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4-Uttar Parv

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26-Shravan Dwaadashee
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-75-, p 460-463

Shravan Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 75) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, If somebody is not able to do long fast, which fast is good for him?" Krishn said - "Raajan, If in Bhaadrapad Maas, the 12th day of Shukla Paksh is with Shravan Nakshatra, then all kinds of desires are fulfilled by keeping fast on that day. By keeping fast on this day one gets the fruits of 12 Dwaadashee fasts. If this Tithi falls on Budh (Wednesday) then all Karm done on this day become immortal (so one should do all good Karm on this day - no bad Karm, otherwise it will also be immortal).

One should establish one beautiful Kalash (pitcher), and in that Kalash establish Vishnu's idol. Then do Bhagavaan's Ang Poojaa (Poojaa of every body part). Wake in the night, next morning worship Garud Dhwaj (Garud flag) and offer flowers by reading this Mantra (see the Mantra on p 461 ). Worship Braahman, and give that idol and other materials to Braahman saying "Preeyataam Mey Janaardanah".

There is an old story in reference to this fast, listen to that. There is a Maru Desh in the western part of Dashaarn Desh. The sand of that Desh always burns and snakes always wander there. There are very few trees and leaves are also very few on them. In fact food and water are scarce there. Unfortunately one Vaishya arrived there separated from his companions. He saw a Pishaach wandering there. He was very hungry and thirsty so he started looking for some food and water. Wandering thus, he saw a Pret sitting on the back of another Pret surrounded by many other Pret.

The Pret who was sitting on the other Pret, seeing Vaishya came to him and asked - "How did you come in this region?" Vaishya told him that he had separated from his companions and had come here because of some previous sin. Now he was hungry. Pret said - "You just wait for a moment under the Punnag tree, you will get whatever you need. After that you go wherever you like." That Vaishya sat under that tree. At mid-day time a man appeared from that tree with water in a clay bowl in one hand and yogurt and rice in another clay bowl in another hand. He gave that to that Vaishya, the Vaishya got satisfied. The same man gave that water and yogurt and rice to remaining Pret community and they also got satisfied. Remaining part he ate himself.

Seeing all this the Vaishya got very surprised, he asked the first Pret - "How do you get food and water in such a difficult place? How so many people get satisfied with such a little food? And how did I get you in this place to help me? Where do you live here in this tree? Please tell me." Pret said - "I did a bad Karm long before. I lived in beautiful city named Shaakal. I was a trader, I never gave any food to any hungry man, nor I gave water to a thirsty man. There lived a very qualitative Braahman also near my house. Once that Braahman went to Toshaa River on Bhaadrapad Maas Dwaadashee fallen with Shravan Nakshatra. Toshaa River meets Chandrabhaagaa River. Chandrabhaagaa is the daughter of Chandramaa, and Toshaa is the daughter of Soorya.

There we took bath, kept fast, worshipped Vishnu, and came back home. I became Pret because of being atheist. Among other Pret somebody has taken the money from Braahman, somebody has played with other's wife, somebody has betrayed his master, and somebody has betrayed his friend. All have become my servants after eating my food. Whatever is donated in Krishn's name that donation is immortal. You will earn money in Himaalaya, please do Shraaddh for us in Gayaa." After saying this that Pret got freed from that species and went to Swarg in a Vimaan.

That Vaishya also went to Himaalaya, there he earned money, came home and he did Shraaddh from that money in Gayaa for all those Pret. Thus all Pret got freed from their Yoni. He also did that fast after coming back home.

Vijaya Shravan Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 76) Krishn said - "If in Bhaadrapad Mass, the 11th day of Shukla Paksh is with Shravan Nakshatra, it is called Vijayaa Tithi. This gives victory to Bhakt. Once all Devtaa came to Vishnu after being defeated by Daitya Raaj Bali and prayed to kill him. Bhagavaan said - " I know that this Bali is troubling you, but he has controlled his Indriyaan and is my Bhakt. After long time his Tapasyaa will be over then only I will give you what you want. Devtaa's mother Aditi also came to me with the desire of a son. I will be born in her house and do good to Devtaa and kill Asur. So just wait for appropriate time." All Devtaa came back.

After some time Bhagavaan took Avataar in Aditi's house in the form of a Vaaman (short boy). Seeing her child in this form when Aditi wanted to say something, her throat choked and she could not speak anything because of Bhagavaan's Maayaa. Bhagavaan appeared in Bhaadrapad Maas on the 11th day of Shukla Paksh with Shravan Nakshatra. Kashyap Muni did all His Sanskaar by himself. He went to Bali's Yagya and asked for three feet land, Bali said, "I give". Vaaman Bhagavaan expanded His body so much so that He measured the whole Prithvi in one foot, whole Swarg lok with His second foot, but when He couldn't find any place to keep His third foot, all Devtaa Siddh etc praised Him. Then he said to Bali - "You go to Sutal Lok with your family and live there comfortably. You will be Indra in next Manvantar." Bali went to Sutal Lok, and Devtaa went to their own Lok.

Hey Raajan all this happened on the 11th day, therefore this day is regarded as Vijaya day. The same Ekaadashee also becomes Vijayaa Tithi when it falls in Phaalgun Maas, in Shukla paksh with Pushya Nakshatra. One should keep fast on the 11th day, worship Vaaman Bhagavaan's idol in the night. Keep umbrella, Yagyopaveet, Kamandal, and deer skin near that idol, and worship with the following Mantra ( see p 463 for Mantra). Make Him sleep and he himself should wake up the whole night singing and playing instruments. In the morning worship that idol and give it to Braahman. Feed the Braahman and take food himself also quietly.

By doing this Vrat, one lives in Vishnu Lok for one Manvantar, then is born as Chakravartee king, healthy, long lived and have sons.



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