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4-Uttar Parv

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30-Other Vrat-15

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30-Other Vrat-15
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-90-93, p 478-482

Anang Trayodashee Vrat
(Chap 90) Yudhishthir said - "Bhagavan, Tell me some Vrat which can give beauty and good fortune. Krishn Bhagavaan said - "There is no use to do many Vrat to kill yourself, one single Anang Trayodashee can do everything or you. When Shankar burned Kaam Dev, he started living in everybody's body. Because Kaam Dev did this Vrat, that is why it is called Anang Trayodashee. On the 13th day of Shukla Paksh of Maargsheersh Maas, in the morning after finishing his daily chores, one should worship Bhgavaan Shankar with the name of "Shashi Shekhar" and do Havan with sesame seeds mixed with rice. Sleep in the night after eating honey. By doing this the Vratee becomes as beautiful as Kaam Dev and gets the fruit of 10 Ashwamedh Yagya.

In the same way if Vratee does this Vrat in Paush Maas and eat sandalwood paste then his body smells like sandal, and he gets the fruit of Raajsooya Yagya. Who does this Vrat in Maagh Mas and worships Shankar Jee with the name of Maheshwar and eats pearl powder, he gets good fortune. Who does this Vrat in Phaalgun Maas, worships Shankar Jee with the name of Hareshwar, and eats Kankol he becomes extremely beautiful. Who does this Vrat in Chaitra Maas, worships Shankar Jee with the name of Suroopak and eats Kapoor (Camphor), he becomes beautiful like Moon. Who does this Vrat in the month of Vaishaakh, worships Shankar Bhagavaan with the name of "Mahaaroop", and eats Jaayaphal (nutmeg) in the night, he is born in highest family, his all desires are fulfilled and he lives in Brahm Lok getting the fruit of donating thousand cows. Who does this Vrat in the month of Jyeshth, worships Shanakar Jee with the name of "Pradyumn", and eats cloves in the night, this gives highest status, prosperity and wealth and comfort, and gets the fruits of 108 Vaajpeya Yagya.

Who does this Vrat in the month of Aashaadh Maas, worships Shankar Bhagavaan with the name of "Umaa Bhartaa", takes sesame seeds water, he gets the highest beauty and lives for 100 years comfortably. Who does this Vrat in Shraavan Maas, worships Shankar Bhagavaan with the name of "Umaapati", eat sesame seed in the night, this gives the fruits of Paundreek Yagya. Who does this Vrat in Bhaadrapad Maas, worships Shankar Jee with the name "Sadyojaat", and eats Agar in the night, he becomes the teacher of all and lives for long along with children, grandchildren. Who does this Vrat in Aashwin Maas, worships Shankar Jee with the name of "Tri-Dashaadhipati", drinks gold water in the night, he gets most beautiful, best luck and donation of millions of gold coins. Who does this Vrat in the month of Kaartik Maas, and worships Shankar Jee with the name of "Vishweshwar", and eats Daunaa fruit, and the Vratee becomes the Lord of the whole earth with his own efforts and lives in Shiv Lok in the end.

Thus one should do this Vrat for one year, and do its Paaran in the end. One should establish a Kalash (pitcher) and a copper pot on it, and a Shiv idol in that copper pot, cover it with white cloth. Worship it, and give everything to a Shiv's devotee Braahman, along with a cow with a calf, umbrella and Dakshinaa.

Paalee Vrat
(Chap 91) Yudhishthir said - "Why do noble women take bath in ponds and donate there? Tell me that." Krishn said - "On the 14th of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad, one should worship Varun Dev at lakes, wells, ponds or big ponds etc. (Paalee means the surrounding wall to protect wall or pond or any other water body. Women do this Vrat sitting there only. Since Varun Dev lives in all waters that is why this Vrat should be done there only.) Vratee should go to a pond and worship Varun Dev there with fruits, flowers, clothes, lamp, sandal, seven grains, uncooked food, sesame seeds, rice, dates, coconut, betel nut, etc with this Mantra (the Mantra is given on p 479 ). Vratee should also eat only uncooked food on that day. Who does this Paalee Vrat with this method his all sins are immediately destroyed, and his wealth is never finished."

