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AADITYA - Sons of Kashyap and Aditi (Daughter of Daksh Prajaapati) [Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3]
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--12 in number. Their names are - (1) Vivaswaan, (2) Aryamaa, (3) Pooshaa, (4) Twashtaa, (5) Savitaa, (6) Bhag, (7) Dhaataa, (8) Vidhaataa, (9) Varun, (10) Mitra, (11) Indra and (12) Trivikram (Vaaman).
--[Vishnu Puraan, 1/9] 12 in number. They were the Tushit Devtaa in Chaakshush Manvantar, and they were born to Aditi as 12 Aaditya in Vaivaswat Manvantar. Their names are - (1) Vivaswaan - Soorya, (2) Aryamaa, (3) Pooshaa, (4) Twashtaa, (5) Savitaa, (6) Bhag, (7) Dhaataa, (8) Vishnu, (9) Anshumaan, (10) Mitra, (11) Indra, and (12) Vaaman.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/14] says that Soorya was born from Aditi in 12 forms - (1) Indra, (2) Dhaataa, (3) Parjanya, (4) Pooshaa, (5) Twashtaa, (6) Aryamaa, (7) Bhag, (8) Vivaswaan, (9) Anshu, (10) Vishnu, (11) Varun, and (12) Mitra. Because they ere born from Aditi, they all are called Aaditya.
--[Agni Puraan, p 103] gives the following names of 12 Aaditya - (1) Varun, (2) Soorya, (3) Sahstraanshu, (4) Dhaataa, (5) Tapan, (6) Savitaa (7) Gabhastik, (8) Ravi, (9) Parjanya, (10) Twashtaa, (11) Mitra, and (12) Vishnu and says that these were Tushit Devtaa in Chaakshush Manvantar

AAGNEEDHRA - King, Son of Priyavrat, Grandson of Manu
Married to - nnn
Children - 9 sons - Naabhi, Kimpurush, Harivarsh, Ilaavrit, Ramya. Hiranyavaan, Kuru, Bhadraashwa, and Ketumaal
--Naabhi got Him Varsh which is called Bhaarat Varsh today.

AAKOOTI - Daughter of Swaayambhuv Manu and Shataroopaa
Married to - Ruchi Prajaapati
Children - 1 son - Yagya
                1 daughter - Dakshinaa
--She had two brothers - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad; and two sisters - Prasooti (married to Daksh Prajaapati), and Devahooti (Married to Kardam Rishi).
--Since Manu married Aakooti by Putrikaa Dharm, so she gave her son to her father. Yagya was the incarnation of Vishnu, and Dakshinaa was the incarnation of Lakshmee. Dakshinaa expressed the desire to marry Yagya so she was married to Yagya and had 12 sons from him.

AANART - Son of Sharyaati (Son of Vaivaswat Manu)
Married to - nnn
CHildren - 1 son - Raivat
--Raivat had 100 sons, among them Kakudmee was the eldest. His daughter Revatee was married to Balaraam. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/2]


AARUNI - 1 of 3 Main Disciples of Rishi Dhaumya
Married to - nnn
Children - Uddaalak
--Dhaumya's other two disciples were Ved and Upamanyu.
--Once his Guru Dhaumya sent him to stop water in his farms from an outlet to the farm. The flow was strong and no way was working to stop it, so he himself lay down here to stop it. When he did not come for quite some time and evening fell, his Guru himself went there to check on him with some disciples. He could not see him so he called him out - "Where are you, Aaruni?" Aaruni cried, "I am here, Guru Jee." Seeing him lying this Guru Jee got vey pleased with him and imparted many kinds of knowledge to him.
--Uddaalak had two sons named Nachiketaa and Shwetketu whose name appears in three principal Upanishad - Brihadaaranyak, Chhaandogya, Kath and Kaushitakee Upanishad.

AASTEEK - Rishi, Son of Jaratkaaru and Jaratkaaru (Vaasuki's sister)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He stopped Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya, and thus saved many snakes to be burned in the Yagya. He was brought up in snakes' house and got educated by Maharshi Chyavan.

AAYU - 1 of the 6 Sons of Pururavaa
Married to - Daughter of Swarbhaanu
Children - [MBH, Aadi, 75] 4 sons - Nahush, Vriddh Sharmaa, Raajingaya, and Anenaa.

AAYUSHMAAN - Daitya, 1 of 4 Sons of Prahlaad, Grandson of Hiranyakashyap
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--His brothers are Shibi, Vaashkali, and Virochan.

