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2-Bhoomi Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 244-251
see also   5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4;

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.


Rishi asked Soot Jee - "Now we  wish to hear that what happened to Vane? What kind of result he got of his sinful deeds?" Soot Jee said - "King Vane became sinless after begetting Prithu like son. When one sits with Punyavaan people his sins are destroyed." Rishi asked - "Please tell us, how sinners attain Param Siddhi?" Soot Jee said - "Who live near Narmadaa, Yamunaa and Gangaa rivers, they take bath in their waters or play in their waters, they all attain Param Gati. In earlier times Death had a daughter named Suneethaa. She used to take care her father's jobs and followed him even in playtime. One day she went to a forest playing with her friends. There she heard a song and as she glanced at that side, she saw that Gandharv's son Sushankh was doing Tapasyaa. He was very handsome. She started coming there daily and disturb him. Sushankh pardoned her daily and said, "Go away from here." Hearing this she became angry and beat him. One day Sushankh got very angry and said to her - "Saints neither beat anybody in return of other's beating, nor become a ngry when other abuse them. This is called Dharm." And he went away from there.

Suneethaa came home and said to her father - "I beat one Gandharv's son. He was doing Tapasyaa. When I beat him, he told me that it is not appropriate to beat him who beats you and abuse him who abuses you. Tell me what is the reason for this?" Religious Mrityu didn't say anything to her, nor replied to her question. Suneethaa again went to the forest. Sushankh was busy in his Tapasyaa. This time Suneethaa started beating him with whip. This time he also couldn't control his wrath, he gave her Shaap - "You will give birth to a sinner son who will tell bad words about Braahman and Devtaa and who will commit all kinds of sins." and he again continued his Tapasyaa. Suneethaa came home and told everything to her father. Mrityu said - "Why did you beat a person who was doing Tapasyaa? You did not do a good thing." and he became very sad.

Once Maharshi Atri's son king Ang went to Nandan Van. There he saw Apsaraa, Gandharv, Kinnar, Indra. He thought how to get a son like Indra. He came home and asked his father - "You know everything, tell me how can I get a son like Indra." Atri said - "Son, Govind does everything, you go in His shelter. He will fulfill all your wishes." Ang went to Sumeru Parvat and there he entered a lonely cave near the banks of Gangaa River. He started doing Tapasyaa there. 100 years passed doing Tapasyaa. One day Vishnu appeared before him. Ang got very happy to see Vaasudev, he started praying Him. He said - "I am in your shelter." Pleased with his prayer, Vaasudev showed him His four-armed form and asked him to ask for a Var. He asked a son like Indra. Vaasudev said - "You will get such a son and you will also attain my Param Dhaam." And Vishnu disappeared from there."

Ang Marries Suneethaa and Birth of Vane

Rishi asked - "How did Sushankh's Shaap got implemented on Suneethaa? What did Suneethaa do? And what type of son she got?" Soot Jee said - "When Suneethaa told everything to her father, he said to her - "You have sinned. Who afflicts a Tapaswee, he gets a sinner son and he also has to suffer for that sin. so you will get a sinner son, he will also have to suffer for your sin. Only the same is peaceful who has controlled his Indriyaan and who does not beat him who beats him. But you have beaten an innocent man, this is a great sin you have committed. First you committed a crime, and then he gave you Shaap, so now you should live with saints, do Yog, Dhyaan and donate things. Satsang is very beneficial. It makes a man contented, soft spoken, pure, with good actions and cleansed. Go, meditate on Bhagavaan Vishnu and leaving these sinful nature, start doing good to others. That is why you should be in the company of Satya (Truth)."

Hearing this, Suneethaa went into a forest and started doing Tapasyaa. She left her childish activities and characteristics. One day her friends, Rambhaa etc, came to her and felt that she was feeling discomfort, so they asked her the reason of her worry - "Why do you worry? Don't worry so much. Worry always troubles a person. Only one worry is good that is done for Dharm. All other worries are useless. Worry brings even discontent, attachment, and greed, and these three, in turn, gives birth to sin. So you leave worry and tell us about your pleasures and pains.

Suneethaa told them everything - from Sushank's Shaap to her mistakes. Hearing her story they said - "You should not worry at all. Whatever characteristics should be in a good woman, they all are in you - (1) Beauty, (2) Sheel (cool nature), (3) Satya (truth), (4) Good conduct, (5) Dharm, (6) Satee, (7) firmness of ideas, (8) enthusiasm, (9) sweet voice, (10) skilled in all jobs, (11) excessive sexual desire and (12) sweet speech. We know the cure of your worry. We will teach you the skills by which you can attract men. (Mohinee Vidyaa)" So they taught her that skill and said - "Now you can attract any Devtaa or man you want." She practiced it and when she was perfect in it she wandered around.

One day she saw a handsome Braahman on the banks of Gangaa River. He was doing Tapasyaa. She got attracted to him and asked her friend Rambhaa about him. Rambhaa said - "He is the son of Atri Rishi. He came to Nandan Van, so seeing his prosperity, he also desired to get similar status. He desired of such a son who could be like Indra. So with the desire to have such a son he did Tapasyaa to get a son like Indra. Vishnu gave him this Var. Since then he is in the search of a girl. You get him as your husband, his son will be like Indra." Suneethaa asked her to help her in tackling him as her husband.

Suneethaa took a beautiful woman's form through Maayaa and started singing. Ang was busy in his Tapasyaa, but as he heard the song, he came out of the cave and looked here and there in search or the singer. He saw that a very beautiful woman was singing sitting on a swing. He got attracted to her and asked her - "Who are you? Whose daughter are you? Why have you come here?" Suneethaa didn't say anything, just looked at her friend. Rambhaa explained her something with her eyes and said to the king - "She is the daughter of Mrityu and is known as Suneethaa. She is looking for a husband for herself."

Ang said - "I have done Tapasyaa and Hari has given me the Var to beget an all qualitative son, so I am also looking for a wife. She is the daughter of Dharm, and if she is really looking for a husband then let her accept me." Rambhaa said - "She is becoming your wife, do not abandon her, give your hand in her hand." Thus Ang married Suneethaa with Gaandharv method. Rambhaa got very happy to hand over Suneethaa to Ang. Her friends went away from there and Ang also brought her to his kingdom. When the time came, they had a son. They named him Vane. He was very qualitative boy.

As Vaivaswat Manvantar started, people got into trouble without king, so Vane was appointed the king. Thus Vane became the king and he started ruling in a justified manner."



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