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28-Turvasu and Puru Vansh

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28-Turvasu and Puru Vansh
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 277-278, p 558-560

Turvasu and Puru Vansh

Turvasu Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Turvasu's son was Varg, Varg's son was Gobhaanu, Gobhaanu's son was Traishaani, and Traishaani's son was Karandham, Karandham's son was Marutt, and Marutt's son was Dushyant. Dushyant's son was Varooth, Varooth's son was Gaandeer, and Gaandeer's son was Gaandhaar and Gaandhaar had 5 sons on whose names Gandhaar, Keral, Chol, Paandya and Kol Desh were named. They all were great and mighty.

Duhyu's son was Babhrusetu, Babhrusetu's son was Purovasu, and Purovassu's sons were called Gaandhaar. Gaandhaar(s) had the son named Dharm. Dharm's son was Ghrit, Ghrit's son was Vidush, and Vidush's son was Prachetaa. Prachetaa had 100 sons, among them Anadu, Subhaanu, Chaakshush, and Parameshu were his chief sons. Subhaanu's son was Kaalaanal, Kaalaanal's son was Srinjaya, Srinjaya's son was Puranjaya and Puranjaya's son was Janamejaya. Janamejaya's son was Mahaashaal, and Mahaashaal's son was Mahaamanaa. Mahaamanaa's son was Usheenar. Mahaamanaa's other wife Nrigaa gave birth to Nrig. Nrig's Naraa named wife gave birth to Nar and Krimi named wife gave birth to Krimi. Nrig's Dashaa named wife gave birth to Suvrat and Drishdwatee named wife gave birth to Shivi. Shii had 4 sons - Prithudarbh, Veerak, Kaikaya, and Bhadrak. Usheenar's son was Titikshu, Titikshu's son was Rushdrath, Rushdrath's son was Pail, Pail's son was Sutapaa and Sutapaa's son was Mahaayogee Bali.

Ang Vansh

Bali had 5 sons - Ang, Bang, Mukhyak, Pundra and Kaling. They all were called "Baaleya". Ang's son was Dadhivaahan, Dadhivaahan's son was Divirath, and Divirath;s son was Dharmrath. Dharmrath's son was Chitrarath, Chitrarath's son was Satyarath and Satyarath's son was Lomapaad. Lomapaad's son Chaturang, Chaturang's son was Prithulaaksh, Prithulaaksh's son was Champ, Champ's son was Haryang and Haryang's son was Bhadrarath. Bhadrarath's son was Brihatkarmaa, Brihatkarmaa's son was Brihadbhaanu, Brihadbhaanu's son was Brihaatmvaan.

Brihatvaan's son was Jayadrath and Jayadrath's son was Brihadrath. Brihadrath's son was Vishwajit, Vishwajit's son was Karn, Karn's son was Vrishsen and Vrishsen's son was Prithusen. These all are the kings in Ang Vansh

Puru Vansh

Agni Dev said - "Puru's son was Janamejaya, Janamejaya's son was Praacheevaan, Praacheevaan's son was Manasyu and Manasyu's son was Veetamaya. Veetamaya's son was Shundhu, Shundhu's son was Bahuvidh, Bahuvidh's son was Sanyaati, Sanyaati's son was Rahovaadee, Rahovaadee's son was Bhadraashwa, and Bhadraashwa had 10 sons - Richeyu, Krisheyu, Sannateyu, Ghriteyu, Chiteyu, Sthandileyu, Dharmeyu, Sannateyu (another one), Kriteyu and Matinaar. Matinaar had 3 sons - Tansurodh, Pratirath, and Purast. Pratirath's son was Kanv, Kanv's son was Medhaatithi. Tansurodh had 4 sons - Dushyant, Praveerak, Sumant and Anaya. Dushyant's son was Bharat. His descendents were called Bhaarat. Bharat's sons were destroyed because of their mothers' anger. Then Bharat did a Yagya, Marud Gan gave him Brihaspati's son Bharadwaaj as his son. [Because Bharat Vansh was setting and in such times Bharadwaaj came in his house, that is why he was called "Vitath"].

Vitath had 5 sons - Suhotra, Suhotaa, Gaya, Garbh, and Kapil. Besides them he had 2 sons more - Mahaatmaa and Suketu. Later he had 2 sons more - Kaushik and Gritspati. Gritspati had many sons. Among them were  Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya - all. Kaash and Deerghtamaa were also his sons. Deerghtamaa's son was Dhanvantari, Dhanvantari's son was Ketumaan, Ketumaan's son was Himarath who is known as "Divodaas" also. Divodaas' son was Pratardan, Pratardan had 2 sons - Bharg and Vats. Vats' son was Anark, Anark's son was Kshemak, Kshemak's son was Varshketu, Varshketu's son Vibhu, Vibhu had 2 sons - Aanart and Sukumaar. Sukumaar's son was Satyaketu. Vats' son was Vatsbhoomi.

