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8-Agni Puraan, Ch 368-371, p 810-818       See also   Bhaagvat Puraan, 12/2;    Vishnu Puraan, 6/2;   

About Nitya, Naimittik, Praakrit, Aatyantik Pralaya; Birth of a Child;


Agni Dev said - "Munivar, Pralaya is of 4 kinds - Nitya (Daily), Naimittik (for Purpose), Praakrit (Natural), and Aatyantik (the Moksh).
(1) Who are born in the world they always die daily - this is called "Nitya" Pralaya.
(2) After 1,000 4-Yug period, Brahmaa's one day ends, at that time this Creation is absorbed - this is called "Braahm Laya" or "Naimittik" Pralaya [because it has a purpose - since the Creator sleeps so his Creation].
(3) When the 5 Bhoot (5 Elements) get absorbed in Prakriti - this is called Praakrit Pralaya. [because in this one, the Prakriti, Nature, also doesn't exist]
(4) When the Jeev is absorbed in Paramaatmaa after attaining Gyaan (knowledge) - it is called "Aatyantik" Pralaya - the final destruction, because after that the Jeev doesn't come back on Prithvi.

Naimittik Pralaya

Now I will tell you about the Pralaya which occurs at the end of the Kalp - Braahm or Naimittik Pralaya. When these 4-Yug are passed 1,000 times, at that time this Prithvi becomes very weak and a terrible rain falls for 100 years. This rain destroys everything on Prithvi. The Lord of the Universe, Vishnu, drinks all the water through Soorya's 7 rays. This makes everything dry. After drinking the water, those Soorya's 7 rays turns into 7 Soorya; and these Soorya start burning the three Lok. At that time this Prithi looks like the back of a tortoise. Then "Kaalaagni Rudra" appears from Shesh's breaths and he burns all the lower Lok. Later Vishnu burns Prithvi, Bhuvar Lok and even Swarg Lok. At that time the whole Universe seems like a burning oven. So the habitants of Buvar Lok and Swarg Lok go to Mahar Lok because of he fire; then they go to Jan Lok.

When the whole Universe is burnt, black clouds start appearing in the sky. They start raining to put off the fire. When this water touches the place of Saptarshi, then the breath from Vishnu's mouth in the form of wind flows for 100 years. This wind destroys all the clouds, and Vishnu sleeps in that water. Siddh and Chaaran pray Him and He sleeps there for the one whole Kalp. when He wakes up again, He starts Creation assuming Brahmaa's form. In this way when Brahmaa's 2 Paraardh life ends, then this whole Universe is absorbed in Prakriti.

If we multiply the unit number by 10, and then continue to do that, then whatever number we get at the 18 place, that is called "Paraardh" (1 with 17 zeroes).  When the double the time of this Paraardh time finishes, Praakrit Pralay takes place. At that time, because of rain being completely stopped, and fire burning everything, nothing remains - Mahat Tattwa, Prakriti etc everything. Occurring with the Sankalp (intention) of Bhagavaan, first water absorbs Prithvi's smell etc attribute, thus Prithvi gets destroyed, it becomes Water. Then Tej (Fire) drinks that water's attribute taste, this destroys Water and only Fire remains. After that Air absorbs the beauty of the Fire and thus Fire is also extinguished. Now only Air remains. Then Sky draws Air's attribute Touch, thus Air is destroyed and only Sky remains. After this Taamas Ahankaar draws Sky in and then Mahat Tattwa absorbs all Taijas Ahankaar.

Thus Prithvi is absorbed in Water, Water is absorbed in Fire, Fire is absorbed Air, Air is absorbed in Sky, and Sky is absorbed in Ahankaar. Ahankaar is absorbed by Mahat Tattwa. Then Mahat Tattwa is also absorbed by Prakriti. Prakriti is of two types - Vyakt (manifested) and A-Vyakt (Un-manifested). Vyakt Prakriti is absorbed by the A-Vyakt one. Both the Purush who is a part of Paramaatmaa, and Prakriti enter then Paramaatmaa."

Aatyantik Pralaya

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, When the human being develops Vairaagya (detachment) from the world seeing the sorrows (see Taap) of the world, at that time he attains Gyaan (knowledge), and that Gyaan brings the Aatyantik Pralaya to this Creation. Adhyaatmic Taap is of two types - physical and mental. Physical Taap is also several kinds - Jeev comes in the womb after leaving its Bhog body (the body through he enjoys - Divine body). There is a "Aativaahik" body which only human being attains only after death. Yam Raaj's messengers take that body to Yam Lok. Other beings neither get that body, nor they are taken by Yam Lok path. Thus whoever Jeev goes to Yam Lok, he sometimes goes to Swarg and sometimes goes to Narak.

