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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 588-597

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Rukmaangad and Vaam Dev

Soot Jee said - "Thus Rukmaangad was worshipping Vishnu and now nobody was going to Yam Lok. One day he called his son and said - "Now it is time that you rule over this Prithvi. The son is same who is more qualitative than his father, if his father has to wake up the whole night because of his son's unjust behavior, that son falls in Narak for one Kalp. I always took care of my people and didn't care for my food and sleep. Some people worship Shiv, some people worship Soorya Dev, some do Agnihotra in the morning and evening. 'Whether he is a child or a young, old man or a pregnant woman, maiden or a sick man - all cannot keep fast.' Whoever said this, I did not agree with them. I forced them to keep fast on Ekaadashee by explaining to learned people, and by punishing the fools. Whether anybody is my own or other, one should not afflict anybody. Now I wish to go for hunting and wish to see Parvat, forest, rivers and ponds etc."

Dharmaangad said - "Father, Do not worry. From today I will rule the kingdom with responsibility. I have no other Dharm other than obeying you." Rukmaangad got very happy to hear this. Dharmaangad called his people and said - "Father has handed over his kingdom to me and I will obey my father's orders. Till I am alive, Yam Raaj cannot come here, thinking in this line, you should always worship Bhagavaan Vishnu. Do not eat food on Ekaadashee, by doing this one does not have to come back on Prithvi."

Dharmaangad did not sleep in the day or night. His drum was beaten everyday reminding people about their duties. When Rukmaangad had known that his son is more religious than him, then he said to his wife - "Our son is very able, so now I will go for hunting for some time and from there only I will protect my people."

Vashishth Jee said - "Hearing her husband, Sandhyaavalee said - "Raajan, You have handed over the seven Dweep kingdom to your son, now you should worship Janaardan through Yagya instead of killing deer. Killing deer is not good. Puraan tell Jeev Hinsaa of six types. (1) Who supports Hinsaa, (2) who himself kills a Jeev, (3) who forcefully convinces a Jeev and then kills him, (4) who eats the meat of killed Jeev, (5) who cooks that meat, and (6) who divides that meat. Learned people consider Hinsaa as A-Dharm." The king said to her - "Dear, I will not kill deer. I will just take my bow in my hand and wander around the forest. If I will see any animal harming my people, I will kill him only." Saying this the king rode on his horse and headed towards forest.

He crossed 108 Yojan land and came to a Rishi's Aashram. He saw Rishi Vaam Dev there. Vaam Dev welcomed him and said - "My Aashram is blessed by your coming here. Who is such a king who has sent everybody to Vishnu Lok. If a Chaandaal is Vishnu's Bhakt, he is more than a Dwij; and if a Dwij is not a Bhakt of Vishnu, then he is lower than Chaandaal. You have come to my Aashram, nothing is impossible for me to give to you so tell me what should I give to you?"

The king said - "Bhagavan, I have got everything by doing your Darshan, but I have a doubt in my mind, I have come here to clear that doubt. What Karm I have done that I have got such a beautiful wife. She is always young, wherever she puts her foot, Prithvi shows her hidden treasure there. She can cook all six types of food without fire; and if there is only little food in the house, millions of people can be fed from it. Even her son is so obedient to me that I am proud of him. He got victory over many kingdoms. Once he won one women's kingdom and brought eight beauties from there for me and bowed to them with mother-like feelings. He comes back to massage my feet after crossing many Yojan land. In midnight he stands as a guard after serving me. We all are healthy. I have everything. I think that this is the fruit of some of my Punya."

Vaam Dev thought for a few moments and said to the king - "In your previous life you were born as a Shoodra. At that time your wife insulted you. She used to go to another man. You suffered a lot at that time. At one time you went to Teerth with a Braahman and came to Mathuraa Nagaree. There you took bath and listened to a Puraan's story in Varaah temple. That story was about "A-Shoonya Shayan Vrat" which was to be concluded in four Paaran and which pleased Bhagavaan Vishnu. You did that Vrat after coming back to your home. One should take this Vrat on the 2nd day of Krishn Paksh of Shraavan Maas. This destroys birth, death and old age. In this Vrat, one should worship Vishnu Bhagavaan along with Lakshmee with fruits, flowers, Dhoop, red sandal, donation of bed and clothes, and feeding a Braahman. You did all that. Besides in this life also, you have been observing Ekaadashee's fast, so you will surely get Vishnu's Saayujya."

The king said - "If you permit me, I wish to go to Mandaraachal Parvat. I have given responsibility of my kingdom to my son, so I am free now." Vaam Dev Jee said - "It is good that your son is very obedient to you. Whoever son disobeys his father and goes to Gangaa Snaan, he can never be cleansed. You may go to your desired destination."

Rukmaangad and Mohinee

The king came to Mandaraachal Parvat crossing Shwet Giri, Gandhmaadan and Mahaameru Parvat. he got very happy to see the beauty of the Parvat. There he heard the sound of sweet music, so he proceeded towards that side. There he found a very beautiful woman singing sitting on a hill. He just stood stunned with her beauty and then fell down. Mohinee stopped her singing and raised the king  and said - "I am already yours, why are you weakening your body by being unconscious. If you like me, then enjoy me like your female slave."

The king aid - "I have seen many beautiful women but I have not seen any woman like you. I will give you whatever you will wish, just be pleased with me." Mohinee said - "I ask you nothing, just do whatever I say at whatever time, if you accept this condition, I will surely serve you." The king said - "As you please, I accept that." Mohinee said - "Then give me your right hand, because it is the hand by which you do all Dharm. It will convince me that you will never lie to me." The king said - "I have never lied in my life. If I do not obey you, let my all Punya should be yours. Now you become my wife. I am born in Ikshwaaku family and my name is Rukmaangad. I am the son of Ritdhwaj. My son's name is Dharmaangad." 

Mohinee said - "I am Brahmaa's daughter. Hearing your glory and praise I have come here. I was doing Tapasyaa to meet you and was worshipping Shiv by my music. Shiv Jee fulfills one's desire pleased by music that is why he has sent you to me after hearing my music." Thus Mohinee caught hold his hand and said - "Do not take me otherwise. I am a maiden and sinless. Marry me methodically. Whoever maiden gets pregnant without being married, she gives birth to a Chaandaal son. Puraan tell three types of Chaandaal - (1) born from a maiden, (2) born from a Sa-Gotra girl in spite of being married, and (3) born from a Shoodra man and a Braahman woman. That is why please marry me methodically."

So the king married her and started living there only. After some time he asked her - "Would you like to live here only, or would you like to live in my palace?" Mohinee said - "Wherever you feel comfortable. A wife should always live with her husband. She should not live even in her father's house after the marriage. I will go wherever you will take me." And thus Mohinee proceeded towards the king's capital.



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