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2-Uttar Bhaag

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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 597-605

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Rukmaangad and a Lizard

Vashishth Jee said - "Rukmaangad was coming down from Mandaraachal Parvat. As he landed on the land, he found his horse digging earth from his foot. A lizard came out from there and ran away but was wounded by the hit of horse's foot. The king ran towards her, picked her and kept her on some straws. He asked Mohinee to bring some water, which she brought soon. The king sprinkled some water on her and her consciousness came back. She spoke in human voice - "Hey Raajan, I was a Braahman's wife in Shaakal city in my previous life. I wanted to control my husband, so I contacted some women whose husbands had abandoned them before but with some herbs they controlled them again, to control my husband. They said - "Your husband will be in your control. There lives a Sanyaasee woman who gave us some herbs by which we could control our husbands. So you also go to her, she might give you something by which you could control your husband."

I immediately went to that woman and came back with some powder and a protective thread. I made him drink that powder in the evening and tied that protective thread in his neck. From the same day he developed a deadly disease. After a while he became very ill and he said to me - "I am in your refuge, I will not go anywhere else, please help me." Hearing his cries I went to the same woman again and asked some remedy of his disease. She gave another medicine and after giving that medicine he became all right again. After that he became agreeable to me. After some time I died. I suffered in Narak for 15 Yug. When only small part of my sin remained then I took birth on Prithvi in the form of lizard. I have been in this form now for 10,000 years.

If any woman uses this kind of thing on her husband her all Dharm is wasted and she falls in Narak for long time. Only husband is woman's protector, Guru, Devtaa - everything. Therefore all women should obey their husbands. Today I have come in your shelter, if you will not uplift me by giving me your Dwaadashee Punya, I will again fall in lower Yoni. You have done a Dwaadashee Vrat with Shravan Yog at the Sangam of Sarayoo and Gangaa. That Tithi frees Jeev from Pret Yoni and fulfills all desires. Please give that Punya to me. After doing fasting on Dwaadashee and Paaran on Trayodashee one gets the fruits of 12 fasts in exchange of that one fast. Please be kind to me."

Hearing this, Mohinee said to the king - "A person suffers or enjoys as a result of his own Karm, therefore what is your concern with this sinner? Leave her and let us go to our city. Who care for others, their own comfort is gone." The king said - "O Brahmaa's daughter, How could you say this? Saints don't behave like this. Trees, Sun, Moon, clouds, Prithvi, fire, water, sandal, saints all do good to others. I have heard that Harishchandra had to serve a Chaandaal after selling his wife and son, still he didn't move from Truth. When pleased with his intentions, Devtaa asked him to ask for a Var, he asked only this that "this whole Ayodhyaa Puree (all inhabitants), should go to Swarg, and I should go to Hell carrying their all sins. I cannot go to Swarg leaving all these people here." Devtaa bestowed that Var to him and the whole Ayodhyaa Puree went to Swarg with him.

Maharshi Dadheechi gave even his bones to do good of Devtaa. Shivi gave his whole body to a falcon to save a pigeon. Jeemootvaahan also gave his life just to save the life of snakes. Therefore a king should always be kind, that is why I will also give her my Punya and free her from her sins as king Yayaati's grandsons uplifted Yayaati by giving him their Punya." After having said this to Mohinee, the king said to the lizard - "I give you my Punya of Vijayaa Dwaadashee. Now you go to Vishnu Lok." As the lizard heard this, she immediately left her lizard body, assumed a Divine form and went to Vishnu Lok.

Vashishth Jee said - "The king got very happy to see the lizard free from her sins, and they resumed their journey to their capital. As they came to their city, Dharmaangad got the news of his father's coming, so he came to welcome him on foot walking for a Kos distance along with other kings. He did Pranaam to his father bending his head on his feet. Rukmaangad embraced him and asked his kingdom's welfare. Dharmaangad told him that he had obeyed him properly and he would obey him in the future also. Then he asked him - "Father, Where did you go after handing me over your all wealth? Where did you get this beautiful woman? She looks like Lakshmee or Umaa. If I get such a beautiful woman as my mother, who will be more fortunate than me?"

Dharmaangad Felicitates Mohinee

Rukmaangad got very happy to hear his son, he said to him - "In fact, she is your mother. She is the daughter of Brahmaa Jee. She did Tapasyaa to get me since her childhood on Dev Giri. Fifteen days before I went there and after some conditions she married me. I also promised her to give her her desired things. In three days time I have come here from there." Dharmaangad bent his head on Mohinee's feet and said - "Be pleased with me. I am your son and obedient servant." Mohinee got down from the horse and embraced him. Then Dharmaangad made both her and his father ride on the horse by offering his back to put their foot on.

Dharmaangad started walking behind them. He said - "When one circumambulates one mother, he gets the fruit of revolving around the whole Prithvi, then if I will circumambulate many mothers, how much Punya I will get." All of them came to the palace. There Rukmaangad asked Mohinee to go with Dharmaangad. When Dharmaangad saw her coming towards her, he left the company of other kings and said - "Now I will serve my mother by the order of my father." He took her to his palace and made her sit on a beautiful soft bed, washed her feet and made her comfortable.

Dharmaangad got a pair of earrings, which came out from sea at Saagar Manthan time and which he got from Paataal by defeating Daanav, he himself put them on her ears. He gave her a necklace also of 108 pearls which were the size of Aamalaa fruit. He gave her one more garland studded with thousands of diamonds and gem-studded 16 bangles for each arm. Jewelers estimated the price of one bangle as 10 million (1 Crore) gold coins at that time. He gave her armlets and anklets, which were shining like Sun, also. Hiranyakashyap's wife Triloksundaree had a pair of Sheeshphool (ornament to wear on head). When she entered Agni with her husband, she threw them in the sea. Pleased with Dharmaangad, sea presented those Sheeshphool to him. Dharmaangad gave them to Mohinee. He gave many other rare and expensive things to her. Then he got six types of food and fed her through his own mother.

He got her own mother ready for this service with great difficulty. He said to her - "Mother, At this time our duty is to serve her. Whoever feels jealousy with her husband's other wives, she falls in Narak. Therefore a Pativrataa woman's duty is to please her husband in whatever way he is pleased." Then he told her a story.

In ancient times there was a wicked Shoodra. He brought a prostitute in his house. He had a wife also, but he loved the prostitute very much. His wife was a Satee woman. She started serving both sincerely. In spite of stopping by the prostitute, she did not stop serving them. Thus many years passed. One day that foolish man ate something wrong and he developed some serious disease. Seeing his disease, the prostitute ran away with his money. Shoodra said his wife weeping - "I did not care you very well. Please save me from this prostitute. I spent many years with her. Who insults his wife like this he has to suffer for 15 lives." Hearing her husband, she consoled him - "Don't worry. Only Karm of previous life appear as sorrows. Who tolerates them with patience, only he is a good man."

Then she got some money from his father and brothers and served her husband sincerely. Later he developed leprosy also. She used to clean his wounds without any hitch and fan his body with peacock feathers. One day he died. His wife sold her bangle, bought wood and made a pyre for his cremation. She also sat with him on it. Suddenly she went to Dev Lok along with her husband."



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