ABHIMANYU - Prince, Son of Arjun and Subhadraa (Krishn's sister)
Married to - Uttaraa (Viraat's daughter, Uttar's sister)
Children - 1 son - Pareekshit
--He is called Saubhadra also because he was the son of Subhadraa.
--His Saarathee's name was Sumitra.
--He killed Asmak's son [Drone, 35]; Sushen, Driglochan and Kundvedh [Drone, 35],  Shalya's brother [Drone, 36]; one Karn's brother - name is not given [Drone, 39]; Rukmarath [son of Shalya, Drone, 43], and Lakshman (son of Duryodhan), on the 13th day of Mahaabhaarat war. He was killed cruelly by seven warriors on 13th day of Mahaabhaarat war.
--At the time of his death, his wife was pregnant. She gave birth to Pareekshit who was born dead because of Ashwatthaamaa's Brahm Astra shot at her womb. Krishn gave him life and that is why he was called Pareekshit. He succeeded Yudhishthir, when Paandav went to forest.

Married to - Hinsaa
Children - 1 son - Amrit;
               1 daughter - Nikriti
--This is according to [Agni Puraan, 8]. Amrit and Nikriti married to each other and had 2 sons.

ADHIRATH - Soot, Son of Satyakarmaa, Charioteer of Shaantanu
Married to - Raadhaa
Children - 1 son - Karn and others of his own
--He was in the lineage of King Yayaati > Anu >> Rompaad >> Satyakarmaa [Vishnu Puraan 4/13] [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14]
--He was the charioteer of Raajaa Shaantanu. His another name was Vikartan.
--Once he was taking bath in Gangaa River he heard a child's cry. He looked around and found that the sound was coming from a box. He got it and found a newborn baby boy in it. From his clothes and body, he looked a Divine boy and from a royal family. He brought him home and brought up that child as his own. He named him Raadheya. Later that boy was known as Karn and Vaikartan (because of his father's name) and Raadheya (because of his mother's name.
--Adhirath resigned from his job when Raadheya grew up enough to get education. Sanjaya replaced him.
--(Drone, 156) mentions the name of Vrikrath, as Karn's brother. [MBH, G-6/23/14-4]
--Some other names are also mentioned in MBH as Karn's brothers, but Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14 does not mention any.

ADITI - Daughter of Daksh and Veerinee
Married to - Maharshi Kashyap (Brahmaa's one of the 10 Maanas Putra)
Children - The 12 Tushit Devtaa of Chaakshush Manvantar were born as 12 Aaditya from Aditi in Kashyap's house. They were -
                Indra, Dhaataa, Bhag, Twashtaa, Mitra, Varun, Aryamaa, Vivaswaan, Savitaa, Pooshaa, Anshumaan and Vishnu. 
--[MBH, G-0/14] says that Aditi had the following 12 Aaditya as her sons - Dhaataa, Mitra, Aryamaa (Aaryaman), Sakra (Indra), Varun, Ansh, Bhag, Vivaswat, Pooshaa, Savitaa, Twashtaa, and Vishnu. Vishnu, though the youngest one is the most superior to all of them in merit.
--According to Rig Ved Mantra, 2-27-1, she is the mother of 7 sons, called Aaditya - Ansh (or Anshumaan), Aaryaman, Bhag, Daksh, Mitra, Tuvigyaat and Varun. Bhag is another name of Savitra; and Tuvigyaat is another name of Indra. Elsewhere, Rig Ved mentions 8 sons, the 8th being Soorya or Maartand.

AGASTYA - Maharshi, Son of Mitra and Urvashee
Married to - Lopaamudraa (Daughter of King Malayadhwaj - incarnation of Puranjan of Vidarbh Desh
                    Puranjan's story comes in [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/7].)
Children - Dridhchyut (his son was Idhmvaah)
--His birth is interesting. Once both Mitra and Varun saw Urvashee which caused their semen fall, so they kept it in a pitcher. Munivar Agastya and Vashishth Jee were born from that only. Being born from a Kumbh (pitcher) both are known as Kumbhaj also.
--According to another source, he was the son of Maharshi Pulastya Jee.
--He did many great jobs. He ate Vaataapi Raakshas. He dried sea to help Devtaa to find a Raakshas, He lowered Vindhyaachal Parvat to shatter his pride.
--Raam visited whoever Agastya's Aashram, he was actually a descendant of this Agastya. [Aangiras]
--[Agni Puraan, 3] says that Agastya had a brother named Agnijivhaa.

