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1-Maaheshwar Khand

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5-Ghatotkach's Marriage and Birth of Barbareek
Although all these incidents are related to Mahaabhaarat, but surprisingly they are not mentioned in Mahaabhaarat.

(p 177-180) Shaunak Jee said - "Hey Soot Jee, You have described this secret region (Mahee Saagar), it was good, now we wish to hear that who were these Chandil and Vijaya and how did they attain Siddhi by the grace of Siddh Maataa?"

Soot Jee (Ugrashravaa) said - "Now I will tell you the story which I have heard from Vyaas Jee. In a very olden time, Paandav inhabited a city named Indra Prasth by the permission of Dhritraashtra, after marrying Drupad's daughter Draupadee. One time they were all talking sitting in their royal court, that Bheem's son Ghatotkach came there. Seeing him all Paandav and Krishn got up and embraced him with love and affection. Ghatotkach also greet them with respect. Yudhishthir then asked him - "Son, From where are you coming now? And where were you till now? I hope you are not hurting any Braahman, cow or saints and Rishi? Your mother Hidimbaa is happy and all right?"

Ghatotkach said - "After my Maamaa (Hidimb) was killed, I was coronated the king of that place. I wander around crushing my enemies. My mother is all right and she is busy in a Tapasyaa now-a-days. She has ordered me to be the obedient of Paandav, that is why I have come here to greet you from Meru Parvat. I wish that you give me some important work, because a son's life is successful only when he obeys his father's family." Yudhishthir said - "Son, Only you are our Bhakt and helper. Certainly as the mother is, her son is also like her. May you always be with us like your mother. My brother's wife Hidimbaa is great who is busy in Tap leaving the pleasure of serving her husband." After this they talked on various topics.

After a while Yudhishthir said to Krishn - "You know that Ghatotkach is the son of Bheem from Hidimbaa. He grew up as soon as he was born. Now I wish that he should be married to an able girl. You know everything, tell us who can be his worthy wife?" Krishn spoke after a few moments - "I can tell you a very beautiful girl for him. She lives in Praag Jyotishpur. She is the daughter of mighty Asur Mur Daitya. Mur was very mighty and lived in a protected castle. He was killed by me. After he was killed, his daughter Kaamkatankataa came to me to fight with me. She herself was very mighty. I fought with her too. I shot many terrible arrows from Shaarng bow, but she cut all of them with her sword. Then I picked up my Chakra to kill her. Seeing this Kaamaakhyaa Devee came there and said to me - "Purushottam, You should not kill her. I myself have given her these sword and shield which are invincible."

I said - "OK, Then I withdrew myself from this fight, but you take care of this girl." Then Devee asked her to return home saying, "He is Maadhav and is invincible in battles. Nobody can kill Him in the three worlds. Leave others, even Shiv himself cannot kill Him. Daughter, He is your future father-in-law, that is why you greet Him and move away from the battlefield. You will be the wife of the son of His brother Bheem, that is why you respect Him and do not grieve for your father, because he has been killed by His hands, that is why he has gone to Vishnu Lok after being freed from all sins." Hearing Kaamaakhyaa Devee, Kaamkatankataa politely greeted me and I blessed her that she should live there only respected by Bhagadatt (the son of Narakaasur). She would get Hidimbaa's son only while living here." Thus after assuring her I sent Kaamaakhyaa Devee and Maurvee (Mur's daughter) off, went to Dwaarakaa and then I have come here to see you. That Mur's beautiful daughter is the worthy bride for Ghatotkach. I am her father-in-law, that is why it will not be apt to describe her beauty. But she has taken up a vow that who will defeat me in discussion and who will be as mighty as I am (Shabd and Shastra), I will marry to that man only. Hearing her vow, many Daitya and Raakshas went to win her but got defeated and killed by her. If mighty Ghatotkach has the courage to win her, then he will surely be his wife."

