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2-Bhoomi Khand

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4-Story of Prithu
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 240-244
see also   2-Padm, 1/9;     3-Vishnu, 1/7;     5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Story of Prithu

Rishi asked Soot Jee - "Now we  wish to hear about Raajaa Prithu. How he milked Prithvi, and how others milked it." Soot Jee said - "In earlier times there was a Prajaapati, named Ang. He was as influential as Muni Atri. Mrityu had a daughter named Suneethaa. Ang married this girl and had a son named Vane from her. Vane was not religious at all. He was very lusty, greedy, and sinful. He always followed sinful path so all Braahman abandoned studying Ved. People did not do Yagya in his kingdom. He always used to say to Braahman that "You should not do any Yagya, you should not study, I am Devtaa, I am Yajmaan, and I am the Yagya Karm. I am Brahmaa, Vishnu and Rudra. I am Indra, I am Soorya. There is nobody else except me."

Hearing him, powerful Muni got angry, they tried to bring him on right path but he was very proud so he didn't move from his path. Then Rishi held him forcefully and started churning his left thigh. A black man appeared from it. Rishi looked at him and said - "Nisheed (sit down)." He got afraid and sat down. Since Rishi called him "Nisheed", he was called Nishaad. His family extended in mountains and forests only. All sinful people - Naahlak, Bhramar, Bheel, Pulind etc are his descendents only.

Knowing that now Vane's sin was out, Rishi became very happy. Then they started churning his right arm. From the churning of that arm, first appeared 'sweat', then appeared a handsome glorious man wearing golden crown and earrings. He had Aajagava named earliest bow, Divine arrows and armor on his body. His name was Prithu. Braahman coronated him as their king. All people became very happy that is why he was called "Raajraaj" also. All were comfortable in his kingdom. Neither they died before time, nor there was any famine, nor was there any kind of disease.

Once people sowed grains for their food, but Prithvi digested it all and nothing came out, so all people went to the King and prayed him to make arrangement for their food. Prithu took his bow and arrow and attacked Prithvi. Prithvi assumed the form of a cow and ran away towards Swarg but nobody - Brahmaa, Rudra, Vishnu etc - could protect her. Then she came to Prithu and said - & quot;Please protect me. I sustain these people. If I will be killed then all seven Lok will be destroyed. Control your anger. Besides, I am a woman and you will be a sinner after killing a woman." Prithu said - "If I can save many people after killing one sinner then it is the duty of a King to kill that sinner. You have digested all seeds and are killing all people. If you will not be there then I will sustain them with the power of my own Dharm and grace. My rule is according to Dharm, that is why you should sustain these people's life on my order." Prithvi said - "I will obey you. Take these arrows off my body and make my body flat so that milk can stay at one place in my body."

Hearing this Prithu made her flat by digging out all kinds of mountains by the tip of his bow. He took all arrows out of her body. Before that people used to live on mountains, on the banks of rivers, in the caves, under the surface of Prithvi and eat fruits, flowers and honey etc. After this they habited cities and towns. Prithu milked out all kinds of grains and milk from her by making Manu as calf and his hands as milk pot, and made his people comfortable. People used to worship Devtaa and Pitar with Ann (grains). After him, All Rishi, Braahman, and Devtaa also milked it.

Pitar milked their Swadhaa in silver pot using Yam as calf. Antak worked as the milkman. Snakes milked poison in gourd using Takshak as calf. Those powerful snakes live on that poison only. Asur milked Maayaa in an iron pot. This Maayaa is their power and they are seen skilled in Maayaa. Thus those powerful snakes live upon that poison only. Asur and Daanav milked Maayaa using iron milk pot. The same Maayaa is the destroyer of their enemies, the same Maayaa is their strength, and the same Maayaa helps them to sustain their life. Gandharv milked the knowledge of dance and music. Mountains milked various types of gems and useful herbs. Trees milked her in leaf pots. Surviving after cutting and burning was their milk - means of living. At that time Paakar tree was used as calf and Shaal tree milked Prithvi. Thus all milked her according to their desires so that they could sustain themselves. Prithu accepted Prithvi as his daughter and thus started called her as Prithvi.

Thus villages were started springing up, then they developed into large towns, cities etc. All kinds of Teerth started appearing on it. Whoever reads this story he gets the fruit of taking bath in Gangaa River."



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