Vitath's (Bharadwaaj)  son Suhotra had the son named Brihat, Brihat had 3 sons - Ajameedh, Dwimeedh, and Purumeedh. Ajameedh's wife Keshinee gave birth to Jahnu, Jahnu's son was Ajakaashwa, and Ajakaashwa's son was Balaakaashwa. Balaakaashwa's son was Kushik, Kushik's son was Gaadhi who attained the status of Indra and Gaadhi had one daughter Satyavatee and one son Vishwaamitra. Vishwaamitra had Devaraat and Katimukh etc sons. Ajameedh had other sons also - Shunahshep and Ashtak. His Nelimaa named wife gave birth to a son named Shaanti. Shaanti's son was Purujaati, Prujaati's son was Baahyaashwa, and Baahyaashwa had 5 sons - Mukul, Srinjaya, Brihadishu, Yaveenar, and Krimil. They were known as Paanchaal.

Mukul's children were called "Maukulya" - they turned into Braahman. Mukul's son was Chanchaashwa, Chanchaashwa had a twins - one son Divodaas and one daughter Ahalyaa. Ahalyaa gave birth to Shataanand from Sharadwat (Gautam) Rishi. Shataanand's son was Satyadhrik, Satyadhrik had a twins - one son Krip and one daughter Kripee. Divodaas' son was Maitreya, Maitreya's son was Somak. Srinjaya's son was Panchdhanush and Panchdhanush's son was Somdatt. Somdatt's son was Sahadev, Shadev's son was Somak, Somak's son was Jantu, Jantu's son was Prishat and Prishat's son was Drupad. Dupoad's son was Dhrishtdyumn, Dhrishtdyumn's son was Dhrishtketu.

Ajameedh had the son named Riksh from his Dhoominee named wife. Riksh'a son was Sanvaran, Sanvaran's son was Kuru who established Kuru Kshetra as Teerth going from Prayaag. Kuru had 4 sons - Sudhanvaa, Sudhanu, Pareekshit, and Ripunjaya. Sudhanvaa's son was Suhotra, Suhotra's son was Chyavan. Chyavan's wife Girikaa gave birth to 7 sons from Vasu Uparichar - Brihadrath, Kush, Veer, Yadu, Pratygraha, Bal and Matsyakaalee. Brihadrath's son was Kushaagra, Kushaagra's son was Vrishabh, and Vrishabh's son was Satyahit. Satyahit's son was Sudhanvaa, Sudhanvaa's son was Oorj, Oorj's son was Sambhav, Sambhav's son was Jaraasandh, and Jaraasandh's son was Sahadev. Sahadev's son was Udaapi, Udaapi's son was Shrutkarmaa.

Ajameedh's son Jahnu had 4 sons - Surath, Shrutsen, Ugrasen and Bheemsen. Kuru's son Parekshit's son was Janamejaya, Janamejaya's son was Trasdasyu. Janamejaya had 2 sons more - Surath and Mahimaan. Surath's son was Vidoorath and Vidoorath's son was Riksh. In this Vansh, he was the second king named as Riksh. Riksh's son was Bheemsen, Bheemsen's son was Prateep, Prateep's son was Shantanu. Shantanu had 3 sons - Devaapi, Baahleek and Somdatt. Baahleek's son was Somdatt, Somdatt had 3 sons - Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa and Shal. Shantanu had a son named Bheeshm from Gangaa. He had a son named Vichitraveerya from His wife named Kaalyaa (Satyavatee).

Krishn Dwaipaayan produced three sons - Dhritraashtra, Paandu and Vidur from Vichitraveerya's wife. Paandu had 3 sons from Kuntee - Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun; and he had 2 sons from his wife Maadree - Nakul and Sahadev. Paandu's all five sons appeared from Devtaa's part. Arjun's son's name was Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu's son was Pareekshit. Draupadee was the wife of five Paandav. She had 5 sons from 5 Paandav - Prativindhya from Yudhishthir, Sutasom from Bheem, Shrutkeerti from Arjun, Shrutsharmaa from Nakul and Shataaneek from Sahadev. Bheemsen had another son also from Hidimbaa - Ghatotkach.

These are the kings from past. There will be many kings in future who cannot be counted. All die when their Time comes. Kaal is a form of Vishnu, therefore one should worship Him only. Do Havan for Him only, because He is the one who gives everything.



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