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1-Maaheshwar Khand

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[BR Chopra who made immortal Mahabharat TV Serial has also made Mahabarat Katha TV Serial with the viewpoint of Barbareek. One may see it. It is good.]

Barabareek Meets His Grandfather Bheem

(p 184-189) After some time, Paandav lost everything in the dice game and came to that Teerth also wandering around. They were tired. They did Darshan of Chandikaa Devee and sat down to take some rest. Draupadee was also with them. Barabareek saw them,  but did not recognize them as he had never seen them before. As they were very thirsty, Bheemsen entered the Kund to drink some water. Yudhishthir said to him - "Bheem, First you wash your hands and feet outside the Kund with its water then drink the water otherwise you will be guilty." But he entered the Kund without washing his hands and feet and decided to wash his hands and feet in the Kund itself. When Bheem was washing his hands and feet, Barabareek said to him - "O Fool, What are you doing? Your thoughts are very sinful. You are washing your hands and feet in Devee Kund? I give her bath daily from the same water. Even human beings do not touch the dirty water then how Devtaa can? When you are such a fool, what is the use of going to Teerth?"

Bheem said - "O Raakshas, Why do you talk like this? What is the other use of water, it is only to be consumed by living beings. All great Muni say to take bath in Teerth places. Washing one's body parts is called bath, then why do you say me bad?" Suhridaya said - "Undoubtedly your statement is correct, but people should take bath only in the Char Teerth (moving water, such as rivers). When one has to take bath in a well or pond, one should take bath standing outside it. Although people take bath in those fixed water bodies also, but only at those places where there their water is not used for worship and which is situated more than 50 yards far from Dev Sthaan (temple). Although there is a rule to enter in that water body - standing outside, first wash your both feet and then take bath inside it, otherwise it is wrong. Therefore, O dirty man, come out from this pond soon. If you cannot control your Indriyaan (senses) then why do you go to Teerth? Who has proper control over his hands, feet and mind, the same man gets the fruit of Teerth."

Bheem said - "I am tired of hearing your useless talks. I have to drink water here, and I will drink it." Suhridaya sad - "I am born in the family of those people who protect Dharm, that is why I will not let you commit this sin. Either you come out of this pond, or I will break your head." And Barabareek picked some pieces of bricks ad started throwing them at Bheem's head. Bheem tried to save himself and came out of the pond. Both started fighting with each other. Both were good at fighting, both were mighty, but in a very short time Bheem got weak in front of that Raakshas. In the end Barabareek lifted Bheemsen and proceeded towards sea to throw him in it. As he was about to throw Bheem in the sea, that Shiv said to him - "O Great Raakshas Barabareek, He is your grandfather leave him. He has come here only to take bath in this Teerth, that is why respect him."

Hearing Shiv, Barabareek left Bheem and fell on his feet. He said - "Fee on me. It is is very wrong on my part, please forgive me." Seeing this Bheem lifted him, embraced him dearly and said - "Son, Since your birth, neither you know us, nor we know you. We have only heard from Ghatotkach and Krishn that you live here, but we had forgotten this also in our bad days. Do not be sorry for this because it is Kshatriya's Dharm to punish a person who is following A-Dharm. I am very pleased today with you that you have followed your Dharm."

Barabareek said - "Grandfather, I am a sinner, I am the subject for hate. Braahman have told the Praayashchit for all kinds of sin but who does not obey his parents, there is no Praayashchit for him. Therefore with which body I have afflicted my grandfather I will drown it in Mahee Saagar." And he jumped into Mahee Saagar. Sea also got trembled that "how can I kill him?" The then Devee came there with Rudra, embraced him and said - "One dose not get attached to any sin if one commits any sin unknowingly. See, your grandfather is calling you. If you will leave this body, he will also die with you, then you will really be attached to the sin. After sometime you will be killed by Krishn, it is said so. He is the incarnation of Vishnu and killing by Him will give you Mukti. So wait for a while." Hearing this Barabareek came back.

Devee said - "Since Barabareek will fight for Chandikaa that is why he will be known as Chandil in the world and will be worshipped by the people. Bheemsen also came back to other Paandav with Barabareek and told them everything

Barabareek Vadh

Soot Jee said - "After that Paandav's exile and Agyaatvaas were over, all kings gathered in Upaplavya for war. Later all Kaurav and Paandav gathered in Kurukshetra for war and Bheeshm counted his own Rathee and Atirathee. Hearing this from his spy, Yudhishthir said to Krishn - "Pitaamaha has counted his own Rathee and Atirathee to Duryodhan, so Duryodhan asked them as who can kill how much Paandav army in what time. So Bheeshm and Kripaachaarya have vowed to kill us all in one month; Drone has vowed tom kill us in 15 days; Ashwatthaamaa in 10 days; and Karn in 6 days. Therefore I put the same question to our Mahaarathee that who can kill all Kaurav in how many days?"

Arjun said - "Mahaaraaj, Whatever vow Bheeshm etc Mahaarathee have taken to kill us that is wrong because in the war whatever is said before the war is a lie. Yu also have several kings who are ready give their life for you - Drupad, Viraat, Kaikaya, Sahadev, Saatyaki, Chekitaan, Dhrishtdyumn, Ghatotkach and his son, and over all Krishn. In my opinion, everybody can kill Kaurav army. And if you want to satisfy yourself, then listen, I myself can kill the whole army in one day only."