Yudhishthir said - "Prabhu, What is the importance of her all the qualities if she has this one disqualification. What is the use of that milk which is mixed with poison. How can we send our Bheem's dear son in this problem. This poor boy doesn't even know to speak a pure sentence. There are many other girls also in the world, tell us some other one for him." Bheemsen said - "I think Krishn has said right, and I too believe that Ghatotkach soon get Maurvee as his wife." Arjun said - "Kaamaakhyaa Devee has said that Bheemsen's son will be your husband, so in my opinion Ghatotkach should go there soon." Krishn said - "I agree with Bheem and Arjun, so tell me Ghatotkach, what is your opinion?"

Ghatotkach said - "It is not apt to praise oneself, but I will try my best so that my family should not be ashamed of me." and he got ready to leave for Praagjyotishpur. Krishn said - "Son, While you are arguing with her, remember me and I will increase your intelligence immediately." Krishn embraced him and saw him off. Ghatotkach took three servants with him - Sooryaaksh, Baalaakhya, and Mahodar and set off on his journey by skyway and arrived in Praagjytishpur in the evening.

He saw a huge golden palace in a garden outside the city. Its height was 1,000 storeys. Ghatotkach went there and found a girl standing at the door. Her name was Karnpraavarnaa. Ghatotkach asked her politely - "Where is the daughter of Mur. I have come from a far country and wish to see her." She immediately ran away inside and went to Maurvee who was sitting on the roof of the palace, and said - "Devee, A handsome man is at the door and wishes to see you. It does not seem that there will be any man as handsome as him. Tell me what to tell him." Kaamkatankataa said - "Bring him to me soon, why do you delay? Maybe he is the man who fulfils my wish." The maid went to Ghatotkach and said to him - "O love-stricken man, You may go to that death-like woman."

Hearing his Ghatotkach kept his bow at the door and entered the palace. He went to her and seeing her thought, "Oh, My father-like Shree Krishn has told me an appropriate girl for me.". Then he said to her - "O woman of stone-like hard heart, I have come to your house as a guest, so welcome me like noble people." Kaamkantakataa felt ashamed by his comment and said - "O gentleman, You have come here in vain. Better you return while you are alive, or if you want to have me, tell me a story. If you will confuse me with your story, I will be yours and then only I will serve you."

So Ghatotkach meditated upon Shree Krishn and started his story - "Suppose, Somebody's wife has given birth to a child who when grew up had lost all his control on his Indriyaan (senses). He had a daughter and his wife died, so her father brought her up. When she grew up, she became very beautiful, so her father got attracted to her. He said to her - "Dear, You are the daughter of our neighbor. I brought you up here with the idea of marrying you, so now you fulfill my wish." His daughter thought he was speaking truth, so both got married. Then they had a daughter. Now tell me, what is the relationship of that man to that girl? Is she his daughter or the granddaughter?"

Hearing this Maurvee thought a lot but could not reach on any conclusion as what was their relationship. So she got defeated. Seeing herself defeated, she intended to use her might. She got up to pick up her sword, that Ghatotkach swiftly caught her by her hair and fell her on the ground. He put his left foot on her neck and wanted to cut her nose by his right hand, that Kaamkantakataa said - "I am defeated by your question and might. I greet you, I am your servant, now order me what can I do for you?"

Ghatotkach said - "If this is so, I leave you." Maurvee soid - "I know you are a very might Raakshas. You rule over 60 Crore Raakshas. All this I knew from Kaamaakhyaa Devee, now I remember those things. I am yours, tell me what can I do for you?" Ghatotkach said - "Who has his father and brother and alive, if they get married secretly, it is not good. So take me to Indraprasth soon. This is our family tradition. I will marry you there only." Maurvee took many kinds of things and Ghatotkach and came to Indraprasth. They got married there with the permission and blessings of their elders. Both Kuntee and Draupadee got very happy to see their daughter-in-law. After the marriage, Ghatotkach went to his kingdom. There he had a son who also grew up as soon as he was born. He said to his parents - "I am your son, please give me a name, I will accept it." Ghatotkach said - "My son, Your hair is Barbaraakaar (curly), that is why you will be known as Barbareek. You will increase our fame. Whatever is good for you, we will ask from Krishn in Dwaarakaa."



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