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29-About Naag

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29-About Naag
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 294-298 , p 599-610; Ch 305, p 625-626

These five chapters describe Naag, their characteristics, cures for their bites. All this information is not given here. Some information is good to read, that is given here. Ch 305 gives VIshnu's 55 names.

About Naag

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Shesh, Vaasuki, Takshak, Karkotak, Padm, Mahaapadm, Shankhpaal, and Kulik - these 8 Naag are the best among all Naag. Among them 2 Naag (Anant and Kulik) are said as Braahman - their complexion is like fire and they have 1,000 heads. Vaasuki and Shankhpaal are Kshatriya - their complexion is yellow and they have 800 heads (other sources say 700 heads). Takshak and Mahaapadm are Vaishya - their complexion is blue and they have 500 heads. Padm and Karkotak are said to be Shoodra and their complexion is white and they have 300 heads. They have 500 children from whom other Naag have been born.

Normally, from Aashaadh to next three months, snakes get pregnant. After four months have passed, she-snake gives birth to 240 eggs. As soon as the children come out of those eggs, other snakes eat them before their gender marks appear. Black snake comes out of the egg after one week of its eye opening. After 12 days, his knowledge starts coming. After 20 days, after seeing Soorya, his 32 teeth and 4 molars come out. A snake has 4 poisonous molars - 2 on left side and 2 on right side. After 6 months he sheds his skin and lives for 120 years.

Shesh etc 7 Naag are the Lords of the 7 days from Sunday to Saturday respectively. These Naag remain the Lords of the parts of day also. (If a day is divided into 7 parts, the first part belongs to the Lord of that day, and the rest of the 6 parts belong to the rest of the 6 Naag respectively.) Thus all the 7 Naag rise on their respective days, but the 8th Naag, Kulik, rises in all the joining periods. According to some other sources Kulik rises in 2 Ghadee falling between Mahaapadm and Shankhpaal's timings. [This seems logical as in popular books Shani's part is considered Kulik's part, that is why these 2 Ghadee seems logical.] This 2 Ghadee period is considered prohibited for all Karm. This time is especially inauspicious when a snake bites.

Vishnu's 55 Names

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Now you listen to Vishnu's 55 names. Who does the Jaap of these 55 names, he attains the fruit of Mantra Jaap.

Vishnu's 55 Names Vishnu's 55 Names
1. Pundareekaaksh in Pushkar 2. Gadaadhar in Gayaa
3. Raaghav in Chitrakoot 4. Daityasoodan in Prabhaas
5. Jaya in Jayantee 6. Jayant in Hastinaapur
7. Vaaraah in Vardhmaan 8. Chakrapaani in Kaashmeer
9. Janaardan in Kubjaabh 10.



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