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6-Barabareek Gets Powers
[BR Chopra who made immortal Mahabharat TV Serial has also made Mahabarat Katha TV Serial with the viewpoint of Barbareek. One may see it. It is good.]

(p 180-184) Ghatotkach left Kaamkatankataa at home, took along Barabareek with him and went to Dwaarakaa to see Krishn. As he arrived in Ugrasen's court, he greeted everybody there. Krishn embraced both Ghatotkach and Barabareek, made them sit beside Him and asked - "Are you all right? Tell me how have you come here?" Ghatotkach said - "Hey Dev, By your blessings, I have married to that girl whom you have referred to. I have got a son also from her. He wants to ask you some questions, that is why I have brought him here." Krishn said to Barabareek - "Son, Ask me whatever you wish to ask."

Barabareek asked - "Hey Maadhav, I greet you and I wish to ask you that whoever is born in this world how he can be uplifted? Some tell that it is Dharm, while others say that it is by donating prosperity, some say Dam (control on Indriya), others say Tapasyaa (penance), others say money, others say enjoying the pleasures, while others say Moksh the Shreya. Please tell me the one Shreya among these hundreds of Shreya, which is good for my family." Krishn said - "Son, Different Shreya have been prescribed for different Varn.

For Braahman Shreya is in Tap, control on Indriya, self-study and deciding the form of Dharm. For Kshatriya, the Shreya is might; defeating enemies, protecting Saadhu (saints and Rishi). For Vaishya, the Shreya is rearing the cattle and agriculture. And for Shoodra, the Shreya is to serve Dwij (all the higher Varn). Whoever Shoodra lives upon the earning serving Dwij this way, lives happily. Or alternatively, he can do various Shilp Karm (art work) and serve Dwij. You are born in a Kshatriya family, that is why listen to your own duties. You should make efforts to get might which is incomparable in the world. And then control the enemies and protect the saints with that might. If you will do this, you will obtain Swarg Lok. Dvee are the main sources to bless you with might, therefore you worship Devee to get might."

Barabareek asked - "Prabhu, Where should I go to worship, which Devee sould I worship and how do I worship her?" Daamodar pondered for a while and said - "There is a Mahee Saagar Sangam Teerth, that is known as Gupt Kshetra. There live nine Durgaa invited by Naarad Jee. You go there and worship them" Then Krishn said to Ghatotkach - "O Son of Bheem, Your son has a very good heart, that is why I give him another name "Suhridaya" (with a good heart)." Then He gave them lots of wealth and sent them to Gupt Kshetra. Ghatotkach went to his kingdom, and Barabareek went to Gupt Kshetra.

Brbareek started worshipping Devee three times a day with flower, essence, etc according to Karm Vidhaan. Devee got pleased with him after three years and appeared before him. They (Devee) gave him a rare kind of might which was not with anybody in the world. Then they said to him - "You live here for some time then a Vijayasaha named Saadhu will come here and you will get more benefits from his company." So Suhridaya stayed there. After a while a Brahman named Vijayasaha came there from Magadh Desh. H worshipped Kumaareshwar etc seven Ling and did Saadhanaa to please Devee to make his worship successful. Devee got pleased with his Saadhanaa and instructed him in his dream - "You do Saadhanaa of all of your Vidyaa in the courtyard of Siddh Maataa. Suhridaya is our Bhakt he will help you in carrying out your mission." So Vijayasaha said to Suhridaya - "You do Devee Stotra Paath (recitation) living here in this courtyard without sleeping, so that I can complete my Saadhanaa."

Vijayasaha greeted Guru by the Mantra "Gam Gurubhyo Namah" and recited it 108 times. Then he started worshipping Ganeshwar (Ganesh Jee). After completing Ganesh worship, he greeted Siddhaambikaa Devee and did Jap of Aparaajitaa named Vaishnavee Mahaa Vidyaa. Whoever Saadhak does Saadhanaa of this Devee he does not have to face any fear from wind, fire, Vajra, stones, lightening and rain etc. Thus Viayasaha was busy in Saadhanaa, that a she-demon attacked him in the night, but Barbareak had sent her away. There there was another hurdle in the midnight, Barabareek removed it also. After that Replendra named Raakshas came to hurt Vijayasaha. His body was one Yojan large, but Barabareek killed him also. After that in the third part of the night another she-demon Druhdruhaa came, but Barabareek killed her also. Later in the fourth part of the night a fake Sanyaasee came. When Barabareek wanted to kill him also, he ran to his city. In fact he was a Daitya and lived in a 60 Yojan (1 Yojan = approx 9 miles) long city named Bahuprabhaa. Barabareek followed him and there he killed many Raakshas.

Seeing Daitya killed, Vaasuki etc Naag came there and prayed and thanked Barabareek for his act. He sad - "Hey Suhridaya, You have done very good for Naag, because this Palaashee named Daitya was troubling us and now you have killed him with his people. Now we want to give you something, ask what you want." Barabareek said politely - "If you are pleased with me, give me this boon that Vijayasaha should get his Siddhi for which he has been working hard." "So be it." And Barabareek came back from there. As he came out he saw that some Naag Kanyaa were worshipping a Ling of gems. Lots of light was reflecting from that Ling. He asked those girls - "Who has established this Ling? And tell me about these paths also which go in the four directions."

Naag Kanyaa hesitantly said -"King Shesh Naag has established this Ling here. Its Darshan (seeing), touch, meditation, and worship gives every kind of Siddhi. This path going to East goes to Shree Parvat in Bhoo Lok. Ailaapatra Naag has built this path so that Naag can go there conveniently. And this path which goes to South, goes to Shoorpaarak region of Bhoo Lok. This has been built by Karkotak Naag. And this path which goes to West, goes to Prabhaas Teerth and has been built by Airaavat. And this path which goes to North, goes to Kuru Kshetra. This path has been built by Takshak. And this path which goes upward from this Ling, where you are standing, goes to Siddh Ling in Gupt Kshetra. This has been built by Skandan. Now please tell us something about you. Who are you? Just now you went after a Daitya and now you are returning alone, what is the reason of this? We all are your maids and we wish to marry you."

Barabareek said - "Devee, I am born in Kuru Vansh. I am the grandson of Paandu's son Bheem, and my name is Barabareek. I came here to kill that Daitya, and now I am going back. I have no business with you because I have vowed to remain Brahmchaaree lifelong." Barabareek greeted that Shiv Ling, worshipped it and came out from there. He came to Vijayasaha. By that time Vijayasaha had already completed his work. He said to Barabareek - "Hey Veer, I have achieved this Siddhi because of you only. You live long, enjoy your life, victory be yours, donate many things in your life. There is some red colored Saatwik ash (Bhasm), take it with you. If you will drop it in the battlefield before the battle, then even if the Death comes to you as your enemy, he will also be killed by this. Thus you will win all your enemies conveniently."

Barabareek said - "Who does good to somebody with Nishkaam (without any desire) feelings, the same is known as "Saadhu". Who does good with some desire in his heart, his Saadhu behavior is questionable. Therefore give this ash to somebody else, I have nothing to do with this. I wish to see you pleased only, that is all." Devee and Devtaa came there to bless Vijayasaha with Siddhi and named him Siddhsen.



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