Brahman, This Lok is Karm Bhoomi (a land to do Karm), and the other Lok is Fruit Lok. Jeev enters the womb in air form. In Yam Lok, Yam Raaj considers the Jeev's good and abd karm and punishes or rewards according to his Karm. Chitragupt keeps the account of his Karm. Till the A-Shauch (unclean state) of the family members is not over, the Jeev carries Pind offered to him by his family members living in the form of Aativaahik body. Then he leaves the Pret body (Aativaahik body) after reaching in Pret Lok and takes up another body (Bhog body) and lives there hungry and thirsty. At that time he gets only the same food which is given to him in his Shraaddh - raw grains. Pret doesn't get free from Pret body unless Pind Daan is done for him. Till then he lives in the same body and eats only Pind. When his Shraaddh is done with Pind, after one year, he leaves Pret body and takes up  Bhog body.

Bhog body is of two types - auspicious and inauspicious. After the Jeev had enjoyed according to his Karm, he is then sent to Prithvi Lok again. At that time his Bhog body is eaten by Raakshas. Who has finished sufferings for his bad Karm, he takes birth in a wealthy family to enjoy his remaining Punya; but if he has finished enjoying the fruits of his good Karm, then he is born in bad conditions to suffer for his bad Karm. Jeev, who enters in the human womb is in the form of a point in the first month. In the second month it takes the form of a dense flesh, and in the third month his body parts start appearing. In the fourth month, his bones, flesh and skin start appearing. In the fifth month, his furs come out and in the sixth month he becomes conscious. From the seventh month, he starts felling discomfort. His whole body is surrounded by thin films and his hands are joined near his forehead.

If the child is impotent, he stays in the center part of the stomach, if he is a girl, he stays in the left side, and if he is a boy, he stays in right side of the stomach. In whatever part of the stomach he is, he faces towards the back of his mother. In whichever Yoni he lives, he knows it very well, there is no doubt about it. Besides he remembers everything of his past life too. In the seventh month, he starts taking the juice of whatever his  mother eats. In the eighth and ninth months he moves a lot inside the womb. If mother works hard, he feels its pain. If the mother becomes sick, he also feels it. Even 2 Ghadee time (50 minutes) is like years for him. Then with the air, his head turns down and comes out felling severe pain. After coming out, he feels bad if somebody even touches him."

Parts of the Body

Agni Dev said - "Ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose are Gyaan Indriyaan. Sky is in all Bhoot. Sound, Touch, Roop (form), Ras (taste) and Smell - these are attributes of Sky, Air, Fire, Water, and Prithvi. Anus, procreative organ, hands, feet and speech are Karm Indriyaan. Excretion, sex, Karm, walking, and talking. 5 Karm Indriyaan, 5 Gyaan Indriyaa, 5 subjects of Indriyaan, 5 Mahaa Bhoot, Man, Buddhi (intellect), Aatmaa (Mahat Tattwa) A-Vyakt (Root Prakriti) - these are 24 Tattwa Tattwa. And beyond these is Purush  who is with them and as well as is separate from them. Rajo Gun, Tamo Gun and Sato Gun - they are dependent on A-Vyakt. When the Purush has his heart (consciousness) he is called Jeev, but without it he is called Par Brahm who is the cause of all. Whoever knows this Purush, he attains Param Pad.

A human body has 18,000 bones, a total of 64 teeth (subtle and physical), and 20 nails. There are 45 bones in the back, 45 in neck, 17 in chest. Joints are 210. Women have 27 more muscles than men. There are 86,009 nerves in human body. There are 720 millions holes in this body. This flesh is the house of dirt and faults, thinking thus one should detach himself from it.

About Death

Agni Dev said - "Now I tell you something about death. When Vaayu (air) increases, heat also increases in the body. Then Vaayu searches some outlet to go out of the body. There are 7 holes in the body - 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and 1 Brahm Randhra in the head; and the 8th one is mouth. Who do good Karm, their Praan goes out of these 7 holes. There are 2 holes below also - anus and procreative organ. Sinners' Praan goes through these holes. But a Togee's Praan goes out of the Brahm Randhra. That Jeev goes to any Lok as desired. Only Siddh, Devtaa can see the Praan at the time of coming out of the body, taking birth at other place, or going through various Yoni with their Divine sight.

After the death, Jeev immediately takes up Aativaahik body. The body he has left, Sky, Air and Fire mix with upper Elements; and Prithvi and Water mix with lower Elements. This is called "mixing with Panch Tattwa". Yam's messenger immediately take the dead Jeev to Aativaahik body and then take it to Yam Lok. The path to Yam Lok is 86,000 Yojan long. The Jeev eats and drink only that food and water which is given by his relatives. After meeting Yam Raaj, he enjoys or suffers according to Chitragupt's directions. If he is religious, he goes to Swarg by good paths, otherwise he goes to Narak

There are 28 grades of Narak below this Earth. They are located in dense darkness below the 7th layer. (see the names of Narak) These are all Adhyaatmik Taap. Injury by weapons is called Adhi-Bhautik Taap, and the harm done by planets, Devtaa, Fire is called Adhi-Daivik Taap. Thus this whole world is full of these three types of Taap (sorrows). One should remove all these sorrows by Gyaan (knowledge), rigid vows and Daan Punya etc, and Vishnu's worship.



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