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2-Bhoomi Khand

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3-Story of Suvrat-2

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3-Story of Suvrat-2
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 231-240

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Story of Suvrat-2

Som asked his wife - "Now you tell me how will I get a qualitative son?" Sumanaa said - "You go to Muni Vashishth, he is very knowledgeable in Dharm. Pray him, you will surely get a son by his grace." Som Sharmaa went to Vashishth Jee who was living on the banks of Gangaa River, and touched his feet. Vashishth Jee asked - "Are you happy? Everything is all right? Tell me what can I do for you?" Som Sharmaa said - "Hey Guru, Because of which sin I am so poor and childless. I got strayed because of my sins, today I have come here on the advice of my wife."

Vashishth Jee said - "I tell you the characteristics of a good son. Whose mind is always bent to do Punya, who is intelligent, knowledgeable, Tapaswee, a good speaker, knower of all scriptures, worshipper of Braahman, soft spoken, peaceful, this kind of son is good for a family, other kinds of sons give only sorrows and grief. There is no use of having such a son. You were a Shoodra in your previous life. You did not know Dharm and you were very greedy. You had a wife and several sons. You did not follow Truth and you did not do any pilgrimage. You did only farming, nothing else. You did animal husbandry also. You sold your grains at a high price. You did not do any Shraadh. Whenever your wife reminded you about them you ran away from home. Because you were so greedy and did not follow Dharm, that is why you are born poor and childless in this life. Since you were very greedy, you earned a lots of money, still you longed for more. You did not give anything in charity too. When the time came you died without telling anything about that money to your wife and sons."

Som asked - "Then how did I was born in a Braahman family?" Vashishth Jee said - "By chance you did one Punya. There was a Braahman, devotee of Vishnu, who used to wander all over the earth. One day he came to your house and asked a place to stay in your house. You made him stay in the place where cows were tied. You made him comfortable by massaging his body and feet and offering him good food. Thus you satisfied that Braahman with your services. Next day was an auspicious day - Dwaadashee (12th day) of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad month. On that day Vishnu goes into Yog Nidraa, so the people celebrated that day with Mantra etc. Seeing this that Braahman stayed back there on that day. He fasted on Ekaadashee (11th day) and told its importance which you heard along with your wife. You also took part in those celebrations and gave Dakshinaa to that Braahman. For the same reason you have got this Braahman body. You abandoned your son's love that is why you are childless in this life. Whatever rare things are there - good son, good family, wealth, grins, land, good woman, good death, all kinds of pleasures; one gets them only by the grace of Vishnu. Therefore you start worshipping Naaraayan from now, by His grace you will get Parampad of Vishnu."

Som Sharmaa came back to his house and went to Kapilaa Sangam named Teerth along with his wife Sumanaa on the banks of Narmadaa River. There he started meditated on Naaraayan with his 12-letter Mantra - "Om Namo Bhagvatey Vaasudevaaya". Sumanaa also served him very well. He was meditating daily. Once pleased with his devotion Naaraayan appeared before him and said - "I am Vaasudev. Ask for any Var you desire for." Som's heart was filled with joy and he prayed Him along with Sumanaa. Hari again said - "I am very pleased with your prayer, ask for any Var."

Som said - "The first Var I ask for that I should be devoted to you in every life; in second Var, you show me your Param Dhaam; in third Var, give me a son who is all qualitative; and in fourth Var you make me rich." Hari said - "So be it." and disappeared. Now Som started living there only. When the time came Sumanaa gave birth to a bright son. Brahmaa Jee himself named him as Suvrat. He got lots of wealth too. 

Once Vyaas Jee asked Brahmaa Jee about Suvrat's account. Brahmaa Jee said - "Suvrat was a brilliant boy. He saw Hari in womb, so he was a great devotee of Vishnu. He named his playmates' names on Hari's names. He used to see Hari in everything. At all times - sleeping, waking, playing, putting on clothes etc he used to meditate Hari. When he grew up, he went on Vaidoorya mountain, near Siddheshwar, and started doing Tapasyaa for Vishnu. Pleased from his Tapasyaa, Vishnu appeared along with Lakshmee Jee and asked him to ask for Var. Suvrat first prayed Them and then asked Them to take his parents and he himself along with his wife to their Dhaam with that physical body. Thus Som and Sumanaa also went to Hari Dhaam along with Suvrat and his wife."



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