Barabareek laughed and said - "Whatever Arjun has vowed, I cannot tolerate it, because it hurts other Mahaarathee. You all may stand aside and I will send all of them to Yam Lok in one Muhoort (48 minutes) only. You should just see my this great bow, two never-ending quivers and this sword given by Siddhaambikaa. I have these Divine weapons, that is why I am talking bout to win all." All got very surprised to hear this. Arjun also looked at Krishn in embarrassment. Krishn said - "Paarth, Ghatotkach's son's statement is according to his might. He has killed 90,000,000 (9 Crore) before in Paataal Lok in a moment."

After this Krishn said to Barabareek - "Son, Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Karn, Duryodhan - they are very mighty, and are difficult to kill even for Shiv. How can you kill all of them so soon? What do you have to kill them?" Hearing this Barabareek immediately put his arrow on his bow, filled that arrow with red colored ash and released it. It hit all the people except Paandav, Kripaa and Ashwatthaamaa. He said - "Did you see, that by this I have just examined the Marm Sthal (heart etc delicate parts of the body) of all the fighters, Now I will release my another arrow and it will kill all the people. I bet, you do not take any weapon, and I will kill them in 48 minutes time." Hearing this all got silent, everybody was very surprised. As Barabareek told Arjun the above words, Krishn got angry and He cut his neck with His Chakra. Seeing this all got more surprised, how this mighty Mahaarathee was killed? Paandav and other kings started crying at his death. Ghatotkach got fainted and fell on the ground.

Barbareek's Previous Life

The then Siddhaambikaa Devee came there. Chandikaa consoled Bheem and said to all - "Listen all of you, Why Krishn killed Barabareek like this, I tell you this. In olden times, once all Devtaa gathered on Meru Parvat. Prithvi also went there and said to them, "Please lighten me from this weight on me." At this Brahmaa Jee said to Vishnu - "You lighten the Earth, and Devtaa will follow you." Vishnu accepted Brahmaa's prayer.

There was a Sooryavarchaa named Yaksh Raaj, he said - "Why do you all go to Prithvi, when I am alive, I alone can kill all the Daitya." Hearing this Brahmaa Jee got angry and said to him - "O Fool, This heavy weight is difficult even for Devtaa and you say that you alone can do it? O Fool, When this war will begin, you will be killed only by Krishn." At that time Sooryvarchaa said to Krishn - "If I will have to be killed in this way, then please bestow me a boon that my mind should be like this, since birth, that it can attain everything." "So be it. All Devee will worship your head and all will worship you." After that Krishn and all you Devtaa incarnated on this Prithvi."

Krishn said - "Whatever Devee has said is correct. I remembered my promise to him that is why I sent him to Gupt Kshetra." Then He said to Chandikaa - "Devee, This is the head of a Bhakt, give it Amrit and make it immortal like Raahu's head." Devee did as Krishn said to her. When that head became live, he greeted Krishn and said - "I wish to see the MBH war, please grant me your permission." Krishn said - "Till this Prithvi, Sun, Moon etc will live, you will be worshipped in this world. Now you be here on this peak of this mountain and see the war from there." All Devee got disappeared. Last rites were performed of the body of Barabareek, except his head.

After that MBH war broke and continued for 18 days. After the war ended, Yudhishthir said to Krishn - "Hey Purushottam, Only because of you, we could win this war." Bheem was very innocent, he could not tolerate Yudhishthir's statement so he said - "Raajan, This Bheem has killed all the sons of Dhritraashtra. Why are you praising Krishn saying Him as Purushottam, Purushottam. Dhrishtdyumn, Saatyaki, Arjun all have shown their prowess in this war, then why do you say so?" Arjun could not remain silent hearing Bheem, so he said - "Bhaiyaa Bheem, Please do not say so. You do not know the truth about Janaardan Krishn. No enemy was killed by you or me. At the time of war I saw a man in front of me who was heading me killing enemies. I did not know who was he?"

Bheem said curtly - "Arjun, You are definitely confused. Tell me who else kills the enemy? If you don't trust me, then let us go to that mountain peak and ask the head of Barabareek, because he is the only one who has seen the whole war." So they went to Barabareek's head and Bheem asked him - "O Son, You have seen the whole war, tell me who has killed Kaurav in this war?" Barabaraek said - "I have seen only one man fighting with enemies. He had 5 faces on his left and 10 arms in which he had many kinds of weapons; on his right he had one face and four arms which had Chakra etc. His left heads had matted locks and the right head had the crown. He had put ash on his left hand side and Chandan on right hand side; he had Moon on his left side and Kaustubh Mani on his right hand side. I did not see any body else destroying Kaurav army."

As Barabareek finished his sentence that the sky got lighted, many kinds of instruments were played and flowers started showering. Bheemsen got ashamed and said to Krishn - "Hey Keshav, Whatever mistakes I have committed since my birth, please forgive me for those. I am a fool, please be pleased with me." Then Krishn took Bheem to Barabareek and said to him - "You should not leave this Kshetra. Whatever mistakes we have committed, please forgive them." Babareek greeted Krishn and he went to his Lok. Krishn also went to His lok after finishing His Avataar's work.

This was the story of Barbareek's birth and Gupt Kshetra. This Kshetra has been told as 7 Kos long. Who recites or reads this story and greatness of this Teerth his all wishes are fulfilled and he goes to Vishnu Lok.



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