AGHAASUR - Daitya (Brother of Pootanaa and Bakaasur)
--Aghaasur (Agh means Paap, and Asur means Raakshas or Demon) was a great Daity. He was the younger brother of Pootanaa and Bakaasur and Kans sent him to kill Krishn. When he saw Krishn and Balaraam and thought - "Oh, He is the one who has killed my brother and sister. I will not leave Him today. I will kill Him along with Gwaal Baal." So he changed himself into a python whose size was like one Yojan long Parvat (mountain). He opened his large mouth like a door of a cave. His tongue looked like a red colored road. His breath was like storm and eyes were like fire. Children thought this was something like a decoration piece of Vrindaa Van. They thought him as a play python and entered his mouth. Krishn thought - "These children are taking the real python as a fake python." Till then they had already entered in his mouth, but the python had not swallowed them, because he was waiting for Shree Krishn to come inside. So Krishn also entered his mouth. Now the python was about to swallow all of them that Krishn started increasing His body size so much that he got restless. His eyes came out and his soul also left his body. Then all children came out of his body. A light came out of his body and entered in Krishn's body.

AGNI - Devtaa
Married to - Swaahaa (the daughter of Daksh)
Children - 1 son - Kaartikeya (not from Swaahaa)
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Agni and Swaahaa had Paavak, Pavamaan and Shuchi named sons.


AHALYAA - Rishi wife, Daughter of Brahmaa
Married to - Gautam Rishi
Children - Shataanand (Kul Purohit of Raajaa Janak)
--(Aangiras, p 58-59) Word meaning of Ahalyaa means "Untillable" land. Indra has been called in Sanskrit literature as "Ahalyaayai Jaarah" meaning "who can change a barren field into a fertile period; but some interpolators in Mahaabhaarat translated it as "Ahalyaa's lover" and made up a story around it. Read the story below.
--It is said that once Brahmaa took all beautiful parts of a body and created a woman out of them and named her Ahalyaa. Now what to do of her? So he gave her to Gautam Rishi to serve him. She served him for long time. After that Brahmaa gave her to Gautam Rishi permanently.
--Now since the day she was created, Indra had a desire to have her. He got this chance only when she had got married to Gautam Rishi. Once Indra crowed earlier than usual and Gautam went for his daily chores. Then Indra came in the form of Gautam and had Ahalyaa. Although she was so surprised to see her husband coming back so soon and hearing his unusual request but didn't say anything respecting her husband's desire. Gautam also felt that something was not right, so he came back to his Aashram. As he was entering his hut, Indra was going out. He recognized Indra and gave him Shaap to be without testicles.
--When he entered his hut he gave her Shaap too to become stone because he found her with Indra in his own house. He told her that she would be freed from this Shaap when Raam will come there in Tretaa Yug and will touch her with His feet.

AJ -
Married to - nnn
Children - [Agni Puraan, 8] says that Aj had Agnishvaatt, Barhishad, Anagni and Saagni named Pitar.

AJ - King of Ayodhyaa of Ikshwaaku Vansh (Son of Raghu)
Married to - Indumatee (Sister of King Bhoj)
Children - 1 son - Dasharath
--Aj freed a Gandharv from a Shaap. In return he gave a spear to Aj. It had the capability to sleep the enemy. He used this spear in a battle when he was defending Indumatee.

(1) Another name of Yudhishthir.
(2) Son of King Bimbisaar of Magadh around 491 BC.

Married to - nnn
Children - 3 sons - The middle son's name was Shuneh-shep
--Ajeegart sold Shuneh-shep to Rohit, Harishchandra's son, as the sacrifice animal for the Yagya of Harishchandra. But on the way Shuneh-shep met his maternal uncle Vishwaamitra Jee who saved him telling him a Mantra to recite at the time of sacrificing him. He did that and got saved.

AKROOR - Son of Jayant and Jayantee  [Padm Puraan, 1/11]
Married to - Shaibyaa (Ratn's Princess), Shoorsenaa, and Ashwinee
Children - 11 sons - from Shaibyaa (names not given)
                 2 sons - Devavaan, and Upadev [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15] (from Shoorsenaa)
                 several sons from Ashwinee
--Yadu -> -> Rukmkavach -> Jyaamagh -> Vidarbh -> -> Saatwat -> Vrishni -> -> Anamitra -> Rishabh -> Jayant -> Akroor.
--Akroor was a cousin of Vasudev. But [Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p13] says that he was the son of Shwaphalk and Gandinee.
--Kans sent him to Gokul to bring Krishn and Balaraam to Mathuraa for his Dhanush Yagya. After Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left pinkie finger for seven days and seven nights continuously, Kans got convinced that only He was his killer. So he sent Akroor to bring them, both Krishn and Balaraam, in Mathuraa, so that he could kill them, but it happened otherwise. When Akroor was bringing them to Mathuraa, Krishn showed him His real Roop in Yamunaa River. By seeing Him like this he got convinced that He will surely be able to kill Kans.
--Once Krishn sent Akroor Jee to Hastinaapur to get information about Paandav. He reported that the condition of Paandav was not good, then Krishn went to Hastinaapur.
--Once Akroor Jee got the Syaamantak Mani, but hid it from others, although he did not make use its wealth for his own purpose, still Krishn made out that the Mani was with him, so He intelligently forced Akroor to accept that he had the Mani. Later krishn gave that Mani back to him only.
--[Padm Puraan, 5/12] gives the description of his, Satraajit's and satyabhaamaa's previous birth.