Rambhaa Vrat
(Chap 92) Krishn said - "Now I tell you about Rambhaa Vrat which was told by Deval Muni in Brahmaa's court. This Vrat is also done on 14th of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad. All Devtaa, Gandharv, Apsaraa did this Vrat and worshipped banana tree. One should worship banana tree with various fruits, sprouted grains, seven grains, lamp, sandal, yogurt, Doorvaa grass, rice, cloth, Paak food, Jaayapha (nutmeg), cardamom, and cloves etc and this Mantra (the Mantra is given on p 480). After this the Vratee should take ripe fruits. Whoever man or woman does this Vrat with Bhakti, no bad woman takes birth in his or her family line. Gaayatree did this Vrat in Swarg, Gauree did it in Kailaash, Indranee did it in Nandan Van, Lakshmee did it in Shwet Dweep, Raagyee did it in Saur Mandal, Arundhatee did it in Daaru Van, Swaahaa did it on Meru Parvat, Seetaa did it in Ayodhyaa, Ved Vatee did it on Himaachal, and Bhaanumatee did it in Naagur.

Aagneyee Shiv Chaturdashee
(Chap 93) Yudhishthir asked - "In ancient times, when Agni Dev got disappeared, who acted as Agni, and how did Agni get his form again?" Krishn said - "Once Utathya Muni and Angiraa Muni had a great discussion about which one is higher - knowledge or penance? Both went to Brahm Lok to decide about this and told everything to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee asked them to call all Devtaa and Lokpaal. They called all Devtaa, Yaksh, Kinnar, Lokpaal, Raakshas, Daitya, Daanav etc; but Bhagavaan Soorya Dev didn't come there. Brahmaa Jee asked them again to call him, so Utathya Muni went to Soorya Dev and requested him to come to Brahm Lok with him. Soorya Dev said - "Muni, If I went there then the this whole Universe will be dark, in this situation how can I go there? I am sorry, I cannot go." Utathtya Muni came back to Brahm Lok and told everything to Brahmaa Jee.

At this Brahmaa Jee asked Angiraa Muni to call Soorya Dev. Angiraa Muni also went there, but Soorya Dev replied to him also the same what he told to Utathya Muni. At this Angiraa Muni said - "Prabho, You go to Brahm Lok, I will give light to the Universe in place of you." Hearing this Soorya Naaraayan came to Brahm Lok and Angiraa Muni started burning with great power.

Soorya Dev asked Brahmaa Jee as why did he call him there? Brahmaa Jee said - "Dev, You go at your own place, otherwise Angiraa Muni will burn the whole universe with his Tej (power). See everybody is already burning with his heat, lest he burns everything, you go there and get yourself establish there." Soorya Dev immediately came back, established himself at his own place, and bade farewell to Angiraa Muni. Angiraa Muni came back to Brahm Lok, there all Devtaa etc prayed him and said - "Bhagavan, you perform all acts of Agni till we search for Agni Dev." Hearing this Angiraa Muni started acting as Agni Dev. When Agni Dev came and saw that Angiraa Muni was acting for him, he said to Angiraa Muni - "Hey Muni, Please leave my place. I will be born as your dear son from your Shubhaa named wife and my name will be Brihaspati. You will have many more sons and grandsons." Hearing this Angiraa Muni left his place.

Raajan, Agni Dev got his form on the 14th, that is why this day is very dear to him. It is famous as Aagneyee Chaturdashee or Raudree Chaturdashee. Who are killed in battlefields, or are killed by biting snake, or have committed suicide, their Shraaddh should be performed on this Chaturdashee. One should not eat any food on Chaturdashee and worship Sadaa Shiv Jee with incense, flowers and fruits etc. Be awake in the night. Eat Panchgavya and sleep on the floor. Eat Saanvaa rice without salt and oil. Offer 108 Aahuti with the name Mantra of Agni by black sesame seeds. Next day bathe Shiv Jee with Panchaamrit and worship him. Do Havan like before and pray. Do Aaratee and feed a Braahman and give Dakshinaa. Thus he should do it for one year. Then make a golden idol of Shiv Jee and make it seated on a silver bull, cover them with two white clothes and keep them in a copper pot. Worship it and give it to Braahman. 

Who does it for one year, he lives long and leaves his body in a Teerth place.

* Note - Often, in other astrological books and Puraan etc, Agni Dev's day is given as Pratipadaa. Chaturdashee is the day for Shiv Jee. Here also Shiv 's worship has been prescribed.



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