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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 606-615

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Dharmaangad and His Mothers

Dharmaangad said - "Mother, Think over this again and feed Mohinee. You will never find such Dharm anywhere. This is our duty and by doing our duty our sins will be washed away." Sandhyaavalee understood the point and she just cast her glance on the pots in which Mohinee had to eat. All pots were filled with various foods. She took a gem-studded golden spoon and put the food in her plate. Mohinee started taking food slowly. Dharmaangad was shaking the fan over her. When she had finished her food, Dharmaangad said - "Devee, This lady kept me in her womb for three years and by the grace of your husband I have grown up. There is nothing in this world which cannot be given to mother."

Hearing this Mohinee got very surprised, she thought "Who thinks in this way, there is no other man like him on earth. How can I ill-behave with such a well-behaved son?" She asked Dharmaangad to call his father immediately. He brought his father there. Rukmaangad saw that Mohinee was sleeping on the bed and Sandhyaavalee was serving her. Mohinee said to him - "Who does not enjoy his wife, how one can be his wife? Whichever wealth is not donated, that also goes away; whichever kingdom is not guarded well that kingdom is also lost; and whichever Gyaan is not practiced, it also doesn't stay long. Lazy people don't obtain knowledge and who are always busy in Vrat, they don't get wife. One doesn't get fame without Bhagavaan's Bhakti, one doesn't get pleasure without hard work, and one doesn't get children without wife. Unclean person doesn't earn Punya, whoever Braahman doesn't speak sweetly, he doesn't get money; who doesn't question elder people, he doesn't obtain knowledge; who doesn't start his journey, he never arrives anywhere; and who is always awake, he never fears. Why have you left me alone in Dharmaangad's palace?"

The king said - "I have not yet taken over my kingdom back from my son. I just sent you with him because his palace is very comfortable. I also went to bed to take some rest that I slept. I am just waking up, tell me now what can I do for you?" Mohinee said - "Console your these weeping and sad wives. If they will weep like this how will I be at peace? Their tears can burn even my father. There is no woman like Sandhyaavalee in three Lok. I can never be equal even to her feet's dust." Rukmaangad got embarrassed hearing this from Mohinee in front of his son and elder queen.

Dharmaangad said - "Mothers, Mohinee is dearer than you to my father. He has brought her here that is why you all should respect her." Then Dharmaangad gave each of his mother 10 million (1 Crore) gold coins, 1,000 cities, eight golden chariots and 10,000 expensive clothes. He gave additional 100,000 (1 Lac) pure gold coins made from the gold of Meru Parvat mines, 10,000 cows, 1,000 bulls and 100 maids to each of his mother. He gave diamond studded 1,000 gold ornaments, five bangles also to each of them. Sandhyaavalee had 250 pearl necklaces. Dharmaangad gave 2 necklaces to each of his mothers. He gave 2,400 golden plates and the same umber of pitchers, 100 palanquins to each of them. Then he circumambulated all of them, greeted them and said to them - "Mothers, Please, tell father that 'Mohinee is a very noble woman and you be with her for hundreds of years'." So they all went to the king and said thus to him."

Vashishth Jee says - "Rukmaangad got very happy to hear his wives. He said to his son - "Son, Take care of this seven-Dweep Prithvi with justice. Keep taking rounds in the kingdom. Never trust anybody - take this as kings' policy. Always keep yourself informed about the treasury." Dharmaangad gave a lots of wealth and servants etc to his father and made him comfortable. His kingdom was very happy, prosperous and well guarded. People still observed Ekaadashee Vrat and went to Vishnu Lok. Rukmaangad was also enjoying with his new queen.

Marriage of Dharmaangad

Thus eight years passed. In the ninth year Dharmaangad defeated five Vidyaadhar on Malaya Parvat and took five gems, which fulfilled all wishes, from them. One of them gave gold everyday, the second one gave millions of clothes and ornaments, the third one rained Amrit and transformed an old man into a young man, the fourth one used to build courts and offer food as desired and the fifth one gave the power to walk in the sky and to go to all three Lok. Dharmaangad went to his father with those gems and offered them to him saying - "I have taken these gems after defeating five Vidyaadhar by Vaishanav Astra. You may give these gems to Mohinee. These gems fulfill all wishes."

Then he showed them millions of gems, thousands of white horses with black ears and thousands of maids, he got them after defeating Naag's Bhog Puree, huge Daanav Puree and Varun Lok. He said - "These all are yours." Rukmaangad gave all Naag girls along with Varun's daughter to Dharmaangad and all other things to Mohinee. Then he called his Purohit and asked him to marry his son with all those girls. Thus Dharmaangad got married with all of them. He again started taking care of his kingdom. He cared of his kingdom very well personally.

Rukmaangad Tells the Importance of Kaarttik Maas

Thus Dharmaangad started ruling still observing Ekaadashee fasts. There was nobody who did not observe Dharm in his kingdom. At that time Tretaa Yug was coming to an end but it looked like it was Sat Yug." Rukmaangad did not forget Ekaadashee Vrat in Mohinee's love. He was still following Ekaadashee Vrat. He did not use to have physical relation on Dashamee, Ekaadashee and Dwaadashee. Thus one more year passed and Kaartik Maas arrived. Vishnu wakes up in this month. All Punya actions done in this month are immortal.