AKSHAYA KUMAAR - Asur, Son of Raavan
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He was killed by Hanumaan when Hanumaan went to Lankaa in search of Seetaa.

ALAAYUDH - Raakshas, Brother of Bakaasur
--He was a Raakshas and joined Duryodhan's army to take revenge from Bheem of the killing of Bakaasur, Kirmeeraa, and Hidimb. He came with the intention to kill Bheem and his all people. He was very angry at taking Hidimbaa by Bheem.
--He was killed by Ghatotkach on 14th day of the war in the night. [Drone, 178] [MBH. G-6/24/14-5]

Married to - King Trinbindu
Children - several sons and 1 daughter Idvidaa (married to Pulastya's son Vishravaa)
--[from MBH


ALAMBOOSHAA - Raakshas, Son of Jataasur (Drone, 174)
--Bheeshm Parv, Sec 112; Drone Parv, Sec 105, 108 say that he was Rishyashring's son.
--He fought from Duryodhan's side. He was a friend of Bakaasur and joined Duryodhan's army to take revenge of Jataasur's and Bakaasur's killing from Bheem.
--He was killed by Ghatotkach in the night fight on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war. [Drone, 174]

ALARK - Son of Dyumaan
Married to -
Children - 1 son - Santati
--Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/10 lists him in the of Pururavaa (Chandra Vansh). Pururavaa -> Aayu ->Kshatravriddh ->Suhotra -> -> Dhanvantari -> -> Dyumaan -> Alark. Nobody else except Alark ruled for 66,000 years as a young person.

ALARK - Son of Sumant (an ordinary Braahman)
See  Tripur Rahasya

--He died in his childhood.
--he was later born as Sumedh, the son of Harit. He learnt spirituality from Parashuraam who had learnt it from Datttaatreya, in the form of . Tripur Rahasya. Parashuraam Jee told him that Dattaatreya had predicted of its compilation by Haritaayan. Thus it was called Haritaayan Sanhitaa.

AMBAA - Princess of Kaashee
Married to - None
Children - None
--She had two sisters more - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa
--She was abducted by Bheeshm for his half brother Vichitraveerya along with her two sisters - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. But she loved Shaalv Kumaar so she did not accept Vichitraveerya. She was respectfully sent back to Shaalv, but Shaalv also did not accept her. She came back and asked Bheeshm to marry her, but he also could not marry her because of his vow. She approached Parashuraam to influence Bheeshm but Bheeshm did not move at all. Then she did severe Tap and got a Var from Shiv that she wishes to kill Bheeshm. Shiv bestowed that Var saying that she will do it in her next life. After that she immolated herself and was born again in Drupad's house as Shikhandee and became the cause of Bheeshm's death.

AMBAALIKAA - Princess of Kaashee
Married to - Vichitraveerya (Son of Shaantanu and Satyavatee)
Children - 1 son - Paandu (from Ved Vyaas)
--She was abducted by Bheeshm for his half brother Vichitraveerya, but he died early without children. Then Satyavatee took help of Ved Vyaas to produce children from her both daughters-in-law - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. He did so. Ambikaa had Dhritraashtra and Ambaalika had Paandu.

AMBAREESH - King of Soorya Vansh, Son of Maandhaataa, Grandson of Yuvanaashwa
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Yuvanaashwa
--Maandhaataa had three sons - Ambareesh, Purukuts and Muchukund, so Ambareesh had two brothers also.
--This Ambareesh was the ancestor of Naabhaag's son Ambareesh who was born in Purukuts' lineage. (see Ambareesh below)

AMBAREESH - King of Soorya Vansh, Son of Naabhaag, Grandson of Bhageerath
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--In Purukuts (see Ambareesh above) lineage there was Satyavrat (Trishanku) -> -> Baahu -> Sagar -> Asmanjas -> Anshumaan -> Dileep -> Bhageerath -> Suhotra -> Shruti -> Naabhaag -> Ambareesh.
--He did a Yagya in which Indra stole his Yagya animals, so his son brought Richeek Muni's middle son Shunehshep for sacrifice but Shunehshep was saved by his Maamaa Vishwaamitra (son of Gaadhi).
--There was one Ambareesh who was his ancestor (see above).

