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1-Pratham Ansh

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3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 86-92
See also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2

Hiranyakashyap's More Efforts to Kill Prahlaad        Contd...  from Previous Page

Paraashar asked - "Hey Muni, Hearing the failure of Krityaa, Hiranyakashyap called his son and asked him the reason of his this effect, he said - "You seem to be very resourceful. All these actions of yours are by Mantra or natural?"

Prahlaad greeted him by touching his feet and said - "Hey father, Neither I use any Mantra, nor it is natural. Whoever remembers Hari always, it is very simple for him. Who does not think bad for others, he also does not face bad situations himself. Who thinks bad about others, he also faces the result of his bad Karm. I neither think, nor do, nor say anything bad about anybody or to anybody. Thus who acts like this he doesn't have to suffer from any kind of pain and sorrow - physical, mental, or god-given (Daivik)."

Hearing this Hiranyakashyap said to his servants - "Take this wicked boy and throw him from a 100 Yojan high palace so that he falls on a mountain and breaks into pieces." The servants took him and threw him from a very high palace. When he fell, he remembered Shree Hari; so as he reached near ground, Prithvi took him in her lap. Hiranyakashyap got very surprised to see him hale and hearty.

Then he said to Shambaraasur - "This boy knows some Maayaa (trick or illusion), that is why he cannot be killed by us. You kill him with your Maayaa." Shambaraasur said - "I will kill him just now. You just watch my tricks. I will show you hundreds and thousands of Maayaa." Then he created many Maayaa to kill Prahlaad, but he always remembered Madhusoodan. At that time Keshav's Chakra came to protect him. It destroyed Shambaraasur's all Maayaa and protected the child from them.

Then Hiranyakashyap asked Vaayu (air) to destroy him soon. So Vaayu entered Prahlaad's body to dehydrate it. But as Prahlaad meditated upon Hari, Hari drank all Vaayu.

Prahlaad went to his Guru's Aashram again. There he learned Shukraachaarya's political science. When his Guru thought that he has become well-versed in political science, he told Hiranyakashyap that he had become educated. He knew all about political science as told by Bhrigu's descendent Shukraachaarya. Hiranyakashyap asked Prahlaad - "Tell me my son, How a king should behave with friends and foes? And how to behave with an indifferent person? And how to behave with ministers, servants of inside and outside of palace, spies, public, slaves by winning, and others? Tell me correctly that how to decide about "should be done" and "should not be done"; how to control the fort and the savages; how to remove secret enemy. Tell me this and whatever else you have learned."

Prahlaad touched his father's feet and said - "There is no doubt that Guru has taught me all this and I have learned all this too, but in my opinion the politics is not good. To treat friends, one should use Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed policies. But father, please don't be angry with me, I don't see any friend or foe; and when we don't have any objective, then what is the use of means? When omnipresent Hari is everybody then there is no question of friend and foe. Therefore Hey father, One should make efforts only for his own good leaving all these useless things. A man considers himself learned because of his ignorance (A-Vidyaa). Does a child not consider a glowworm as fire? Action is same that does not bind him; and Vidyaa (knowledge) is same which is the means of Mukti. Besides, other actions are all exertions. Knowledge is only art.

That is why consider this useless and now I tell you the useful things. Who does not want the kingdom and who does not desire for wealth, but only he gets them who has it in his fate. Everybody makes exertions for fame, but only he gets it who has it in his fate. Even fools, ignorant, weak, and ignorant of politics also get those things because of their fate. Therefore whoever desires for wealth he should try to do all good actions (Punya), and whosoever desires for Moksh, he should treat all actions alike. Devtaa, human beings, animals, birds, trees, snakes all are different forms of Janaardan. There all are like yourself. Whoever understands this, Hari is pleased with him and his all grieves are destroyed.

Hearing this Hiranyakashyap got up from his throne and hit Prahlaad's chest with his foot and spoke rubbing his hands with wrath - "O Viprachitti, Raahu, and Bal, You all tie him with Naag-Paash and throw him in the ocean. Do not delay this otherwise all Lok, Daitya, Daanav etc will also start following him. I have tried my best to stop his praying Vishnu, but he continues to do that." Those Daitya obeyed the king and threw Prahlaad in the ocean after tying with Naag Paash.

As he was thrown in the ocean, the whole ocean got agitated and high waves started rising sinking Prithvi in the ocean. Hiranyakashyap said - "Don't keep him free in the ocean, press him with mountains from all around. See, neither Agni burned him, nor weapons cut him, nor snakes bit him, nor Vaayu or poison or Krityaa destroyed him, nor he got killed by Maayaa or by throwing  from the mountain or by elephants. He is very wicked that is why there is no purpose of his life so let him be in the ocean laden with mountains for a thousand years. hen he will die himself." His servants did the same. Then Prahlaad prayed Hari.

Prahlaad's Prayer and Appearance of Hari

Paraashar further asked - "Hey Muni, When Prahlaad prayed thus, he forgot himself. He didn't see anybody except Vishnu. He thought himself as Vishnu cheered his heart. As he thought thus. His Naag Paash ties were broken, ocean got agitated, Prithvi started shaking and Prahlaad came out of the ocean. Then he realized that he was Prahlaad, so he again prayed Hari. Hari appeared before him. He stood up seeing Hari in front of him and said - "Hey Achyut, Be pleased with me and give me your Darshan again." Hari said - "I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var you wish for." Prahlaad said - In whichever species I am born, I should always remain your devotee. As A-Gyaanee people love pleasures, I should also love you in the same way." Hari said - "You still love me, and you will love me in future also. But ask for any other Var besides this, you wish for."

Prahlaad said - "My father is jealous with you having me praying you, so whichever sin he is attached to because of that jealousy, it should be destroyed. Besides whatever sin he is attached to because of giving me so much pain that should also be washed away." Hari said - "Your all wishes will be fulfilled by my grace. I give you one more Var, you ask for whatever you wish for." Prahlaad said - "I am most grateful to you for this Var also, I wish that I will be your devotee life after life. What else I need." Hari said - "By my grace you will get Moksh."

Paraashar further said - "Hey Maitreya, After saying this Shree Hari disappeared before his eyes. Prahlaad came to his father and greeted him. Hiranyakashyap asked him caressing his head - "Are you alive, my son?" Then Hiranyakashyap started loving him, and Prahlaad also started serving him. Later Prahlaad became king after Nrasinh killed Hiranyakashyap and after passing his life in prosperity and grace Prahlaad got Param Pad of Bhagvaan.

Whoever listens to this holy tale of Prahlaad, his sins are soon destroyed. If somebody reads it on Poornimaa (Full Moon day), Amaavasyaa (New Moon Day), Ashtamee (8th day of the fortnight) he gets the fruits of donating a cow. As Bhagvaan protected Prahlaad from all kinds of troubles, He should protect him also who listens to this story.

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