There is no other month like Kaartik, no other Yug like Sat Yug, no other Dharm like kindness, and no other light like eyes. There is no other Shaastra like Ved, no other Teerth like Gangaa, no other donation like land donation, no other worldly pleasure like wife's pleasure, no other wealth like farms, no other benefit like to maintain a cow, no other Tap like fasting, and no other way of doing good like keeping one's Indriyaan under control, no other satiation like tongue (taste) satiation, no other Varn like Braahman, no other prosperity like health, no other Devtaa like Vishnu, and no other Vrat like Kaartik Vrat. Thus learned people say.

So when Kaartik Maas arrived, Rukmaangad said to Mohinee - "Dear, I have enjoyed a lot with you for long time, but today I wish to say you something. In your love my many Kaartik Maas went waste. I could not do anything else except Ekaadashee Vrat, but this time I wish to worship Bhagavaan. Leaving one's normal food in this month, one can surely attain Vishnu's Saaroopya. Therefore you please permit me to do this Vrat." Mohinee said - "Tell me its importance in detail, then only I can decide."

Rukmaangad said - "Who does Krichchhra Vrat or Praajaapatya Vrat, or fast on alternative days, or three nights fast, or lives without food for 10 days, or 15 days, or one month, he attains Vishnu's Parampad. Who worship eating only once in daytime (Ek Bhukt), or eating once in night time (Nakt Bhukt), or eating once in daytime or night time whatever they get without asking, they get this whole seven-Dweep Prithvi.

This Vrat, donation and worshipping Bhagavaan gives Bhakti, if it is done in Pushkar Teerth, Dwaarakaa Puree, or Sookar Kshetra. In Kaartik Maas, Ekaadashee and Bheeshm Panchak Vrat are said to be very auspicious. A person's all sins are destroyed if he does fasting on Prabodhinee Ekaadashee (Kaartik Shukla) with waking up in the night. Who does Darshan of Varaah Mandal, he attains Parampad without Saankhya Yog.

One should not eat oil, honey, and keep abstinence, in Kaartik Maas. By doing this one's all sins committed in one year are washed away. Who does even a little Vrat, Kaartik Maas is the destroyer of all sins for him. Taking Deekshaa is also good in Kaartik Maas. Who keeps fast on Kaartik Poornimaa in Teerth; or donates beautiful pitchers keeping fast on Kaartik Shukla Ekaadshee, he goes to Vishnu Dhaam. Whichever fasts continue for one year, their Paaran (conclusion) is done in Kaartik Maas."

Chaaturmaasya Method

Mohinee said - "Now you tell me the method of Chaaturmaasya Vrat and its Udyaapan (conclusion). Udyaapan fills up any mistake in the Vart." Rukmaangad said - "In Chaaturmaasya, one should feed 6-Ras (sweet, salty, bitter, savor, Kasailaa like Aamalaa, and pungent) food to Braahman.
(1) Who keeps A-Yaachit Vrat, should donate a bull with gold.
(2) Who takes bath with Aamalaa fruit, he should donate yogurt and Kheer.
(3) If he takes the Vrat not to eat fruits then he should donate fruits; and
(4) If he doesn't eat oil then he should donate Ghee and Sattoo; and
(5) If he doesn't take Ghee, then donate milk.
(6) If he has taken Vrat not to eat grains then donate Agahanee rice or any other grain
(7) If taken the Vrat to sleep on floor, then donate bed and bedding.
(8) Who takes Vrat to eat only leaves, he should donate a pot with Ghee.
(9) Who has taken Maun Vrat (not to speak), he should donate Ghantaa, sesame seed and gold.
(10) To conclude the Vrat feed a Braahman couple. Donate consumable items, bedding with Dakshinaa.
(11) Who takes the Vrat to take bath in early morning, he should donate horse.
(12) If somebody takes Vrat not to trim his nails and hair, he should donate a mirror.
(13) If somebody is not using shoes, then donate shoes.
(14) If not eating salt, donate cow.
(15) Who does Deep Daan in a temple everyday, he should donate golden or copper lamp with Ghee, and to conclude the Vrat
        donate  clothes and umbrella to a Vaishnav.
(16) Who keeps fast on alternative days, he should donate silken cloth.
(17) Who keeps fast for three nights, one should donate bedding along with clothes and ornaments.
(18) Who keeps fast for 6 nights, donate palanquin with umbrella.
(19) Ek Bhukt (who eats only once in day time) should donate goat and sheep.
(20) Who eats only Phalaahaar, he should donate gold.
(21) If somebody eats only vegetarian food, he should donate fruits, Ghee and gold.
(22) On leaving all others, which are not described here, one should donate golden or silver pot according to one's capacity.

For whoever, whatever donation is prescribed, if he cannot do that, then remembering Vishnu obey Braahman's order, because Devtaa, Teerth and Yagya also obey Braahman. I told you all this what Vishnu told Brahmaa Jee. This is not be told to other people who are not worthy to know it."



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