AMBIKAA - Princess of Kaashee
Married to - Vichitraveerya (Son of Shantanu and Satyavatee)
Children - 1 son - Dhritraashtra (from Ved Vyaas)
--She was abducted by Bheeshm for his half brother Vichitraveerya, but he died early without children. Then Satyavatee took help of Ved Vyaas to produce children from her both daughters-in-law. He did so. Ambikaa had Dhritraashtra. He was born blind as she closed her eyes at the time of meeting Vyaas.

AMRIT - Son of Adharm and Hinsaa
Married to - Nikriti (his sister)
Children - 2 sons - Bhaya and Narak
--This is according to [Agni Puraan, 8]. Bhaya and Narak got married to Maayaa and Vedanaa

AMRITAA   see    DAKSH (1 of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)

ANANG     see      KAAM DEV

ANANT     see      SHESH NAAG

ANASOOYAA - Daughter of Kardam and Devahooti
Married to - Atri Rishi (Brahmaa's 1 of the 10 brainchildren)
Children - 3 sons - Dattaatreya (Avataar of Vishnu)
                            Chandramaa (Avataar of Brahmaa)
                            Durvaasaa (Avataar of Shiv)
--Once Atri Rishi and his wife did severe Tap. Pleased with their Tap all tree deities - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahaadev appeared before them and asked them to ask for any Var. They said - "We did Tap for one Prabhu but how come that you three appeared before us." They said - "For whom you did Tap He is in three of us, so ask what do you want." Atri Jee said - "I wish to have you as my son." The trio said - "All right, We will be your sons." So they had three sons - Dattatreya as Avataar of Vishnu (he became Tapaswee), Durvaasaa as the Avataar of Shiv (he became very angry), and Chandramaa as the Avataar of Brahmaa (he was cool).
--(Aangiras, p 37) She has a legend that a curse was pronounced by a holy man upon Atri Rishi that he would die the next morning. Anasooyaa then commanded the Sun not to rise ever and darkness prevailed until Devtaa persuaded that holy man to revoke the curse upon Atri. While Garud Puraan says that Anasooyaa was approached by Devtaa to make the Sun rise when a Pativrataa did not allow the Sun to rise because of Maandavya Rishi's curse on her husband "that the person who had disturbed his meditation would die as the Sun will rise". So to keep her husband alive she stopped the Sun from rising.


ANDHAKAASUR - Daanav, Son of Viprachitti (Son of Kashyap and Danu) and Sinhikaa (Daughter of Kashyap and Diti)
--Was killed by Shiv Jee in Shwet Van by opening his third eye. Shwet Van is said to be at the confluence point of River Kaaveree in ocean.

ANG - In Swaayambhuv Manu's Lineage
Married to - Suneethaa (Daughter of Mrityu)
Children - 1 son - Vane
--Suneethaa was very ugly.
--[Padm Puraan, 2/5], says that king Ang was the son of Maharshi Atri. [But we never heard that Atri Rishi had a son named Ang.]

ANGAAR - Raakshas woman
--She lived in sea. She caught her preys through catching their shadows fallen in water. She caught Hanumaan also like this when he was going to Lankaa in search of Seetaa, but he knew her trick and killed her.

ANGAD - Prince, Son of Lakshman and Urmilaa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He had a brother also - Chandraketu.

ANGAD - Vaanar, Son of Baali and Taaraa
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Angad went to Raavan as Shee Raam's messenger of peace before the war started.

ANGIRAA - Maharshi, 1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa
Married to - Shraddhaa (Daughter of Kardam and Devhooti)
                    Suroopaa (Daughter of Mareechi, had the son Brihaspati from her) [Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15]
Children - 2 sons - Brihaspati and Utathya
                1 son - Samvratt [Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1]
               4 daughters -  Sineevaalee, Kuhoo, Raakaa, and Anumati.
--[MBH, G-0/14] Angiraa has three sons - Brihaspati, Utathya, and Samvart. And it seems had one daughter also named Varastree who married Prabhaas Vasu and had Vishwakamaa as her son.
--[Agni Puraan, 8] says that Angiraa was married to Smriti, had several sons and 4 daughters - Sineevaalee, Kuhoo, Raakaa, and Anumati.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 4/30] says that Agni was born to him and his wife Shubhaa as Brihaspati

ANGIRAS     see     BHRIGU

ANIRUDDH - Son of Pradyumn and Rukmvatee, Grandson of Krishn and Rukminee
Married to - Subhadraa (Rukmee's granddaughter) and Ushaa (Baanaasur's daughter)
Children - 2 sons - Mrigketan and Vajra
--[Vishnu Puraan, 4/11] says that Rukmee's granddaughter's name was Subhadraa and Aniruddh and Subhadraa's son's name was Vajra.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9] says that Rukmee's granddaughter's name was Rochanaa.
--[Agni Puraan, 5] and [Agni Puraan, 27] says that Aniruddh had a son named Vajra who got educated from Maarkandeya Muni.
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u27] also says that Aniruddh's son's name was Vajra. He is the same Vajra who was coronated as King after Krishn had left this Prithvi.

