which continued for 11,000 years. Indra lost the fight, so he came to me. He pleased me by worshipping me on the banks of Vaartraghnee River, so I appeared in sky. At that time, some ash fell from my body on the banks of Gangaa and a holy Ling appeared there. It got known as "Bhasmgaatra". I said to Indra - "I will give you everything whatever you want to have and you will kill Vritra by this Vajra." He went to Vritra to fight again and killed that Daitya. When he came back to his Puree that a Brahm Hatyaa appeared from his body and started searching for Indra and caught him by neck. Indra could not get freed from it.

Indra went to Brahmaa Jee in the same condition. Brahmaa Jee remembered the Brahm Hatyaa, she came to him. He asked her to free Indra. She said - "I will free him, but then give me some other place to live. You yourself has fixed all this." Brahmaa Jee called Agni Dev and asked him to take 1/4th part of the Brahm Hatyaa from Indra. Agni Dev asked - "What is my way to be free from this Brahm Hatyaa?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Whoever will find you in burning form and will not put any seed, herb, Til, fruit, root, Samidhaa and Kush etc, at that time this Brahm Hatyaa will leave you and will attach to him."

In the same way Brahmaa Jee called trees, herbs, straws etc and proposed the same to them, and they also asked the same question - "How we will be free from this Brahm Hatyaa?" He said - "Whoever will cut you, this Brahm Hatyaa will attach to him only." In the same way Brahmaa Jee gave 1/4th part of Indra's Brahm Hatyaa to Apsaraa saying that whoever will have the sexual contact with a menstruating woman, she will attach to him immediately. Then Brahmaa Jee called Water and gave him the last 1/4th part Indra's Brahm Hatyaa saying that he will be free from this when somebody will urinate or spit in it even unknowingly.

Mahaadev Jee said - "Hey Sureshwaree, Thus Brahm Hatyaa left Indra and went to these four places and Indra became free from her."

Narasinh Chaturdashee Vrat

Mahaadev Jee said - "Now I tell you about a very rare Vrat - Narasinh Chaturdashee Vrat, hearing about it one becomes free from Brahm Hatyaa like sins. Who is the cause of everything, once he took Avataar as Narasinh Bhagavaan. When Narasinh sat comfortably after killing Hiranyakashyap, Prahlaad asked Him - "I wish to ask you one thing, how I became so much dear to you?" Narasinh Bhagvaan said - "In your previous life you were a son of a Braahman. At that your name was Vasudev. You did not do any Punya in that life, it is only because of my Vrat, you developed my Bhakti in your heart."

Prahlaad asked - "Dev, I wish to ask about this Vrat. In which month and Tithi this falls? Please tell me in detail." Narasinh Bhagavaan said - "Listen, This Vrat is related to my birth, that is why one should take up this Vrat on Vaishaakh Shukla 14th. Now you listen the way I took birth to comfort my Bhakt. I appeared in West direction for some reason. That place is known now as Mool Sthaan (Multaan). There lived a Braahman named Haareet who knew Ved very well. His wife's name was Leelaavatee. She was a Satee woman. They both did Tapasyaa for a very long time. After 21 Yug had passed, I appeared before them and asked them to ask for a Var. They said - "If you like to give us some Var, then we would like to have a son like you in this life only."

Hearing them I replied - "Undoubtedly I am your son, but at the same I am the Creator of the Universe Paramaatmaa also, therefore I will not be living in your womb." At this Haareet said - "So be it." And since then I live there only. Who meditates on me on my child form along with Haareet and Leelaavatee, and worships me in the night, he becomes Naaraayan from Nar. On the day of my Vrat, one should take up the Sankalp of my Vrat. Then take bath in some river, Kund or pond. Then do Sandhyaa etc daily worship. Then draw a 8-petal lotus flower and establish a copper Kalash on it with five Ratna (gems). Keep a rice filled pot over the Kalash and establish a gold statue of Lakshmee and mine on it. Bathe it with Panchaamrit. Light a big lamp and do Aaratee and offer Naivedya. And after that he should pray me. Feed some Braahman and donate those things to them with Dakshinaa.

All things should be donated to Braahman. Even a poor person who does this Vrat regularly, he becomes free from the sins committed in his seven lives. Thus he should do this Vrat.

There is Sindhu River in that region. In that region a place named Mool Sthaan (Multaan) still exists. That city was built by Devtaa. Mahaatmaa Haareet lives there only.

Many Mlechchh will live there in Kali Yug. Whatever type of sinner one is, after taking bath in Sindhu River, he becomes sinless. Who live there for 10 nights, they become Punya Aatmaa. There is only one Teerth by the name of Bhagavaan Narasinh, which is very good and extensive."



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