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1-Pratham Ansh

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13-Marud Gan

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13-Marud Gan
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 96-98
see also   5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/7

Kashyap's Other Wives and Birth of Marud Gan

Paraashar said - "Sanhlaad's sons were Shivi and Baashkal, and Prahlaad's son was Virochan. Virochan's son was Bali and Bali had 100 sons among whom Baanaasur was the eldest. Hiranyakashyap has a brother named Hiranyaaksh. He had Utkur, Shakuni, Bhootsantaapan, Mahaanaabh, Mahaabaahu, Kaalnaabh etc sons. All were very powerful.

Kashyap's another wife Danu had Dwimoordhaa, Shambar, Ayomukh, Shankushiraa, Kapil, Shankar, Ekchakra, Mahhaabaahu, Taarak, Mahaabal, Swarbhaanu, Vrishparvaa, Pulom, Viprachitti. Danu's all these sons are well-known. Swarbhaanu had a daughter named Prabhaa. Vrishparvaa had three daughters - Sharmishthaa, Upadaanee, and Hayashiraa.

Vaishwaanar had two daughters - Pulomaa and Kaalakaa. Both got married to Kashyap Jee. They had 60,000 Daanav sons. All these sons of Kashyap were called Paulom and Kaalkeya.

Viprachitti had many cruel sons from his wife Sinhikaa - Vyansh, Shalya, mighty Nabh, Vaataapi, Namuchi, Ilval, Khasrim, Andhak, Narak, Kaalnaabh, Mahaaveer, Swarbhaanu, Vaktrayodhee. These were all sons of Danu's sons who extended Danu's family.

In Prahlaad's family, a Daitya named Nivaatkavach was born through great Tap. He was full of spiritual knowledge.

Kashyap's another wife Taamraa had six daughters - Shukee, Shyenee, Bhaasee, Sugreevee, Shuchi, and Griddhrikaa. Shukee had Shuk (parrots), Ulook (owls), and Kaak (crows) as her children; Shyenee had Shyen (garud); Bhaasee had Bhaas; and Griddhrikaa had Geedh (vultures). Shuchi had the birds of water; and Sugreevee had Ashwa (horses), Ustra (camels), and Gardabh (donkeys) as her sons.

Kashyap's another wife Vinataa had two sons Arun and Garud (Suparn). Garud eat snakes.

Kashyap's another Surasaa had thousands of snakes, some of which were flying ones too.

Kashyap's another wife Kadru also had snakes with several heads. These were the enemies of Garud (read the story of their enmity here). Among these snakes are - Shesh , Vaasuki, Takshak, Shankhshwet, Mahaapadm, Kambal, Ashwatar, Ailaapatra, Naag, Karkotak, Dhananjaya, and many other poisonous and biters. [see also Mahaabhaarat, Stories, 5-11maatali for many other names]

Kashyap's another wife Krodhvashaa had Krodhvash Gan. They were all with terrible teeth and were raw meat eaters. They could live anywhere - in water, or on land, or in air. She gave birth to Pishaach also.

Kashyap's another wife Surabhi gave birth to cows and buffaloes.

Kashyap's another wife Iraa gave birth to trees, creepers and all kinds of straws.

Kashyap's another wife Khasaa gave birth to Yaksh, Raakshas, Muni and Apsaraa.

Kashyap's another wife Arishtaa gave birth to Gandharv.

All these movable and immovable creatures were Kashyap's children. This is said to be the creation of Swaarochish Manvantar (2nd Manvantar). 

Birth of Marud Gan

In the beginning of Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th Manvantar - the present Manvantar) there happened to be a big Vaarun Yagya. Brahmaa was Hotaa in that Yagya, so I will now describe his children. In the previous Manvantar (Chaakshush - 6th Manvantar) whoever were Saptarshi were the Maanas Putra of Brahmaa, the same were created as the fathers of Gandharv, Naag, Devtaa, Daanav in this Manvantar (Vaivaswat - 7th Manvantar)

When Diti's sons were killed, she pleased Kashyap Jee and Kashyap Jee also pleased her by giving her Var. At that time she asked for a mighty son who could kill Indra. He gave this Var to Diti and said - "If you will meditate on Vishnu and keep your pregnancy with Shauch (cleanliness) and self-control then your son will be able to kill Indra." Then Kashyap impregnated Diti and Diti got pregnant with full Shauch.

When Indra heard this, he came to serve Diti. He was always watchful for any kind of irregularity of her Shauch rules. In the last when less than 100 years remained, one day Diti laid down on her bed without washing her feet and slept. At the same time, as Indra was constantly watching her, he entered her womb and cut her fetus into seven pieces with his Vajra. Afflicted with Vajra, that fetus started crying loudly. Indra cut the each piece into seven pieces again and shouted at it - "Maa Rodee, Maa Rodee", means "Don't weep, don't weep". Even after cutting that fetus into 49 pieces, those all 49 pieces remained alive. Since Indra asked them "Maa Rodee", those 49 pieces were called Marud, and the same Marud Gan became the helpers of Indra.



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