ANJANAA / ANJANEE - Daughter of Kunjar Vaanar
Married to - Kesaree
Children - 1 son - Hanumaan
--Anjanaa was an Apsaraa named Punjikaasthalee. By the Shaap of a Rishi she was born as Vaanar. She was to get freed from her Shaap when she would produce a son from Shiv. So she did Tap to get a son from Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee got pleased and have her a son like himself. So he himself was born to her from his one of the 11 Rudra forms. Pavan (Vaayu) helped him to do so. That is why Hanumaan is called Shankar Suvan, Pavan Putra, Maaruti Nandan, and Vaayu Putra, Kesaree Nandan.
--Once Indra hit him with his Vajra which hit him on his chin, this cause a break in his chin, that is why he is known as Hanumaan.

ANJANPARV - Son of Ghatotkach and Hidimbaa, Grandson of Bheemsen (2nd of 5 Paandav)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--He also fought in Mahaabhaarat war. He was killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day of the war.

ANSHUMAAN - Prince, Son of Asmanjas, Grandson of King Sagar
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Dileep
--He brought the news that his 60,000 uncles were burned to ashes by Kapil Muni and they could get Mukti only when Gangaa would come down on Earth and flow in that area where they were burned. He did try for it but could not succeed. His son Dileep also tried but failed. Then Dileep's son Bhageerath succeeded in bringing Gangaa on Prithvi and give Moksh to his great great granduncles.

ANU - Prince, 1 of the 5 Sons of Yayaati
Married to -- nnn
Children - nnn
--He was one of the five sons of Yayaati. He established Aanav dynasty 

ANUHLAAD - Daitya Prince, Son of Hiranyakashyap and Kayaadhu
Married to - Soormyaa
Children - 2 sons - Baashkal and Mahishaasur
--Hiranykashyap had 4 sons - Hlaad, Anuhlaad, Prahlaad, and Sanhlaad. But [MBH, G-0/14] says that he had 5 sons and the 5th son's name is given as Shibi.
--Once Indra deceived Anuhlaad, so he abducted Shachee with the consent of her father Pulomaa. At this Indra got furious and killed Pulomaa. That is how Indra got the name of Pulomaajit.

APSARAA - Born from Sea at the time of Saagar Manthan
--Thousands of Apsaraa came out of the sea, but some of them are very famous - 
--Some of the main Apsaraa's names are - Urvashee, Pramlochaa, Rambhaa, Menakaa, Punjikaasthalee, Ghritaachee, Sukeshee


ARAJAA - Daughter of Shukraachaarya
Married to - nnn
Childen - nnn
--[Padm Puraan, 1/21] says that she was abducted by Ikshwaaku's son Dand. When she complained about this to her father he gave her Shaap of living in a Van for 100 years.



ARISHTNEMI - Kashyap and Vinataa's 1 of the 6 sons
--He is mentioned in Mahaabhaarat, G-0-Prolog/14, and at some other places too
As per V-Raamaayan 1/38/4 Sumati, wife of the King Sagar, was the daughter of Arishtnemi and sister of Garud. This shows that Arishtnemi himself was Kashyap. But in MBH Van Parv reference it does not seem so.
--According to Mahaabhaarat, Shaanti Parv Chapter 288 verses 5-46, Arishtnemi gave spiritual advice to Raajaa Sagar also.
--According to Devee Bhaagvat Saptam Skandh, Kashyap himself was also called Arishtnemi.
--According to Agni Puraan Chapter 19, Arishtnemi’s mother had 16 children.
--Once Arishtnemi was doing Tap in the forest along with his son. A Haihaya king Parapuranjaya was hunting in the forest. Since the son was wearing a black deer skin, he took him as a deer and killed him. Then they came to Arishtnemi and accepted their sin; but were surprised when the sage showed his son standing beside him alive. Arishtnemi then blessed them and they came back free of the sin.
[Mahaabhaarat, G-4-Van/33]

