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4-Uttar Parv

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25-Other Vrat-11

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25-Other Vrat-11
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-71-, p 456-

Neeraajan Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 71) Krishn said - "Raajan, In olden times there was a king named Ajapaal. Once his people requested him to alleviate their sorrows, so he considered their request and did this Neeraajan Vrat. When Ajapaal was ruling, Raavan was ruling in Lankaa. Raavan had employed Devtaa in his service. He employed Chandramaa to hold his royal Umbrella, Varun as water in-charge, Kuber as wealth in-charge, Yam to look after his enemies and Indra for counseling. Saptarshi along with Brahmaa always used to pray for his good. Gandharv used to sing for him, Apsaraa used to dance for him, Gangaa to offer good water, Vishwakarmaa for Anna Sanskaar, and other kings were ready in the service for the city.

Once Raavan asked his gatekeeper Prashasti - "Who has come here to serve me?" Prashasti said - "Prabho, Kakutsth, Maandhaataa, Dhundhumaar, Nal, Arjun, Yayaati, Nahush, Bheem, Raaghav (who was this Raaghav, certainly not Raam), Vidoorath and many others have come here, but king Ajapaal has not come here." Raavan immediately said to Dhoomraaksh named Raakshas - "Dhoomraaksh, Go and tell Ajapaal according to my orders that he should come here in my service otherwise I will kill him with my sword." Dhoomraaksh immediately went and told everything to Ajapaal, but Ajapaal sent him back and called Jwar (fever) and instructed him - "You go to Raavan and do your duty." Jwar went there and he made all of them trembled. Raavan knew that it was Jwar so he said - "Let Ajapaal be there wherever he is. I don't need him." The same intelligent Ajapaal has started this Shaanti (peace) Vrat. This destroys all kinds of diseases.

In Kaartik Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh, when Vishnu has awaken, ask Braahman to do Vishnu's Havan. Light lamps with Arandee <castor) oil and slowly do Aaratee. Worship Him along with Lakshmee, Chandikaa, Brahmaa, Aaditya, Shankar, Gauree, Yaksh, Ganapati etc. put on clothes and Sindoor (red vermilion) to cows. In whichever kingdom this Vrat is done, no disease comes there, no famine comes there. Therefore for the welfare of the kingdom or for yourself one should do this Yagya every year.

Bheeshm Panchak Vrat
(Chap 72) Krishn said - "I told this Vrat first to Bhrigu, Bhrigu told this to Shukraachaarya Jee, Shukraacharya Jee told this to Prahlaad etc Daitya and his disciple Braahman. It is like donating gold in all Daan, Braahman in all human beings, Gangaa in all Teerth. Who does this Vrat, he completes all kinds of Dharm. First in Sat Yug Vashishth, Bhrigu, Garg etc Muni did it, then in Tretaa Yug Naabhaag, Ambareesh etc kings did it, in Dwaapar Yug Seerbhadra the Vaishya did it, and in Kali Yug a good Shoodra also did it. Braahman did it by following Brahmcharya, Jap, and Havan Karm; Kshatriya and Vaishya did it by following Truth and cleanliness. Who are not Truthful, it is impossible for them to do this Vrat.

This Vrat continues for five days. In this Vrat lying (speaking untruth), hunting etc bad Karm should not be done. Worshipping all the time Vishnu one should eat vegetarian food. A wife can also do this with the permission of her husband. A widow can also do this for the good and prosperity of her sons and grandsons. In this Vrat, one should take morning bath and do Daan, mid-day bath and worshipping of Vishnu. One should take bath at some water body, and do Tarpan of Devtaa, Rishi and Pitar with barley, sesame seed and rice. Bathe Vishnu also with Panchaamrit, apply sandalwood paste to Him and light a lamp in front of Him continuously for five days. After offering Naivedya to Him, do 108 times Jap of "Aum Namo Vaasudevaaya". Then he should do Havan with 6-Akshar Mantra and do Sandhyaa properly. All these things should be done for all the five days.

On the first day worship Vishnu's feet with lotus flower, second day His knees with Bilva leaves, third day His navel with Kevadaa flower, fourth day His chest with Bliva and Japaa flowers, and fifth day His head with Maalatee flowers. Starting from 11th day, one should eat cow dung, on 12th day cow's urine, on 13th day cow's milk, and 14th day cow's yogurt. On the 5th day worship Keshav, feed Braahman and give Dakshinaa to him, give clothes and jewelry to Puraan tellers. Then in the night first take Panchgavya, then take grain food. Thus this Vrat should be finished.

This Vrat is very auspicious. Bheeshm also did it when he was lying on the bed of arrows. Whoever - Brahmchaaree, Grihasth, Vaanprasth, or Sanyaasee, does this Vrat he gets Vishnu Lok. It should be started on Kaartk Shukla Ekaadashee and finished on Poornmaasee."

Malla Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 73) Krishn said - "When I was eight years old, great Malla and Gopee made me sit on a throne under a banyan tree and 360 Malla worshipped me. A grand celebration was made for us. From the same day this Malla Dwaadashe has started. Start this in Maargsheersh Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh, and finish it in Kaartik Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh. Every month, worship me with these names in this order - Keshav, Naaraayan, Maadhav, Govind, Vishnu, Madhusoodan, Trivikram (Vaaman), Vaaman, Shreedhar, Hrisheekesh, Padmnaabh and Daamodar and pronounce "Krishno May Preeyataam". This Vrat is favorite to me. Whoever will do this Vrat he will attain health, strength, prosperity and Vishnu Lok."

Bheem Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 74) Krishn further said - "In olden times, There was a king named Bheem in Vidarbh Desh. He had a daughter named Damayantee who was married to king Nal. One day Pulastya Muni came to him. King welcomed him, worshipped him and asked his welfare. During their talks Bheem asked Muni - "Prabho, All beings are sad and the biggest pain is when he is in womb. Besides they are ill also. I feel concerned about it. Tell me some way so that with a little effort a being can be free from all these pains." Pulastya Muni said - "Raajan, If a man keeps fast in Maagh Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh then he is free from all kinds of pains. This day is very auspicious and a secret too, but I am compelled to tell to you because of your affection. Who has no Shraddhaa in fasts, one should never tell this to him. Who have controlled their Indriyaan, follow Dharm and are devotee of Vishnu, only those people are eligible for this Vrat.

For this Vrat, in a Shuddh Tithi, and in auspicious Muhoort, make a 10 arm long and wide Mandap. Under it make a Vedee of 5 arm long and wide. Above Vedee make a Mandal with five colors. Make 8 or 4 Kund in Mandap and make Braahman sit in those Kund. Establish an idol of four-armed Janaardan, west facing, in the center of the Mandal. Ask Braahman to do Poojaa of that idol. Set two pillars in front of that idol and keep a stick on those pillars and hang a string to hold a Kalash (pitcher) of gold, silver, or clay having one hole filled with water, milk or Ghee. Offer Aahuti with sesame seeds, Ghee, Kheer and Shamee leaves for planets. Vratee should sit on a stool in front of Bhagavaan wearing while clothes and take that dripping water on his head.

Do auspicious prayers, wake the whole night listening Harivansh Puraan, or Mahaabhaarat. Next day take bath, put on white clothes, worship Soorya, then do Naaraayan's Poojaa and give bed, food, cow, clothes, jewelry to all Braahman. Who do this Vrat enjoy Saubhaagya for seven lives. King Sagar, Aj, Dhundhumaar, Dileep, Yayaati etc did this Vrat in olden times. Since I have told you now that is from today it will be known as Bheem Dwaadashee."



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