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1-Pratham Ansh

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3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 83-86
see also   5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2

Efforts to Kill Prahlaad and Prahlaad's Prayer
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Paraashar asked - "Hey Muni, When Daitya saw and heard all this, they reported it back to Hiranyakashyap. He immediately called his cooks and asked them to kill Prahlaad by mixing poison in his food. The cooks gave him poison according to the orders of the king. Hey Maitreya, Prahlaad ate that food taking the name of Hari, so that poison also couldn't harm him. Seeing this cook got frightened. He immediately rushed to Hiranyakashyap and told all this to him.

Then Hiranyakashyap called his Purohit and asked them to produce a Krityaa to kill him. Purohit said to Prahlaad - "You are born in the family of Brahmaa Jee, and you are the son of Hiranyakashyap. What purpose you have with Devtaa? Your father is the only refuge for you and the whole Universe."

Prahlaad said - "This is true that my father is the mightiest in the whole world; and this is also true that my father is the ultimate Guru among all Guru. I also think that I will not harm him, but as you said that what I have to do with Anant, this is not justified." Then he became quiet in respect to his Guru. He again spoke - "Listen to what I have to with Anant. Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh are the four exertions. Who is the giver of all these? What will I have to do with Him? What can I say about your this statement?

Through whom only Daksh and Mareechi etc have got Dharm, others have got Arth, and others have got Kaam; and many others have got Moksh. Therefore worship of Hari is the root of Gyaan (knowledge), wealth, grace, children, Karm and Moksh. And still you say that "What you have to do with Anant?" You people are my Guru, you know everything, I have very little wisdom in comparison to you, still you say "What you have to do with Anant?" Still if I have said something wrong, please forgive me for that."

Purohit said - "O child, We are trying to save you from being burned in fire by saying like this, but we didn't know that you are so foolish. If you will not change your ideas, we will have to produce Krityaa to destroy you." Prahlaad said - "Which being is killed by whom, and which being is protected by whom? Soul itself protects and destroys itself by good or bad conduct. All creatures are born because of their actions, and only actions are the means for their good and bad results, therefore one should do all good Karm by all means."

Paraashar said - "Hey Maitreya, Hearing Prahlaad, the Purohit produced a Krityaa like a flame of fire. She hit Prahlaad's chest with her trident, but the trident fell broken as it hit his chest. Besides when it fell on the ground, it again got broken into hundreds of pieces. In which heart Bhagavaan lives, leave a trident alone, even Vajra (Indra's weapon) is broken into pieces after hitting it.

Because those Purohit hit that faultless child through that Krityaa, so Krityaa attacked on them too and after killing them she destroyed herself too. When Prahlaad saw his Guru burned by Krityaa, he ran towards them calling - "Hey Krishn, Protect them, Hey Anant, Save them. If omnipresent Vishnu exists in all creatures, then let these Purohit be alive." Saying this he touched them and they came to life again. They said to the child - "O child, You are very good. May you long live, be mighty, wealthy and bear many children and grandchildren." Then they went to Hiranyakashyap and told him everything.

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