ARJUN - Prince, 3rd of 5 Paandav. Son of Paandu and Kuntee (from Indra)
Married to - 4 wives - (1) Draupadee, (2) Krishn's sister Subhadraa, (3) Naag Princess Uloopee, and
                    (4) Manipur Princess Chitraangadaa.                             
Children - 4 sons - Shrutkarmaa from Draupadee of Paanchaal Desh
                            Abhimanyu from Subhadraa from Yadu Vansh
                            Vabhruvaahan from Chitraangadaa of Manipur
                            Iravaan from Uloopee, a Naag's daughter
--He has ten names - (1) Arjun, (2) Dhananjaya, (3) Jishnu, (4) Kiriti, (5) Krishn, (6) Phaalgun, (7) Savyashachee, (8) Shwetvaahan, (9) Vibhatsu, and (10) Vijaya. (see their explanation at Arjun's Ten Names).  He is known as Gudaakesh also - who has won sleep.
--He married Chitraangadaa, princess of Maneepur, according to Putrikaa Dharm, in which he had to leave his son with his father-in-law, because he had only daughter.
--His conch's name Devadatt (Theodotes) whose sound used to spread joy among people.
--He saved Maya Daanav from Agni Dev while burning Khaandav Van. To show his gratitude he built the royal court for Yudhishthir.
--He killed Nivaatkavach and Kaalkeya Raakshas while staying in Swarg to get celestial weapons.
--He killed Bheeshm on 10th day, Jayadrath on 14th day and Karn on 17th day in Mahaabhaarat war.

ARJUN - Son of Kritveerya     see    SAHASTRABAAHU

ARUN - Son of Kashyap and Vinataa
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Sampaati and Jataayu
--He is a thighless being who is the charioteer of Soorya Bhagavaan's seven-horse chariot. Vinataa had two eggs. A lot of time passed but the eggs did not hatch, so in hurry, as Kadroo had already had her sons (Naag), she broke one egg. Since she broke an immature egg, an immature child was born from it. That was Arun. After being born, Arun requested her mother - "As you have produced me immature in your interest, please, do nnot break the other egg like this. Let it be mature to break itself. Vinataa got very sad at this incident, but could not do anything except to wait for the other egg to break naturally. The other egg produced Garud Jee who became the ride of Vishnu Bhagavaan.
--He has a brother Garud who is the ride of Vishnu.

ARUNDHATEE - Daughter of Daksh (son of Prachetaa Gan and Maarishaa) [Vishnu Puraan, 1/9]
Married to - Dharm
Children - Human Beings

ARUNDHATEE - Daughter of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti [Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/10]
Married to - Vashishth (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahma)
Children - 1 son - Shakti, and 100 sons more
--The 100 sons were burned by Vishwamitra in anger, and Shakti had the son Maharshi Paraashar.

--He was a Rishi who was deformed at eight places, that is why his name was Ashtaavakra.
--[Vishnu Puraan, 5/15] Once he gave Var to Apsaraa to become Bhagavaan's wives, but after this they smiled at his deformed body, so he gave them Shaap that they would be caught by robbers. Apsaraa asked their forgiveness, so he again said, "You will go to Swarg after that." So because of that Shaap, they were the 16,100 princesses imprisoned by Bhaumaasur; then Krishn freed them after killing Bhaumaasur; then they expressed their wish to marry Krishn; Krishn married all of them and thus all became His wives. But when Krishn was to leave this world, He gave charge of Dwaarakaa people to Arjun to move them from Dwaarakaa, because Dwaarakaa was to be sunk in the sea. As Arjun was moving them, some robbers attacked him and these wives were caught by the robbers. Later they attained Swarg.

ASHWAPATI - King of Kaikaya Desh
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Yudhaajit
               1 daughter - Kaikeyee

ASHWAPATI - King of Madra Desh [MBH, Stories, Saavitree]
Married to - Maalavee
Children - 1 daughter - Saavitree (married to Satyavaan)
                100 sons

ASHWASEN - Naag, Son of Takshak
--Arjun slain his mother (wife of Takshak) while burning Khaandav Van. That is why he wanted to kill Arjun. As he heard about Kurukshetra war, he came to Karn in the form an arrow. Karn used that arrow but


ASHWATTHAAMAA - Rishi, Son of Drone and Kripee
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--When he was born he gave a loud sound like Indra's horses, so the Divine voice named him Ashwathaamaa (the horse-voiced).
--He was immortal, had a Mani (gem) on his forehead. It was taken by Arjun when he killed Draupadee's five sons (on 18th day) in sleep and Arjun followed him to kill him.
--He killed Drupad's son Surath (on 14th day), Shikhandee and Dhrishtdyumn (on 18th day) 

ASHWINEE KUMAAR - Devtaa, Sons of Soorya and Sangyaa
Married to - nnn
Children - 2 sons - Dwivid and Mayand, born in Raam's times to help Him
                2 sons - Nakul and Sahadev, from Maadree for Paandu
--[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/7] says that Soorya was married to Sangyaa and Chaayaa, both being the daughters of Vishwakarmaa. Some say that he had a third wife also named Badavaa. Sangyaa had three children - Yam, Shraaddhdev and a daughter Yamee; and Chhaayaa also had three children - Saavarni, Shanaishchar and a daughter Tapatee (married to Sanvaran). When Sangyaa took the form of Badavaa then she had twin sons - two Ashwinee Kumaar.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 1/15] says When Soorya knew that his wife Sangyaa was living in Uttar Kuru in the form of Ashwinee (mare), he also assumed the form of a horse and went there. Later they had a twins Ashwinee Kumaar. Their names are Naasatya and Dastra. [In fact "Ashwinee Kumaar" means the "children of a mare". But this Puraan gives their names also.]
--(Aangiras, p 56) They ride on horses. It is said they speedily come to the rescue their devotee on horseback. Next to Indra, Agni and Som (Chandramaa or Moon) they are most prominent deity in Rig Ved, claiming more than 50 hymns and being mentioned over 400 times. They are connected to morning twilight and Divine physicians credited with healing of the human beings.
--[Bhavishya Puraan, 3/28] says that when Saavarni Manu and Shani defeated Soorya; Ashwinee Kumaar defeated them in turn and brought them to their father Soorya. Soorya became very pleased with them, he said to them - "You will be famous as one,  like Jeev and Eeshwar in spite of being two and you will have two wives - Som's Power Idaa as your senior wife, and Soorya's Power Pingalaa as your junior wife."

ASMANJAS - Prince, Son of Raajaa Sagar and Keshinee
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Anshumaan
--In his youth he was very wicked, but later on he became famous for his valor.
--Asmanjas' son was Anshumaan, Anshumaan's son was Dileep and Dileep's son was Bhageerath who brought Gangaa on Earth.

ASTI - Princess, Daughter of Jaraasandh
Married to - Kans
Children - nnn
--They were two sisters - Asti and Praapti. Both were married to Kans. When Krishn killed Kans they became widow. Jarasandh got very sad at this and inanger he attacked Mathuraa to kill Krishn 17 times with 22 Akshauhinee army each time.

Married to - Chitti
Children - 1 son - Dadheechi (Ashwashiraa) [Bhaagvat]

ATIBAL - Rishi
--He sends Kaal to Raam to inform Him that His time on Earth was over and He should now come back to His Lok.

ATRI - Maharshi (1 of 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa)
Married to - Anasooyaa (Daughter of Kardam and Devahooti)
Children - 3 sons - Dattaatreya (Avataar of Vishnu)
                             Chandramaa (Avataar of Brahmaa), and
                             Durvaasaa (Avataar of Shiv)
--Once Atri and Anusooyaa did very severe tap and wished for Darshan of Bhagavaan, Then Brahmaa Vishnu and Mahesh appeared before them and asked them to ak for Var. They asked for a son like Bhagvaan, so all the three appeared in their house as their sons - Vishnu as Dataatreya, Brahmaa as Chandramaa and Rudra as Durvaasaa.
--He had two women disciples - Vishwavaaraa, and Apaalaa.
--His descendants composed of the entire 5th Mandal of Rig Ved.
--[Padm Puraan, 2/5] says that King Ang, father of Vane, was Atri's son; while [Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4] says that Ang was in Dhruv's lineage

AURUS - Rishi (Valmiki Ramayan, 4/40)
Married to - nnn
Children - nnn
--Aurus means thigh, his mother kept him in her thigh before his birth that is how he got this name. Then with vengeance this sage started to burn the world with his Yaugik fire, but his manes came to him to pacify and asked him to release his Yaugik fire in oceanic water. When he did so, that fire remained underwater, ready to emerge from a cavity like that of a she-horse's mouth, from beneath the ocean from the South Pole. This fire is called Vaadab Agni, or Baadab Anal , referred here as Horse's Face. At the time of Yugaant, the End of the Era, that fire emerges out, and the whole creation, with all its sessile and mobile beings, becomes its fuel, as said in next verse. This episode is detailed in Aadi Parv, First Canto, of Mahaabhaarat. 

AURV - Rishi, Son of Chyavan and Aarushee (Daughter of Manu)
Married to - nnn
Children - 1 son - Richeek
--He is called Bhaargav also since he is born in Bhrigu Vansh. It is said that he came out ripping out his mother's thigh and was named Aurv because of the name of his mother Aarushee.
--He was the one who saved Sagar's mother to become Satee with her husband and educated Sagar for kingship. Because of his grace only Sagar's two wives got their sons - one got 1 son and another one got 60,000 sons.

Married to - nnn
Children 1 son - Marutt
--Marutt did such a huge Yagya that in that Yagya everything was of gold and Devtaa themselves distributed food to beggars. It is said that he gave so much wealth to Braahman that they could not carry it all and left it there only. Yudhishthir did his Raajsooya Yagya from the same wealth.


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